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[Howto] Battery Calibration

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By RealPariah, Senior Member on 24th April 2012, 01:23 PM
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Battery Calibration and Other Tips from RealPariah

To save space on the post I am moving to spoiler type Q/A. Just click the SHOW CONTENT button for a given guide or answer to show the related information

Folks seem to keep asking a lot of the same questions so I have begun this thread at first to answer the Battery Calibration [Manually] and now I am going to keep adding things I find users keep asking about. Hopefully this will help alleviate the Dev Threads and please feel free to Link here in ROM directions I will try to break up things in to posts so you can link to a certain post for a certain item.

RealPariah's Manual Battery Calibration Methods

First is just whenever; Below that will be how to calibrate on flash of new ROM.

When I talk of charging it is highly highly recommended you use the AC adaptor and charge with phone off for absolute best results.

Calibrate Anytime
[Reminder: To save space on the post I am moving to spoiler type Q/A. Just click the SHOW CONTENT button right below to see the steps in battery calibration]

-> Charge phone to 100%
-> Restart phone [to be sure it isn't off by some amount (if phone off just unplug AC adapter for 30 secs and plug back in)]
-> Wait 20 min after you are sure it is 100% (phone should stay plugged in)
-> Boot in to recovery
-> wipe battery stats (advanced)
-> Get ready to pull battery and unplug phone and do so after the screen goes black after tapping restart device (pull AC adaptor first)
-> Wait 30 seconds and replace battery
-> Allow phone to boot
-> run through ENTIRE CHARGE (COMPLETELY DISCHARGE) the battery (whether normal usage or looped media files whatever you have time for)
-> restart phone to be sure it is totally dead
-> Charge fully one more time

You should be good to go!

Just remember it may take several days for phone to generate statistics and for this to fully settle in.

Calibrate Battery at ROM Install

Just be sure your battery to 100% as above and wipe battery stats right before you flash ROM zip.

Then be sure to fully kill the device and do one full phone off charge

You should be good to go!

as above it takes several days for battery stays to fully generate and settle in!

Hope they helps, and in my multiple tests seems to really make sure you get best performance!

Device: Samsung Tmobile S2 [SGH-T989]
ROM: Paranoid Android 2.52
Tweak Script: Newest Supercharger V6 with modified services.jar+KaK+3G Turbo Boost
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Post Battery Calibration and other USEFUL ANDROID INFORMATION as answers to repeated ??s
JB AND ICS ROM Installation Procedure [or any ROM really]
**If You Follow the steps below it should clear any residual files and should leave you with a totally blank slate for the ROM to install on. So, be sure to do Nandroid and/or Titanium Backup as your scenario dictates**

First, to be thorough you should have 100% battery before flashing for best battery life.

Supplies:(links will be added)

Darkside Cache Wipe [OPTIONAL]
Darkside Super Wipe Script[Optional if using CWM more mandatory if using TWRP but it can be optional]
Kernel Cleanser Script [Very optional and only needed if you change kernels a lot and worry about residual files really]
Fix Permissions V2 by Minotauri Zip [yes v2 and v3 are different get v2]
Fix Permissions V3 Zip [edified again by Minotauri] [OPTIONAL]


ROM Installation Guide

Download The ROM of your choice using your WiFi Connection or Transfer it from your computer. Do not use the cell data connection [E, 3g, 4g] as there are more errors in data downloads this way. Also, some users report that they get the best results when they save the things they flash to their External SDCards. Myself, I use either the Internal Storage [EMMC] or the External SDCard interchangeably.

Reboot Phone in to Recovery

Choose Wipe Dalvick Cache [Advanced Menu]

Back at Main Menu, Tap Mounts and Storage

Tap to Wipe /cache /data and /system [Do each twice in a row]

Back at Main Menu Tap Install From SDCard and choose where you saved the kernel cleanser script and tap it to flash it [I suggest 2x again]

Do same thing for Darkside Superwipe Script [2x]

Restart Recovery [Advanced Menu]

Install From SD choosing your ROM zip file (just as above script zips)

Restart Device and allow to boot [skip account setup for now if it prompts we'll come back] wait 3 min from initial lock screen if unsure.

Restart in to Recovery

Clear Cache [Main Menu] and Dalvick Cache [Advanced Menu]

*(NEW) You can use Darkside Cache wipe here you should not need to clear any caches or to run fix perms separately if you flash Darkside cache wipe skip the above line, flash add-ons as stated in line below AND THEN flash darkside cache wipe (you can manually also skip cache wipes until after add-ons are installed the point is you clear both caches [before or after add-ons] and fix perms AFTER installing everything so adjust according to your tastes

Install any add-ons like super user, toggle zip installing custom radio and kernel last in that order [if nothing to add no worries that's cool]

Install From SDCard and find Fix Permissions v2 and flash it
or if you wish substitute Darkside cache wip here again subbing out the line right above this text

Restart Device and allow to boot [we cleared Dalvick Cache so yes it will be another longer boot]

You are done [unless you choose to fix ROM Manager so it doesn't freeze partially through fixing permissions while OS is running, but totally optional] Skip to Notes below and onward if not wanting ROM Manager fix

Once phone boots install [if it was not already apart of the ROM] ROM Manager [Premium License install will not affect anything do it now or later either way works]

Restart Device in to recovery

Flash the Fix Permissions V3 [YES VERSION 3 THIS TIME (Won't be needed again after this unless you install a new ROM, or uninstall ROM Manager when you re-install run this again) Just Like you installed the Zips above]

Once Done, Restart Device and let it fully boot and settle [give it 10 min after seeing initial lockscreen if unsure]

Open ROM Manager and Tap the Fix Permissions shortcut and let it do it's magic and it should not freeze on you now [best practice is to keep screen on in ICS it appears ICS sleeps deeper than GB and some apps haven't corrected for this so they stop processing just because device is in deep sleep not because the script is in error!]

DONE, Notes:
This method seems to ensure the best installation of ROM with least chance of cross contamination from the previous resident. I do find rarely even with this method I have to do this whole thing 2x in a row. This can happen when the data is transferred to the phone during install even if you do everything right. Once you run through it once or twice it gets easy and just throw those scripts and current ROM zip on Internal Storage if you find flashes from there work for you, because you should NEVER format EMMC [Internal Storage] as this will brick your phone [recoverable if you send it to Samsung or buy a $150 box and take your phone apart to connect it up [or if lucky know someone you trust that has one]]; and therefore as long as you have that and access to recovery you can flash your phone.

New Addition 2012.07.10
This can only be done when upgrading from a previous to a new version of of your current ROM OR if you go from a ROM's base to the ROM [ie Paranoid Android is based on CM10 and you should be able to install Paranoid if you have CM10 without formatting your storage. This does also include how many changes exist between your current version and the one you are installing [ie you have Paranoid 2.2 installed and you try to install 2.52 you are more apt to have issues and/or errors than if you went from 2.51 to 2.52, so I can't account for EVERY scenario, use your best judgement please]. If this is your FIRST FLASH OF CM9 FOLLOW ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS AND USE TITANIUM BACKUP OR LIKE APP TO CARRY OVER USER APPS ONLY!
*BEFORE THE POSTING BEGINS YES I HAVE TESTED THIS USING NIGHTLY BUILDS AND HAVE DONE THIS OH ONLY ABOUT 12 TIMES IN THE LAST 14 DAYS! IT WORKS EVERY TIME!* I have also done this with both Clockwork Recovery AND Clockwork TOUCH RECOVERY I have not tried and will not risk using the Open Source Recovery [you can tell you are using it if the touch buttons are up and down and the enter key on the bottom of LCD screen and Clockwork Touch is the one the menu options themselves are tappable [If not sure install ROM Manager and have it install one or the other]]


** = Required
* = Optional
[/I]** You can use ROM Manager to Download the ROM file just don't have it start the flashing process automatically.
You can also visit Cyanogen Download Page
If you Happen to use the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 so do I so here is a direct link: Cyanogen T-Mobile S2 Download Section
** GApps
Click the top-most link labeled for CyanogenMod 9.0.x in the table at top of the page
* Chainfire SuperSU
I recommend Chainfire SuperSU as opposed to Original SuperUser included in CM9. It has some extra features, and its binary has been built better soo far. Well, Original Super User USED to Seg Fault All over ICS, but that has been fixed in the newest release. Chainfire has been built MUCH more recently geared towards ICS moreso [it works in Gingerbread just fine too] so I have stuck with it. If you like it PLEASE donate by buying SuperSU Pro on market. It is not my product, but it is well worth checking out and donating to if you find it useful.

Upgrade Guide

NOTE: It usually takes until AFTER the SDCard checks run through [2 if you installed ext SD] before the cell data even starts to connect, be PATIENT. If you have BEEN PATIENT AND ARE SURE THE RADIO IS ACTING UP FOLLOW ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS TO FLASH A ROM FROM SCRATCH [I recommend Paranoid Android].

Upgrading From a previous CM9 version to a Newer one

Gather the files you downloaded above and throw them on either your internal storage or your SDCard either will do just fine, just make 'em easy to find.

Don't forget to run the MD5 check as explained BELOW to ensure no data corruption during file download if you choose to do so.

FIRST RUN A NANDROID BACKUP [boot in to recovery, and use the backup feature provided in Recovery Menu] Step-by-Step Procedure on that coming soon . Of course, if you are an advanced user and do not feel this is needed then skip it, but if not is saving a few minutes skipping it worth rebuilding all your apps and settings if something goes wrong? You decide ...

Boot In To Recovery [Hold middle of Vol buttons so both are in while powering on and release them as soon as you see first Samsung Logo]

Now This is the order I do things, if you are comfortable or as you get comfortable you can change up exact order

Clear Cache [Main Menu]
Clear Dalvick Cache [Advanced Menu]

Now You can either go in to Mounts and Storage and Format the System Partition for a safer flash [I found not doing this on some Nightlys caused the touch screen to stop responding a lot, now that does seem to be fixed, just noting this incase you start wondering why the power, and vol keys work but the screen stops paying attention to you and how I fixed it go back in to recovery Wipe Storage and flash again from start [meaning dont skip re-flashing the following things as mentioned]]

Go to Install Zip from SDCard and Navigate to the CM Nightly you downloaded and flash it [remember to choose internal storage or SDCard as it applies to where you saved the files
Install Zip and Now choose the Gapps zip [no worries your account info is retained but still flash it or Market and other Gapps will fail to work]
IF you CHOSE to use Chainfire; Install Zip and Now choose the SuperSU zip

Now Run Fix Permissions [in Advanced Menu] IT WORKS FROM RECOVERY WITHOUT A FLASH PACK WHEN USING CM Based ROMs! [When they are installed to begin with if this is your FIRST CM flash then it still will bomb out and not run right] You can also skip this again if comfortable doing so

Once you are done those cache wipes and installs now Restart...

Be patient as anytime you wipe the Dalvick Cache you are on the hook for a LONG boot [~5 min]

Once the OS loads and you give it the 10 min to settle in and setup stats and all that background stuff [again use your judgement if comfortable skipping this]

Be sure to Open SuperSU from App Drawer and tap the button to update the binary when the pop-up prompts you to do so [if you did decide to use it]

Now you are good to go!

Now, THIS WAY you don't have to restore any USER APPs OR DATA [if you didn't wipe System before flash MOST of those settings should remain as well] and you only have your system settings to worry about!

How To Run MD5 Check on Downloaded Zips Before Flashing
Screenshots will be added also (please bear with me as I have time). This will be via phone so it helps the most people it can I will add a Windows version as well soon, but this will work even if you have no computer.

Supplies and the Basics

An Android Phone
An MD5 checking App [I will use Android File Verifier (AFV) which is free and available on market and free]
A Zip to verify and
a known MD5 number for the zip [usually posted as a line of text with zip (something like MD5: MD5-NUMBER-WHICH-IS-MIX-OF-LETTERS-AND-NUMBERS (Hexadecimal) in thread near download zip [or sometimes changelogs] just copy it to a text file or bookmark thread to refer back once we generate the MD5 signature on the file when we complete downloading it.

Checking a Downloaded Zip's MD5 Signature on an Android Device Guide

[ANY ROM doesn't need to be specifically Gingerbread or ICS]

-> Download Zip you wish to check to some form of storage [Internal or External SD or even USB drive if you have USB host support and adapter doesn't matter where as long as you have enough storage to store the downloaded file.

-> Open Market and Install Android File Verifier [AFV]

-> If first install of AFV then click on return button on pop-up to see main window

-> Now, tap Select File and navigate to where you saved your zip

-> LONGPRESS the zip file [or any really] you want to check and choose calculate MD5 signature from the menu

-> Wait while it calculates the MD5 signature [this takes roughly 2 min with a 275MB ROM zip]

-> Once it is done you will see pop-up stating it is done, what the MD5 is and if you hit return the main window will now list the last checked zip's location with its MD5 checksum. The App also auto copies the number to your clipboard meaning if you saved the OPs MD5 in to a text file you can re-open it hit enter for a clean line, longpress screen and choose paste and it will paste the MD signature there for you to verify together with original signature.

-> You can go back and hit select file again and repeat for any files you would like and AFV supports following file signatures [incase OP likes to use more accurate checks [the longer the signature the more thorough the check, but also the longer it takes to process a file and generate that check]

* MD-5
* SHA-1
* Jar signing
* Verify Nandroid [MD-5]
* SHA-224
* SHA-256 [what I normally use to generate signatures when I release zips as it is more thorough than MD-5]
* SHA-512

Device: Samsung Tmobile S2 [SGH-T989]
ROM: Newest Paranoid Android [Currently 2.52]
Tweak Script: Newest Supercharger V6 with modified services.jar+KaK+3G Turbocharger
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FAQs and Links to Other Useful Informational Threads

[size ="3"] How do I know when it is time to try and recalibrate my battery?

You can tell when if your phone says 0 battery and shuts down yet you can still power it on for any length of time. Basically, the OS uses statistics to judge what the exact battery level is when displaying in status bar as well as when to alert you to low battery. Have you ever gotten low battery warning and then a min later it rebounds and alerts again? I have and that again demonstrates the OS is not always dead on. Also, switching batteries usually aggravated this as well. I have also had users who have used same ROM for long periods of time and it degraded so slowly they hardly noticed then after it is re-calibrated it helps a lot. All that to say there are a few indicators, but using your judgment (*gasp*) if you feel it may be off give this a shot. I do not recommend running it every day or every boot but once every several weeks or roughly 30 charge cycles (whichever comes first (kinda like oil changes in cars use judgment and changing the oil does not mean you gain 100 miles to the gallon poor a million horsepower, you instead website the car (or battery here) is in top shape and runs the best it can.

Everyone keeps asking me to search for my questions/answers before posting but that is a lot of scrolling, how do I save time searching for the information I need?

CTRL+F [Windows or Linux] or Command Key+F [OS X] should allow you to search the webpage currently in view [all text not just what you can see, but all text on page period]

OR using:

"" (without quotes unless you want the results to include every word just how you typed it search to be in the results shown, also, try different variations of your error or question not just a long written out sentence) at and this will limit your results to only those pages on xda forums (you could copy/paste URL from inside any sub-forum to further limit searches [i.e. site: would limit you to the Galaxy S2 T989 DEV forum only for results]

What is with some ROMs asking for me to use CWM Touch [OR NON-Touch]?
I have been using CWM Touch latest for sometime [Current:] (being since it first released)
and I have used it to flash EVERYTHING whether it is a Gingerbread or ICS ROM whether the thread said not to or to specifically use Touch doesn't matter.

Also, I can flash anything from either internal or external SD with really no difference [I seem to get an occasional flash error via external SD and have to flash a 2nd time but I use an old SD so prolly more the cells slowly going]

From my own testing it seems to be either user error or bad flash [keep in mind EVEN if you download the file right and it is read right sometimes you can have a bad flash because during the file copy process a random hiccup happened so rarely RARELY I have to re-flash and/or re-download the zip. JUST BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD ALL ZIPs VIA WIFI YOU INTEND TO FLASH as this will have less errors during data transfers as opposed to a cellular data connection like 4G. You could also use an MD5 signature checker [versions for android and desktop pcs are available easily by searching] and if OP posts MD5 signature you can verify your download before you even try to flash which can help. Of course MD5 checks on the phone will most likely take longer than if you use a computer, but if on comp be sure TO COPY ZIP TO SOME KIND OF PHONE STORAGE BEFORE CHECKING MD5 AS THE XFER FROM THE COMPUTER TO THE PHONE COULD CAUSE AN ERROR NOT CAUGHT IF YOU RUN MD5 CHECK BEFORE COPYING ZIP TO THE PHONE. I will be posting a quick how to check MD5 guide hopefully today.

After I Install my New ROM I am getting errors no one else seems to have, WHAT GIVES?!

I keep seeing users say I have FCs all this stuff doesn't work, while in OP it clearly states all the issues they post of are all working. In my experience of helping users in these spots one of the following is normally to blame...

>> Did you Download ROM over WiFi Only? If No, you need to do so it causes less errors in file to download via WiFi and not Cellular Data [2g, 3g, 4g, etc.]

>> Did You Run MD5 Check on ROM ZIP AFTER download? If No, You really should even if using WiFi only you could possibly have a transfer error [rare but happens due to many factors]. I have posted guide below install steps on how to verify MD5 on downloaded files

>> Did you use Kernel Cleanser, Darkside Super Wipe, and Fix Permissions v2 [my flash zip]? If NO, You really need to follow the guide and be sure you fully wipe data [DO NOT WIPE EMMC OR INTERNAL SD PERIOD] FULLY [just hitting format won't do it especially if installing ICS, hopefully will change soon, but until then you need a clean slate to install ANY ICS ROM EVER, YES EVEN UPGRADES].

>> Did you skip restart allow boot THEN Restart in to recovery Clear Dalvick cache and cache run fix perms v2 and restart? IF YES, you should stop now and do that restart recovery clear cache, clear Dalvick cache and run fix perms [built-in fix perms wont work must use flash pack]

>> I FOLLOWED Everything and Still have a problem, What now, genius?
Well, sadly, like everything computer and tech SOMETIMES [albeit rare] if you MD5 checked your download and did EVERYTHING right SOMETIMES there may still have been an error when copying files, setting symlinks, or setting permissions during install that while it didn't cause major problem still caused issues. I have had to flash ICS ROMs twice before to get things to fully take [Seems better now on T-mobile based leak than the Skyrocket based leak [imagine that], but can still happen even if EVERYTHING was done right. Just be sure to follow directions again to make sure you didn't gloss over something small and flash again.

I am getting weird errors out of any GAPPS [GMail, GTalk, Market, etc] After installing a ROM [Darkside evolution is one I BELIEVE], How do I fix that one?

I found that when I removed apks from /system/app in Darkside 2b1 [tw launcher, snstw (twitter) snsli [LinkedIn], Mini Diary, Mini Notes, the Yahoo Stock watching apps, etc] that I got FCs from Google Talk [even though i never touched it, and [again removed google quick search box but otherwise should never have had an error]. I tried MANY different fixes over many restarts [clear caches fix perms, put the removed apps back everything].

Then I flashed Newest Gapps from [I believe it is 2012.04.03 [should be newest for CM9 at top of page and no you dont need separate facelock pack as that is included since 2012.0.23 pack so DONT flash facelock ICS labeled pack I had to re-install a different ROM after I accidentally pulled that one myself.

How do I mount my external_sdcard as /sdcard?
I have found the following guide on how to do just that! Mostly useful only if your micro sd is larger than the 11G internal sd the phone already has. As always, be careful, read entire post before starting, run a full nandroid backup. This is not my work, and ask you to thank the OP if you find this useful.

OH NO, I am getting Bad Connection to Battery Error Messgae [and/or] When in charging screen [phone off battery grapic on display] and I see a yellow caution sign with a broken battery [and in some cases a rapid vibrate] IS MY PHONE DEAD?!

I ran across this myself not too long ago... First the Basics of how/why this happens the the rundown of how I fixed it

Ok, so you are getting an error message stating bad connection to battery, or your phone is constantly restarting [this is not the only cause] and/or I got a weird yellow caution icon in the charge only screen [the screen seen when phone is off but plugged in to charger] [you may also get a series of quick vibrates as well in charge only screen with this as well].

From my research this seems to be caused by shutdown hangs when phone turns off when OS states 0% battery and goes to auto shutdown [may also happen if like 0 - 1% and you hit shutdown]. When the phone is about dead and goes to shutdown the capacitive lights [that bottom row of menu, home, back, search] stay off. The problem comes in if the ROM you are using hangs during this time. Contrary to popular belief when the OS says 0% and shuts down THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE BATTERY ITSELF IS AT FULLY 0% CHARGE. ANY BATTERY [not taking in to account so new experimental tech that may be out or come along come on lets be reasonable here] CAN NEVER BE TRULY FULLY DRAINED. If this were to occur you would need a special deep trickle charge device to breathe life back in to the battery. So now that's explained...

If shutdown hangs when the battery was already as dead as it can be unless you have that special device if it stays hung then it will very slowly take the battery past this safe point and you run the risk of killing it in such a way you cant revive it with a normal fast charger. Now of course since the phone is in a shutdown state it will hardly use any power at all and this should take hours [if not a couple days; I dunno as I dont want to test this and see how far you can push it] to get to the point of absolutely no return.

So when you go to even plug in to charge Android detects this and assumes the battery is damaged and is truly dead or close to it and warns you.

So after that happened when I went ot plug it in to charge the next morning [as I forgot to try to do it before bed and that would have shown a hang and I would have reseated battery and it would have been fine] I got to charge only with the yellow caution symbol and it was constantly quick vibrating so I hurried and pulled the battery and tried to put it back and got no boot vibrate and could not get charge only screen so I called Tmo and went through the motions and they agreed it was the battery and since they only replace phones referred me to Samsung

I called Samsung and to get a new battery they have A CRAZY RMA Policy [to force you to buy a battery rather than get a replacement] where you need the ORIGINAL receipt and then to wait for them to ship you a label [not next day; 5 business days], send it to them, wait for testing, and wait for them to send a new one back [again the SLOW way]. Since I dont have my receipt and refused to wait the crazy 4ish weeks it prolly would turn out to be I called them crazy and hung up. What I did was to leave the battery out of my phone for roughly 12 hours - 1 day [trying to just reseat the battery turned out to do no good the phone would not even boot vibrate even after a couple tries] then when I put it back I got it to boot to charge only screen with the warning and no constant vibrate this time]. I then waited a few min to try and ensure the battery got some charge and then pulled it out and reseated it and plugged phone back in [if you leave charger plugged in phone stays kinda on have to unplug charger AND reseat battery then plug it back in EVERY TIME].

THIS TIME I GOT TO CHARGE ONLY WITH NO WARNINGS! I let it sit for 12 hours [ENSURE it is FULLY CHARGED AS BEST YOU CAN] and I was able to boot the phone. For the next several days I would get random restarts and on occasion I would get an error stating Bad connection to battery. When that happened I had to pull battery reseat it and restart the phone [sometimes a few good times in a row stick with it] and over those few days I CAREFULLY monitored the battery to be sure I did full charge cycles [charged it fully in charge only and as soon as it auto shutdown I made sure to get it RIGHT on the charger [and pulled battery and made sure to see charge only screen to ensure another hang up didnt get me].

After those few days, I felt comfortable to CHARGE IT FULLY IN CHARGE ONLY and ran through calibrating the battery. After the calibration I no longer got random restarts or errors saying Bad Connection to Battery and ever since it has been good to go.

I know that was a little long winded but trying to get all the info in there as I AM NOT TESTING THE CONDITIONS THAT BROUGHT THIS ON TO FURTHER REFINE THE STEPS. Unless someone wants to buy me a couple spare batteries to test this and I know I have a good spare to fall back on.

Device: Samsung Tmobile S2 [SGH-T989]
ROM: Paranoid Android 2.52
Tweak Script: Newest Supercharger V6 with modified services.jar+KaK+3G Turbocharger
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Which Android versions? So people aren't confused

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Originally Posted by Locksmith81

Which Android versions? So people aren't confused

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-T989 using xda premium

All Android versions apply I would specify in title of my thread if it were limited just tailored to be best method with our device regardless of OS as long as you have cwm or most other custom recoveries.

Device: Samsung Tmobile S2 [SGH-T989]
ROM: Yaldak's Vanilla ICS RC2
Radio: Blaze 4g ICS Radio
Tweak Script: Newest Supercharger V6 ICS with modified services.jar
Superchargers 3g turbo boost
(specific T989 pack as next project)
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I agree with what Google said about battery calibration and conditioning, it is a placebo effect. I have never calibrated nor conditioned my battery and always get anywhere from 15 hours to 2 days use out of my battery depending on use.

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Originally Posted by DannyB513

I agree with what Google said about battery calibration and conditioning, it is a placebo effect. I have never calibrated nor conditioned my battery and always get anywhere from 15 hours to 2 days use out of my battery depending on use.

Sent from my SGH-T989 using xda premium

LoL and if you abuse battery by leaving it plugged in our never fully charging discharging battery and statistics are messed up or a bad flash corrupts them what you get new battery?

All I can say is I have seen huge gains on devices doing this, yes it won't help to do it all the time that is a placebo, but trust me in real world with folks not always using devices per manufacturers guidelines (cough rooting and custom ROMs cough) it can really help.

Trust me I don't post info unless I exhaustively test something and can vouch for results myself on multiple devices and with multiple user feedbacks (just ask mysticfrog if it is worth reading what I post )

To each his own though you don't have to follow my advice if you choose not to I ain't gonna show up at your house or anything )

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This method works not because u wipe battery stats, but because u reset the battery memory, which is built into the battery itself. Google has confirmed the myth, wipe battery stats simply deletes a bin file that android creates on each reboot that track your app usage per charge, that is all.

It should also be noted that doing the method frequently will actually have ADVERSE affects on your battery. Completely discharging newer lithium batteries can result in dead cells, so be careful.
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Originally Posted by icenight89

This method works not because u wipe battery stats, but because u reset the battery memory, which is built into the battery itself. Google has confirmed the myth, wipe battery stats simply deletes a bin file that android creates on each reboot that track your app usage per charge, that is all.

It should also be noted that doing the method frequently will actually have ADVERSE affects on your battery. Completely discharging newer lithium batteries can result in dead cells, so be careful.

Well FYI, there is actually no way to FULLY discharge a battery UNLESS you left it without charging for days or weeks by fully discharging we mean until phone wont turn back on which leaves plenty of charge for a couple weeks still there. If battery EVER FULLY discharged you would need a special deep slow charger to revive it. You can trust I have been on computers and technically minded since I was VERY young [over 20+ years experience in computers and related devices]

Keep in mind Google engineers may not want to say admit there could ever be a battery issue that could be blamed on something like a stats file as that could open them to lawsuits since they do not disclose that at time of sale so sometimes what google may say on something while not an out right lie by any means will be shaded to benefit them every time [they have to make money can't blame them too much ] LLike they just got caught overriding browser privacy settings be exploiting an old loophole in cookie code so even if you said to deny google based cookies they were still getting all the tracking info they needed from you, or in UK [and here but under investigation] when they had the street cars for maps out and got caught gathering unencrypted wireless data to include passwords, emails, internet traffic, etc.] or how they just released that they are now spending 5 BILLION in lobbying in Washington up 5 fold from only a couple years ago. Not trying to say you cant listen to what they have to say just saying maybe you could investigate what they say just like you read my post and were not satisfied and went looking for information.

CORRECT, you wipe the statistics file SAVED ON THE DEVICE that saves your statistical information about your usage as battery charge changes [the file on the battery is actually just for dating, # of charge cycles, and current charge level you cant mess with that]. BUT, the statistics file ON the phone can be erased. By doing this you wipe away the files if they are corrupt OR have outdated information for say a differnt ROM with DIFFERENT usage conditions.

I already said you shouldn't do this everyday there is no gain from that, but if you say are home body and leave it plugged in all day everyday for a month and then go to go on a trip your battery will die too fast as the statistics Android is using are based on being plugged in all the time [NOT RECCOMENDED as again device chargers are fast chargers meaning they throttle between slow and fast charge and you DONT want the top 25% of a battery to be charged quickly as that can really hurt the battery and leaving it plugged in will increase the chances the charger accidentally throttles to fast during a time it should not as time goes on] so you would wipe those and have it restart stats while it is now being used off charger instead of on and that does and will get extra life [not more than the battery is physically capable of just the MAX it is capable of.

The only proof you need is to see when the phone shutsdown saying no more battery and then if you can boot it up and it says 10% left and stays running for another 15 min then the statistics are off and you can reset them to gain that time BACK instead of having the device shutdown earlier than it should have.

Dude I did not say this will give you more battery life than the battery is capable of, it is like chkdsk for your phone as you use NTFS it journals [albeit poorly and half ass] and should not suffer from corruption, BUT users who shutdown the machine incorrectly for instance will find when they run chkdsk on occasion they gain free space back due to errors caused by incorrect usage. The philosophy is the same here.

or EXT3 which is fully journalized should NEVER need to be checked yet they have e2fsck to fix errors due to corruption [again due to incorrect usage [ie forced power outtages that the FS can't account for] because even though it shouldn't happen in the real world nothing goes to plan.
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sorry, gotta be said, stupidest post ever, clearing battery stats is pointless, and STORES NO INFORMATION ABOUT CELL CAPACITY/OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT, all that is actually on the board inside the cell.. also, check the location, gets wiped installing a new rom anyways? Also, with cell phones (keyword, CELL) Which use lithium ion cells, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to "calibrate" the cell through the device, please at least research befor posting "how tos" u more or less are wasting peoples time
@buddy saying killing a lithionum cell will ruin it, also bull****, that. Control board inside is designed to actually stop or "die" around 100mAh meaning its impossible to kill a lithium ion cell without screwing with the board, or leaving it in device, empty, for over 6months.. PLZ PPL, CHECK UR FACTS BEFORE POSTING
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