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Extreme measures for better battery life

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i have my NS OCed to 1.36GHz, have 7 homescreens almost full 5 of which are widgets with news (tweeter, pulse etc) i use it to message a lot and have music playing for a good number of hours daily. wifi permanently on (in and out of house) sometimes cell data and BT as well. still it manages to get a full day, 7:30am-12:30am with around 20% left each night
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Originally Posted by polobreaka View Post
whats the difference between 'autostart' and 'autorun manager'?
Autostart runs programs/scripts when you boot up and autorun manager does the opposite. it block apps that try to start by themselves at boot
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Originally Posted by mcmb03 View Post
Autostart runs programs/scripts when you boot up and autorun manager does the opposite. it block apps that try to start by themselves at boot
Actually.... Autostarts is the name of an application that also lets you remove apps from automatic startup on various system events...


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Originally Posted by lotherius View Post
Actually.... Autostarts is the name of an application that also lets you remove apps from automatic startup on various system events...
so technically they both do the same thing?
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Are these really extreme measures?

I've been running 1 homescreen with no icons or widgets with all autosyncing disabled since I got my EVO well over a year ago. I considered all of that stuff pretty wasteful to start with. I was just trying to make the phone feel less cluttered. Turning off synchronizations is probably the biggest battery saver.
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Originally Posted by primetechv2 View Post
An application is a single, whole program package that is loaded into the phone. Examples would be Tapatalk, the default Calculator, and Angry Birds.

An application can have one or more widgets in it -- a widget is an interactive thing you can place on the home screen. It can give you information, and you can tap on it to change what it says. A good example of that would be Beautiful Widgets, or the little Android guy that tells you about how to use your new phone.

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Thank you. I assume everything I download is an app, and the widget is that newsreel that came with it that probably sucks battery because it's constantly updating online.

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Originally Posted by lotherius View Post
Buy the biggest battery I can find on eBay....

Use the fsck out of my phone all day and have plenty of battery left.

Problem solved.

They make larger batteries than what comes with a phone?
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Originally Posted by MartyLK View Post
I finally decided I would take some extreme measures to aide the BL of my Androids. I have an HTC Inspire and HTC HD2 with Nexus S Android. The HD2 isn't all that bad...much better BL than the Inspire, but I wanted to apply this measure to both phones. Will it help? Only time will tell.

I started by removing all screen widgets. Then I sorted the screen icons so that a minimum of homescreens were it down to 2 homescreens. Then I deleted all widgets without apps not able to be opened through an icon. Then I went into Applications manager and cleared and stopped all non-used apps and services. I also deleted all duplicate services such as OEM email accounts and their associated syncing....using add-in apps for them. (example: built-in apps and widgets like Facebook, Twitter are uninstalled or disabled and am using another combining app like Seesmic. Same goes for the email app)

What I currently have is an Android iPhone. I'm using only icons on the 2 homescreens. And this makes me understand why Apple refuses to use widgets and stick with preserve BL. I hope this will improve the BL of my Androids because it is purely horrendous. And it is horrendous with all Androids I've tried and used.

Until the recently announced battery tech breakthrough is made available, this might have to be how Android is used from now on. But I doubt these extreme measures will actually help.
hi tl;dr but your title is self-explanatory. Download Tasker :} You're welcome ^.^
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On my HD2, I have Nexus HD2, version 2.9, with tytung r10. I have also installed Android Assistant, Battery Calibration and BetterBatteryStats. My phone ''it's alive'' even after 4 days in standby.
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3 months. Leave phone turned off

Seriously, who said 11 days???? (know what my reply to that is )

Same with 7 days for that matter, although if you remove the SIM functions, it's theoretically possible. Or just turn everything off so it looks at you with a black single color screen.

4 days, max. With cpu profiles. simple usage. Sms, occasional call. CM7.1.

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for me is also the type of user, using battery drains very quickly, if it can not last long ..

the only thing that made all the difference for me was setting underclock when in standby ..
Let me give you my example:

I have a Motorola Atrix (CM7)

screen on = 1GHz

on 3G
wifi off (turn on only when I use, but can be used to "political inactivity")
Bluethooth off (I do not use)
Sync off (turn on from time to time and do the sync, do not let on at all times, also drains the battery)

Screen off = 912Mhz

Off 3G, only 2G
Sync off
wifi off

I also use droidwall and blocking access to the Internet from almost all my apps, with the exception that I do not want blocked. (blacklist)

---because manufacturers do not make larger batteries???
---because with so much technology in the devices has not had any moron that made the backs of smartphones solar cells to help recharge the batteries???
"In the case of my country that would be quite functional"

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