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[ROM] --- Stock Rooted 2.08.651.2 Odexed & De-Odexed (10/2/11) ---

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Arrow [ROM] --- Stock Rooted 2.08.651.2 Odexed & De-Odexed (10/2/11) ---

Thanks to HTC we now have 2.3.4! This is the latest OTA update being pushed, the only things I have done to it is root and added busybox. If you are already using a stock ROM these can be flashed with only a Dalvik wipe. If you aren't sure what to use I am currently using the Odexed update zip, the Radio & PRI updates and the RPM update. The odexed ROM can be skipped if you are just wanting the Radio updates. Instructions on how to flash everything and what the difference between an Update and Firmware are can be found on Post #3.

If you're not sure how to flash this Disturb3d1 has made a great video showing how to update.

Update Zips
These must be flashed through the Recovery.
Note About Mods: Since this update is Android 2.3.4, while the old one was 2.3.3, all of the framework mods will need to be remade for this version. Using any of the old ones will cause issues and could make the ROM unstable.
Completely Stock 2.08.651.2 ROM - As is from using the OTA update
Shooter_2.08.651.2_odexed_rooted-signed.zip (MD5: 662790FC8DAF4B86CAFD27AE29E02CFC)
Shooter_2.08.651.2_deodexed_rooted-signed.zip (MD5: 77D088F46CC37BF2C2CE9227CED4AC94)
Stock 2.08.651.2 With HTC/Sprint Spyware Removed
[ROM] Stock 2.08.651.2 With HTC/Sprint Spyware Removed
These must be flashed through fastboot/hboot.
Rmk40 from the Sensation side has a thread containing info about the different partitions here. At the moment it looks like the radio, rcdata and RPM partitions are the only ones of use to us, but you should be fine if you decide to update everything else as well. Also, if you need an easy way to check MD5 sums you can find a windoze tool for it here(Thx riggsAndroid!).
Full 2.08.651.2 Firmware Zip Extracted From The RUU
This is mainly for devs but it can also be used to restore your phone if needed. Flashing it will restore your phone to a completely stock state and will wipe everything!
PG86IMG_2.08.651.2.zip (MD5: 29F1698BCBF478A7297703D812718D35)
All 2.08.651.2 Firmware Minus hBoot
PG86IMG_2.08.651.2_firmware_nohboot.zip (MD5: BCEA75347F8194EB1C10B2711E98A225)

hBoot 1.50.0000
PG86IMG_hboot_1.50.0000.zip (MD5: 2952A5405CB542533C68D9A13B8F0958)

All of the PG86IMGs below are included in PG86IMG_2.08.651.2_firmware_nohboot.zip.
Radio & PRI Updates Radio PRI 1.24_003
PG86IMG_radio_pri.zip (MD5: E28414AAC6F91CE9D7B3615B2999AD3A)

RPM Possible fix for Black SOD
PG86IMG_rpm.zip (MD5: DE69396C8922FAD3AC82E5F836EE95FB)

SBL Secure/Secondary Bootloader?
PG86IMG_sbl.zip (MD5: 5604349AD611241CF1AC152FD3B0DE45)

TZ Trusted Zone - Not sure of it's purpose
PG86IMG_tz.zip (MD5: 75749FBCCE1331A5A85D2A154E15B276)

PG2F2_SPCUSTOM - No idea what it is
PG86IMG_pg2f2_spcustom.zip (MD5: 7A7DE8659A0771919A14B0C299CA18CC)
Thanks go out to:
dsixda for all of the hard work he's put into his ROM kitchen and for updating it for us
NewZJ for testing the firmware and posting the new Radio and PRI versions
luckylui for researching the different partition types
riggsAndroid for the link to the MD5 prog
rmk40 for his thread over in the Sensation forum about the different partitions
Football for sharing the 2.08.651.2 RUU
disturb3d for his videos about 2.08.641.1 and for the heads up about Wifi Tether
mikeyxda for his guide on how to update with this
donatom3 for helping clarify about Firmware and the ROM
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How-Tos - SteelH has posted a ton of info on how to modify the stock ROM and he is constantly adding new stuff, so check back often. If the link is bad search for all the threads started by steelh in the Evo 3D apps & theming section.
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?p=16892642 - How to disable the shutter sound
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...5#post16819575 - Wifi Tether App updated for Evo 3D
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1224659 - Stock Kernel with the RAM disk modified to disable Sprint's spyware and add init.d support.
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=407 - Unlocked native hotspot

If you know of any more mods that aren't listed here just give me a holler and I'll add them
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http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=149 - Some clarification about the ROM and Firmware.

Original post can be found here.
Originally Posted by mikeyxda View Post
OK, no takers so I'll answer myself. Not my first rodeo as I about wore out my power and down buttons installing Deck ROM's on my Evo 4G. I took a closer look at the files in the OP and it became clearer since I've done this sort of thing many times. So... for anyone on stock rooted OTA who wants to just update, here's what I did. Note these instructions are for TWRP recovery. Works, s-off and root confirmed after the update:

(1) Download Shooter_2.08.651.2_odexed_rooted-signed.zip and PG86IMG_2.08.651.2_firmware_nohboot.zip from OP.

(2) Put Shooter_2.08.651.2_odexed_rooted-signed.zip on the SD card root.

(3) Power down. Pull battery if you run fastboot.

(4) Hold power and down volume to enter bootloader.

(5) Select "Recovery" and then go to the "Wipe" menu and wipe the Dalvik Cache.

(6) Back to the main Recovery menu and choose the option to install a ZIP.

(6) Select Shooter_2.08.651.2_odexed_rooted-signed.zip from the list of files and then confirm.

(7) BE PATIENT. It's a big file and you could see nothing happen for a few minutes.

(8) Process should eventually complete. You can go back in the recovery menu and reboot. Once successfully rebooted, if you want to update the radios, PRI, etc., continue below.

(9) To update the radios, PRI, etc., rename PG86IMG_2.08.651.2_firmware_nohboot.zip to PG86IMG.zip and put it on the root of the SD card.

(10) Once again, use power and volume down to boot to the bootloader. This time, it should find PG86IMG.zip automatically and will prompt you to update. Say yes and let it go.

(11) When the update is complete, choose the option to reboot.

(12) Remember to remove the PG86IMG.zip file from the root.

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:P As if the thread tag didn't give it away...

Good stuff!
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This made me LOL but thanks in advance, you always make nice clean bases/stock roms.
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ooooh i smell a rom cooking
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Haus is here???

All Hail Success100...!!!


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patiently waiting..

i cant stand everyones bday being a day off..
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And awaaaay we go!! Looking forward to this 'un!
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