Post [Q] Playback of Tivo (mpeg-2) HD Video

Iím thinking of buying the Prime.

Iím using kmttg to download a tivo file to PC and remove DRM. The result is a mpeg-2 (.MPEG) file the same size as the tivo recording (for example, a 1 hour show is 6.6 - 6.8 gb in size). I then use Handbrake to convert to a much smaller H.264/mpeg-4 (.MP4) file for playback on my other Android devices.

I wondering if the Handbrake conversion can be skipped.

Has anyone played the mpeg-2 file on their Prime? Is playback smooth? What about fast action scenes? Is A/V in sync? What about HW acceleration?

I know a file this size must be placed on a NTFS or exFAT formated external drive, for example the mirco SD card.

Thanks in advance.