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[Q] How do you access voicemail with Straight Talk? I can't even set it up!

2012-04-11, 8:18AM |#1  
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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note (International version) Android phone. I got my ST SIM card about 2 days ago and voice, SMS, MMS and data all works just fine.

Problem is, I can't access or even setup my normal voicemail. According to ST, I need to dial * 8 6 to access my voice mail and set it up. When I did, I got a message:

Your call cannot be completed. Please check the number and dial again

What number exactly do I need to call to access my VM from my Note?

When I called my cell from a landline and attempt to leave a VM, the message is that "The subscriber has not setup the mailbox."

Please advise.
2012-04-12, 4:03AM |#2  
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Go to the dialer pad and then press & hold the 1 key.

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2012-04-13, 1:28AM |#3  
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I think I may have find a solution ot my problem.

So just to recap the original issue:
- I got my ST SIM card just 3 days ago
- Voicemail testing was done in my office
- With the ST SIM card in my Galaxy Note, keypad "1" is pre-programmed to dial +16192040806
- Whether I call the number directly OR press and hold keypad "1", the only message I got is "Goodbye" and the call ended

Just yesterday, I drove for lunch, which is about 1 mile away from my office and I try to call the VM again and this time it works. I can setup my VM, enter my password, etc. Tried to call again and I got into my VM successfully.

Back to my office, I press and hold "1" again, but this time, instead of connecting directly to my VM, I got a message "Please enter your mailbox".

So it looks like, in my office, I am connecting to a cell tower that, SOMEHOW, screw up my VM. But if I am connecting to another tower, it works just fine.

I will test this theory by downloading an app called Open Signal, which show which tower I am connecting to at a certain location.
2013-04-27, 6:20PM |#4  
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Straight Talk voicemail - Enter your mailbox number...
I found that holding down the '1' key on keypad doesn't always work. In fact, rarely.

My solution seems to be to call my own number from my Galaxy Note 2.
Then it doesn't even prompt me for a pin or anything.

Good luck.
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