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[ROM] Unofficial CM9 Testing builds for Epic 4G Touch

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By darchstar, Retired Recognized Developer on 8th March 2012, 06:30 AM
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** These CyanogenMod builds are highly experimental and unsupported.
** If one of this builds bricks your phone, kills your cat or causes
** a thermonuclear war, don't point at us. We'll laugh at you.
** You decided to make this modifications to your Phone.
** Please refrain from submitting bug reports for any issues
** you may encounter while running one of these builds.
** Submitting bug reports on experimental builds is the leading 
** cause of male impotence.
Hey all, you may remember me from back on the cdma hero. Well, I decided to pick up dev'ing again, and have been pushing source up to my github for working code for ice cream sandwich on our Epic 4G touches. It's my pleasure to say it's mostly functional, with just a few bugs remaining, of which i'll post at the end of my thread here. If I didn't list some functionality you're looking for in the bugs list, either it already works, or i forgot about it. Chances are high that it already works, though . Once I get nightlies to run, i'll make another thread for that.

Please, follow the instructions listed below for flashing, to prevent any damage to your phone

Follow me on twitter and github for updates, and what's going on right as it happens.

I think i already mentioned this once, but please, follow the instructions below when flashing this rom, for your phone's sake!

Here is my build from 03-15-12
And a mirror

MD5 checksum: 3ca7871541bf1fb5ecba70fd9661baef

Google Apps: HERE

Kernel: FC14
Recovery: Stock

What works
- Camera
- YouTube
- External SD mounted to /emmc
- Pretty much everything else

- apps2sd doesn't work for EXTERNAL SD... unless you unmount the internal storage
- Video recording doesn't decode the files properly to mp4, so the output is unusable
- Music occasionally FCs. Feel free to post some logcats (pastebin'd only) if this happens to you

Once again, follow the instructions below, for flashing this ROM!!!

Installation Instructions
*WARNING* There have been a number of people over the past 6 weeks experiencing HARD BRICKS of their E4GT when flashing ICS from ROGUE 1.2.1 on FB15 AND NEWER KERNELS. Please see THIS THREAD for more information. As such, I am STRONGLY recommending that ALL FLASHING of this ROM be done ONLY from the STOCK CWM EL26 RECOVERY (download) EDIT: As an update to this, we're fairly certain this issue is sporadically occurring whenever a partition is being formatted by the recovery. this led us to believe that the problem lies in the kernel samsung has been putting out in the leaks. Please, for your sake, use, a recovery with a gingerbread kernel when flashing this rom, or doing nandroids, or even doing data or cache wipes.

First install of CM9
  1. BACKUP your existing ROM
  2. Did you backup your existing ROM? No? BACK IT UP, GENIUS
  3. Reboot to DOWNLOAD mode (power+vol-down)
  4. Using ODIN (link) flash to StockCWM EL26. Flashing CM9 from another recovery, such as Rogue, MAY BRICK YOUR PHONE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  5. Reboot to recovery (power+vol-up)
  7. Flash CM9
  8. Flash GAPPS
  9. Reboot to system
After rebooting, if you go BACK to recovery, you'll be on Rogue 1.2.2

Upgrading CM9
This build will upgrade from any CyanogenMod rom just fine. Just, be sure you're using the EL26-CWM recovery when flashing this rom. read my Edit up above for further details.
  1. Reboot to DOWNLOAD mode (power+vol-down)
  2. Using ODIN (link) flash to StockCWM EL26. Flashing CM9 from another recovery, such as Rogue, MAY BRICK YOUR PHONE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  3. Reboot to recovery (power+vol-up)
  4. Flash CM9
  5. The newest update changes the way backuptools work for the install script. it reads custom user scripts in /system/add.d. Since the first rom i put out didn't have that, you'll need to reflash google apps after flashing cyanogenmod. after flashing this latest update, subsequent updates won't need you to reflash Google Apps
  6. Wipe cache
  7. Reboot to system

Here's a README in my github, that has thanks and whatever comes with a README


EDIT: I updated the OP with the link to the rom. This is using some better coding for mms and sms receiving, and the LOS bug was fixed by the epiccm group, and pushed to mainstream cyanogenmod, so we we're benefiting from this. also, added in were sprint visual voicemail and sprint updates. There's surely other stuff i'm missing to add to what's working and what's not . Note that Cyanogenmod doesn't normally use stock kernel, rather it uses cm-kernel. the issue is that we don't have source for the kernel in ics, so we can't merge our board-files, etc into it just yet. But this isn't an issue, as far as functionality. It's just not the full CyanogenMod experience .

EDIT2: I had jerdog change the thread title to unofficial, because we aren't really in CM just yet. It's more because of my discrepancy, with not wanting the device tree to be pulled, because i'm still doing work on it.

EDIT3: Guys, don't be flashing any themes over this rom, reason being because i changed the framework files a bit in my source, and it hasn't been pulled into mainstream cyanogenmod yet.

EDIT4: Hey, i updated the OP with the build from yesterday, that i built. wasn't really planning on giving it out, but it appears that everyone is already using it, so might as well post the link in the OP. Please, don't ask what's changed, because not much has really changed: for this i wasn't planning on posting it... but oh well, it's out . Enjoy
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13th March 2012, 03:52 AM |#2  
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Exclamation Unacceptable
There seems to be a significant amount of animosity that permeates throughout the Android related forums. I'm not certain as to why this is, nor do I want to hear any reason for justification; what I do know is that it is unacceptable.

As moderators, we spend more time cleaning up flame & troll posts than working on our own community contributions. Unfounded accusations such as KANG'ing serve to drive away those valued members who try to contribute to XDA ... further lowering the quality of threads and posts on this forum.

XDA is about bringing together folks who have similar passions about mobile technology. I would have expected more maturity and professionalism. Instead, I find a thread full of inflammatory posts ... it is not constructive and serves no purpose.

While the Forum Moderator(s) take time from their busy schedule to effect cleanup and "damage control"; further detracting of this thread once it is re-opened will result in permanent holidays for those involved, rest assured that appeals will be non-negotiable. I would encourage members who have posted in this thread to reacquaint themselves with the forum rules - the best moderation is self-moderation.

Forum rules, please read!
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13th March 2012, 04:43 AM |#3  
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To make sure this is clear from the beginning, and since I had to close the previous thread due to trolling and abuse, there is no kanging go on.

sbrissen and darchstar are and have been collaborating for awhile on this, helping each other out in the true spirit of the community. This thread will remain closed until darchstar is ready to have it opened.!/sbrissen23/sta...60581851889664!/darchstar/sta...70605747716096

If you look at the github and commit log you'll see the collaboration going on between the two. darchstar is publishing the builds per an agreement between the two. This is open source and community involvement at it's finest.

Any trolling will not be tolerated.
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13th March 2012, 05:00 AM |#4  
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Just took the plunge and flashed.... No problems with the flash and loving the rom.

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13th March 2012, 05:01 AM |#5  
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Just want to say thanks Darch loving all the builds
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13th March 2012, 05:03 AM |#6  
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Game plan:

Get source for ICS kernel so we can shut down brix city! Good things are coming
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13th March 2012, 05:12 AM |#7  
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A HUGE thanks to the XDA community, darchstar, Sbrissen, and Team Rogue for putting out an excellent product on my E4GT!

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13th March 2012, 05:13 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Steady Hawkin

Game plan:

Get source for ICS kernel so we can shut down brix city! Good things are coming


coming from a new resident of brix city trying to upgrade from the 309 version to the 311 version blod, forgot I had changed the kernel to the fc07 rouge before nandroiding, stupid me, 35 dollars later and a refurb im back in business
13th March 2012, 05:15 AM |#9  
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@darchstar, are you wanting us to post bugs/issues here in the thread?
13th March 2012, 05:18 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by drdrewdown

@darchstar, are you wanting us to post bugs/issues here in the thread?

Sure, but i don't really want everybody to go on about the same issue over and over again. It really makes the thread really hard to look through, and find actual bug reports, with someone actually following proper protocol, and attaching as many log files as they can. i really do look at every post, btw. So yea please everyone be kind and help me out in this aspect here
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