Default Very weird bt problem.

Since I've had the Amaze, when I am on the road and I talk to my wife using my bt device while she is using one also, she sounds like she is under water while I'm moving. While I am stopped, she is crystal clear. We have tried a few different bt headsets from different manufacturers and still the same. Anyone ever hear of this?
Also, I've tried different roms with the same results.
Nexus 4 Rooted
Rom: Stock 4.2.2
Build: JDQ39
CWM Touch

Nexus 7 Rooted
ROM: CM10.1 nightlies
Build: JDQ39 4.2.2
Recovery: CWM Touch

Rooted HTC Amaze running CM 10.1 BABY!
Unlocked S - Off
Running dcacklam-mk4-kernel
Using HTC AMAZE 4G Colorbox theme!
CWM Touch Recovery

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