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[ROM] Acer_A500 OTA 7.014.14 [HC 3.2.1] Rooted w/ Busybox for CWM [Jan 6th, 2012] EOL

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By ezterry, Retired Recognized Developer on 17th September 2011, 01:39 PM
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ROM: (HonnyComb)
Here is an ACER 3.2.1 near stock android image installable via clockwork recovery.
(Tested on a Wifi only acer a500)
(MD5: cfd6ecee33891cc8e6e2625e8ea89511)

Note: April 30, 2012: The stock kernel will work both on HoneyComb and unlocked (v3) ICS bootloaders
Note: May 18, 2012: The update, no wipe required, to this ICS rom is now posted here this thread will remain for anyone remaining on HC

Simply install via clockwork or RA recovery; if you have a rooted and mostly unmodified version of HC 3.1/3.2 currently it may be possible to use this install without a wipe (4.010.41 users are likely to have the best results); However make sure you backup first just in case.

Users of the previous (acer7.006.01_CUST_ROOT_BBv2) version may safely upgrade without a wipe however the following is recommended: 1) wipe dalvik cache in the advance menu of CWM recovery, 2) you may need to the apps menu to get the new market icon (my previous homescreen shortcut was no longer valid but the one in the app list worked without a problem, as making a new shortcut)

Last if you notice slowdowns or forcequits withing 24/48h of upgrading before reporting them try going into recovery and running both "fix permissions" and "clear dalvik cache" then boot the tablet waiting for the logon screen to appear and the screen to dim and turn off before using the tablet. At this point you van use the tablet normally.

This file is based off the OTA update: Acer_A500_4.010.41_7.006.01_COM_GEN1_1315966386585 subequently updated to 7.014.14_COM_GEN1 by manually extracted these images
(As was sent via OTA here in canada)

Modification Log:
I've made the following changes to the original OTA files:
  • decrypted and configured for installation from clockwork recovery
  • remove the bootloader flash (Separate analysis will be required to tell if this is safe) If so it is still not useful in a rooted Clockwork rom install, since in future it may become a downgrade not an update.
  • remove recovery flasher
  • remove both OTA cert and original ca_certs in favor of the cacert by guardianproject
  • Add a version of busybox (built in my HTC Dream rom ezGingerbread build tree using target utility_busybox from the commit
  • make busybox the default shell
  • Include Superuser/su
  • configure runparts (runs scripts in /system/etc/init.d) only a "Welcome" script is included however if you wish to run any script on startup you can do so by adding them to your /system/etc/init.d directory)
  • Note this rom is still odexed
  • (v2) fix she-bang on am, bmgr, ime, input, monkey, pm, svc shell scripts
  • (v3) incorporate "Skype Fix" into rom, thus no need to flash a second file to fix skype video calls (obviously you still need to install skype from market)
  • (v3) incorporate "wifi fix" for infinate DHCP leases, unfortinatly this was still not working in the base rom, however the fix is now part of this install.
  • (v3) uninstall Future Dial (acer updater) this prevents the system update from appearing in the menu/background, as it won't work anyway with the modificaitons
  • (v3) rebased to Acer A500 7.014.14_COM_GEN1 (previously 7.006.01_COM_GEN1)
  • (v3) SuperUser updated to v3.0.7
  • (v3) Set wifi only by default (if you need otherwise you will need to comment out the last line of the build.prop file, information in the comment above said line)
  • (v4) Remove extra market related files (merge errors from the acer patches); this ensures the new version of market runs properly (thanks to civato for pointing this out)

* entries starting with (vN) - indicates fixed/added in version N, ie (v2) indicates fixed in version 2 and on

Additional Information:

This is a very simple set of changes that ought to allow rooted users looking for a basic version of Honeycomb 3.2 (and now 3.2.1) safely update without loosing root. Its intended for users that wish a minimally modified rom with root. Either to be used as a rooted stock rom as is; or to be a base to make other small modifications as needed.

As such I'm more likely to provide addons than changing the base rom its self. (excluding any bugs of my creation or new official releases form ACER)

Note the kernel is the stock kernel from acer. Acer's A500 kernel source code can be found at here

FYI: You may use this as a base for other roms as long as credit is given with a link back to this thread where reasonable.
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17th September 2011, 01:40 PM |#2  
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Add Ons
~~-- Stock Kernel Modules --~~

Here are some kernel modules for the stock acer kernel
(Tested both on acer7.006.01_CUST_ROOT_BBv2_S, and acer7.014.14_CUST_ROOT_BBv3/acer7.014.14_CUST_ROOT_BBv4)

md5: bf93f2538c875f0f397f43f225bd595b
md5: 86b936fb269daa1f688f3f8535c36c23

Since I'm having problems with a corrupt tar.gz file with the latest posted [by acer0] a500 kernel code; these have been built from the a501 version with a a500 config. (the "Application Guide (for Android 3.2 HoneyComb" posted on 9/19) Hopefully this will not be an issue but let me know if you have any issues with the modules (I've checked they load but not that they are fully functional)

~~-- Villain Iconia Kernel --~~

(Tested both on acer7.006.01_CUST_ROOT_BBv2_S, and acer7.014.14_CUST_ROOT_BBv3/acer7.014.14_CUST_ROOT_BBv4)

Here is a re-bundle of the Villain Iconia kernel (original zImage form richardtrip) The installer however has been modified since we now need a new ramdisk image than the one previously bundled with the kernel.

md5: 57908bd9d8fda3902cc24ebb23de9e6c

Previous verison:
acer7.006.01_CUST_ROOT_BB_Villain_iconia_kernel_3. (md5: 8c6c0783a961d65d465a3f3dccffbfb3)

For more information including source code see from Stock/HV/Taboonay V3.4 for HC 3.2 10-09 - 1.64Ghz/UV control

(This will let you overclock and access some more modules, but I've found the stock kernel overall more stable)

The following is only for the previous acer7.006.01_CUST_ROOT_BBv2_S version:
~~-- Wifi Dropouts Patch --~~

If you are having issues with your wifi connections it is recommended to check your router doesn’t have indefinite DHCP leases
However if you can't prevent the indefinite lease a patch for such dhcp connectivity problems is available:
MD5: 39c0a1cdd755458eb6edd6aa786e4f5f

Additional details here
(Note this have been built in on V3 and thus is no longer needed)

~~-- Skype(tm) Patch --~~

Fixes video calls on market skype client
MD5: 99cadf8c5b8eca25aa60b38aa83ec91a

Flash from recovery; and install skype form market as usual (or open it if already installed) video options will appear in settings.
Details of the problem/solution and the patch are in this post

(Note this has been built in on V3 and thus is no longer needed on that version)

~~-- Netflix --~~

Install from market:

If you previously installed a modified version such as the one modified to play on the a500 without breaking video you will need to uninstall the modified version prior to installing the market version.

~~-- Cell Standby fix/option --~~

If you are seeing Cell standby in your battery use simply add ro.carrier=wifi-only to your build.prop

Via adb:
adb remount
adb shell
echo 'ro.carrier=wifi-only' >> /system/build.prop
Via terminal/local connectbot
mount -o remount,rw /system
echo 'ro.carrier=wifi-only' >> /system/build.prop
(Note this has been built in on V3 and thus is no longer needed on that version)

~~-- SuperUser 3.0 update --~~

We need to flash the rom manager update, but as rom manager is not yet working on this tab get the update zip and flash in recovery:
Md5: c05902fdf90f7635c711e4dcd1c32c45

(Note this has been built in on V3 and thus is no longer needed on that version)

~~-- Previous Versions --~~

(MD5: df11f6a309f34ac4c0209aded4ca3f20)

This version had an error in the she-bang of the included scripts such as pm, v2 corrected this to the expected '#!/system/bin/sh'

To save bandwidth I'm not providing the original file; however you can re-generate it with the following binary diff:

On a linux computer with the bsdiff package installed run:
bspatch acer7.006.01_CUST_ROOT_BBv2_to_v1.bsdiff
Using the v2 version and acer7.006.01_CUST_ROOT_BBv2_to_v1.bsdiff

MD5: b254140896742f3deec464c094fb2515

Longtime running version very stable, however some users have had some minor issues correctable by the above patches.


MD5: c734317089d323dffde9c7d4fe7afce4

Inital upgrade to 7.014.14 had some issues with extra market related files, if you are running this version it is recommended to upgrade to V4 or (if you wish to avoid the download and the cost to me of the bandwidth) follow the instructions here to manually make the same change yourself.
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17th September 2011, 03:00 PM |#3  
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Does Netflix work or do you still have to use a patch

Sent from my Nexus S 4G using XDA App
17th September 2011, 03:23 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by ruffjd

Does Netflix work or do you still have to use a patch

Sent from my Nexus S 4G using XDA App

I still needed the patch (you will need to apply it by hand)
I hear rumor's [but have not spotted it first hand] of some library that works with both camera and the library.. if I find that one I'd be happy to make a flash-able patch.

Also looking at the Stock/HV/Taboonay kernels, since he is not extracting the ramdisk from the existing boot.img it looks like they will not be 100% compatible with this rom out of the box. (will make something up shortly)

10/2: see note one netflix
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17th September 2011, 03:58 PM |#5  
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I flashed from 4.010.13 without a full wipe without any issues. I cleared cache, wiped dalvik cache, and flashed. Thanks for your work. This ROM will be very useful for those of us that want to retain root and take advantage of the stability that the stock ROM brings.
17th September 2011, 05:01 PM |#6  
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Small bug with shell scripts such as pm, This can cause problems with rooted applications expecting them or adb commands, to fix just grab the updated version at the top of the op

If you already updated you can safely flash this new version over your current one; however if you subsequently changed items in /system (such as the netflix hack) you will need to make the change again after the upgrade.

Apologies for missing this in my initial testing last night. (my fault for working on this practically while sleeping..)
17th September 2011, 05:22 PM |#7  
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.. and A501 3G
17th September 2011, 05:24 PM |#8  
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why is it that when scrolling apps or scrolling of the home screen became sluggish after installing 3.2?
17th September 2011, 05:41 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by superbar

why is it that when scrolling apps or scrolling of the home screen became sluggish after installing 3.2?

If you had a non stock rom ported from another device it could be just incompatible data and a wipe is needed.

If it was a stock rom it could be a data issue try wiping dalvik cache and running fix permissions in recovery.

It could also be something ypu have installed. (Widgets in particular)

I see no slowdown really I don't see much difference from a user perspective from 3.1.

Originally Posted by Börger

.. and A501 3G

This is a a500 stock rom with root modifications..If it works on a a501 great.. but if not I can't support it.. its another device.. Likely 3g will fail.

If works or you have a patch for me to make it work feel free to let me know however.
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17th September 2011, 08:18 PM |#10  
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I wondered how you got the OTA when you have A500_4.010.41 originally ??

I thought North America the latest HC3.1 was version A500_4.010.13_COM_GEN2 ??


I am on A500_4.010.13_COM_GEN2 rooted with CWM... should I go ahead and flash this ??

I understand that it will keep root... and since I will have root... I guess I can use "Acer Recovery Installer" to re-install CWM ??

and freaking Acer !!!... we were on GEN_1 originally awhile back (HC3.0.1)... then went on to GEN_2 (HC3.1)... now with HC3.2 they are back with GEN_1 ??... freaking confusing idiots !!

and the A501 is keeping this format (4.015.01)...similar to HC3.1 format !

while us A500 is going to this format (7.006.01)

Side note:
If we are seeing custom roms for HC3.2 keeping root..etc... why can't dev managed to root stock 3.2 ??

and is the CWM recovery working for 3.2 ??
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