Unhappy All my video files were deleted by Vitamio player!!!

It happened to me twice, at random moments. The system froze for about 2min, Android restarted (without reboot, just the Android system) and all my video files stored in my external SD card (16GB kingston class4) are gone . Just the video files, nothing else! I don't know if the internal SD card was affected, because I had no video files in it.
The first time it was on Jetpack ROM v8.2 JW1 (I can't recall which kernel, because I tested a few), but now it happened again on the Surface v9.0 JVU ROM with semaphore 2.5.0 kernel.

It's definitely not this issue: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=3692, because no jpg file was affected and there was no .nomedia file in these directories. Even the videos from /external_sd/DCIM/camera were deleted!

It seems it's a Media Scanner issue. Has anyone encountered this issue?

I found the culprit!!! It seems that the "innocent" Vovio Vitamio Media Player has a bug that deletes all videos!!!! DO NOT INSTALL IT until they provide a fix (they are aware of this problem).
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