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[APP][2.1+] ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts

OP cola.tin.com@gmail.com

2nd November 2011, 06:39 AM   |  #1  
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☆Super easy-to-use
☆Fast and smooth
☆Extra light-weight
☆Smart T9 algorithm
☆30+ languages
☆Directly call/text to someone by swiping left/right
☆Various themes and plugins

Download from Google Play Store
If you like ExDialer, don't forget to give it 5 stars in Google Play Store.
I'v created project on Crowdin, join to help translating http://crowdin.net/project/dialer

Check available themes
Check available plugins


Useful skills
  • Long press the contacts button(at left-bottom corner of dialer view) to quick access favorites
  • Dial "#" key to perform phone number searching
  • Dial "*" key to display list of most frequently contacted contacts
  • Swipe contact item left or right, to send SMS or make a call directly

Update History
v186 2015/1/24
  • New theme "Lollipop" integrated
  • Fix: incorrect phone number when callback to missed call
  • Fix: some "Force close" problems
v185 2014/12/3
  • Fix: force close launcher when app start (on some HTC/Samsung devices)
  • Fix: bugs related to the option "Replace Missed Call Notification"
  • Fix: some other bugs reported
v184 2014/11/27
  • The ability to replace missed call notification, to avoid annoying "Complete action using", when touch the missed call notification. (KitKat and above. Go to Advanced -> "Replace Missed Call Notification" to turn on)
  • Badge count of missed calls(only for some devices)
  • Support VoIP app "Zoiper"
  • Fix bug of "UI Language" on Lollipop
v183 2014/10/21
  • To be compliant with Google's content policy
v182 2014/10/20
  • Adjust position of overflow menu button on dialer to stop breaking themes
  • Add option to display/hide overflow menu button
  • Fix several bugs
v180 2014/10/13
  • Fix: incorrect menu position when full-screen turned on
v179 2014/10/12
  • +Add 3-dot menu button for devices without physical menu button
  • Display company name in call logs
  • Ability to clear missed call notifications without root. Android 4.3+ required. Enable it at system Settings->Security->Notification access->exDialer
  • Fix: unable to long press dial pad keys when TalkBack turned on
v176 2014/5/17
  • Fix: call log of known contact is not displayed as contact name in some condition
  • Support email field searching
  • Support Bria and Lync for VoIP calling
  • Fix: unexpected international calling code when making VoIP calls
  • Remarkable optimizations

v175 2014/4/23
  • Fix: incorrect sorting order of contacts in Russian language
  • Improve call logs searching
  • Fix: bug of phone number comparison
  • Catalan UI language, thanks to Tmallafre

v173 2014/4/14
  • Fix incorrect count of merged call logs

v172 2014/4/12
  • Fix FC when swiping list item
  • Optimizations

v171 2014/3/27
  • Fix serious bug which may drain battery (introduced by v169). Really sorry.

v170 2014/3/26
  • Fix bug of input cursor (introduced by v169)

v169 2014/3/26
  • Fix several bugs cause FC
  • Fix dial tone problem on early android
  • Fix incorrect action to make SIP calls
  • Add option to reverse order of call logs
v165 2014/2/19
  • Fix FC when swiping list item
  • Fix: can't create new contact when select "Add to contacts"
  • Fix: duplicate contact viewer when contact saved
v164 2014/2/15
  • Fix: can't swipe when touch on contact photo
  • Fix small problems on KitKat ART runtime
  • Fix: sometimes unable to call with stupid Skype
v163 2014/2/14
  • New transparent theme integrated
  • Improve list swiping gesture
  • Fix problem of internet call log
  • Again fix problem of phone number match
v162 2014/2/10
  • Ready to support transparent theme
  • Increase smoothness of scrolling
  • Fix problem of phone number match
  • Add menu to uninstall theme
v160 2014/1/28
  • Sending email to group of contacts
  • Search of speed-dial entries
  • Auto paste phone number in clipboard
  • Custom region of SIM card (useful to marketplace mockers)
  • Roaming auto dial, which allows you to make call to domestic number without national code when roaming
  • Shortcut in expanded status bar
  • Multi-window support for Samsung devices
  • Web search for unsaved phone number
  • Bug fixes as usual
v155 2013/9/29
  • NFC support to exchange contacts(android 4.0+)
  • Fix: crashed by some themes
  • Fix: bug of resizing dialpad
v154 2013/9/23
  • Fix: haptic feedback not work on some devices
  • Fix: incorrect layout of dialpad on theme switching
  • Remove notification icon when "Keep in memory" turned on
v153 2013/9/13
  • Support centered dialpad besides right-handed and left-handed
  • Enhance contact search(Space character is accepted)
  • Support GrooveIP Lite
  • Fix: incorrect height of dialpad with some themes applied
  • Fix: slow response of dialpad when bluetooth earphone connected
  • Fix: "Keep in memory" option not work on 4.3 (An icon will be displayed on notification bar when "Keep in memory" turned on)
  • Fix: incorrect call log when all call logs cleared (samsung devices)
v151 2013/8/17
  • Add ONE-HAND operation support for large screen. You can now resize dial pad both in width and height.
  • Support more VoIP apps. (Acrobits Softphone, Media5-fone)
  • Fix some bugs
v148 2013/8/4
  • Fix: empty call logs bug of v147
v147 2013/8/3
  • Fix: unexpected notification icon on Android4.3
  • Fix: VOLTE calls not shown on samsung devices
  • Adjust display order of phone numbers (both in contact viewer and search result)
v145 2013/7/18
  • Fix: bug of alphabet sort order in contacts list
  • Fix: unable to open map app from postal address of a contact
v143 2013/7/13
  • Fix: FC on low version android. (invoked a method not available in JDK1.5) Sorry for my carelessness.

v142 2013/7/13
  • Fix again: bug of "Sort by Last Name"

v141 2012/7/12
  • Fix: bug of "Sort by Last Name"
  • Add "Call confirm" for VoIP call
  • Support more VoIP apps: SIP, GrooVe IP
  • Adjust dial pad for RTL languages, better support Arabic T9

v139 (v138) 2012/7/2
  • 2 new Galaxy S4 themes, black and white.
  • Support more VoIP apps (Fring, MobileVOIP)
  • Fix: empty call logs
  • Fix: problem of T9 when using physical keyboard
  • Fix: FC on MIUI Rom

v135 136 2013/6/22
  • Improve group management. Virtual group "Voice mail" & "Ungrouped" introduced.
  • Support VoIP calls (Skype, Viber). You can find "Call to (VoIP)" in context menu, or long press call button to call dialed number via VoIP apps.
  • Call confirm
  • Option to allow external contact viewer
  • Option to switch to call logs when viewing a contact
  • Support Uighur T9
  • Fix: logs of HD calls not shown on samsung devices
v129 2013/5/28
  • More efficient T9 algorithm for eastern and western users
  • Completely new "Display Options" setting page.
  • Fix: problem of invisible dialpad on Samsung phones
  • Highlighted matched words in searching contacts
v125 2013/4/19
  • Add menu item to Filter Calls. (Long press delete button to quick access)
  • Under default setting, open stock dialer to clear missed call notifications, if xMissedCall not installed
  • Small bugs fixed
v122 2013/4/3
  • New default theme named "Simplism"
  • Some small bugs fixed
  • Set trial period to 7 days (when expired, app is still usable)
v121 2013/2/19
  • Fix: FC when app start on some devices
v120 2013/2/18
  • Fix: abnormal graphics on android2.x (caused by a stupid bug of android)
  • Option menu adjusted
  • UI languages updated
v117 2013/1/31
  • Fix: jumping cursor when input (caused by buggy 'SwiftKey Flow beta'. thanks to James Goodger who let me focus on the cause)
  • Add option to enable/disable swiping down dialpad to close
  • Fix: duplicated call logs of contact with multiple identical phone numbers
  • Ignore HTC meta data in detail of contact
v116 2013/1/24
  • Add options to merge call logs by 'Person', 'Phone number', 'None'
  • Add option to display date plus time for call logs
  • Fix: empty call log on LG devices (special thanks to Huy Thach)
  • Better support localization when UI language switched
  • Move options 'Audible Touch Tones' and 'Haptic Feedback' into 'Behaviour' screen
  • Hide 3-dot menu button for activity without option menu
  • Fix: Duplicated 'View contact' activity when finish editing a contact
  • Fix: small problems caused by buggy ROM
v112 2013/1/15
  • Fix: Remote execution of malicious USSD codes
  • New feature: Second theme. Now you can define daylight and night themes which will be switched automatically.
  • Great effort on optimization. Should be much more fluent and power saving than previous versions
  • Phone number location (supported by geocoder plugin)
  • Minor tweaks, eg. system group name translation, padding adjustment for RTL lang, etc.
v110 2012/8/19
  • Fix bugs: incorrect call log display, problem of customized ringtone, etc.
  • App icon: updated to MiUI v4 icon
  • Add option: “All calls to voicemail”
v106 2012/8/8
  • Improve phone number format
  • Option to toggle whether to format phone number
  • Smarter on matching for national/international numbers
  • Fix something to be compatible with Nexus7
  • Option to enable hardware acceleration
  • Relate text size of dialed digits with text size setting
  • Fix bug of search box focus, when using hardware keyboard
  • Remove useless Korean T9 letters
v105 2012/7/28
  • Speed dial extended to 99 (with 9×9=81 entries)
  • exContacts now can be swiped left/right like pages
  • Option “Short Number as Speed Dial” – When calling short number, treat it as speed dial
  • Option “Strict Mode” – disable it to use old T9 algorithm
  • Option “Haptic Feedback Strength”
  • Option Smaller font size,Smaller dialpad size
  • Option “Open Stock Dialer” – enable it to open stock dialer to clear missed call notifications
  • Option “Use Theme Font”
  • Many more…
v103 2012/7/13
  • Features unlocked: full-screen, screen rotation
  • Able to slide bottom action bar to switch tabs of exContacts
  • Optimize dialpad response and memory usage
  • Fix: bug of option “View Calls” on incoming calls
  • Invoke stock dialer to clear missed call notification when xMissedCall is absent
  • Again,thanks friends on Crowdin help translating
v101 2012/6/30
  • Fix incorrect person when view contact
  • Fix small bug of dialpad
v100 2012/6/29
  • Update many languages, big thanks to friends on Crowdin
  • Fix: T9 letters not shown on some devices
  • Fix: Incorrect response of '*' key with Russian locale
  • Fix again: Call log types for Samsung devices
  • Fix: Buggy option "Group visibility"
v99 2012/6/24
  • Update many languages, big thanks to friends on Crowdin http://crowdin.net/project/dialer
  • Restore option "ABC at Right" and adjust dialpad text size
  • Fix call log types for Samsung devices
  • Fix some UI and logic bugs
  • Improve accessibility for TalkBack service
v97 2012/6/15
  • Adjust dialpad and dialpad text size (better for large screen)
  • Ukrainian language, Thank Ігор Омельчук
  • Fix some bugs
v95 2012/6/8
  • An "Add" button at bottom of contacts list, which is only available while default theme applied. Please wait for updates of other themes.
  • Accept non-digit chars to perform T9 search with hardware keyboard
  • "Keep in Memory" is default on. For users who complain about startup speed.
  • Correct date display
  • Some UI languages updated
v93 2012/6/2
  • Optimizations
  • Backup/restore preference settings
  • Detach "search box" and "new contact" from list to obtain more space for content
  • Relate font sizes with system setting
  • Many small changes: color for rejected calls, date format of birthday, menu/dialog appearance on ICS...
  • Fix some crash problem
  • More compatible with SGS2
  • Recognize contact number with pause section
  • Some UI language updated
v90 2012/5/11
  • Plugin support (Donation Pack required), with two useful plugins available in market
  • Resolved problem "Empty call logs" on SGS2 official ICS rom (Actually, it's a stupid bug of Samsung)
  • Improve T9 algorithm
  • Menu to create appointment, and option to set template
  • Option to remember tab
  • Option to close dialpad on back pressed
  • Option "View Calls" fixed.Then you can uncheck it,to return to home when outgoing call ended
  • Preferences rearranged
  • Launcher title renamed to "Dialer" "Contacts"
v86 2012/5/5
  • Skip SMS logs for SGS2 with ICS ROM installed
  • Attach volume of dial key with volume of system ringing
  • Optimize smoothness of list views for ICS
  • Fast scroll letters better support landscape mode
  • Improve smoothness of list scrolling
  • Fix bug when swiping contact
  • Better support xhdpi devices
  • Estonian language added, thank iff2
  • Fix many issues with android 4.x
  • Enable multi-languages T9 search
v84 2012/4/20
  • Improve accuracy of T9 algorithm
  • Better support low DPI devices
  • Option to enable/disable romanized Hangul search
  • More compatible with map apps to search postal address
  • Memory usage optimized
v80 2012/4/14
  • v80
  • Add search button for exContact
  • Landscape and Full screen mode (Donation pack required)
  • Option to select dialpad size
  • Fixed some FC problems
v68 v69 v71 2012/3/30
  • T9 speed optimized
  • Option to select dialpad text size
  • Preferences rearranged
  • Memory leak fixed
  • Disable USSD routing by default. If you want to enable it, turn on at Preferences->Dialer->Auto run USSD
  • Increase dial pad font size
  • Better experience for devices with a call button
  • Fix intent handler for some samsung device
  • Handle USSD code by routing to stock dialer
  • Some UI languages updated
v67 v68 2012/3/23
  • Better experience for devices with a call button
  • Fix intent handler for some samsung device
  • Handle USSD code by routing to stock dialer
  • Some UI languages updated
v66 2012/3/21
  • No longer support NotiGO, use xMissedCall Patch instead
  • Option to ignore "Display options" on search result
  • Able to make emergency call when converted to system app
  • More reasonable T9 result order when "Merge item" unchecked
  • T9 search improved
  • Memory usage optimized
  • Small problem of contact display name fixed
  • FC problem in speed dial activity fixed
v63 v65 2012/3/18
  • Optimizations
  • Bug of UI language fixed
  • Additional search field "Note"
  • Group rearrange
  • Belarusian UI language, thank Ivan Katlianik
  • Bulgarian T9 support
v62 2012/3/2
  • Tabs in contacts activity will be remembered
  • Strequent contacts list accessed by star(*) key
  • T9 result will include contacts without phone number according to "Display option" setting
  • Korean translation, thank dusttea
  • Serbian translation thank Marko Kostic
v61 2012/2/24
  • v61
  • incorrect organization display fixed
  • Speed dial for key '1' allowed to be assigned
  • Problem of content delay resolved
  • Dutch language added, thank Planet X
  • Bug in "View calls" option fixed
v60 ????
  • fixed problem "clicking on the notification bar's message does not open the dialer"
  • fixed FC when made as system app
  • Croatian translation, thank Mihovil Stanic
  • Slovak translations, thank pRo_lama
v57 2011/12/27
  • Fixed problem: SMS not handled by whatsapp
  • Clear dialed digits after call ended
  • Fixed incorrect text color in non-touch mode
  • Improve compatibility with trackball or d-pad
  • Arabic added, thank machhho
  • Contacts sort order adjusted
  • New theme named Steel available in market (paid)
v53 2011/12/23
  • Some languages updated
  • Norwegian translations, thank MariusOX
  • Small bugs fixed
  • Another Choice of ICS Theme released, available in market.
v52 2011/12/22
  • UI language switch added
  • Additional search fields supported, nickname, postal address and organization
  • Text size adjustment supported, normal, large and extra large
  • Option to turn on or off call logs view when call ended
  • Contact sharing separated to plain text and vCard
  • Context menu adjusted
v51 2011/12/20
  • contact's vcard share supported
  • option "popup dialpad" added
  • Indonesian language added, thank distan7
  • some UI languages updated
  • ICS theme updated
v50 2011/12/17
  • Theme package supported. Dark and ICS themes are available in market.
  • Group visibility supported.
  • Various small bugs fixed.
  • Vietnamese language adde, thank alienyd.
v44 2011/12/13
  • Small bugs fixed
v43 2011/12/13
  • Speed dial
  • bug in display option fixed
v42 2011/12/12 (May be unstable... almost all underlying logic refactored.)
  • Big optimization
  • Group SMS supported
  • Hungarian language added, thank bazsi1975hu
  • Ukrainian T9 supported
  • Contact/IM presence status added
  • More detail when "merge t9/calls" unselected
  • "Keep in memory" option added. More efficient for persistent.
  • Better support of thirdparty apps like Facebook
v41 2011/11/30
  • Romanian language added, thank Tudor
  • some languages updated
v39 2011/11/29, one permission is missing in v38
  • Update some languages
  • Fix display options
v37 2011/11/29
  • T9 search bug fixed
  • Force close on ICS rom fixed
  • Call log time corrected
  • Turkish language added, thank Özgürce
  • Add option to switch Relative/Absolute call log time
  • Add option to merge items in dialer for contact who has multi-numbers
  • Auto backup/restore preferences into/from sdcard(actually implemented in v36, for guys who frequently flush roms)
  • Set as persistent
v36 2011/11/27
  • Translations updated
v35 2011/11/25
  • Display options added. Show/Hide contacts by source accounts
  • Persian T9 added
  • Display custom label in view contact
  • Quick switch to Favorites by hold contact button
  • Rearrange preferences. 'Tap on item' option is separated.
v32 2011/11/23
  • Fixed Korean keyboard display problem. Restore voicemail icon. Keyboard now can be flinged to hide. Single back press to exit.
v31 2011/11/22
  • Fixed UI bug when display photo unchecked
  • Georgian language added, thank giorgi-alonso
v30 2011/11/22
  • Add option to color calls (default unchecked)
  • Add option to switch whether display basic T9 letters
  • Dialpad keys replaced by text, instead of images
  • Order of names corrected and T9 search problem fixed, when "sort by last name" checked
  • Enter contacts search when search button pressed
  • Greek accents problem fixed
  • Arabic T9 keyboard layout added(may not work), sidebar in contacts activity is still missing
  • Replace launcher icons with stock MiUI icons
  • More UI language
    Slovene, thank gepardus
    Persian, thank Alireza Afkar
    Bulgarian, thank Стоян Иванов
    Italian, thank stegg
v29 2011/11/19
  • Contact item swipe, just like TouchWiz. (If there's something wrong with this function, disable it in preferences page)
  • Custom contact ring tone, even group ring tone
  • Hebrew T9/UI language added, thank 0ftal.
  • Czech language coding error fixed
v28 2011/11/11
  • No significant change. Only fix the FC error when choose exDialer in intent chooser.
v27 2011/11/10
  • More accurate last name judgement
  • Use call log count to evaluate frequentness, to set around TIMES_CONTACTED bug of some roms
  • Correct intent filters, to have chance to handle intents from other apps
  • Touch feedback when finger down
  • Font color in number selector fixed
  • French language added, thank scrpn30
  • Danish language added, thank Neo3000x
  • Czech language added, thank crking
v25 2011/11/9
  • Dark theme added
  • Dialer start up speed optimized
  • Some FC cases fixed
  • German language added, thank TweetyPeety
  • Translations updated
v23 2011/11/7
  • Russian language added, thank Илья Яковлев
  • Special codes handler added, IMEI and secret codes
  • Sort by last name feature improved
  • Entries for unknown contact added on dialer activity, new contact/attach to exist contact/send sms.
  • Russian phone number mismatch bug fixed
  • Some translations updated
v22 2011/11/6
  • Clear missed call notification on dialer startup. OS version above 2.3 requires NotiGo installed. Thank thinkpanda team.
  • options for filter results sorting added, match level or frequentness
  • Sorting by last name supported
  • More details in number choosing menu, labels added, and a checkbox for default number setting added
  • Set/unset default number/email supported
  • More UI languages:
    Chinese Traditional translation, thank Kayusumi
    Portuguese, thank Filipe Garcia
    Spanish, thank hopler
  • Small changes on UI and some bugs fixed
v21 2011/11/4
  • Greek T9 with Greek UI added. Thank dancer_69
  • T9 language option added
  • Call direction icon added

T9 Languages
  • Latin
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Hangul
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Persian
  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Uighur

  • Excellent MiUI rom
  • thinkpanda team
  • Piotrek Paszek --- Polish
  • dancer_69 --- Greek
  • Kayusumi --- Chinese Traditional
  • Filipe Garcia --- Portuguese
  • hopler --- Spanish
  • Илья Яковлев & Илья и Ася --- Russian
  • TweetyPeety --- German
  • scrpn30 --- French
  • Neo3000x --- Danish
  • crking --- Czech
  • 0ftal --- Hebrew
  • gepardus --- Slovene
  • Alireza Afkar --- Persian
  • Стоян Иванов, Димитър Димитров --- Bulgarian
  • stegg --- Italian
  • giorgi-alonso --- Georgian
  • Özgürce --- Turkish
  • Turdo D. --- Romanian
  • Indiant --- Hungarian
  • alienyd --- Vietnamese
  • distan7 --- Indonesian
  • MariusOX --- Norwegian
  • machhho --- Arabic
  • janni_mz --- Latvian
  • Mihovil Stanic --- Croatian
  • pRo_lama --- Slovak
  • Planet X --- Dutch
  • dusttea --- Korean
  • Marko Kostic --- Serbian
  • Ivan Katlianik --- Belarusian
  • iff2 --- Estonian
  • Ігор Омельчук --- Ukrainian
  • Vladimir Zemlianskij a.k.a sait0n --- Lithuanian
  • Eduard Babayan(edo248) --- Armenian
  • And all friends who give me great suggestions and report bugs.

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2nd November 2011, 06:57 AM   |  #2  
jsanta11's Avatar
Senior Member
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Loving It so far, smooth and fast.. Thanks missed miui

Sent from my SCH-I510 using Tapatalk
2nd November 2011, 07:53 AM   |  #3  
Kurupt1's Avatar
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Like it thanks

Sent from my SPH-D710 using xda premium
2nd November 2011, 08:05 AM   |  #4  
Senior Member
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Nice, I've missed miui dialer.
Any chance to have greek language support?
here is the alphabet:


Also I've made the greek translation:
Attached Files
File Type: rar values-el.rar - [Click for QR Code] (2.4 KB, 216 views)
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2nd November 2011, 08:16 AM   |  #5  
cola.tin.com@gmail.com's Avatar
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Originally Posted by dancer_69

Nice, I've missed miui dialer.
Any chance to have greek language support?
here is the alphabet:

Also I've made the greek translation:

Nice job. i'll try to add it now. Thank you!
Btw, could you tell me the greek t9 keyboard layout?
Last edited by cola.tin.com@gmail.com; 2nd November 2011 at 08:22 AM.
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2nd November 2011, 08:27 AM   |  #6  
Senior Member
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Does this have full screen caller photo as well (just like in MIUI)?
2nd November 2011, 08:50 AM   |  #7  
Vipitus's Avatar
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Originally Posted by shadowcaster31

Does this have full screen caller photo as well (just like in MIUI)?

2nd November 2011, 08:52 AM   |  #8  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by cola.tin.com@gmail.com

Nice job. i'll try to add it now. Thank you!
Btw, could you tell me the greek t9 keyboard layout?

what you mean? The dialpad buttons letters?
If yes
2: ΑΒΓ
3: ΔΕΖ
4: ΗΘΙ
5: ΚΛΜ
6: ΝΞΟ
7: ΠΡΣς
8: ΤΥΦ
9: ΧΨΩ
2nd November 2011, 09:08 AM   |  #9  
fergie716's Avatar
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This is beautiful! Great look alike to MIUI

Only suggestions would be to change the icons perhaps? Maybe use the stock MIUI dialer/contacts icons?

Great job tho, rated 5 stars!
2nd November 2011, 09:22 AM   |  #10  
cola.tin.com@gmail.com's Avatar
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Originally Posted by dancer_69

what you mean? The dialpad buttons letters?
If yes
2: ΑΒΓ
3: ΔΕΖ
4: ΗΘΙ
5: ΚΛΜ
6: ΝΞΟ
7: ΠΡΣς
8: ΤΥΦ
9: ΧΨΩ

Yes. Thanks!

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