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The Note or the HTC One X?

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My old HTC EVO had a 1800 battery and it never last me a day...HTC isn't known for good battery life..It will be interesting to see if there are complaints about battery life..
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I wouldn't mind trading or replacing my Note and going over to the One X...

The only part that got me wary is the fact that I read on mixed bag reviews on its battery life... It's not even comparable with the Battery performance of the Note...

Yeah its Quadcore up against just the dual core, and battery power might be one of the major thing on a quad core device... so at the end, I guess I'll just keep my Note for now....

No matter how power pack your phone is (quad-core and everything)... if it will not last you for less than a day... then it ain't good getting it in the first place... what's the point of having a quadcore phone when you can't get the best potential that it can offer you... because the battery would just conked out in just after few hours of using it....

Note still has an edge.. for now, until a really good smartphone device will be release..... (S3 perhaps? )

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I preordered the One X one month ago but a couple of days ago I changed my mind and picked up a Note instead. For me the bigger screen and 16:10 format of the Note along with replaceable battery, micro SD slot and S-pen is more important than a little bit better performance.

What really made me change my mind though was the first pic in this post:
The One X just looks so small in comparison to the Note.
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It's WAY smaller and a bit lighter. But man, going back to surfing or reading, playing Angry Birds etc... So much nicer on the Note's bigger screen.
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At this point 4 cores is pointless. Just a marketing ploy and not needed by far. No apps or games are even close to pushing dual cores to the limit at the moment or near future. It's a nice phone but I need the big screen at this point

From the big ole Note
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I was due a new phone this month (had an iphone 4 but wanted to switch to android), and i was pretty much dead set on a One X.

For some reason at the last minute, i impulse bought a Note on Amazon. I really dont regret it. I dont play games much on my phone so not worried about the quad core or tegra 3, and i love the screen size on the note. I can't see myself going back to a "small" phone, so i may well be tied into yearly note upgrades from now on. I really hope there is a note 2!

But the one x looks like a great phone so i'm sure you'll be happy with that if you go that way.
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Reading through this thread really made up my mind, I'm ordering my white Note this very instance!
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Originally Posted by tomah View Post
Reading through this thread really made up my mind, I'm ordering my white Note this very instance!
Done the same and love the Note, came from an iPhone 4s which ive kept but the Note offers everything I want. Need ICS now SAMSUNG!!!!
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Just looked at the one x and the thing that compels me most is build quality. I actually don't like the shiny plastic back of the's really my only complaint. I prefer a rubbery texture, and it seems the one x has that.

can't argue with the sheer COLOSSAL BEAUTY that is the note though.
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In the first day, I felt like the Note might have been a little too big...but it grew on me quick.

The Note has seriously ruined me to a lot of other phones now. I was messing with my wife's 4s the other day and it just feels like a toy. Further down the road it's going to be hard choosing a follow-up to my Note if there isn't anything close to the same size.
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