Thumbs down [Q] Mango RTM disappointing as regards Outlook Categories and group management


I have just flashed my HTC 7 Pro with the new Mango RTM.

i am very, very disappointed with contacts management: I thought I would be finally able to manage my contacts based on my Outlook catégories, just as I used to do with my old HTC Touch Pro.

Not only it is not the case (Mango does not sync the Outlook categories) - which implies setting up one's groups one by one ! - but the groups are limited to 20 contacts only.

Question: does somebody know if that is going to be fixed either by Microsoft or third part apps?

It is really odd that a Windows based device does not support one of the main functionalities of contact management under Exchange!

Alternatively, can somebody pass on the message to Microsoft not to forget their professional users?

i do thank you for any kind of assistance you might provide me (i am really becoming more and more frustrated).