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[game] modern battlefield [beta v1] [25/12/2011]

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By raving_nanza, Senior Member on 18th October 2011, 04:35 PM
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a feature will be displayed with a if it is completed/done/fixed, or a if it is not completed/done/fixed,
any additional information that is linked to that specific feature will be displayed with a * directly under it.


cheat system
* turning cheats on will give you 1000 points, also gives you an M16 with 1000 ammo and you cannot die
* you can only use the cheats once
* my game will log that you have cheated and display an image in the top right corner of the screen

improved enimy
* enimy bullet animation, enimy will now shoot at you
* player bullet animation, the bullets you fire will instantly kill the enimy on contact
* each kill = +100 points
* killing an enimy when you have low health will give you bonus points

improved health system
* player hitbox, if your hitbox is hit by an enimy bullet your health takes damage
* if your health takes damage you get blood spatter on your screen
* hit by enimy bullet = -10 points, if score = 000 you do not loose any points
* kevlar armour adds an additional 5 hitpoints to your health, when the kevlar armour is depleated your health takes damage from enimy bullets
* you are able to be hit by enimy bullets 9 times, on the 10th = death

new weapons and skins
* empty player bullet animation, empty bullet shells after you shoot will fall
* ammo system, cannot shoot when you have no ammo
* improved zoom feature, zoom's in automaticly when shooting and zoom's out when moving, this was the best soloution for scoping

new sound fx
* added all new sound fx, removed almost all sound files from V1 due to overall file size
* ability to change the menu music, 5 music files to choose from and your also able to turn it completely off

points/ammo/health/armour number and colour
* colour and number changes based on how much you have
* health and kevlar armour number is dispalyed as a percentage (%)
* ammo number will display how much ammo you have but buying a weapon will reset your ammo amount

shop system
* an inventory menu allowing the ability to buy guns, ammo, health and kevlar armour, also shows a description of weapons
* ammo -100 points, amount of ammo is based on what weapon you have, also removes all player bullet animations
* health -300 points, also removes blood splatter animation
* kevlar armour -150 points
* all weapons -200 points
* cannot buy C4 and FIRE-AXE from the shop, these items will be "pickup" only
* all items from the shop can be purchased any time during the game
* game pauses when browsing the shop menu

rank system
* your rank is based on your points, you can have ranks removed ~ de-promoting your rank when having a low score
* having a high score will obviously promote you to a higher rank

cursor now stationary rather than bouncing
* community complained saying it was hard to aim with the previous V1 bouncing curser, now its easier to aim when stationary
* reduces fps and less lag

sniper rifle
* just need scope animation then all weapons animations are complete

new UI
* almost complete

update graphics
* only weapon animations have been added atm
* buildings, enimies and vehicles etc

save/load feature
* not sure how to save/load yet
* saving and loading will be avaliable from the main menu and ingame UI
* ability to save and load you current rank/points, ammo, heath, armour, and active weapon


lag and low fps when shooting
*rescript the shoot button (a script now checks which weapon is in use then allows a specific shoot button to be active and that weapon is now usable)
*remove recoil (previously the curser jumped upwards to give the effect of the recoil for the weapon when shooting)
*remove missfire (previously when shooting too fast you would get a missfire animation, you could not shoot for about 3-4 seconds)

lag and low fps
*rescript the main actors (too much to go into detail but rescript will be a pain in the ass)


a demo of the BETA V2 engine will be released soon to get community feedback.


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18th October 2011, 07:38 PM |#2  
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Yey First,

Ill try when i get my Touch HD charged up =)
18th October 2011, 08:07 PM |#3  
raving_nanza's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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kk np si dude,

ill update the beta tonight and upload it for everyone, just need to fix a few bugs and add the scoped button i mentioned in the todo list..

let me know what you think of the alpha
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4th November 2011, 12:56 AM |#4  
willverduzco's Avatar
Portal Administrator
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Any chance of the public beta still? This looks amazing...
4th November 2011, 06:25 PM |#5  
raving_nanza's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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just to let you know..
ive added the scope in/scope out button which obviously lets you use the scope or iron sights on the gun, but the fps goes realy low when using the scope!

however, after thinking about it, this lower fps while inscope can be a "feature" to slow down time lol

the fps is still a little slow at times - this is usually when loading large images, i dont think ill be able to make the fps any faster without making all the graphics/sprites smaller - which is something i dont want to do :P
ive tried turning the fps up on each image, but didnt notice any differance.

if you can play with a little lag, its a cool game.

im not putting a release date on the public beta, its not ready yet

check first post for updates
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8th November 2011, 06:44 PM |#6  
barqqlsky89's Avatar
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Looks avensome! please public this alpha for only test speed on my rhodium OC 710Mhz and more
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12th November 2011, 06:21 AM |#7  
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I also rhodium. It's very interesting to try this thing.
Forward to.
12th November 2011, 07:45 AM |#8  
lesscro's Avatar
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i hope alll picture can be edit because i have some interesting IDEA about graphics...

Keep it up, looks promising...

PS... i m talking about something like that, to have a real identity...
12th November 2011, 09:53 AM |#9  
raving_nanza's Avatar
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hey dude,

cheers for taking an interest and going out of your way to mock up an example,

yeah, all the graphics/sprites for the main menu,
-the orange [>]
-the menu text
-activation buttons
are all separate items so modifiying them wont be a problem.

i like your buttons, i have already added them into the main menu and also the settings menu too, it looks cool

id be more than happy to see what other ideas you have if you want to make a few more examples


pm them if you want
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12th November 2011, 10:57 AM |#10  
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Blood will be more realistic, Aim scope too...

Another example about scope and Point/Kill Readability :

PS... Background come FRom COD...
25th December 2011, 12:20 AM |#11  
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Thumbs up

^^BETA V1 download link in first post, with new screenshots..

*please leave feedback so i can update this game
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