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[Super Tweaked][vB2.9.1 Odexed][CM7 XRON-ified][Updated 01/03/2012]

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By Leoisright, Recognized Developer on 27th October 2011, 04:03 AM
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*Photo by jzen*

First and foremost there is a huge amount of credit that goes to Cyanogen(mod) for getting us Android booting up on the Touchpad. There are some small tweaks made to it to give a speed boost.

For those having issues with wifi, please click HEREor HERE for information regarding the HP Touchpad connectivity issues. PLEASE DON"T COMMENT IN THREAD OVER ALREADY KNOWN ISSUES...

Please read this page before you decide to ask a questions in the thread. While we are all willing to help, please understand that it may have been asked many times before. READ HERE


This is debloated and fast...

Changelog 1/3/2012

* Fixed Browser install
* Fixed Terminal install
* Fixed HP Printer app
* Fixed Quickpic
* Added Sportscaster (cool tablet app)
* Added ICS Launcher
* Added weather widget
* Updated all apps in Market
* This is a system pull from my touchpad with everything working. If anything doesn't work please report so we can address them. This is slightly bloated but look at reverendkjr's YouTube video in post 2 for a how to uninstall.

If you are coming from vB2.9 deodex, you simply wipe cache and dalvik, flash and reboot.

If you are coming from Odex you have two options.

* Factory reset and wipe cache/dalvik, reboot recovery and flash rom. Preferred.
* Using root explorer app, goto system/app and delete the browser odex and terminal odex files then you can wipe cache/dalvik, reboot recovery, and flash ROM.

It's known that the system may reboot a couple times after you set it up. Let it settle in and the reboots should stop. It's still organizing the system some. If it continues, please report it.

This is smooth as butta.....

Changelog 1/1/2012

You must factory reset and wipe all for vB2.9. Too many edits to flash on top. Also, its best to reinstall apps one by one not use backup for optimal experience. The more you wipe, the better you will be. Reboot after you set up to activate the sq mods.

Changelog 12/25/2011

* This has bloat. either deal with it, or don't download...please don't ask anymore how to debloat. This has been covered many many times.
* For some, after you set up gmail, market app icon will apear, if not, reboot and should take care of it.
* Odex app (allows you to odex it yourself)
* Google Music built for the tablet
* ICS google search
* Syndicate ICS launcher (additional)
* DolphinHD Browser
* Wifi Buddy and wifi toggle widget
* Removed Stock Browser
* Remove Gallary3D replace with Quickpic
* Odexed now
* ICS menu soft keys (stock sdk)
* Different keyboard (blue and better in my oppinion)
* New battery icons (thanks to HO!NO! CM7 rom)
(also thanks to jbird for pointing this rom out to me, team syndicate for making a sweet rom)
* Zipalign system, data, and framework on boot FINALLY!
* Increased Net buffer tweaks
* Read ahead sets to 3072
* Moved Dalvik-cache to /cache now on boot
* Updated all apks
* Market 3.4.4
* Internet Speed Tweaks
* Disabled IO Stats
* Defrags database files
* ICS Nexus bootanimation
* Tweak build.prop
* Added File Manager to support apps in system
* Tweaked media.profile more for better response
* 1% battery mod (thanks hurtz777)
* Flashable thru recovery now
* Fix SOD issue
* Default allow unknown apps to install
* Opted pngs

**Huge props to MiSfit for helping me understand and getting these tweaks working right.

Screen Shots belows

Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot-1324533389880.jpg
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Size:	27.2 KB
ID:	825926Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot-1324533403189.jpg
Views:	14253
Size:	23.5 KB
ID:	825927Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot-1324533418746.jpg
Views:	16580
Size:	41.2 KB
ID:	825928

Special Thanks

================================================== ================================================

To all those who donate Thank you!, CM team, TMartin, Myn, Virus, Misfit, tommytomatoe, dalgarin, hurtz777, ickna11, Chubbzlou, zone23, Team Syndicate, jzen

================================================== ================================================

For those who choose to continue and use this fine ROM, its at your risk. It has been tested over and over.

There has been an over whelming amound of emails, PM, requesting the link to be brought back. So now that you have it, enjoy it please. Just remember, tons of hours were invested.

For those who would like to donate, it's greatly appreciated. if you don't, hit the thanks button. well over 35,000 downloads happened in a couple short weeks so we know it's popular. I love my TP and will continue to work on this. Just remember, if you are here to complain about why I included Apps you don't use, move on! If you are here to b*tch, move on! If you are here to help, you are welcome to stay for the long haul
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27th October 2011, 04:07 AM |#2  
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MD5 Matches and Installation instructions
vB2.9.1 ODEX MD5 a4215ee386e41bebfa3275eaf3615b50
vB2.9 MD5 efeaf1ef30d449c51c8b4ddec3197f7e
vB2.8 Odexed(bloat) MD5 a847b65681be7c938ae3c891d25bc689
vB2.7 Odexed MD5 5a8a79fdff580886658d96e356837039
vB2.6 Debloated MD5 332106236cfe0dde197079e51d60e081
vB2.5 MD5 af46f82032570bc7209f2b0205bcf46f
vB2.2. MD5 32515d750cd9bcd8a1f80550b28e48f8
vB2.1 MD5 bbb1276a71e3c3cfaecda4098dc66f76
vB2 MD5 e60b94c2a47ce420fff255f4c01b94db
vB1.3 MD5 a0ba756a7d1b975f92bab04aab889926
vB1.2 MD5 03133cd42a35a8d14b56acace3188bd5
vB1.1 MD5 1ae6f193cdd5bc01e90be3551b326c4c
vB1.0 MD5 ba668ff0406abee58a818655c9599284
v3.3.2 MD5 ec248f582a3ba2b092274781d5174d8a
v3.3.1 MD5 5b736410e76d8653b43849b3da7b9160
v3.3 MD5 80f9c448f0b9dd78c8243312b68b3f15

Thanks to Krunk for making a very nice Q&A section. Please refer to this before asking any questions that may be covered by his thread found HERE

Video from our favorite YouTube specialist...Reverendkjr

Video how to remove bloat from specialist....Reverandkjr

Installation instructions:

1) Download the latest version either on your Touchpad or computer
2) If you already have CM7 or XRONified installed, place the above zip on the root directory of your Touchpad
3) Reboot in to recovery
4) Wipe cache AND dalvik cache (under advanced menu option)
5) Flash zip. (if you are coming from CM7 you MUST wipe factory reset/cache/dalvik first)

If you do not have Android on your Touchpad you will need to do this.

1) Make sure you have novacom drivers installed on your computer
2) Download the ROM of your choosing and rename to
3) Boot your Touchpad in to webOS and mount the USB port
4) Create a folder called cminstall (do not capitalize0
5) Put moboot 0.3.5 inside cmintall folder (Download HERE)
6) put inside cminstall folder
7) Place the renamed ROM inside cminstall folder
8) Download ACMEInstaller and ACMEUninstaller from HERE
9) unmount USB and reboot, hold volume up key and power button at the same time until it gets to bootloader mode (USB symbol)
10) go to where you have your novacom drivers and folder (usually c://program files (x86)/HP webOS/SDK/bin and open command window by holding yoru shift key and right click in that window, select open command window here option.
11) type the following at the command prompt

novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

It will install the latest ROM via acmeinstaller...

Please read and use this method before you PM me or flood the thread with how to install questions.


link to clear out moboot menu

Flash this link to clear moboot ics and cyanogenmod option...
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27th October 2011, 04:07 AM |#3  
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Here is the link to method2madness YouTube video

You Tube SPB 3d Shell LINK

Thank him plenty for putting this up there...
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	htc_wallpaper_05.jpg
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ID:	798294   Click image for larger version

Name:	beats.jpg
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ID:	798295   Click image for larger version

Name:	color.jpg
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ID:	798296  
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27th October 2011, 04:09 AM |#4  
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I will definitely give this a try. Are you the same guy doing work over in 3VO? You devs make it hard for me to kick my flash habit
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27th October 2011, 04:11 AM |#5  
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Downloading now.

*Edit* dead battery.

Sent from my Nexus S 4G using XDA App
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27th October 2011, 04:11 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by tsalate

I will definitely give this a try. Are you the same guy doing work over in 3VO? You devs make it hard for me to kick my flash habit

HAHA, thanks man...Yup, the same one.
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27th October 2011, 05:16 AM |#7  
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Awesome. I'll definately flash this tomorrow. Thanks!

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27th October 2011, 06:16 AM |#8  
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Flashed it, wifi is pwnt, and the animation screen is kind of cheesy. Flashing back to CM2.1.

Thanks for the try though.
27th October 2011, 06:16 AM |#9  
Wi-fi problem still exists for me...
*edit* ...tried wi-fi with encryption; no go, and with out go. Tried shortening the host name- no go. Tried all of the work-arounds posted and wi-fi still will not connect.

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27th October 2011, 07:03 AM |#10  
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Same issue. Won't connect to WIFI. Looks good however. Going to let it sit and see if I get SOD.

Sent from my PURE MATR1X Nexus S 4G using XDA app.
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smooth and fast - it rocks
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