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Thanks for doing this. If you've never ordered from DealExtreme before, it takes a long, L O N G time for items to arrive. Close to 1 month is not all that uncommon. They will show up, but good gravy, they are darned slow.
I have ordered from Deal Extreme quite a few times, and everything has always been delivered pretty much in the exact condition it was described.

They sell a lot of knock-off merch (obviously) however stuff like cables, headphones, etc have always worked for me. I have gotten a ton of iPhone cables/chargers and out of like 20, only one didn't work. I didn't bother to return it because it each charger was less than $1.

Considering that their shipping is pretty much always free, and that the company is located in Hong Kong, the long shipping isn't that unreasonable. Whenever I order from them I general get my packages in 2-3 weeks. If you really want to, you can pay for faster shipping and get whatever you order in a week or so.