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The purpose of this thread is to keep the Forum just a bit more organized. All past and future sticky's will be links in this thread instead. If you have any suggestions, please PM me with a request and if the thread is in need of a sticky, I will add it to this post.


[ATTN - ALL ANDROID DEVS] General Public License


[TUTORIAL] Flashing your first A500 custom ROM
How To Root An Acer Iconia A500
[HOWTO] Root for stock HC3.1
How To Enable exchange active sync
How To Enable AD-Hoc Support
NTFS Mount
[DEV] USB 3g for a500 wifi only
[TUT] Revert OTA 3.2 back to 3.0.1
[GUIDE] Recovering Recovery/Obtaining SKB

Clockwork Recovery

[Recovery] ClockworkMod Recovery 1.3.4(updated 24.06.2011)





[ATTN ROM COOKS/NOOBs][READ BEFORE FLASHING] Please prompt users to create backups!
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