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[APP][2.0+] MiXplorer V4.4.6

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Default [APP][2.0+] MiXplorer V4.4.6

Hello World!
My name is Hootan and I'm working on XDA in my free time and this app is my favorite android project.

MiXplorer is a fast, smooth, beautiful and full-featured file manager with a simple user interface.
This app is completely free, no Ads and never gonna be a paid app
It supports Android 2.0+ (SDK 5)
I hope you will enjoy it.

- If you have any idea, suggestion or you found a bug or mistake or I made you mad by changing something , feel free and let me know.

Themes | Credits | Changelog | Translators
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Cool Skins

How to make a new skin?
- Firstly, you just set up Eclipse and import the theme source project.
- Then, you can modify all colours in assets/properties.xml.
- All of the images resources are in the drawable folder in the /res directory.
- To change the theme name and description you need modify the "title" and "description" strings in res/values/strings.xml
Note: If you modify images ending with .9 you'll need to either draw the patches back on to the images or use a draw9patch in the android SDK to recreate the patches.

* Holo KitKat
* Holo Light
* Holo Dark-Blue
* Holo Dark-Red

* Orginal Light-Blue

* Faenza

* Clearly Red
* Clearly White
* Clearly Pink
* Clearly HoloBlue
* Clearly Green
* Clearly Blue

* Light-Black,
* Light Green

* Batman Beyond
* SeeThru > Black-Blue; Default
* Black-Orange & Black Orange SeeThru
* Black-Green & Black-Green SeeThru
* Spiderman

@Thebear j koss:
* Blue Waffle Clear

Attached Files
File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v3.1.6_light_blue_build_201303073.apk - [Click for QR Code] (761.5 KB, 8759 views)
File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v3.1.6_light_pink_build_201303074.apk - [Click for QR Code] (763.2 KB, 2175 views)
File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v3.1.6_dark_blue_build_201303075.apk - [Click for QR Code] (763.0 KB, 7805 views)
File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v3.1.6_dark_orange_build_201303076.apk - [Click for QR Code] (767.3 KB, 3486 views)
File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v3.1.6_dark_purple_build_201303077.apk - [Click for QR Code] (761.8 KB, 4187 views)
File Type: zip MiSkin Light-Orange_source_(all PNGs).zip - [Click for QR Code] (719.5 KB, 63 views)
File Type: zip MiSkin Black-Blue_source.zip - [Click for QR Code] (736.7 KB, 76 views)
File Type: zip MiSkin Chic_source.zip - [Click for QR Code] (793.8 KB, 42 views)
File Type: apk MiSkin Black-Blue_2014-04-09.apk - [Click for QR Code] (169.4 KB, 410 views)
File Type: apk MiSkin Chic_2014-04-09.apk - [Click for QR Code] (184.6 KB, 292 views)
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Default Languages

Thanks to translators:
Spanish - es (Hopler, superpulosu, LeoPosas)
German - de (Mardon, coxtor, CaliburManiac, Felix_0501, Erik194, Schokonuss)
French - fr (bolsderac, dadaz007, Draky50110, Matx13)
Polish - pl (DrizztDWX, mario44)
Czech - cs (bckp - clone.x)
Slovak - sk (bckp)
Chinese Traditional - zh-rTW (bdasuzl)
Chinese Simplified - zh-rCN (bdasuzl, lovejaychou2005)
Italian - it (dimpemekug, Alex.Raz, glider010, Clem29, ludoo, fedett92)
Russian - ru (GREY58, wmaster4g, iron86, greatslon, cytergen)
Modern Greek - el (nomedor)
Hindi - hi (paarkhi)
Portuguese - pt (SnowPluralism, softwork_brasil, rtfpessoa, Penacal)
Portuguese Brazilian - pt-rBR (romuleta, softwork_brasil, herbertsilver, danilocps87)
Arabic - ar (Mr.ziad)
Hungarian - hu (Wechy77, rollrk4h, RootRulez - slewi)
Swedish - sv (meares)
Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan - ro (costygsm2, ygorigor)
Dutch, Flemish - nl (labsin)
Hebrew - iw (elyashiv1994)
Korean - ko ([phone_user)
Persian - fa (mr.hami)
Croatian - hr (Domcek)
Turkish - tr (sbdemir, Fatih Fırıncı)
Vietnamese - vi (HeavenAngle, hoangnguyen)
Kurdish - ku (GorranKurd)
Indonesian - in (shoutokuyaki, shad23)
Serbian - sr (crullick)
Slovenian - si (dejan-)
Estonian - et (Mairo, cytergen)
Ukrainian - uk (cytergen)
Attached Files
File Type: zip MiLocal_Spanish_source_2013-12-29.zip - [Click for QR Code] (17.7 KB, 345 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Spanish_2013_12_29.apk - [Click for QR Code] (21.9 KB, 771 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Portuguese_Brazilian_2014-01-04.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.1 KB, 232 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Italian_2014-02-08.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.5 KB, 242 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_German_2014-02-18.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.5 KB, 247 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Vietnamese_2014-02-25.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.7 KB, 91 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_French_2014-02-28.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.8 KB, 127 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Polish_2014-03-02.apk - [Click for QR Code] (23.1 KB, 116 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Romanian_2014-03-15.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.6 KB, 19 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Indonesian_2014-04-01.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.4 KB, 92 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_German_2014-04-09.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.6 KB, 39 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Vietnamese_2014-04-09.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.6 KB, 23 views)
File Type: zip values_2014-04-09.zip - [Click for QR Code] (4.8 KB, 19 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Portuguese_2014-04-10.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.5 KB, 22 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Turkish_2014-04-12.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.6 KB, 23 views)
File Type: apk MiLocal_Kurdish_2014-04-12.apk - [Click for QR Code] (22.5 KB, 15 views)
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Info Credit - Copyright

MiXplorer is a free app which I'm sharing with you as MiProjects (My international projects).
The all credits belong to @HootanParsa and translators and testers and the users who are active on this thread.

4.x versions:
External Libraries:
Apache HttpClient 4.3.3

3.x versions:
External libraries:
Wifi File Transfer >> SwiFtp
Java FTP Client >> FTP4j
Zip library >> ZIP4j
RAR library >> junrar
Box Cloud API
DropBox API
SkyDrive API

Other Stuff:
App Icon >> Created by @PhysX for this app.
Some icons + Categroy Bar >> from MIUI File Manager and will be removed completely in the next versions.
Folder Icons >> I've found the folder icon on the web and changed it in some variant colors.

2.x versions:
These series versions are based on ported native file explorer from the very old MIUI gingerbread ROM (miuiandroid_Defy-2.1.13) (1/16/2012) to all 2.2+ android devices.
I've ported that app means:
I decompiled the app and I studied the code. Then I extracted the resources and reworked all the useful classes and methods from the browse tab, line by line. FTP tab was easy because it's opensource. And also I made a complex code for category tab which works on all kind of custom ROMs with different content provider.
All I said is just to tell some of you guys which the first app I shared with you was completely written by me and I'm the only one who has it's sources.
So there is no relation between this app and MIUI sources (ICS-Based) on Github and it's not open-source.
And all the apk files which guys sharing on XDA and other places with this category arrangement belong to me and have my signature.
I gave the original credit to MIUI company for resources and also to respect to their nice job.

I don't really have any idea when MIUI company started to use "Mi" (as the prefix) in some of it's projects. probably some months after me. I'm using this prefix for some years and it comes from "MiProjects (My international projects)".
So it's just a conflict.
I'm sorry for any misunderstanding I may have caused.

* (v4.x, v3.x, v2.x) All of the developers have free license to add this app in their custom ROM as default.
Please put the app in '/data' folder not '/system', to let users update it in the future.
* (v4.x) Modifying APK not permitted except for personal use.
* (v4.x) You can make your favorite skins with attached sources and share them in public but only for free.
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Info 2 Changelog

- Fixed FC on old Android versions.
- Added Folders first to Sort By options.
- Fixed some tiny bugs.

- Changed title to MiXplorer.
- Changed En/Decryption method to AES-Crypte. (AESCrypt.com)
- Added Analyzed List/Grid view mode.
- Fixed Mega.co.nz problems.
- Added HubiC cloud.
- Added auto refresh list for FTP server.
- Fixed FC on exit.
- Added add/remove file to/from zip file. (need more test)
- And a lot of tiny changes and bug fixes and also added some new bugs


- Fixed auto update alert.
- Restricted access to locked folders from Bookmarks drawer and History dialog.

- Fixed deleting directories on samba.
- Fixed SFTP login bug.
- Fixed set as ringtone.
- Added Ringtone picker.
- Added 'Go to location' option in category lists.
- Added 'Open in new tab' option for folders.
- Added 'All Folders' list in bookmarks. (Android 3.0+) (Need to reset defaults in the settings page)

- Improved sorting files with unicode file names.
- Fixed FC on
bluetooth page.
- Removed 'Refresh button' from bottom bar.
- Added pull to refresh. (Hold the list a little bit longer to show the category bar)
- Added lock button to bookmarks drawer.
- Fixed to not show thumb preview on locked folders.
- Fixed lots of tiny bugs.

- Increased startup speed.
- Optimized scrolling (is noticeably smoother)
- Fixed FC on servers configuration page.
- Fixed deleting net files.
- Fixed copying from GDrive.
- Fixed searching in categories.
- Increased unrar speed (not encrypted).
- Added directories history (at the end of directory path segments dialog).
- Added auto update option in the settings page.

- Added kill-app option in the settings page.
- Added 'APE' as a music extension.
- Fixed lots of other tiny bugs.

- Changed drawer to a new one again with the better performance.
- Changed settings page to the new one.
- Optimized UI.
- Fixed some tiny bugs.

- Changed drawer to the new default android one.
- Added a new feature: adding files to a task from different folders.
- Optimized UI.
- Fixed some bugs.

- Made a new smooth left drawer.
- Fixed FTP server problems.
- Added search in categories (Then you can add the custom list to bookmarks).

- Added Glob expression support for filtering categories. (Instead of Regex which is not supported)
- Separated User & System app categories.
- Optimized UI.
- Fixed lots of bugs and tiny changes.

- Fixed saving password on FTP server. (Again )
- Added Bluetooth scanner in New Storage Dialog > 'Search Local'
- Added Bluetooth Explorer (OBEX bluetooth client)
- Fixed some tiny bugs.

- Fixed upload to Google Drive and Copy.
- Fixed loading thumbs on Google drive.
- Fixed saving password on FTP server.
- Fixed some important bugs in FTP Client.
- Removed 'Save Tabs' option from settings page and Added to top-right menu.
- Fixed and improved Root access on FTP server.
- Added sharing files via Obex Bluetooth.
- Auto update disabled in all versions for a while.

- Fixed 100% CPU Usage
- Fixed FTP & HTTP data saving bug.
- Fixed system ui crash after operation finished in some of ROMs.
Changed to always load the latest saved tabs on startup.
- Added select files by tap on the icons in list-view mode.
- Removed 'Add new tab' option, you just need to swipe right to left.

- Fixed some bugs and some tiny changes.

- Fixed copy folder to net.
- Improved executing tasks, more powerful for multiple operations and lots of bugs fixed.
- Added switch between
dialog progress and notification progress bar, even after restarting app.
- Added Append-To option in file exists dialog.
- Improved FTP client.
- Increased downloading speed.
- Moved servers option from top-right to bottom bar.
- Added resume/pause to the operation dialog.
- Added auto name apk files. (Check box inside renaming dialog when renaming apk files)
- Fixed some bugs and
did some tiny changes.

- Added global search (Problem in KitKat).
- Changed 'hide files' feature. (You should hide them again, Sorry )
- Added Backup/Restore feature for packages (Rooted phones).
- Skins updated. (
added 'MiSkin Chic' for ladies)
- Added option to settings page to save tabs on exit or not.
- Fixed some bugs and some changes.

- Fixed list top-margin and sorting bookmarks in old Androids.
- O
ptimized UI for high HDPI phones.
- Improved web server.
- Improved bookmarking feature.
- Added changing permissions recursively.
- Fixed a lot of bugs.

- Fixed searching on clouds directories.
- Added VDisk cloud.
- Fixed Samsung phones top-padding problem.
- Fixed category bar problem on some phones.
- Fixed extracting encrypted rar files. (slow )
- Fixed some tiny bugs.

- Added Baidu cloud storage.
- F
ixed Some could bugs.
- Improved Http Server.
- Added Shell Command Executor
in System directory's top-right menu.
- Added long-press navigation bar menu and some top-right menu options moved there.
- Fixed Searching SMB.
- Fixed creating Folder/Files in SMB.
- Added close other tabs menu option.
- Fixed a lot of tiny bugs.

- Added Kanbox (Chinese cloud)
- Some of cloud bugs fixed
- Optimized UI
- Added Exit button back

- Added KuaiPan (Chinese cloud storage)
- Fixed some of important bugs when using multiple instance of clouds.
- Improved list filtering.
- Moved "Add new Storage" button to the bottom of Bookmark list.
- Removed Exit button. You can long press on Back button.
- Removed options menu (3-dots on nexus). Servers and Settings moved to Top-Right menu.
- Optimized UI.

- Added making a split zip file.
- Fixed some of compressing bugs.

- Finished a missed feature. Two new options for searching recursively (Whole, Regex)
- Added hiding files without adding '.' (Awesome)
- Improved scrolling to be smoother.
- Fixed some very important bugs.

- Added Charset to top-right menu options for archives.
- Some bug fixed and some optimizations.

- Added Encrypt/Decrypt files (AES 256)
- Some fixes and some optimizations.

- Added Http Server (simple for now)
- Added streaming Audio/Video.
- Fixed a lot of bugs and some changes.

- Lots of bugs fixed.

- Added 'clear all tasks' button in task list popup.
- Fixed 'Create symlink folder' menu option.
- Fixed deleting symlink (to just remove symlink not the whole related files ).
- Removed 'add to history' feature (wasn't a successful idea ).
- Added a missed operation (merging folders with the same name when moving).
- Fixed wrong folder's items count (sometimes happened).
- Fixed preventing access to the locked folders in action mode
- Added selection size in action mode.
- Added timeout for 'File exists dialog'.
- Fixed FC when loading too many thumbnails.
- Improved filter box to remember the previous text.
- Fixed to update file info after coping file to system storage (show permission menu option).
- Added extra large view mode.
- Fixed date in APPs Category list. (It was based on Ice Age)
- Added 'Set as background' menu option for images.
- Added 'Set as ringtone' menu option for music.
- Added saving hidden, sort and view mode for each directory recursively.
- Added show storage quota using an animation. (If it's supported!)
- Added a feature to add your language as a plugin. (Only English inside the app).
- Added supporting multiple list (Unlimited). heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!
- Improved to hide confirm button after task finished with delay (15 seconds).
- Optimized user interface.
- Optimized to reduce memory usage.
- Fixed dragging to top on the drawer list.
- Improved Exit action to destroy the app safely.
- And lots of small changes.

- Fixed bug for normal install and uninstall commands.
- Optimized operations notification for 3.0- ROM's.
- Fixed loading FTP widget icon on old ROM's
- Fixed login to FTP server with Uppercase username.
- Fixed a bug for "When you paste a copied file, the original file will be disappeared until you refresh the list."
- Optimized Shell execution for using Toolbox.
- Fixed not interrupting folder size calculation when you close the properties dialog.
- Optimized bookmarking feature and directory navigation.
- Added Search local IP's feature for samba.
- Added "All Media" category for android 3.0+. Usable to search files very fast on primary sd card (Need to reinstall the app)
- Fixed circle progress icon for external skins.
- Reversed operation task list.
- Optimized default skin and dialog buttons size for old ROM's.
- Fixed changing locale language for 3.0- ROM's.
- Added start/stop FTP server menu option inside the app. (Click on notification bar to access the setting page)
- Fixed disappearing list on old ROM's.
- Fixed FCs on authentication dialog.

v4.0 (Adrenaline) :

- Changed to ICS style.
- Added two more list view mode.
- Added search recursively from the current directory.
- Added Uninstall menu option for packages.
- Fixed Archive viewer mistakes and decompressing bugs.
- Added skin selector.
- Added SMB Explorer.
- Added SFTP Explorer.
- Optimized FTP Explorer for better performance.
- Added WebDav Explorer
- Added Password protect folders
- Added FTP server switch widget
- Added APPs category
- Added MOVE operation for different storages (COPY+verify size+DELETE)
- Added Multiple operations support
- Made universal cloud library and added modules for:
Sky Drive,
Google Drive,
Ubuntu One,
Mega, (works weird )
4Sync (not finished)
Yandex, OwnCloud, 4shared (support WebDav)

Notice: I've stopped working on v3 series and I won't update it anymore.
I've done a big surgery on this app again to make a new awesome one.
So the next version will start from 4.0

- Fixed some mistakes in files operations.
- Fixed visibility of time remained and bytes per seconds in operation dialog.
- Fixed opening and saving text file bug on FTP client.
- Optimized FTP Client for better performance (Not works perfect yet)
- Fixed a bug on files selection.
- Added copying files to folders which is not writable like "/Data" when using FTP Server.
- Updated some languages
- Plus Some Fixes on build 201303072

- Disabled auto-refresh in the file list (except when mounting/unmounting sd-card).
- Optimized to remove the files fast in category pages.
- Fixed wrong operation progress value which was not fixed completely in previous version.
- Added extracting and viewing jar, mtz (MIUI theme extension) files like a zip file.
- Changed to not clear thumbnails from memory cache when the app paused or directory changed.
- Removed error page when SD card is not available.
- Fixed wrong menu items.
- Added extracting apk files.
- Added view and extract RAR files + copy file from inside a RAR file
- Fixed bug when opening a text file
- Added Hide button to the operation dialog (doing operations in background).
- Fixed animation flicker when browsing page.
- Added exit popup again but only on browse page.
- Added supporting tar, gzip, bzip2
- Optimized files operation for better performance, I hope force close not happening again.
- Optimized browsing files speed
- Added ascending and descending order to the sort menu
- Removed "View Mode" from the settings page and added to the options menu.
- Added extract menu button to ARCHIVE and APK categories
- Updated some languages + Indonesian
- Fixed lots of tiny bugs.

v3.1.4 :
- Optimized to fling lists a little smoother.
- Fixed "Open as" bugs happened in the previous version.
- Added loading zip files from clouds (like the other files)
- Added progress dialog for removing thumbnails in the settings.
- Fixed canceling operation in Box, Drive and SkyDrive clouds.
- Removed lock icon from Google Drive files list.
- Added copy/paste files between clouds.
- Fixed extract zip file from 'Archives Category' list
- Fixed some small bugs.
- Updated some languages + Traditional Chinese + Kurdish

v3.1.3 :
- Copy files from inside encrypted zip file even to /data folder
- Send files from inside encrypted zip files
- Show update notification once a day
- Add local file to folder inside the zip file
- Create file and folder inside the zip file
- View Files from anywhere (clouds and even inside an encrypted zip file)
- Fixed some small bugs

v3.1.2 :
- Fixed extracting problem
- Changed to ask for zip password only when needed
- Added settings menu for Nexus phones (again)

v3.1.1 :
- Fixed another root bug "/data/user"
- Improved browsing performance
- Added BOX cloud
- Made a better thumbnails loader
- Added copy inside DropBox
- Fixed bug for changing View Mode Setting
- Removed date string from Grid View mode
- Removed Show Hidden files Settings (Always True)
- Mixed Home Folder and First Tab Settings
- Added Sky Drive cloud
- Added Google Drive cloud
- Improved files operation performance
- Changed favorites to works just for directories and zip files
- Added zip viewer; not perfect but works
- Added operation dialog for extracting and compressing zip files
- Extracting RAR archives will not be supported for a while
- Updated some languages + Vietnamese

v3.1.0 :
- Fixed FC when import files and some related bugs
- Uploaded some color variant themes

v3.0.9 :
- Fixed another opening FC
- Fixed FC after adding USB storage
- Added menu option to set start tab
- Fixed no root access for some phones
- Fixed "Jump To" selection bug

v3.0.8 :
- Changed to set appropriate permission to copied files (not works perfect)
- Fixed some bugs when browsing system root
- Added UTF-8 support to system root file listing
- Fixed text editor FC
- Fixed annoying bottom operation scroll menu
- Changed to set language without restarting
- Improved performance
- Optimized theme
- Added root access over FTP Server
- Added auto update message
- Fixed opening FC after network added (Fixed build number: 201301122)

v3.0.7 :
- Fixed category searching bug
- Fixed opening FC for some phones
- Removed exit popup message
- Fixed category bar info for some phones
- Misc fixes and optimizations

v3.0.6 :
- Added exit button
- Optimized theme
- Added click to compare MD5 with copied text in system clipboard
- Fixed browsing issue on some phones

v3.0.5 :
- Fixed root access bug and made a new bug
- Fixed FC
- Optimized theme
- Fixed copy/move files from category pages when you click from context menu
- Added click to copy MD5 checksum in information dialog
- If you delete a file from a category, it shows that file with a zero file size for some seconds, until your system remove it.
- Added folder files count again
- Added Turkish language

v3.0.4 :
- Optimized loading lists and thumbs
- Fixed Some little bugs

v3.0.3 :
- Fixed mount as RW

v3.0.2 :
- You can download the dark theme build from the theme thread
- Some tiny bugs fixed

v3.0.1 :
- Theme optimized
- Some bugs fixed

v3.0 (Fast & Furious) :
Some new main features:
- Dropbox explorer
- FTP explorer
- Send apk via bluetooth for all devices
- Global search

Notice: I've stopped working on ported native file explorer from MIUI ROM,
I did a huge modification on this app but I couldn't continue developing on it's structure.
I've changed the whole project from the first, so we have a new project with the new bugs
The next version will start from 3.0, I will keep my own name (Mi File Explorer)
So from now on, the original credits belong to me. (please check the credit post)

v2.3.7.32 :
1. optimized theme
2. added MD5 checksum to information dialog
3. added "Jump To" button to sd card page
4. added information about all of mounted external storage to first page (I hope works on most Android devices)
5. updated languages (bigger app)
6. fixed auto-update bug
7. fixed some little bugs

v2.3.7.31 :
1. solved theme problems
2. added Grid View Mode
3. added filtering lists by matching letters (the fastest way to find the files)
4. fixed FC while open from the other app
5. added install multiple APK files automatically for not rooted devices
6. removed settings button from top and added to all page's menu option
7. added show/hide tabs again
8. fixed saving text file in root explorer
9. fixed creating text file in root explorer
10. fixed not listing some files in root explorer
11. updated languages
12. fixed some little bugs

v2.3.7.30 :
1. created a dark theme for this version (sorry if you don't like it, I'm the fan of light theme too)
2. fixed bug for minimum file size in settings page
3. fixed FC on deleting file in category pages
4. fast start app
5. languages updated (we have a bigger app)
6. fixed zh-CN and pt-BR language problem
7. added primary folder in settings page
8. removed show/hide tab from settings page
9. added quickly turn on/off wifi by clicking on wifi icon in FTP page
10. show the real path in root explorer mode
11. better layout for browse page in landscape mode
12. fixed funny bug on saving UID/GID/Sticky in permissions dialog
13. moved settings button to top corner tab
14. show exit popup on each tab page
15. moved mount r/w option to the settings page
16. optimized swiping pages
17. fixed copying files (it was unusable)
18. create new name for file/folder when you're creating file/folder or coping files and file/folder exists
19. added copy RootDirectory/SymLink (not sure not tested)
20. fixed deleting file bug in root explorer
21. and lots of small bugs fixed

v2.3.7.29 :
1. Added swiping pages
2. Added new add/remove favorite style
3. Multi selecting problem discovered! and solved
4. Fixed /data folder bug
5. Updated languages
6. Changed the app label to "File Explorer"
7. Show files with zero size
8. Changed to add created file to the category lists immediately
9. Update operation button (selectAll/cancel) status, when list Item clicked (in selection mode)
10. Fixed favorite listing bug (sometimes doesn't update)
11. Root explorer is more powerful now, sorry for the previous version, but If you see the wrong data tell me please
12. Fixed lots of tiny bugs that I don't remember.
13. Sorry for startup loading speed, will be fixed
---------------------- new build 2012041401:
14. Root explorer is better than before
15. Updated languages
16. Fixed installing multiple apks bug (not for ics users I guess)

v2.3.7.28 :
1. We have a pro root explorer now
2. Some changes and little bugs fixed.

v2.3.7.27 :
1. Sending problem solved.
2. Some little bugs fixed.

v2.3.7.26 :
1. Auto update option
2. LDPI support
3. Set minimum file size for each category
4. New layout in landscape mode for category page
5. Hide/Show tabs menu option (SD card page)
6. Screen orientation bugs fixed
7. Faster loading time
8. Unzipping problem fixed
9. Doesn't need write permission for operation on file any more (if Root explorer enabled)
10. Changing language within the app itself (not perfect and needs to restart)

v2.3.7.25 :
1. set the minimum file size for categories (change it in settings page)
2. some big bugs fixed

v2.3.7.24 :
1. Finished custom category
2. Option to hide/show directory from media scanners (not works on MIUI- you should ask Miui devs to support .nomedia file)
notice: if you're using cm7 or ... you can use this menu item to increase the speed of searching in some of category lists.
3. Supports unrar
4. Added goto location of files from category lists
5. Supports landscape screen orientation (not good, working on that)
6. Fixed loading big text file
7. Fixed font size for some phones
8. Fixed multilanguage bug.
9. Optimized category browsing on ICS ROM
10. Some changes for your MDPI device
11. Added "create new file" menu item
12. Added create file/folder shortcut
13. Added root directory access from FTP server
and lots of small changes

v2.3.7.23 :
1. FTP works like a charm
2. Some of categories (Archives, Docs, Misc, Apks) works on all ROMs but not perfect, works slow. I'm working on that.
3. Theme category removed
4. Extract zip file added to SD card page. (long press menu)
5. Opening text files in a simple text editor
6. html option removed from "OPAN AS" menu
7. ICS Options menu fixed
8. (Checking the box) problem in Settings Option fixed
and lots of things that I don't remember, are fixed or changed

v2.3.7.19 :
1. Added "open as" menu item(see screenshots).

v2.3.7.18 :
1. Changed refresh icon
2. Fixed options menu bug
3. Moved about page into settings page
4. Added settings menu item icon
5. Fixed signing bug for ICS users
6. Fixed some bugs.

v2.3.7.16 :
1. Fixed moving problem in category list. (zipping instead of moving)

v2.3.7.15 :
1- Added Zipping and unzipping feature
2- Added Root explorer
3- You can change file permissions too
4- You can rename multiple files
And a lot of changes that I don't remember now and fixing bugs and making new bugs

v2.3.7.1~14 :
- There is no changelog.

I've ported the native simple file explorer from MIUI Gingerbread ROM (miuiandroid_Defy-2.1.13) to all 2.2+ android devices and I've made a new name (Mi File Explorer) for it.

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Hi. Very good idea. The only thing i was missing was root explorer. I didn't test the app, but will as soon as possible. If nobody has an idea, than keep solving bugs^^. I hope you continue the work
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Keep up the good work. I added root stuff to it ages ago in miui-au (but pretty poorly) as it was the only reason I needed another file manager. Well other than I do use zip/unzip, which is great to see you've added.

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Originally Posted by marhensa View Post
not working on CM7..

Sent from XDA-Developers Android Application
I had to push to system, wouldn't install the normal way. Perhaps it needs resigning?
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I have given it a try since root exploring you have added, but I couldnt gain the root access.

All I can see is Browse, SDCard and FTp tabs, but how do I access the system partition of the files? Am I missing something here?
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okay, i thought that link is for everything what is claimed in the post, anyway, will be waiting for your upload.

please include search if can be done easily.

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