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[ROM][4.0.3] BeatMod Ice Cream Sandwich | Source Port | LorD Clockan's builds

5th November 2011, 12:48 AM |#1  
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This is a beta version! Don't report bugs, ask for fixes or ETA! Any posts like these will be deleted without reason!


The major work has been done by LorD ClockaN, dh.harald, Twistedumbrella and Shaky153, m-deejay. Although this build is still in Beta stage but in my opinion itís good enough to use as a daily driver, as itís pretty fast. My builds include tinny audio fix for inspire 4G as well !



  • First post you find a build based on Lordclockan's builds
  • Second post are some usefull links
  • Thread post you can find all build compiled by LordClockan



  • Compiled from source for ace
  • Full Ice Cream Sandwich for ace
  • Most phone functions are working well
  • Including missing gapps-Including missing apps
  • Data/app support
  • ICS Bootanimation
  • Superuser/ root support
  • Some third party apps
  • Can be used as a daily driver
  • Speed optimizing things
  • Good battery life


What works:

  • Calls
  • Wifi
  • Partly Camera
  • Wifi Tether
  • Data
  • Touchscreen
  • Audio
  • Sms
  • Key lights
  • SDCard
  • GPS
  • SDcard mounting on pc
  • Full 3D HW acceleration
  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth
  • Headphones


What doesn't work:

  • more smaller bugs
  • look in the issue tracker



  • LorD ClockaN
  • Twistedumbrella
  • dh.harald
  • Shaky153
  • mdj
  • all the members who work on it. you're rock....



Beta 6.2:
-All fixes done by LC
-Added all things like before

Beta 6.1:
-Based on lc hw acc version
-Working Auto rotate
-Updated Launcher
-Fix SetupWizard
-Browser still not rendering

Beta 6:
-Full working Hardware accleration 
-Books are working
-Based on latest android version compiled by mdj and ported by shaky
-Added all things from my earlier betas 
-Fixed keyback light from shaky release
-Fixed Led from shaky release
-Browser dosent work correct for me
-Auto rotate is bugy too

Beta 5.1:
-Busybox fix
-Updater-Script fix
-Google+ app added
-Google+ messanger
-Wirless Tether working
-Setup Wizard fix
-Updated Launcher
-Exchange fix
-Notification toggle iscons (CMSettings app) -by LC
-Automatic backlight (CMSetings app) -by LC
-Updated with last CM commits -by LC

Beta 5:
fix by lordclockan:
-Android 4.0.3 
-fixed video playback 
-Youtube app video fixed
-fixed H icon
-hopefully fixed market (at least more apps show up)
-Launcher2 updated (Preferences)
-Dictionary should be fixed
-added DSPManager for CM9
-init.d support should work also from start
-BT a2dp fixed
-voicesearch also fixed
-APNs should be fixed now
-added On-Screen button toggle option in settings, requires reboot
-USB Mount fixed

modified like always by me:
-added all gapps (working calender aswell)
-added data/app support
-added terminal
-added gapps installer
-added ICS Music app (music2.apk)
-inspire4g build.prop fix
-inspire4g tiny audio fix
-working setup wizard

Beta 4:
-HSDPA Icon fix in statusbar
-Launcher with preferences 
-Kernel update to b15 by LC
-Added latest gapps 
-Added camera.apk (dosent work now) 
-All the changes i applied before
-Key lights working for me now
-Added Cm-Torch 
-Superuser app dosent fc anymore
-Market fix by flemmard

Beta 3:
-Bluetooth fix
-Headphones fix
-3D Hw accel hack
-Display orientation fix
-Signal bar icon fix
-Extended power menu
-More working apps (caused of 3d hw acc hack)
-As always fixes for inspire 4g: Tinny audio fix, Build.prop edits
-updated gapps, missing apps etc
-maybe more ;)
-all fixes goes to Lordclockan

Beta 2:
-240 dpi 
-data/app support
-moved superuser to data/app
-added gappsinstaller
-added terminal
-added filemanager
-included busybox (getting permission denied right now) 
-added support for inspire4g build.prop (should display now inspire 4g in phone settings for inspire 4g users)
-all fixes by lc 
-added gapps
-ext 4 filesystem
-added tinny audio fix for inspire 4g (needs testing)
-based on LC build :) 
-all fixes from him before (data, apn etc)

Beta 1:
-sdcard fix by babijoee / shaky153
-Boot.img by shaky153
-Added Live wallpapers
-Hardware Acceleration aka GPU rendered UI by lordclockan
-Updated apns-conf.xml from CM7
-added missing apps
-added missing gapps
-addded bootanimaiton
-cleaned up folders

Alpha 2:
-Gps fix (by lordclockan)
-New boot.img (by lordclockan)
-Should work for all devices with working ts (inspire, telus, dhd)
-home button works
-removed devices and kernel folders

Alpha 1:
-based on dh-harald build
-added missing apps like sms
-added some gapps
-added superuser/root
-added ics bootanimaiton
-sdcard fix by sharky
-added support for ace and inspire 4G (not tested yet on inspire 4g)
-some build.prop changes for inspire 4G
-more i cant remember :)

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5th November 2011, 12:55 AM |#2  
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Older Version:

Build by dh.harald

SDK Port (13.11.2011)

Nexus Dump (14.11.2011)


How to get touchscreen working . (already included in the release)
-use those files to fix it:


1) To speed up the system:
-Disable Animations
-Disable Transitions
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12th November 2011, 11:00 AM |#3  
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these builds are pure from ICS source, no apps added
these builds are for developers and advanced users only

I will update this post with new links when available...

2D accel: Y
3D accel: Y
Wlan: Y
Bluetooth: Y
Rotation : Y
SD Mount: Y
Signal bar icon fixed: Y
Soft buttons: Y
Leds: Y
Headset: Y
Wlan tether: Y
Full video playback: Y - HD videos still not working nicely
Camera: N

Build is always merged with latest CM gerrit

build 1 - 29-11-2011
initial build

build 2 - 30-11-2011
hw accel opengl hack
some other stuff

build 3 - 01-12-2011
updated build

build 4 - 02-12-2011 - pure - gapps, live, etc

build 5 - 03-12-2011
fixed 3D hw accel
merged last CM changess

build 5.3 - 04-12-2011

build 6 - 09-12-2011
fixed video playback (gallery video viewer has some issues, use any from market)
Youtube app video fixed
fixed H icon
hopefully fixed market (at least more apps show up)
Launcher2 updated (Preferences)
Dictionary should be fixed
Looks like my build 6 has some issues.. I have none..
So either don't flash it OR flash 5.3,boot
Flash 6.0,and while still in recovery flash gapps and kernel.

build 7.0 - 13-12-2011
rebuilded from new source, so I need to know what got broke...
thanks to synergye for init.d support and ext4 ready script
full wipe not required if you had my b6.x before but this build supports full wipe
added gapps onto build (at least some)
added DSPManager for CM9, but I was to fast and forgot something so:
- download and extract this:
- adb remount
- adb push DSPManager.apk /system/app/
- adb push /system/lib/soundfx/
- adb reboot
- if it doesn't work, uninstall MusicFX.apk and reboot

build 7.1 - 14-12-2011
Looks like I again forgot something, so please reflash kernel after flashing ROM, b15 or b16 from links below
again rebuilded from different source - Talon source this time
BIG thanks to Mr. cstayton for endless testing
everything "should" work now from start... of course it won't haha
it would be better if you're planning to full wipe use this script:
again, this build doesn't include "real" HW acceleration
It has some apps from gapps, so first install clean and check what is missing...
init.d support should work also from start
BT a2dp fixed
voicesearch also fixed (app not included, comes with different gapps)
Launcher2 again updated to latest CM non-merged patches
and some other non-merged CM patches

build 7.2 - 16-12-2011
add this into system/app before flashing: for Lockscreen music controls
sorry for wrong filename
APNs should be fixed now
added On-Screen button toggle option in settings, requires reboot
Launcher2 updated
DSPManager updated
some other patches from cm added
for flash'o'holics

build 8.0 - 18-12-2011
Right after flashing build 8, flash this (link in 1st post) to get root and SU - link
Build compiled from 4.0.3 source
USB Mount fixed
Added latest CM patches
4.0.3 base has some issues with videos in gallery
Made complete build a little "graphicglitchless"
build 8.1 - 19-12-2011
readded back headset fix that was lost during 4.0.3 merge
added start Torch via HOME button in Lockscreen - patch by alienmind
updated SU - please test if there are root or SU issues, if yes, flash SU posted from build 8.0

build 8.2 - 19-12-2011
added Torch
fixed USB mount for platforms other than Linux
build compiled with qcom_audio drivers so don't know if everything works as expected

build 8.3.3 - 21-12-2011
updated with last CM commits
notification toggle iscons (CMSettings app)
automatic backlight (CMSetings app)
DSPManager still FSc
Music lockscreen
dictionary fix (I hope)
some other tweaks I can't remember

build 9.0 - 24-12-2011
some say it's real hw accel, I think it's still not full, but here it is..
includes newest kernel 8.7 with updated drivers
video still lags in gallery
apps that needs mic are broken
colors are not what they are supposed to be
everything else is the same as before, so works..

build 9.5 - 29-12-2011
for flash'o'holics...
still the same hw acceleration issues with colors and mic
  • Trebuchet
  • Contacts
  • DSPManager
newest patches from CM
Stock Browser now works fine from the start
this is probably last build from my source, now it's time to go to Mecha-Playground and start from there

build 9.6 - 30-12-2011
again me and my rushing! After flashing this build, reboot recovery and flash new kernel from down below 8.8b1, than boot
fixed 32bit colors - thanks paul_nb
fixed audio input for apps (using mic) - thanks MDJ
for browser fix go t osettings/debug/disable and than enable again "CPU upload path"
updated to last CM patchs from 6 hours a go...

build 9.8.1 - 01-01-2012
to remove some graphical glitches set in build.prop: debug.enabletr=false and remove # in front
added Facebook contacts sync
hopefully Browser is now fixed from start (flash is still a bitch)
fixed gmail glitches
added kill app with back button from CM (Developer settings)
added some other fixes and tweaks from CM

build 9.9 - 02-01-2012
graphic tearing fixed
wlan tether fixed - thanks to MDJ for pointing me to the fix
bluetooth tether fixed
BACK button kill fixed (developer options)
Set Mobile data limit option added
possible battery saving fix with disabling BT quick lunch - need test if BT works OK
new kernel 8.8b3 - nothing major
some other fixes and patches I forgot
full wipe not required if everything is working after normal flash
of course there are still some glitches in graphics and all aroun and some new bugs added
we are almost there (final)

build 9.9.3
new gapps
graphic speed improvement
wlan needs to be enabled from settings whit in wlan menu first (also need reports with new kernel about this)
gps.conf added for eu dhd and ispire
new kernel LorDmod 8.8b5 BFS
some other improvements
experimental patches from twisted regarding webkit
new bugs added (new gapps could be problematic, don't complain on them, reflash older version)

Mirror for last kernel and last builds

LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b13 04-11-2011
LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b14 05-11-2011
LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b15 - TUN module 06-11-2011
LorDmodUE ICS 8.6b17 - 2WCR support 15-12-2011
LorDmodUE ICS 8.7 - gpu drivers update
LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b1 - fixed 32bit colors and refresh rate
LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b2 01-01-2012 - some patches and fixes to the gpu and ipv6 -
LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b3 - 02-01-2012 -
LorDmodUE ICS 8.8b5 - 05-01-2012 - fixed random reboots, Ondemand as default governor - CFS (default till now), BFS (since
LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.8b6 - 08-01-2012 - - some tweaks here and there

LorDmodUE ICS BFS 8.8b7 - 11-01-2012 - - patched gpu driver some more - thanks Kali-

FB fan:

Thanks to: dh.harald, twistedumbrella, existz, MDJ, z4reak, paul-nb, CM crew, etc etc
Thanks to all donators!!!
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12th November 2011, 01:26 PM |#4  
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thx mate
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12th November 2011, 02:05 PM |#5  
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--waiting for more info for the futher...
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12th November 2011, 02:18 PM |#6  
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Wow, just wow shaky lol. I'm definitely losing faith in the Desire HD/Inspire community.
12th November 2011, 02:19 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by dictionary

Wow, just wow shaky lol. I'm definitely losing faith in the Desire HD/Inspire community.

i do the same....
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12th November 2011, 02:25 PM |#8  
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I think you should just start from scratch with another build and not use what sharky started.Then he has no say in it.
12th November 2011, 02:28 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by wildchild048

I think you should just start from scratch with another build and not use what sharky started.Then he has no say in it.

well for what, i would just fell into system ui erros cause shaky dont want to tell us how to fix it and it would take again weeks to figure all things out. i in the moment i am just frustrated what happend to this community.

however i will continue working on it when the source code come or the first htc device with ics....
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12th November 2011, 02:34 PM |#10  
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Wouldn't it better to help each other than start a new thread with shakys work?

Sent from my Desire HD using xda premium
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