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[8.Nov][SD/MAGDLR]MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V7.5 Android 2.3.3 Pyramid[Sense 3.0] 3D

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By mccmjoon76, Recognized Developer on 16th July 2011, 05:45 AM
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HI GUYS HERE U GO: WE Done the Impossible to Im'possible : I present to u Fully customize and Stable Sense 3.0 Build Just for u Transformer Fans
MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V7.5 with Blue theme

This rom is based on Leaked Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) - Pyramid HTC Europe 1.35.401.1

We are putting countless hours on this Build so If you want to post this rom in your site please ask permission,and put the source link above:

After countless hours of Tweaking and searching for Theme . Finally screenshot

Note : If u go to Transformer 3 MOVIE and u show your phone to them , i think u can get free ticket Lol


MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V7.5: SD Version

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V7.5 MAGDLR Version


For Maximum performance fresh install . Don't used old data.img it will give u strange bugs

Please don't post on the thread about the Advanced Power Menu bugs Read HERE ~ Thx gasanpride U can always back to OLD POWER MENU .

Note:U can used the V6.5/7.0 data.img on v7.5 build and u won't lose your setting,but if u get strange bugs than just fresh install again.

Do not [restart] Always [power off] and [power on].Restarting for some reason makes the phone not stable for Sense build


Used 'Rom manager' to Run Fix Permisions to avoid FC .


Note: Don't used live wallpaper for more Smooth ui

What is Working :
Almost All ..
MMS, etc...
Fix Arabic For Pyramid HTC by BoxmaX ~ HERE (Thx BoxmaX)
MccM splash screen : ~ thx mlkjuggalo

What is NEW on v7.5
Now Flash player fix ~ Update the flash player to Latest from market (Thanks to dungphp)
Hastarin kernel 8.5.1 with wakeup fix
New Ram optimization ~ Now AVE 180~200 mb with default skin
New Bootanimation ~ Thx to Johnkhoo
Loud Media and Incall volume with less back ground noise
Back to Ori HTC keyboard with Arrow
Power menu ~ Fix BIG THANKS TO hands9998
GPS TY2.1 include out of the Box ~ Thx Tytung

Autokiller Memory


What is NEW on v7.0 :
Major fix ~ Low Incall and Background noise fix
Added new theme Phone Dialer,Keyboard.Rosie etc..
Tweak for Smooth and Fast !!! ~ U now can VS with Native Phone
Kernel Hastarin 8.5.1~ Set cpu to 1190 [do at your own risk]
HTC Keybord ~ HERE [update 24.10.11]
Louder media and ringtone Volume ~ Fix [update 24.10.11]
New Bootanimation

1st Booting :
1 minute to Trans Bootanimation
Bootanimation/Transformer ~ 3~4 minute
Unlock screen
Done setting
Let the Build settle down for 2 minute and u can install apps ~ Done
Advice ~ Restart by power off/on
Enjoy ~ Autobots transform...

What needs fix :
Camcorder 720p only 1 fps . ~ very smooth recording with 320x240
U tell me ..

If u Having Problems # Post 2

Transformer Build SS Accessories # POST 3



This rom is based on Leaked Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) - HTC Kingdom build 0.81.651.0

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V1 Download Here : Power by Hastarin kernel 8.6 (SD Version)

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V3 Download Here :Power BY kernel Tytung R5 Kernel Hastarin 8.6 HERE

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V3
What is NEW and Customize :
Base HTC Kingdom build 0.81.651.0  ~ Thanks to Capychimp and BoxmaX :D
New Trans Bootanimation ~ Thanks BoxmaX
New Bootanimation sound effect ~ Remove 
New Trans Lockscreen Ring ~ Awesome see Screenshoot 
New Transformer HD Wallpaper as default ~ Nice. thanks to BoxmaX
New Market ~ Remove.- i like old Market better = u can download it on 1st page :)
New Customize HTC Sense 3.0 camera ~ Nice
Semi transparent clockwidget (New)
Transparent bottom manu bar and new Blue steel Ring (New)
More Transformer HD Wallpaper out of the Box ! ~ Thanks MccM
On screen when in standby mode only in 2 sec ! 
Special customize ~ When pull the icon into the Lockscreen Ring u still can see the 'Transformer image' :D - Thanks to MccM  
I include very nice Blue Bubble live wallpaper ~ try it :)
Chinese input method  custom HTC Keybord ~ HERE 
Tweak for stable the build 

What fix  :
Some time slow when install apps ~ Fix on SS V3
Most fix on V1 ~ read previous post


Pyramid HTC Europe 1.35.401.1

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V4.5 :HERE Rapidshare Mirror for Transformer SS V4.5 HERE Thx XtremerNL for the link
power by kernel Hastarin 8.6

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V4.5 MAGDLR Version Thx to 'swamimahesh'

What is new and FIX on v4.5 

Hastarin 8.6 kernel ~ 5 ma on standby mode :)
GPS Libraries v2.0 with AGPS support for HD2 ~ thx to Tytung ===[update 9.8.11]
Camera Zoom ~ Fix
Stable Data connection
MMS clear image 
Tweak for stabilization 

What is new and FIX on v4 :
Base on Pyramid HTC Europe 1.35.401.1~ Thanks BoxmaX :D
GPS Libraries 1.8 from Tytung
Transfer from USB to PC ~ Fix
YouTube now can Connect to 3G data :D ~ Thx BoxmaX
Latest HTC Camera
Fly ui animation 
HTC Watch app now working 
Optimus Prime ringtone ~ include 
Customize HTC Keyboard with arrow 
Tweak for more RAM ~ AVE 140mb higher up to 180 mb :) Note : after u using usb transfer u will notice it will eat up 30 to 40 mb of RAM memory ..solution Power off/on the RAM will normal again 
Setting APN ~ Fix
Added more Beautiful Sense 3.0 skins to transform ~thx BoxmaX and MccM 
New BLUE Theme ~ Nice thx MccM :)

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V4 :HERE power by kernel Tytung R5/ Hastarin 8.6 kernel HERE ~ Thx 'shwach' for upload link

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V2 Download Here: Power by Hastarin kernel 8.6 or Power BY Tytung R5 HERE / Reverse Back to Hastarin 8.6 HERE (SD Version)

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V2
What is Working :
Almost All ..:D
MMS, etc...

What is fix :
5~6 ma on standby.
Data connection switch between Wifi
Ram optimization ~ Ave 140 mb of RAM :)
New HTC music Player
Tytung gps fix
Video player smooth
Nice Bootanimation :D
Ui smooth and fast !
Camera taken more Sharp image 
No SOD so far :)

What had been customize :
Statusbar icon 
Pull down window 
Battery %
Customize HTC Keyboard 
Pop up Window ~ i like this :)
Use 'Blue sky' skin to pair with this Blue theme 
And more that i can't remember :D

What needs to fix :
Camcorder 720p only 1 fps . ~ very smooth recording with 320x240
Power menu ~ use 'Quick Boot' app 'Download from 1st page
USB Transfer ~ Multi Mount SD-Card 'include in the build' -fix on SS V2
U tell me
MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V5.0 : SD Version HERE

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V5.0MAGDLR Version Note: Replace the systemext2_startuptxt_v5 into Android folder and Boot to madglr.
Thx to hardik1us

]What is new and FIX in SS V5
kernel Hastarin 8.6  - Best kernel for SD Build
Latest Rosie 3.0 and 3D apps from HERE  ~ Thx cypis 
Tweak for more Louder incall and Media Volume ~ Better lower your volume when your girlfriend calling u :)
Tweak for the UI runs smooth as warm butter :eek:
GPS Libraries v2.0 with AGPS support for HD2 ~ thx to Tytung
New 1 GB data.img for more fast and smooth UI :)
MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V6.0 : SD Version

MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V6.5 : SD Version

What is Fix on V6.5 : Major Fix
kernel hastarin 8.6 with wakeup fix
Glitches bugs Fix ~ BBBBIG thx to haldric 
Wakeup lag Fix ~ thx mdebeljuh
Incall volume Loud
Ave RAM Memory 180mb~1st  Boot 210mb (New)
Clear pop up window menu  (New)
Tweak very Smooth and Fast !!!!! (New)
Added 2 more Skin (New)
Build for heavy Gamer :D:D~ make sure u using default Skin (New)
MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS V7.0: SD Version



Instruction :
SD Version : Used this cab for Booting Android Android Loader v6.0 Final for HD2
Ok now, i write an instructional guide the best i can
- Download the 'MccM' version.Unzip. Extract the 'Android' folder to root of your SD Card.
- After you have done all the steps go into Android folder and tap CLRCAD (for working sound), and after that just tap HaRET
-Booting ..

Boot with MAGDLR: Read this ~ jacktackle

1- copy folder (Android) to SD Card .
2- Boot in MAGDLR powering on your phone while you press the power button until MAGDLR appears.
3- Select "SERVICES"
5- Select "AD SD Dir"
6- Select the "ANDROID" folder or the folder where you dropped the rom.
7- Now select "BOOT AD SD" and wait boot .....

Special Thanks
to :
Cotulla - for making all this possible
BoxmaX- Best Team mate.
noellenchris - Advise
Very thanks to the Donors your coffee keep me Awake

Special thx to:
Thanks to Beta Tester : JohnKhoo
Theme Dev that i apply the themes on this Build

BoxmaX AND I spend countless hours on polishing and modified the Build so that it can more Stable and Good for Daily used ~downloading, flashing, reflashing, testing..So, if you like my work and u want to buy me a coffee, I will appreciate it you can do this here DONATE otherwise a click on the "thanks" button is still a good idea


Donate to BoxmaX:
For those who wish to donate to me :
Send Manual With PayPal from your account to as (goods) and very thanks to donors
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File Type: zip Gmail - [Click for QR Code] (1.19 MB, 894 views)
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If U Having Problems

1)Let the Build SETTLE. After each boot & Reboots, let the build settle for 1-2 mins before attempting to use it.

2)Upon boot receive a 'Sorry, system not responding' message,click on wait and all is ok

3)SD Card Not Working - Format SD with this tool HERE ~ Thanks BoxmaX

4) System is freezing a lot ~ Run Fix Permissions in Rom Manager than reboot .

5) High battery drain ~ Kill all apps on Background before off screen. And if still high battery drain just Power off/on the Phone using 'Quick Boot' app.

6)Robotic Sound or low voice when making calls ~ Make a free call press 'speaker' and off again.. Done

7)End button for off or restart Build didn't works ~ Install 'Quick Boot' from market

NOTE: Guys u can update the 'Quick Boot' TO 'Quick Boot Plus' for HOT REBOOT function ~ no need to return to WM for second booting

8)Use "morelocale2" to get Traditional Chinese or others Language .

9)Data transfer not stable ~ used app call 'Dual Mount SD' for transfer data .

10) I have wi-fi and unable to scan for networks errors ~ Fix HERE Thx swamimahesh

11)Is there any possibility to customize MAC ADDRESS ~ HERE thanks to 'TarekNajem04' for sharing this

12)For V3 Build :Paste the FIX folder into 'Android' folder when 2nd BOOTING Can't manual setting APN TEMP FIX ~ HERE

13)For MMS Manual setting ~ HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE ~ HERE

14)If u found the GPS Libraries v2.0 with AGPS not working well .. try this Fix HERE thx arshavir. OR just reverse to v1.7 version HERE more stable
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Transformer Build SS Accessories


A) Special Gift to u guys that support Transformer Build
Transformer Sound Track HERE
Just copy the the track file u like and using 'root explorer' go to Setting/media/audio/notification and paste .. power off and on to Android .. u can now set the track as etc as notification sound ..Enjoy Transformers ~ Thx to JohnKhoo for sharing this

B) Transformer Ringtone : ~ thx Marct77

C) HTC Sense 3.0 Lock Ring TRANSFORMER HERE [ Before this, done a backup first: Unzip ~ Power off boot to WM ,Paste the 'root' folder into 'Android' folder and boot back to Android] Enjoy

D) More Wallpaper HERE


F)Skin u like to HAVE and Customize :

G) New non customize HTC Keyboard :

Note: Some of the HEAVY SKIN will eat up your RAM Memory . Depends of your settings.

Transformers if u have any Wallpaper,Ring tone,notification tone ..etc that u want to share with all the Autobots here u can post on the thread or PM to me thx Autobots Lets ROLL-OuT !!!!!!

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1st again!!
good job man,I can't wait~~
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16th July 2011, 07:50 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by yourender2

1st again!!
good job man,I can't wait~~

Yep u are fast .. now still doing the final tweaking

Oh ... u guys want me to include the latest 'Market' apps ?

Because some of the member feedback the new 'Market' no function in some region .
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16th July 2011, 08:03 AM |#6  
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Thank you MCCM for your hard work. Why not include the new market in one version and old market in another. Thank you once again for the sleepless nights
16th July 2011, 08:27 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by hummy15

Thank you MCCM for your hard work. Why not include the new market in one version and old market in another. Thank you once again for the sleepless nights

I think i attach the new market app as zip .. for u all to try out

Transformer SS V1 ready for upload
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16th July 2011, 10:11 AM |#8  
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Thumbs up
Thank you MCCM for your hard work,
16th July 2011, 10:21 AM |#9  
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Thank you mccm, will try it for market I don't mind ur choice
Thx again
16th July 2011, 11:58 AM |#10  
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New market would be my choice MCCM .

Thanx for your efforts.
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16th July 2011, 12:09 PM |#11  
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OK Guys ... autobots transform

The New Build is up .. enjoy and please give feedback
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