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Nokia Drive vs Maps

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Default Nokia Drive vs Maps

I just came over to the WP7 after many years and ROMS with a WM6.5 using Sprint. Sprint navigation was excellent.

I used Nokia Drive today and was somewhat disappointed. Although it was very accurate, I needed to depend totally on the voice instructions. There was no overview of the route to give me a general feel as to what was going to happen next.

On the way home, I used maps and actually the navigation. I saw the directions all listed and felt a little more secure. I really only needed the first few directions to get me to a freeway. By looking at the overview and committing this to memory, I felt more confident and not so lost.

These are just my observations as each person will have his own comfort level.
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FYI Nokia Maps can be used without a data connection if you download the maps. I do not believe the maps app has this feature.
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The only reason I buy the Nokia Lumia 900 over HTC Titan II is their Nokia Collection apps that is so far more robust than HTC's. I've tried to use the Nokia Drive and it actually did a great job to offer me turn-by-turn navigation with no extra costs...
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Default Drive is pretty decent

Nokia Drive is accurate and decent, but, the lack of lane assist and the constant recalculation and inaccuracy of the ETA are frustrating.

Maps is great for directions or if you're navigating for another driver, but, it's lacking for voice guided navigation while driving.

Garmin Street Pilot is very excellent, though expensive, despite not being able to preload an entire state map. It'll still have your route, at least, if you lose your data connection.
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The no data feature is good for folks who don't have a data plan. I always enjoyed the free navigation software they provide. I first had it on my Nokia E72 and loved it. Now that it's on a bigger screen, its even better =)
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I'm quite dissappointed by Drive. How do you get to Version 2 of a navigation app without adding the ability to save locations? The version that I have on my old N8 is far more functional including the ability to save locations and announce street names.

Amazingly, Bing maps has the ability to pronounce Street Names, can generate Turn by Turn Directions, but then won't read them to you as you drive, you have to tap the screen to get each prompt. Why get 80% of the way to a solution and then stop?

Combine this with the lack of any integration into the OS that would allow you to navigate to a contact's address or to search for a location in Bing and then navigate to it and you have a huge hole in functionality.

I'm sure this will get fixed in Tango and/or Drive 3.0 but I'm pretty sure my 30 day return window will be over before then and I suspect my Lumia will be available soon as a refurb.

I love the OS, and have used it before, but I expected more of an upgrade from my old Samsung Focus. The other OS's are moving forward so quickly and I'm afraid Windows Phone will be left behind.
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I found this extremely annoying:

When you're in Nokia Map, there is no way to get turn-by-turn driving directions within that app or at least have it to automatically switch to Nokia Drive app.
I used Nokia Map and looked for an address to get directions from my current place but then unlike Google Maps on Android, I had no option to get turn-by-turn driving directions. I had to exit Nokia Map and do everything all over again in Nokia Drive! This is not going to work for me.
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Am I missing something because I cant find nokia maps/drive/music on my AT&T lumina anywhere?

Does anyone know how I can get them?

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Originally Posted by jvward View Post
Am I missing something because I cant find nokia maps/drive/music on my AT&T lumina anywhere?

Does anyone know how I can get them?

Go to Market Place > Nokia Collection > Nokia Drive

Or you can find the others there.
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I have been an iPhone user for since the first one and have had the Navigon app since it became available. I have had an HD7 on TMo for over a year and was glad to see Navigon added to the MarketPlace.

I agree that the Nokia Drive app leaves a bit to be desired when compared to full fledged apps that you pay alot for. Given that Nokia Drive is free, and has the ability to be customized with voices, etc., I give it a solid option for someone looking for a free GPS app with pared down features.

Manually downloading maps that you need saves space, but you can only do that via WiFi (same for Navigon). I didn't have issues with ETA times, as others have posted about, and the built in POI/Search functions were accurate.

I have both Nokia Drive and Navigon on my new Lumia 900. The Navigon Lane Assist, speed and camera alerts, Live traffic, and ability to use Google search for local POIs are nice features. Again you pay for this, but it was worth it for me.


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