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[ROM] [ICS 4.0.4] JJ's HYBRID ROM v3.3b (HotUpdate) ROM Control | 12 Aug |

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By jjdoctor, Recognized Developer on 9th March 2012, 02:54 AM
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OverLo4d for the banner

PHP Code:

FOR ARC-S Users with LOCKED BOOTLOADERS that have Updated to Official ICS.. Now you can install JJ Hybrid ROM v3.2 too. Follow Guide HERE


Here is a ROM for Arc/Arc-S users.... I don't own a ARC but this Rom is made entirely from ARC FW files...

This ROM based on ICS 4.0.4 FW 431

Its NOT AOSP.. Its a Hybrid of Sony and AOSP ROMS...

Light - Stable - Fast

This ROM will give you a COMPLETE AOSP Experience.. You wont even know if its based on Official Sony ROM...

Everything is working including

1) Stock Sony Camera with AOSP icon
2) Xloud
3) Sony Bravia Engine
4) FM Radio

Bugs: Complete list of Bugs HERE. Other than that there is NONE...


Screen Shots

(thanks to jader13254)


ROM Control

Download the ROM..
Put in SD Card..
Flash ICS Kernel with CWM Recovery... No need to Flash kernel if you have already...
Go into Recovery and DO FULL WIPE and Flash the ROM,.. boot the ROM once... Flash any Addons then





For Locked Bootloaders visit
If WiFi Doesnt turn on after First Boot, Just Reboot and it will work fine thereafter...


a) Sirkay's ICS Kernel HERE (For Overclocking )

b) Arc Knight Kernel by jimbo77 HERE (for Overclocking)
b) Stock ICS Beta Kernel with CWM HERE (thanks cobrato)
c) DoomLord ICS kernel with Wifi Modules .



JJHybrid Official Ver 3.3 (HotUpdate) (12-8-2012) ChangeLog

JJHybrid Official Ver 3.2 (Stable) (10-7-2012) ChangeLog

JJHybrid Official Ver 3.1 (Stable) (11-6-2012)
(Changes from 2.5 Stable)
  • Based on 4.0.4 FW 431
  • Added Quick Panel Toggles with 2G/3G Fix (Find in Settings) (THANKS iridaki)
  • Removed ROM Control (Will provide as Patch Later)
  • Improved Performance with a few tweaks
  • Improved scrolling
  • Fixed Data APN Settings not working for Some..
  • Removed 30 Steps Vol Mod
  • Fixed Trebuchet Misalignment bug
  • Added Ability to Turn ON/OFF LED Notifications. Check in Settings>Display
  • Added CM9 Music Player
  • Removed SenseClock
  • Updated Google Maps and Titanium Backup to latest Version

JJHybrid Official Ver 2.5 (Final - Stable) (29-5-12)
Fixed 2G/3G Toggle Widget (that was tough)
Fixed Battery Drain in Airplane Mode
Fixed Absent Wifi Tether in Settings > More
Fixed Radio FC
Fixed FC when unlocking screen in Airplane Mode
Fixed slow fading if animation when screen turns off
Fixed, resized and aligned Overlapping Texts in Toggle Widget
Added Default Waves animation in Incoming call
Added latest Google Maps and Street View in user data. Easy to remove
Updated TB to latest version.
Removed AUTO Brightness Text label. But dont Tap the empty area, distorted image wont be that bad this time

JJHybrid Official Ver 2.4b CompleteAOSP (24-5-2012) 1) Added AOSP Incoming/Outgoing Call Screen (Incoming might be slightly different than CM9 as I have adjusted it. You can Drag handle up to reject call with SMS. Check Screenshots 2) Added New ROM Control with Data and Wifi Tether Toggles (3G Toggle NOT WORKING) 3) Added AOSP Mass storage menu that u see in AOKP/CM9 ROMs. 4) FIXED Annoying Notification in status bar that appeared when phone connected via USB to PC..;). No more FCs 5) New Adreno Drivers from 4.0.4 6) Fixed Youtube videos Lag 7) Added Downloads Application which wasnt working previously... 8) Fixed HDMI (for Arc/Neo) 9) Added Sense4 Clock by Yngwie Malmsteen. 10) Removed lots of Sony framework files that were no more needed 11) Updated Titanium Backup to Latest version 12) Modded Trebuchet Launcher with No animations (I know there is misalignment when dragging app to Home from app Drawer). Will fix it later
JJ Hybrid Rom_REv 2.3 (ROM Control)(18-5-2012) FULL Wipe is a MUST-Too many changes.... (Thanks Matija Gubec for providing mediafire Link) Added ROMControl Features to the ROM (Find it in Settings) DEODEXED the ROM Huge Speed improvements Fixed Statusbar Distorted Image behind the Toggles (Huge Thanks to Akath19 for finding the fix) Added Default AOKP ICS animations Tuned up Trebuchet Launcher to Prevent Lags when Opening/Closing App Drawer Rearragned Menu Items in Settings to what we mostly want. Added init.d scripts for ROM Control Removed Themes Option from Settings so that you guys dont get annoyed with "No Theme manager installed" popup.. Added Ringtones from MIUI Rom.
JJHybrid Official Ver 2.2 Revolution (7-5-2012)
Added Latest People (Contacts) Application from Android 4.0.4 that fixes Big Contact Widget Photo image issue.. Fixed TB Restore app issues.. rather all issues concerned with Superuser Re-Added Trebuchet Launcher with new Wallpapers Added TB in user data by default Added Zip align init.d tweak
JJHybrid Official Ver 2.1 Revolution (6-5-2012) - 93mb Only Cut down the ROM size by 23mb by removing Lots of Useless Apps and Framework Files not needed... Average 180-200mb Free. ROM Feeling Snappier Aligned Status bar Icons Thanks jtc4 ( will fix batt mod alignment later) Removed AOSP Email (Flash from v2x Addons if u need) Phone FC fixed after Private caller Calls ends... Returned USB Mode in Settings Removed New Adreno Drivers by arcatarc and placed Original Ones as they were laggy. The ROM goes Lag free now.. Superuser initial warning issue STILL Not fixed with Titanium Backup. Just let TB fix it by itself is solution.. Added KANG Stock Launcher Latest MIUI File Explorer
JJHybrid Official Ver 2.0 Revolution (25-4-12) 1) Added AOSP Dialer and Contacts (BIG THANKS to Zdzihu for Telling me the trick) 2) Removed MTP Mode. The phone will automatically connect as Mass Storage USB and ADB Debugging mode when connected to PC Remaining same as ver 1.2... DO NOT FLASH SONY ADDONS and BATTERY MODS They dont work woth ver 2.0, will provide those later...
JJHybrid Official Ver 1.2 (21-4-12) 1) Deodex Patch for those who want to Deodex ROM 2) Added Latest Adreno Drivers 3) Improved UI Animations ... the Smooth Became Smooooooother than before... :D 4) Fixed Email Exchange 5) Some UI Changes to Make it more like AOSP 6) Removed some useless files and frameworks..
JJHybrid Official Ver 1.1 (16-4-12) Replaced Nova Launcher with Apex Fixed Lost Status Bar with Black wallpaper issue(thanks hansip87 for finding the prob. He has been really very helpful :)) Added Livewallpaper Picker Added AOSP Power Widgets by Default Added Blue Color/Date in Status Bar Time By Default Replaced MIUI Music player with AOSP Music Player Fixed Bookmarks Sync Issue with Browser Fixed 3G Data File size download Limitation Added Latest Google Market Added latest Gmail JJHybrid Official Ver 1.0 (14-4-12)
Features: Based on Official Version ICS Sony.. Nova Launcher instead of Trebuchet on users demand Added Google Quick Search Removed most of those Bloatwares stuff and apps and their country settings to make it global. Added Toggle Widgets Added Reboot Menu Added 2G/3G toggle Added AOSP LockScreen Added Widgets for Phone and Messaging Counters...(DONT Update it via Market since its modded one-just ignore the update) AOSP Theme by default (Dont apply Black Theme) Battery mods and Widgets and all those status bar mods present by default. Battery % mods in second post(Will be provided later) Revised and added Only two tweaks added in init.d.. U can try urs which Rooted with Busy box and SQlite installed AOSP Exchange Added MIUI AOSP Music Player added Reboot Menu not present. will wait for hansip otherwise wait for official Added AOSP Digital + Analogue Clock Widget from KANG AOKP Rom.. Updated to Latest Youtube, Market and Gmail (4.0.5) application Zip Aligned All Apks Added aditional patch for enabling Colored clock, Power Widgets. Added Latest MIUI FileExplorer and LED Flash Widget in User Data so its easily removable on choice
 Fixed 2G/3G toggle (thanks hansip87)
Added Reboot menu (thanks hansip87)
Added Complete AOSP Theme
Added Battery mods in Addons

ROM V4 : (10-4-2012)   
Based on New Leaked Version .. Seems official to me since it has 3rd part apps  
2) Added APEX Launcher instead of Trebuchet on users demand
3) ReAdded Google Quick Search
4) Removed most of those Chinese stuff and apps and their country settings to make it global.
5) Added Widgets for Phone and Messaging Counters...(DONT Update it via Market since its modded one-just ignore the update)
6) Black Theme by default (will provide AOSP Later)
7) Battery mods and Widgets and all those status bar mods present by default. You can flash Battery mods in second post..
8) Revised and added Only two tweaks added in init.d.. U can try urs which
9) Rooted with Busy box and SQlite installed
10) ReAdded SemcCnapprovider.apk which was causing FC when Private call received
11) Added New Messaging with 2nd Line Enter key enabled
12) Fixed Messaging icon issue when tapping on Contact Thumbnail
13) added two more live wallpapers
14) Added build.prop tweaks
15) reboot menu not present. will wait for hansip otherwise wait for official
16) Added AOSP Digital + Analogue Clock Widget from KANG AOKP Rom..
17) Updated to Latest Youtube, Market and Gmail (4.0.5) application
18) Zip Aligned All Apks

 ROM V3: (21-3-2012)  
All Fixes of Previous Versions..
Zip Aligned All apks 
Added New Adreno2XX Drivers compiled from latest Qualcomm Source. It Improved UI Animation, Scrolling, and Browser Scroll smoothness ( Thanks  arcatarc for Drivers)
 Added Latest Google Play Shop 3.4.7
 New Fold Animations. (Plz Set Animations speed to 0.5x)
 AOSP Theme Set as Default one
Reboot Menu Included by Default  
Removed the useless line in build.prop ro.home_app_adj=1 which is a true mystification on any ICS ROM. It simply doesn't work!  
Instead Added Super Charged HTK Tweaks in Services.jar. its a True Home Memory Lock. You can use SuperCharger Script or just leave it as such.
Added Lock Screen Orientation fix 
Xperia LED Flash Widget (Android Flash Light) added.(Dont use LED Widget in Status bar Power Widgets) 
MiFile Explorer Added instead of File Manger 
Added Certificate Installer  
HotFixv4 (NEW): (19-3-2012) 
 Includes all Hotfixes from previous version
For Those who Flashed Romv1 and Hotfixv3 can also Flash Hotfixv4 on top.
Idle Battery Drain Fixed 
Some Minor Theme Changes
Fixed Camera Error with market Camera applications and QR-Code reader 
 Changed Wifi/Network Icons to remain Permanently BLUE
NOTE: DONT APPLY OLD BATT MOD. Apply New Updated Ones only.You can apply Themes and other Addons BUT NOT BATT MOD.. 

HotFixv3: and Full ROM ver2 (15-3-2012)  

Added Default AOSP Lock Screen   
All Hotfixes from Previous Version 
Can be flashed directly without booting ROM first if Fresh install. 

HotFixv2 (13-3-2012)  
Includes all fixes of Hotfixv1 
Fixed Touch to Open Contact Details (thanks cobrato)

 HotFixv1 (11-3-2012)  
a) Blue Color to Digital Clock and Data Status Bar to match ICS AOSP (it will remove battery% mod so please Reflash that)
b) Fixed 2G/3G Toggle widget not working
c) Added Battery 1% Mods in ADDONS section



1) Please allow the ROM to settle for atleast 2-3hrs as Media Scanners, sync etc etc always run on First boot then check the smoothness...

2) If you want to take Screenshots, press Vol Down+Power Button for 1 Second

3) If you want to Save Battery , (NEW), use FREE Underclocking app from Google Play Store(Market) called No-frills CPU... (thanks Sirkay for the tip)
Min -122Mhz
Max 768 or 806Mhz.. (Rom will still run Smooth...)
and I/O Scheduler- noop

4) If you dont Sync Gallery photos then turn off Photo Sync in Settings> Accounts>Tap ur email>Sync Google-Photos (turn it Off)


DONATORs: Hall of Fame (Thank you for your support)
Tarzan ,
varben ,
sucker for sony's,
Franz Bergen
Alfonso Chao Liu
Bertil Munkeby
Andrew Davies
Josef Behr

IF you have questions plz DONT PM me, just ask your question on thread.. i read every post and will try to answer as much as I can..

Special thanks to
1) hansip87 for some of his Mods I used
) KANG Team for ROM Control
3) zdzihu for BIG Help
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9th March 2012, 02:59 AM |#2  
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UPDATED (18-7-2012)

(Flash in Recovery)



1) Nexus Boot Animation WITH Boot Sound OR WITHOUT Boot Sound


4) Enable FaceLock (For Neo/Ray/Play Only)


6) Team Kang Stock Launcher (HW Accelerated)


8) Inverted (Black) Google Applications: by Team ICEmods
includes Following Latest Gapps.. (check screenshots on their link)

  • Google Play Store
  • Gtalk
  • Messaging (it will remove your Enter key messaging mod)
  • Contacts and Dialer (has contact widget bug)
  • YouTube


10) USERS Contributions:
a) AOSP Camera Theme by malavi
b) Holo FM Theme by malavi

10) Sony Camera3D Panorama

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9th March 2012, 03:02 AM |#3  
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Pictures?come on to the Pictures
9th March 2012, 03:09 AM |#4  
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I Directed you here to make sure you Read this post BEFORE Flashing v 3.0 TEST. Dont report these issues

Its a TEST Release and will have following minor bugs otherwise its fully functional to be used as daily driver..
  • First Boot takes Long and you will see a Message Unfortunately, SystemUI has stopped. Dont worry, Go to Settings>Date & Time> Select 24 Hour Format... Status bar will Appear in 5-10 secs. Time will show 12 hr time even if you select 24 hr. for time being this is easily ignorable
  • As you see your Status bar, REBOOT ONCE.. that is a must.. After reboot everything will be fine...
  • Settings background is black..
Hope I am clear Now..

Now download ROM ver 3.0b from HERE

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9th March 2012, 03:12 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by jjdoctor

what do you mean?...:-/

I can't see pictures, may be the problem of network
9th March 2012, 03:13 AM |#6  
Bionik_kaos's Avatar
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camera .... is it stock or cm9 ????
aosp or semc framework ???

thank you in advance for answer

sent from my Transformer TF101 using xda premium
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9th March 2012, 03:24 AM |#7  
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JJHybrid Official Ver 3.2 (Stable) (10-7-2012)
  • ROM Control Re-Added with many options working. Please read below whats working and whats not working for now..
  • Fixed 12hr Bug by Romving the Mod in ROM control. Clock Mods wont work
  • Added Walkman Player (Thanks to Thilinac). Sound Enhancements FC Fixed
  • Fixed Radio RDS
  • Others dont remember (in a hurry...)
  • Cyan LED notification
  • Messaging, Gmail etc LED notification fix.. Missed calls notifications wont work

Whats working and not working in ROM control.
Those marked in RED wont work.

Status Bar MODS:
  • General: Only Show Notification count wont work
  • Toggles: Only USB Tether wont work
  • Battery: All work
  • Signal: All work
  • Weather: All Work
General UI: following Dont work
  • Recents window style
  • Enable Volume Options
  • Rotation Delay

Navigation bar
:(Must READ)
( only 3 Custom Buttons for now)
DONT use MENU Location. if you encounter SystemUI FC when u enable then Go to Settings>ROM Control>Navigation bar> Menu Location and Select REMOVE. Statusbar will reappear
Add Widgets Dont Work

Lock Screen Options: Only following work. All other options wont work
  • Fast Torch,
  • Volume Button Awake Screen
  • Long press Volume Buttons to skip track Work

Scrolling cache Mods (already enabled by default)
Fast Charge and others (kernel related)

Startup Tweaks: ?? Dont know exactly

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9th March 2012, 03:25 AM |#8  
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can i flash this on a rooted but bootloader locked arc s with baseband 36?? if so....i would love to give this a run
9th March 2012, 03:30 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Bionik_kaos

camera .... is it stock or cm9 ????
aosp or semc framework ???

thank you in advance for answer

sent from my Transformer TF101 using xda premium

In there in OP .. 4) Stock Sony Camera with AOSP icon
9th March 2012, 03:58 AM |#10  
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Finally!!! Was waiting for this from a long time finally someone thanks a ton

Sent from my LT18i using xda premium
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