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[ROM][Sense 4.0][FINISHED] OrDroid 9.0.0 | EQS | APM | Tweaks | Fast & Stable

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By shnizlon, Recognized Developer on 17th March 2012, 07:21 PM
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  • Features:

    - Based on HTC Ville C2 latest RUU (1.11.401.110).
    - Multi-language.
    - Deodexed.
    - Zipaligned.
    - SuperSU, Busybox.
    - Bricked Kernel.
    - Option to remove HTC apps (AROMA installer).
    - Option to install additional mods (AROMA installer).
    - Fast, clean and stable.
  • Bugs and Errors:

    - WiFi Tether.
    - HDMI out.
Download V9.0.0 - Full ROM
(Full wipe isn't mandatory, but highly recommended)

Mirror thanks to Korumera




- Rebased to 1.11.401.110.
- Fixed some icons in statusbar.
- Removed SGSIII Dropbox.
- Updated Facebook.
- Improved performance.


- Fixed Google Talk video - Thx ivicask.
- Fixed device model script.
- Updated Google Maps.


- Fixed T-Mobile script.
- Fixed SystemUI layout - Thx m0narx.
- Fixed wireless adb quick setting - Thx m0narx.
- Increased WiFi re-scan timeout to 120 sec.
- Updated some libs - Thx ivicask.
- Added SGSIII Dropbox - You'll get 48Gb bonus for 2 years - Thx baadnewz.
- Improved performance.


- Updated and replaced some libs.
- Updated and replaced some bins.
- Updated Sony Bravia.
- Updated Google Maps.
- Updated Facebook.
- Changed OOM groupings.
- Fully rewrited autobrigtness and buttons backlight tweak - Thx m0narx.


- Fixed WiFi for T-Mobile users.


- Fixed brightness.
- Removed the option to install xLoud.
- Cleaned build.prop.


- Fixed auto brightness.
- Enabled up to 254 tabs in browser and unlocked debug settings - Thx m0narx.
- Optimized sqlite3 database - Thx LeeDroid.
- Added option to choose device model in aroma installer - Thx m0narx.
- Added auto reboot option in aroma installer.
- Added tabbed EQS - Huge thx to m0narx and j4n87!
- Updated Tweaks app - Huge thx to m0narx and j4n87!
- Updated some libs - Thx ivicask.


- Fixed camera effects.
- Updated some libs - Thx ivicask.
- Increased touch responsiveness- Thx XxXPachaXxX.
- Removed more unnecessary files.


- Fixed HTC locations FC.


- Fixed cut off statusbar icons.
- Removed software (CPU) rendering.
- Removed more unnecessary files.
- Added option to remove TalkBack.
- Updated and cleaned libs - Thx ivicask.
- Updated Gapps.
- Updated ES File Explorer.


- Fixed video acceleration - Huge thx to mdeejay!
- Rebased to 1.11.401.109.
- Fixed battery capacity value - Thx m0narx.
- Added App Installer - Huge thx to m0narx.
- Re-added Youtube HD.
- Added options to remove more apps.
- Updated Google Plus.
- Updated AdAway.
- Cleaned some libs - Thx ivicask.
- Improved performance and battery life.


- Disabled 3-dot Menu (For T-mobile users only).


- Improved Beats audio sound.
- Fixed incall loudspeaker.
- Enabled 15 tabs in browser.
- Cleaned build.prop.


- Fixed laggines.
- Fixed upside-down camera - Thanks baadnewz.
- Fixed volume steps options in tweaks - Thanks nono2lozere.
- Fixed wakeup by volume key option in tweaks.
- Fixed MMS - Thanks Capychimp.
- Fixed build.prop.


- Fixed unresponsive lockscreen - Thx baadnewz.
- Fixes gallery FC when trying to view Dropbox gallery - Thx baadnewz.
- Fixed FM radio.
- Completely fixed Beats audio - Thanks nono2lozere.
- Fixed framework - Thanks mdeejay and baadnewz.
- Fixed updater script.
- Fixed, cleaned and tweaked build.prop.
- Enabled cubic transitions effect - Thx mdeejay.
- Cleaned some libs - Thanks ivicask
- Recoded weather videos - Thanks ivicask.


- Rebased to latest Ville C2 RUU (designed for MSM8660) - Huge thanks to mdeejay, baadnewz, idanfima, ivicask, nono2lozere and pavelol.
- Fixed Bluetooth.
- Fixed FM radio.
- Fixed animations.
- Fixed updater script for OpenVPN support.
- Readded the option to install xLoud.
- Updated Facebook.


- Fixed cut off status bar.
- Fixed friendstream.
- Fixed transition animations.
- Fixed camera.
- Fixed tweaks - Thx nono2lozere.
- Fixed es file explorer.
- Optimized all apps and framework files - Thx ivicask.
- Updated Gapps.
- Added ultra smooth rosie - Thx hamdir.
- Added option to install semi transparent statusbar.
- Added option to install rosie with 6X5&7X3 app drawer.
- Added option to install disable exchange security.
- Added options to remove HTC Car, Movie Editor and Dropbox.
- Removed more unnecessary files.
- Improved performance and battery life.


- Rebuild from scratch.
- Rebased to 1.78.401.2 release-keys.
- Added tweaks - Thx j4n87.
- Added CM brightness mod - Thx j4n87.
- Added Extended Quick Settings - Thx j4n87.
- Added QuickLaunch widget- Thx mdeejay.
- Enabled chinese IME & handwriting.
- Updated T-Mobile WiFi calling - Thx bigmoew.
- Updated Twitter.
- Updated ES File Explorer.
- Improved performance and battery life.


- Disabled 3 dot menu bar.


- Fixed cut off status bar icons.
- Fixed some libraries - Huge thx to ivicask.
- Disabled exchange security.
- Updated Gapps.
- Updated Google Play Store.
- Readded YouTube HD.
- Improved battery life.
- Completely removed tweaks.


- Rebased to 1.78.401.2.
- Partially fixed bt (still WIP).
- Fixed lag after video - Huge thx to ivicask.
- Fixed build.prop.
- Updated Adreno GPU binaries.
- Updated SuperSu.
- Updated Facebook.
- Updated Google Maps and Street View.
- Removed tweaks.
- Improved performance.
- All changes from previous CoinDroid versions.


- Added Google Drive.
- Added Facebook and Twitter.
- Added another OrDroid wallpaper.
- Added system wide volume booster.
- Added option to install sony xLoud system.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V1.05.
- Updated SuperSU binary.
- Updated Adaway.
- Disabled exchange security.
- Fixed MMS app.


- Zipaligned using newest SDK.
- Completely fixed Beats audio.
- Fixed MMS screen on.
- Fixed HQ camera mod.
- Cleaned build.prop.
- Added option to remove talkback.
- Added blue OrDroid wallpaper.
- Updated Dropbox.
- Updated SuperSu.


- Added option to install Genie widget.
- Added options to remove more apps.
- Fixed sound volume.
- Fixed HTC keyboard and dialer haptic feedback.
- Fixed faceunlock.
- Improved Beats audio.
- Improved performance.


- Rebased to 1.70.666.1.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V1.0.
- Fixed MMS signal drops.
- Fixed updater script.
- Fixed Beats audio and eq.
- Fixed auto brightness.
- Fixed gallery FC when view dropbox albums.
- Improved partition mounting via init.d script.
- Improved launcher render speed.
- Improved battery life.
- Updated YouTube app to HD version.
- Removed more unnecessary apps.


- Updated AROMA installer to V2.0.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.955.
- Fixed SD card issues.
- Fixed camcorder.
- Fixed social apps.
- Improved battery life.
- Improved Beats audio.
- Enabled 180 degrees rotation.
- Hacked voice search to allow direct access.


- Zipaligned using newest SDK r20.
- Fixed Rosie lag.
- Fixed T-Mobile small MMS issue.
- Lowered auto-brightness values.
- Added CM statusbar brighntess mod.
- Improved Beats audio.


- Added 4G icon for T-Mobile users.
- Fixed Beats audio.
- Fixed MMS screen on.


- Added sqlite3 support.
- Disabled exchange security.
- Fixed build.prop.
- Improved performance and battery life.
- Updated Google Maps.


- Added option to install SIM tool kit.
- Fixed HTC Camera.
- Fixed HTC keyboard haptic feedback.
- Fixed HTC dialer haptic feedback.
- Fixed statusbar.


- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.9.
- Updated tweaks app.
- Improved launcher speed.
- Changed OOM groupings.


- Added fully working WiFi theater app.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.858.
- Updated build fingerprint to 4.0.4.
- Fixed usb transfer speed.


- Zipaligned using newest SDK r19.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.856.
- Allowed all rotations.
- Disabled signatures checking.
- Fixed all /data apps.


- Zipaligned using newest SDK r18.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.851.
- Added option to disable Sweep2Unlock.
- Added sysrw and sysro binaries.
- Fixed small MMS issue.
- Enabled up to 15 tabs in the browser.
- Enabled bass boost in framework.
- Added new APM icons.
- Removed more unnecessary files.


- Fixed lags.
- Fixed Instagram support.


- Fixed tweaks app.


- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.8.
- Fixed haptic feedback!
- Added OrDroid tweaks app.
- Fixed battery drain issue.
- Added optional stock battery precentage mod.
- Fixed T-Mobile build.prop.
- Fixed ZRAM.


- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.7.
- Fixed random vibrations.
- Fixed bootanimation.
- Fixed framework icons.
- Fixed build.prop.
- Added Market Access.
- Updated Google Play Store.
- Updated Street View.
- Updated ES File Explorer.
- Added optional auto rotate rosie.


- Fixed Bluetooth!
- Added advanced power menu .
- Fixed mobile network icon.
- Updated Bricked kernel to v0.65.
- Added init.d script for automatic module insertion.
- Changed cmdline params to AROMA options.
- Added black boot and down animations.
- Added new OrDroid wallpaper.
- Updated HQ Camera mod to version 1.5.


- Fixed cmdline_khz script.


- Interactive Bricked v0.61 install.
- Fixed brightness values.


- Improved launcher speed.
- Fixed build.prop.
- Updated Gmail app.


- Added multi-language support.
- Added amazing HTC Sensation bootanimation.
- Added improved HTC camera.
- Added OpenVPN support.
- Changed OOM groupings.


- Added ultra smooth Rosie.
- Added option to remove Google Books and Movies.
- Fixed wakeup by volume keys mod.
- Removed more unnecessary files.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.55-b7.
- Updated twitter app.


- Long press home button for recent apps! 
- Fixed T-Mobile addons.
- Added English dictionary to HTC keyboard.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.55-b6.
- Removed optional AOSP apps. 


- Removed debug info from apks and framework files.
- Added OrDroid wallpaper.
- Added optional Wakeup by Volume Keys.
- Added optional Sony Bravia Engine.
- Fixed build.prop.


- Fixed Beats audio.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.55-b5.
- Added zram auto-enable script.
- Added option to install T-Mobile WiFi calling app.
- Added option to install ES File Explorer.
- Build.prop cleanups.


- Fixed ZRAM.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.55-b3.


- Removed more unnecessary apps.
- Fully fixed camera touch to focus.
- Enabled carousel after unlock.
- Other minor changes and fixes.


- Added an option to install HTC keyboard without arrows. 
- Added an option to install auto rotate Rosie.
- Added the latest Google Books and Movies.
- Fixed AOSP dialer.
- Updated Google Maps.
- Updated Bricked kernel to V0.55-b2.
- Changed HTC One bootanimation to HTC Sensation bootanimation.


- Fixed touch to focus.
- Fixed sound volume.
- Fixed updater script.


- Disabled scrolling cache
- Updated Bricked kernel to version 0.55.
- Updated SuperSU.
- Updated AOSP dialer.
- Build.prop cleanups.


- Fixed homescreen lag.
- Fixed framework-res.
- Fixed brightness.
- Updated SuperSU.
- Updated Google Play Store.

- Zipaligned using newest SDK r17.
- Updated Bricked kernel to version 0.5.
- Added ZRAM auto-enable script.
- Other minor changes and fixes.


- Rebased to 1.53.401.2.
- Changed kernel to Bricked v0.4.
- Improved performance.
- Updated Adaway.
- Updated Dropbox.


- Fixed GPS.
- Fixed Browser.
- Fixed framework-res.


- Fixed USB connection dialog.
- Fixed WiFi-hotspot.


- Fully fixed graphics glitches!
- Fixed GPS, Facebook, Rosie and more...
- Improved performance.


- Added option to install AOSP apps.
- Added option to remove HTC apps.
- Rebased to 1.47.401.1.
- updated GPU drivers.


- Fixed HTC Calendar.
- Added Adaway.
- Updated Facebook.
- Updated Twitter.


- Initial Release.
Donations list:
  • albatnawy91, suuugen, sirbilbo, MOVZX, v.kirilin, AddisG, Jaglicic, bippolinno X3, naailalzuhir, mazen34, jmcdonald58, Gaudi73, banderz777, rpmfc36, judsonmaag, ycayir X2, gramateas, mschipperheyn, HaJeeEs, TurtleFlip X2, tinker2000, zukа, V6-Maniac, l2icky, Steve0007, paul.f X3, X-DeAD, DrDeeZee, hairplayer, senia3, jaypee68, loski8402, vulfgar, Peterpaulmarie, koleso613, m0narx, Fazerrider, Jürgen.
HTC One X piggy bank supporters:
  • gramateas, bippolinno X6, banderz777, brashmadcap, pottyvick, pastynko, jmwils3, jkolner, Pinguino, mbh017, elmalote, Smarron, kfhughes, Lynnette X2, Yogimax.

I'm grateful for every donation you make.
Thank you very much!
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17th March 2012, 07:22 PM |#2  
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OrDroid Addons Section

Mods and Apps:



Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I am using version XXX and want to flash your new version YYY, do I need to perform a full wipe?

A) Read the change log for the release. It will state whether a full wipe is recommended to be performed when flashing the ROM. If it says to perform a full wipe then the it is quite simple: PERFORM A FULL WIPE regardless of what version you are coming from!

OrDroid Signatures
(Thanks to ic3cub3, hardcore4ever, sjknight413, TurtleFlip, tomer1981, xchilloutx, Zekene, L.N.X & AmeesingNoob)

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17th March 2012, 07:22 PM |#3  
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17th March 2012, 07:23 PM |#4  
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Haha okay this is the right place :P nice to see that you cooked a Rom is it also themed with your awesome theme skills?

Sent from my HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio using XDA
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17th March 2012, 07:23 PM |#5  
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Yep another Sense 4.0 ^_^
They're comin' out like mushrooms in nowadays...
Good work Shnizlon!
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17th March 2012, 07:25 PM |#6  
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btw shniz, saw this yet? duno if it's of help but..

adreno 2xx ics source codes
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17th March 2012, 07:26 PM |#7  
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Ok so this has the same things broken as baads release....May I ask whats different?
17th March 2012, 07:26 PM |#8  
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would help if you said what differences are there between baads version and this?
17th March 2012, 07:28 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by lightninbug

Ok so this has the same things broken as baads release....May I ask whats different?

there wont be any difference unless the devs use hacks to get gfx and bt running OR htc releases ics kernel source codes. i'd say it's pretty much the same rom but with shniz's awesome theming included
17th March 2012, 07:29 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Nekromantik

would help if you said what differences are there between baads version and this?

InsertCoin is based on 1.09.401.1 (test RUU), and this ROM based on 1.09.401.1 and 1.47.401.1 (final RUU).
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17th March 2012, 07:34 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by shnizlon

InsertCoin is based on 1.09.401.1 (test RUU), and this ROM based on 1.09.401.1 and 1.47.401.1 (final RUU).

so what's the difference between the 2 ruus..
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