Question [Q] Droid Incredible 2 won't turn on or charge.

I have had this problem before, right after I got the DINC2. Yesterday, I wanted to take out my memory card to save pictures on my computer via a usb card reader. I turned my phone off by pressing the power button and selecting power off. I removed my battery, and then removed the memory card. After transferring my pictures, I placed the memory card back in the DINC2, and placed the battery and cover back on the device. I pushed the power button, and NOTHING. The phone won't turn on. I plugged it in to the charger, and the amber light won't even come on. I thought it might be the charger, so I used the USB cord attached to the computer, and still no charging light. I have removed the battery overnight, and just let it set. When I reinstalled the battery this morning, still nothing. The charging light does not come on, and I can't power up the device.

I had this problem before. I had let the battery run down to nothing and the device powered itself off. Same scenario, the charge light would not come on when plugged into the charger, and I couldn't power up the device. I left the battery out overnight, and the next morning the device still wouldn't power on. I placed the phone in my car, and plugged in my car charger. After a few minutes, the amber light came on, and I was able to power up the device. This, however, did not work this time. Nothing I try helps.

Is this a common problem? How should I go about getting this resolved?

Update: I called Verizon CS, and they are shipping out a new (refurb I guess) device. The rep had never heard of this either. Strange indeed.