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[Kernel] ICS (3.1 and 2.6.39 versions) (V25.5 and V1.1)

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By guevor, Senior Member on 26th March 2012, 02:02 PM
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Test2 version with 1.64Ghz Max Overclocking. I have increased the voltages (the previous 1.2Ghz was very low). The problem with the frecuency limits was solved by Roach2010. Give thanks to him. No need to have several kernel with different frequencies.

Test3 Fix bad 3d Clocks on test2. md5 ce39c26f037d9721a5f1071a55a02456

Test4 Added support to lowering the voltage. Works well with Pimp My Cpu (no displacement). md5 006914bcc531e092bab3e127d6fc7797

Test5 Increased voltage at higher frequencies (1.5Ghz and above). Some clocks changed (Perhaps best performance). md5 0d0a76d8c04e8c9c19807286666c6cee

Test6 1.7Ghz Max Frequency, added SIO, CFQ and BFQ i/o schedulers. Boot at 1.2Ghz. I do not recommend work at 1.7Ghz

Test6b Fixed 1.7Ghz clocks. md5 3025f2dd99e9f5f818606ad03204e6f2

Test7 - Rebased on V9.2.2.3. md5 47cd318fe6872b665bf96c7d31db4eb0

Test8 - Fix for stability and 1.7Ghz voltage increased. md5 e8f513de01755cf875ad083a4aa9ec88

Test9 - Backports from Linux 3.1, added cifs and xpad (xbox) modules. Having introduced many changes, it may be much more problematic than previous or perhaps more stable if all went well. Take care. md5 417f587b0bfba9d7c55f227b10d746ea

Test9b - Wifi now seems to work on Revolver and CM9. Please test on others and report. md5 8b31d1c03425c3df5efb771ec26f598c

Test10 - Backlight code changed. More backports from 3.1. Wait for others to report if it works correctly if are not willing to endure problems. md5 06bcf3b654a728039b161ade070c6a98

Test11 - HAS A BUG. A lot of minor changes, and some cpu errata fix (more details). md5 d3f5ea57e5b57e504de3fd63d94e8f3b

Test11b - Bugfixed. md5 2dd7130491e750e5230f03e058154047

Test12 - Added governors wheatley, SavagedZen, lazy, lulzactive and lagfree. It should be more compatible with various roms (please test wifi and BT). md5 9e6a712d5937dbbcc528eb8db50722b9

Test12b - Changed voltage/frequency tables and added 1640. You need to adapt your undervolting settings. md5 8836aa5ab48cadff9b49d29156597fca

Test12c - Fixed a problem with undervolting. I had forgotten to fit the new frequency table. md5 6dcf20cbe608365f0bd862c16ad0a654

Test13 - Another big changes. The most important on the suspend code where reside the principal factor to random reboots. May be .... md5 865aa7db4f8b6625af444adf701841ec

Test13b - Frequency/voltage tables of test11. Only for people that have more problems overclocking with test13. md5sum 88557afa3c52db356576f0a99f5d8cf4

Test14 - More backports and fixes. md5 b0780e56ab2b65d311b5a3d16ee53943

Test15 - Usb working again, sd card and more fixes. md5 f80642e9d3ae405edd0ea4f6e34a1e4a

Test16 - Changes on timers and other fix to SOD. Compiled with VENO. md5 392b66ea63dca265d391992e8af0c34f

Test16b - Modified SOD fix to be faster when not docked. Other optimizations. md5 e3f1450caf982af040d278d3c4058ed5

Test17 - Different SOD fix, updated with asus source and others. md5 7bf83bbf6f7d68de2814d88b5c24ed05

Test17b - Small modification to try to handle better when can not suspend and when he wakes up alone. md5 73c4e80a29532552807790b330d4a70c

Test17c - Reduced consumption if you use a microsd all time (like me). Changes in the configuration of bcmdhd. Usb serial changes may affect modems. md5 f9163588e10ba570870a1d83f4a9046d

Test18 - Several changes on suspend,pm,dc,timer,usb,mmc. Reverted some changes, included 17c ones. Will test one by one to be sure can be re added. md5 76c181b30886aa9ae22f8ba2ff80d5dc

Test18b - Reverted a change that seems unstable. md5 8a8b989a85b9622f7ea5b8501d6e6b6d

Test18c - More changes reverted and a new try with suspend and usb. md5 106626e6dee091d3ccc28e58da6adee6

Test18d - Minor delay change. md5 f08a8bddab9ec8e78618f070af1714c6

Test18e - Reapply some v18 changes and suspend code. md5 3c2ec029133c274746cbf2a56f1e6c90

V19 - Eliminated the changes that this time I hope were the bad and re-added the good. md5 66e4f9be8650cb7676c2748578f26c82

V19.1 - Fixed a bug. md5 aa67a380b3ccc77afd791f267de435ab

V19.2 - Another attempt to return to stability. md5 34bc9721647c8a316b5c352108ef0a22

V19.3 - Changed compilation options, suspend code and some modem options. md5 2217da228d9323aae42b835735a7ba4c

V19.4 (#504) - Fixed a problem that can cause to not deep sleep. md5 bd08cd3cc2a20829d69f00b302e6f870

V20 (#505) - Try to avoid ram fragmentation and new compilation options for better performance. md5 a2a43d5eac6cca6f1045d90925532a11

V21 (#527) - Usb problem fixed, iptables problem fixed and i2c changes. md5 0f3e339ff7157850619cea19ec8a772c

V21.3 (#559) - Fixed some stability problems introduced. md5sum 0758f26e3ef9e56f25a9b2a77098c9c1

V21.4 (#564) - Minor graphic drivers change. md5sum a6f6a4a9aaaf464c5b02a087b48b0cf7

V22 (#607) - More graphic drivers changes, ram timings, compiler and optimization options, pci drivers and other bugfixes. md5sum 0635a12362b47a5798fc8f48cd4439c4

V22.6 (#645) - More performance and several fixes.

V23 (#689) - Some memory, video drivers and wifi fixes

I created a new branch based on original 2.6.39 code. Use it on TF101G or if have problems with the 3.1 version.

V1.1 (#28) - Initial version. CPU and GPU overclocking and other performance changes.

Current default voltages: 1.7Ghz 1475mv - 1.64Ghz 1450mv - 1.6Ghz 1425mv - 1.5Ghz 1350mv - 1.4Ghz 1275mv - 1.2Ghz 1100mv
I currently use voltages: 1.6Ghz 1425mv - 1.5Ghz 1350mv - 1.4Ghz 1150mv - 1.2Ghz 1050mv
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26th March 2012, 02:02 PM |#2  
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[Kernel] ICS

For a Megatron Version you can use this link (thanks to ricardopvz)

The New codecs from Nvidia (video decoding) (NOT INCLUDED ON ANY KERNEL)

Download this to enable io as busy on interactive governor (better video playback)

3.1 based same file as V21.11 md5sum cf90635049728aef79c4cf72dfc83b8a md5sum 4ad30d5b7f031c09ca46a5d676a20c79 md5sum d257aed3b8933003b1b7a7310d30db6b md5sum db62b36c6fb110902c57f549232888e0 md5sum ffaec5a8646c05c5106d4c8f0543a576 md5sum 8d6051faf4059324a91b51031bce8522 md5sum 7b154df80a3e96fe2f425939c3611898

2.6.39 based md5sum e8d15d5168587dec00e228dc2a72cf2f md5sum 7c82713293bc7226a301e60d2dea2796 md5sum 6fd2a8d8db9dade682114e3c18682d87
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26th March 2012, 02:02 PM |#3  
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[Kernel] ICS (3.1 and 2.6.39 versions) (V25.5 and V1.1)
Initially the idea of ​​this kernel was to test some things to see if it improved stability. I would have liked to start with the kernel of Blades, but I don't found the source of the ICS version, so I started from the official source of asus.
With the versions, more people used my kernel, so the initial idea to make a kernel for my personal needs has become more generic, so to some extent, try to apply the suggestions that other do.

I must make clear that this kernel does not exist without the work of others and thanks to free software. Just trying to be a bit, over a huge pyramid.
Thank Blades, Roach2010, clemsyn for his work and all who have commented for your help.

If you want to donate, there is a button on the left and a link below. Do not feel obligated at all and only in gratitude for my work if that has been useful to you.

Donation Link

In this post I left the files of old versions.

Github repository:
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26th March 2012, 02:12 PM |#4  
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What kind of of modifications have you made besides overclocking and init.d support? Will try it out later.
26th March 2012, 02:30 PM |#5  
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Working on android revolution hd.
Flashed without wipe.
After 2 or 3 days i will give a short report.

Sent from my Transformer TF101 using XDA Premium HD app
26th March 2012, 02:41 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by guevor

.....At the moment I have two versions, one with overclocking limited to 1.2Ghz and one without overcloking.
The issue that max frequency is set (although we configure a lower frequency ) continues, resulting in more restarts if the frequency is very high, so I have limited to 1.2.

I will try 1200mhz freq...
Can you please make on 1500 mhz..??? it seems stable to me.
And with permission from Giuseppe's Revolver, can you let us try your modified Revolver?

Will comment after testing.
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26th March 2012, 03:01 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by guevor

This is a kernel on which I am doing some tests.
As I not found the source of the latest Blades kernel and wanted to do some testing, I used the asus base source and made ​​my own modifications.

My tf101 suffer of restarts and sleeps of deaths but as do not occur as a controlled manner, I don't have clear whether there will be improved with this kernel (for the moment I have none), so if someone wants to try, can comment how it works.

I use Revolver rom (with some custom modifications). The kernel is only tested with this rom, but should work on other (supports init.d).

At the moment I have two versions, one with overclocking limited to 1.2Ghz and one without overcloking.
The issue that max frequency is set (although we configure a lower frequency ) continues, resulting in more restarts if the frequency is very high, so I have limited to 1.2.

You have to list your sources.....GPL. Please link to your github or your repo. Even the smallest changes must be documented and shared.
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26th March 2012, 03:19 PM |#8  
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Eos-13 with OC1200 test

TF101A 16GB internal / 32GB microSD
Keyboard: not docked
Adapter: Asus power connector to USB adapter

Teameos Eos-13


CPU Controller:
No-frills, Min=256, Max=1200, Gov=Interactive, Scheduler=Noop

Installed and booted with the following issues so far:

1) No wifi: remains locked in the off position can not turn on. Rebooted 10 times same result each time

2) Will not mount USB removable devices(USBdisk1 or USBdisk2). Rebooted 10 times same result each time

3) Will not mount NFS drive

4) Settings FC's when you select storage
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26th March 2012, 03:52 PM |#9  
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Running Revolver and using you Kernel 1,2Ghz. Everything is working fine.

26th March 2012, 06:36 PM |#10  
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works great, flashed over revolver 1.3.1
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