Default [APP] Stop Music - Music Sleep Timer [R] 1/10/2012

Set a sleep timer for your currently playing music, so that your music will turn off after you go to bed!

This app is the only one that will stop ALL music playing from your Windows Phone, including iHeartRadio, Slacker, Zune, or any other third party music app. The others can't do that!

- Set a custom timer (hours, minutes, seconds)
- Runs under lockscreen
- Mango enabled
- Battery saving

Due to the way WP7 works, you MUST be in the app for your music to stop playing. You can of course respond to a text message, but make sure to return to Stop Music before going to sleep! Feel free to turn off the screen.

Stop Music is battery friendly. While the screen is turned off, the timer will only update every 5 seconds instead of every 1 second, saving a lot of battery. Everything is optimized to use as little battery as possible, so you won't wake up with a dead battery!


Price: FREE

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