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[ROM][3-20-12][AOSP][4.0.3] Codename Android 1.5.5 captivatemtd

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By sixstringsg, Retired Forum Moderator / Retired Recognized Developer on 5th March 2012, 05:31 AM
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Codename Android is a fully open source rom that focuses on speed, usability, and getting every feature that we can get CRAMMED in there .
Our mission is to spread the Open Source Android love to as many people as possible, and get as many people involved as possible. Along with the rom there will be tutorials to get more people involved and learning how to build android step by step.

We are pleased to announce the CodeName Android ROM Utility. All info about it can be found HERE as well as the download link. For now it will act as an app that will centralize all downloads for CodeName Android. There is one feature that needs to be added. The missing feature is the flashing of zips through recovery but we are working hard on this and should have it working soon.

You may use the app to download ROMs and all available add on packages or we have provided direct links below.

Review of ROM by

* Galaxy Nexus (GSM/CDMA) - Released
* Nexus S (GSM/CDMA) - Released
* Xoom (3G/4G/WiFi) - Scheduled for release
* Captivate - Released
* Vibrant - Released
* Fascinate - Released
* Galaxy S i9000 - TBA


common: a lot of menu re-organization to give and even better user experience
common: lockscreen is now split into to seperat menus: style and options
common: custom text color on the lockscreen (JBirdVegas)
common: ability to set cutom profiles (David van Tonder - switchable for the power menu if turned on in the power menu settings and from the settings menu)
common: new customizable signal bar settings (Robert Burns)
common: configurable size of the navigation bar (romanbb)
common: added the centered stock lockscreen layout to the lockscreen settings
common: ability to set transparency for the statusbar (Rob43)
common: new fully configurable rotation animations (Robert Burns)
common: T9 is now turned off by default in the dialpad settings
common: ability to show/hide homescreen icon labels (kyle ladd)
common: added the propmodder (JBirdVegas - the ability the make changes to your build.prop with a user interface - Settings -> Advanced Testing)
common: ability to exit to the homescreen after a call (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
common: ability to enable the use of the status bar during a call (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
common: added end call button to notification curtain (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
common: updated the speaker promitiy for ICS (codenamedroid)
common: settings for alowing users to switch between the sdcard and internal storage (rmcc - Settings -> Storage)
common: added the option to toggle fast charging mode (JBirdVegas)
common: made sure that the powermenu nav actions are always hidden on the tablet builds
common: added more languages to the keyboard
common: updated the apn lists (sixstringsg)
common: fixes chrome install for all builds
common: fixes any issues with volume wake and the flashlight toggle
common: added support for the 3G variant of the EEE Pad Transformer
tablet: all non tablet specific options have been removed
Galaxy Nexus: updated kernel to Codename Android 1.8.1 (add deep idle by ezekeel, updated sound control, and returned to ultra low voltages)
Xoom: the return of facelock with the google apps package
Galaxy S (GT-I9000): Special Device Settings (CM)
Fascinate (SGH-T959): fixed data (sixstringsg)
Fascinate (SGH-T959): Special Device Settings (CM)
Fascinate (SGH-T959): updated kernel (sixstringsg)
Captivate (SGH-I896/SGH-I897): updated kernel (sixstringsg)
Captivate (SGH-I896/SGH-I897): Special Device Settings (CM)
Vibrant (SGH-T959): updated kernel (sixstringsg)
Vibrant (SGH-T959): Special Device Settings (CM)
### 1.5.0
* common: added support for the Galaxy S, Fascinate, Vibrant, Captivate, Incredible, Transformer EEE Pad, Transformer Prime,
Xoom Euro and 3G
* Update to Power Menu Options
Improved torch toggle graphics and strings
Made power off on power menu optional
Add error message to power menu when all power menu options are disabled
Added NavBar Buttons in Power Dialog (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
Improve navbar on power dialog logic:
Separated hide navbar option from nav buttons
Nav actions on power menu replaces the silent toggle when enabled
Improved nab on power menu graphics
Added recents button to nab actions
Only show nab buttons when the navbar is hidden
Disabled nab buttons when the lock screen is showing
Added reset of hidden nav bar on reset (not reseting causes issues)
Disabled power menu nav buttons the the lock screen is enabled
Added the ability to either place the nav actions on the top or bottom of the power menu
* common: new advanced testing menu in settings (Development settings, Spare Parts settings, and Testing settings)
* common: use the volumer rocker as a cursor while you type (romanbb)
* common: added the ability to long hold to uninstall the the launcher (nebkat)
* common: Allow unlinking of notification sound and ringtone volume (gsarrica, romanbb) slightly modified layout codenamedroid
* common: custom lockscreen wallpapers (romanbb)
* common: gave power menu its own category in the interface settings (everything on the power menu is now configurable)
* common: the ability to enable rotation on the lockscreen (romanbb)
* common: reverted back to previous rotation settings for full 180 degree rotation
* common: fixed big brother, little brother menu button issue when all nav buttons are enabled
* common: the lockscreen settings menu has been updated and reorganized
* common: added the lights level editor to the automatic backlight settings
* common: fixed the processor settings crashing with kernels with non-configurable governors
* common: reworked lockscreen menu unlock (tpruvot - replaces romans, better logic)
* common: removed romanbb's version of volume key wake lock and long press volume and updated with the ones from CM
(longpress to change tracks works with volume wake enabled)
* common: fix alarm not setting properly with a voice action (romanbb)
* common: fix for lockscreen unlocking after dismising an alarm (Danesh)
* common: added support for more tag types to the nfc reader (doug yeager)
* common: updated the LTE and WiMax toggle
### 1.4.0
* YOU MUST FLASH GApps since it is no longer included in ROM
*YOU MUST DO A FULL WIPE. Wipe cache & data/factory reset
*Report bugs only after you confirm bug by having nothing else installed besides ROM and GApps. Use the BUG TRACKER.
* common: CNASettings has been merged into settings and has been completely re-writen to work better on both phones and tablets
* common: removed google apps from compile
* common: added the file manager back
* common: wait to lock screen (romanbb)
* common: webos style recents (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
* common: better rotation control options (Team Eos)
* common: Added CombinedBar Auto Hide (Flemmard)
* common: all lockscreen graphics have been improved and resized (androiduser)
* common: root is now option (cyanogen - in developer options)
* common: faster transition animations in the launcher (nebkat)
* common: Hiding media from folder with .nomedia file. (cyanogen)
* common: all battery and clock customizations now work on tablets
* common: enabled the Notification Power Widget Enable on tablets (TDR)
* common: improved scrolling chache for much smoother scrolling (pawitp)
* common: zRam and Kernel samepage merging (cm - performance -> memory management)
* common: option for always enabling battery percentage on the lock screen (whitehawkx)
* common: improvements made to the lockscreen to work better on both phones and tablets (codenamedroid)
* common: phone target is now replaced with browser when compiled for tablets
* common: camera unlock target is now always accross from the unlock target to emulate the stock android lockscreen layout
* common: Increase Zygote preload GC threshold to half the heapgrowthlimit for faster boot times (Vijay Dandiga)
* common: fully configurable power menu (romanbb for screenshot and codenamedroid for reboot and airplainemode - Interface -> General)
reboot and screenshot options disabled by default to be more in line with stock
* common: made clock on big clock a tab bit smaller: looks nicer and works better on phones with smaller screens
* common: Profiles - Quiet Hours - gives the ability to have certain sounds, vibrations, and notifications to mute a specific times (DvTonder)
* common: fast torch - enable flash light from lockscreen by holding down on the power button while the screen is off (Zaphod-Beeblebrox - Interface -> Lockscreen)

### Previous Changelogs

Extra Tools (Provided by CM):
Superuser app - ChainsDD

Online Presence:
Blog & Tutorials
Bug & Feature Tracker
IRC Chat



GApps HERE Always use latest GApps

Credit / Thanks:
All other open sourcers that made a contribution to the project:
Specifically: Team Gummy, romanbb (Android Open Kang Project) Birdman (RootzBoat), imoseyon, CM, Team Hacksung

Install Instructions
Must have Root and Clockwork Recovery installed on phone

From ClockWork Recovery:
-Wipe cache & data/factory resest
-Flash latest CNA ROM & GApps
-Reboot phone (donít flash another kernel before this first boot)

Full Build instructions and Source (Source Fully Compatible w/Lion and Ubuntu 11.10)
Build Instructions
Full Source
Full Working Changelog (Watch here for new changes and features as they are posted)

Donate: (Be kind)
Codenamedroid - (ROM Dev) Donate
AndroidUser00110001 - (ROM Dev) Donate
Brainmaster - (Tweaker - Theme Porter) - Donate
Blueharford - (Kernel Dev) - Donate
mathkid95 - (Kernel Dev) - Donate
Link - (GNexus support/All around) - Donate
GerManiac - (Nexus S support) - Donate

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5th March 2012, 05:32 AM |#2  
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5th March 2012, 05:33 AM |#3  
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I am the official maintainer for CodenameAndroid for the Captivate, nightly builds will start soon. This is an official source built ROM, as evidenced by our github at
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5th March 2012, 05:44 AM |#4  
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This post is for builds if/when sixstringsg ever has problems and can't build at the moment. I will be doing it when it is needed.


Scrolling Cache MOD for 1.5.0

Awesome Boot animation IMHO
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5th March 2012, 06:11 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by sixstringsg

I am the official maintainer for CodenameAndroid for the Captivate, nightly builds will start soon. This is an official source built ROM, as evidenced by our github at

Thank you sixstring for bringing these official builds. Also appreciate the instructions posted to build rom from source, will definitely try it.
Cappy is getting more exciting as it is getting old.

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5th March 2012, 06:11 AM |#6  
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Sweet! Can't wait to try it.

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5th March 2012, 07:43 AM |#7  
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in the screen shoot it show the nexus tocuh botton in donw.

so is this will be for all divices?

and for Captivit, will the 3G change to H or not?

and is the battry live?

5th March 2012, 07:44 AM |#8  
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Having a strange issue. Music players do not show up on my phone. Tried different ROMS. Same issues.

Any suggestions ?

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5th March 2012, 10:15 AM |#9  
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is the RIL issue gone?
5th March 2012, 10:18 AM |#10  
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I tried the build instructions page, but it gives 404 error.
NVM found instructions in
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