Default [Q] Custom Kernel Won't Boot

Hi Guys!

I'm posting here because I'm not yet allowed to post to developer's thread. I have a problem with my custom kernel on archos gen8 2.4.19.

Previously I've sucessfully compiled my custom kernel from gen8-gpl-froyo.tgz, flashed it and booted up.

With 2.4.19 Christian Ulrich made the rootfs and the zImage as always. I flashed it and it worked like a charm. After adding my zImage and reflashing it won't boot up.

I just changed the FTDI drivers to be compiled in the kernel.

I was wondered if something has changed or needs to be done in a different way...

Anybody else having the same issue?

The tablet boots to logo screen than flashes once as at every boot and after that the screen goes balck with backlit on...

br sodjas