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[INDEX]AT&T I777 GSll {Root/ROM's/Tools}

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In this thread you will find everything dealing with the

Page #1 - Root & TOOL's
Page #2 - ROM's
Page #3 - Kernels, Modems & Mod's


XDA is becoming more and more popular with every new device that comes to the market. While space is always an issue helping each other out starts with YOU searching before questions are asked

It is simple to search for most anything on XDA. From within any post go to the top and you will see this bar to the right. Hit the drop down arrow and type in your criteria

Though not mandatory please be sure to check for those that have helped. This is called simple etiquette.

You are here at this forum by your own volition!

Please do not proceed further berfore you educate yourself on the steps required and a complete understanding of the risk's involved.

Others are not responsible for your mistakes

Please be patient. If something is missing or incorrect, please inform me with link info and I will add to the lists.

NOTE: If you started with GT-I9100 Firmware (because that's all you could find) Please check this link, to get you to the correct AT&T ROM's. By Orbital_sFear Recovering an ATT Galaxy S2 after flashing GT-I9100 Firmware


Odin & Heimdall Flash Packages

Odin versions 1.82
Thanks to: ragin

[Heimdall][Odin][Stock][Root]UCLE5 Stock ICS with Root
Thanks to: creepyncrawly

[Heimdall][Odin][Stock][Root]UCKH7/KK6 Return/Unbrick to Stock (or Root)
Thanks to: Entropy512

How to- Return to stock Mobile Odin - No PC required
Thanks to: LiLChris06 & App: Mobile ODIN Pro by: Chainfire

Odin3 One-click
Downloaders for Stock and Stock + Root
Thanks to: creepyncrawly


[ROOT EXPLOIT][2012.12.16] ExynosAbuse APK v1.0
Thanks to: Chainfire

For use with Stock ROMs v5.0.2.3
Thanks to: codeworkx

v2.3.3 Shortfuse site
Thanks to: CLShortFuse

RTL+Root (Arabic/Hebrew..)
Thanks to: madmack

Please read important note below, regarding using SuperOneClick
"Note:It will hang up at #6, when it does this, unplug your phone, go into settings, uncheck and check usb debugging again, then plug back in. At this point it will continue with the root. It will send a test to your phone and you may or may not have to click allow for Superuser."
Thanks to CrossCut49 for this quote

Alternative Rooting method
PLEASE.. support will only be given on post given here
DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit
Thanks to: DooMLoRD

Removing the dreaded Triangle

How to Flash Custom Binaries Without Ever Incrementing the Flash Counter
Thanks to: creepyncrawly

[CWM Flashable]Kernel Cleaning Script
What is this and what does it do? Please read post.
Thanks to: jivy26

TriangleAway v1.51
Thanks to: Chainfire

This is a MUST READ For Warranty Repair
[Guide] How to Prepare Your Phone to Return to the Store or for Warranty Replacement
Thanks to: creepyncrawly

If you want a quick fix for duplicate images/media in CM9/AOSP/AOKP builds after a build to build upgrade, do the following.

1. Either go to manage apps from CM9 Trebuchet launcher's option key, OR go to System Settings->Apps
2. Select each of the following apps in the All list in sequence and select Clear Data:

- A. DRM Protected Storage,
- B. Media Storage, and
- C. Gallery.

3. Immediately Reboot.
4. Upon reboot wait about 10 or 20 minutes (depending on the size of your collection) for your media to show up.

For step 4 I use [URL=""OS Monitor[/URL] to watch for the DRM Protected Storage app (sometimes it will be called Media Storage or even Download Manager) process to drop from 10-15% the CPU usage down to 0. Then I know the indexing is done.[/size]
[B]Thanks to: othermark[/B]

How to Install Android ADB Command Line Tool
(Android Debug Bridge)

Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a tool that lets you manage the state of an emulator instance or Android phone. ADB is a package that can be downloaded from Android SDK. It will look similar to this...

download page. This tool is usefull for communicating with Android phone such as install application, copy files from/to device and perform some linux shell commands.

[[B][U]How to Install[/U][/B]
-Download and install Java SDK (Ex: 48d44ae4cfcadede68621acb53…… click link
-Extract SDK package into anydrive (Ex: C:\android-sdk-windows)

[B][U]Phone Setup[/U][/B]
In order to use ADB, you have to enable USB Debugging option in phone settings (Settings->Applications->Development)

[U][B]How to Use[/B][/U]
-Connect the phone to your pc/notebook usb port (on a pc it is advised that a rear usb port is to be used)
-Run Windows command line tool (cmd) and go to D:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools

Usefull Commands
- Check connected phone
[I]Syntax: adb devices[/I]

- Login to Android shell
[I]Syntax: adb shell[/I]

[I]If you get ‘#’ after typing adb shell, you already have root access on the phone, no need to type su. Otherwise if you get ‘$’ , type ’su’ to get root access (only for rooted device).[/I]

[SIZE="2"]Learn much more, such as, how to create a logcat from

There are two ways to enter download mode
1) A jig (Google search Samsung Galaxy S 2 jig)
2) ABC method (steps for manual download mode)
a. Power off device.
b. Holding down both, vol down+vol up then simultaneously plug in usb cable
c. Hit volume up and accept warning

If you are in need of help from a Moderator, follow the steps in this link

This post will be updated periodically. It is a work in progress
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[ROM-5.0.2] [Official] [CyanideL]
Thanks to: rogersb11

[ROM][5.0.2] OMNI - i777
Thanks to: cyril279

CyanogenMod 11
Thanks to: RenderBroken

Thanks to: Entropy512 for bringing OMNI to this device
Thanks to: cyril279 for running the thread

~ The Collective ~
Thanks to: crt60

SuperNexus 4.0
Thanks to: Faryaab


Thanks to: TheGeekyNimrod

AOKP Jellybean (Android Open Kang Project)
Thanks to: task650/ktoonsez

SHOstock3 v4.0
Thanks to: shoman94

SuperNexus 2.0
Thanks to: Faryaab

Thanks to: mr.cook

SHOstock2 - October 2012

Slim Bean-i777 - October 2012

Aberration - October 2012

SuperNexus - I777 - October 2012

Mystic's Glory - September 2012

[UCLE5] Semi - August 2012
AJ Newkirk

ShishirROM - August 2012

Ultimatum - July 2012

CLUELE5S - June 2012

Serendipity 9 - June 2012

Foxhound - June 2012

Phone-Bricker - May 2012

Omega Series - April 2012

FakeRom - March 2012


Cyanogen Mod 7 - Continuous update

CobraRom - Release date March 05 2012

UnOriginal - Release date March 04 2012

Ultimatum - Release date March 19 2012

Binnacle Beta - Release date March 17 2012

LiLRom - Release date March 07 2012

ShoStock - Release date March 02 2012

CleanRom - Release date February 29 2012

Whiteout - Release date February 27 2012

ICScrewed - date February 27 2012

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[Kernel]STi v2.40EX14[JB 4.3
Thanks to: jthatch12

AJK v4.9 [** The ONE **] [JB]
Thanks to: AJ Newkirk

~Sammy/TW & AOSP/AOKP~
Thanks to: ktoonsez


Team Skyfire - Codename: Dream-IRC

CherryPicker *TW/AOSP* - Sammy/TW & AOSP/AOKP

Fluxi XX Kernel ICS - AOSP/AOKP

[TWRP Recovery][ICS] Retroid Kernel Beta - CM9/AOKP




AT&T GS2 SGH-I777 (Samsung - Continuous update
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Originally Posted by tomween1

This will be updated as often as possible

It is a work in progress

Please be patient. If something is missing please inform me with link info and I will add to the lists.


[Rom][2.3.5] Perception v0.1 (Unified Beta)
By designgears

[Rom][2.3.5] Perception v0.1 (Unified Beta)
By gtg465x

[NIGHTLY][ROM][2.3.7][GWK74][10/8/2011] CyanogenMod 7 for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II
By atnim

[Rom][Beta-4] Cognition X2 | It's Live! | Roman & Apostles Edition!
By designgears

[ROM] CyanogenMod 7 for the Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T) :: V7.1.0 RC1 (9 Oct 2011)
By CyanogenMod

[ROM] stock deodexed and rooted
By PAulyhoffman

By tiwey

You messed up gtg's rom. Supposed to be UnNamed.
Also thanks for starting this.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using xda premium
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now hopefully we can continue to use this as development continues!
17th October 2011, 08:52 PM |#8  
Originally Posted by illathanyours

now hopefully we can continue to use this as development continues!

And that my friend is what it's all about
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Is there a ROM for stock AOSP for SGS II?
21st October 2011, 01:50 AM |#10  
Originally Posted by ddominator

Is there a ROM for stock AOSP for SGS II?

Not for the AT&T SGS ll and I'm guessing there won't be, until ICS comes out.
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As far as logcat apps and such - I'd strongly recommend simply linking documentation on setting up ADB.

Sometimes data collection needs to be taken that simply can't be done with existing apps out there - for example, I don't know of any app that can display the contents of /proc/wakelocks, but it can be dumped in a matter of seconds by someone who has ADB set up.
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