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[ROM] ✰ WildChild v2.0 ✰ [August 1st]

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By Tigger31337, Senior Member on 14th May 2012, 05:58 AM
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You kids like ROMs? Yeah... me too.
If you poke around these forums, you'll see that I once put together a spreadsheet comparing many ROMs for the Wildfire S, and I gotta say: overall, I was impressed with what I tested (and I'm VERY thankful for the folks who keep cooking up these ROMs) but I was never fully satisfied. Thus, WildChild was born. I hope you find it useful, speedy, and good-looking (... okay, then at least good-looking).

WildChild is dedicated to my two WildChilds: Joshua and Matteo.

  • HTC Sense-based ROM, with most of the Sense removed. (Does that make Sense?
  • OS = Android "Gingerbread" 2.3.5
  • App2SD, BusyBox, rooted, zipaligned, and all that standard crap.
  • Running the Nemus launcher (built-in task manager that actually works; built-in ability to organize your apps; lock the layout of your home screen icons; use any combination of [3|4|5] x [3|4|5] app drawer grid; and other wacky ****.)
  • Some stock HTC APKs replaced with newer/more-efficient/prettier versions.
  • Old Google Market (runs faster than the newer versions).
  • Old SMS text messaging (your precious screen space isn't wasted by those pesky text bubbles).
  • aCalendar replaces the stock HTC calendar.
  • All installed APK's are at the latest version (at the time this post was published).
  • Minimal ringtones (to save space on /system). You can easily add your own!
  • Wake the phone (from sleep mode) by using the volume rocker switch.
  • Global audio equalizer (with a built-in WildChild preset).
  • Using E.Frat's latest Cake over-clocked kernel.
  • Fully modular and highly configurable. Just check the Add-On's section regularly.
    Features unique to WildChild:
  • Beautifully and painstakingly themed in a way that pleases me (and hopefully you, too.
  • Modified SMS notification icon for task bar (stock one looks a lot like Email icon... not anymore!)
  • Funky volume up/down indicator sounds.
  • Font tweaks (the lockscreen clock is actually READABLE now).
  • 100% guaranteed non-annoying boot animation. Plus, no bootdown animation (faster shutdown).
  • Unique lockscreen created by Tigger31337: a ring of (Wild)fire against the setting moon.
  • Unique method of APK-level customization. This translates into a more consistent end-user experience and less setup time for you! As far as I know, no other ROM uses this method, so I'll just sit back and wait for the copycats to hit the scene.
  • Crazy-sick amount of RAM (almost 300 MB FREE!!) out of the box.
  • Tons of internal storage space for your apps (77 MB free on de-odex. 117 MB free on odex!!)
  • Some other useless crap that I'm sure I forgot. Just try the damn thing. I bet you'll like it.
  • Tested (and works!) on Wildfire S GSM. Might work on CDMA; might not. Who the hell knows.

WildChild comes in 2 flavours: FULL and LITE.

FULL contains most of the stock HTC ROM functionality without all the bloat. For example, all HTC widgets are removed, APKs have been tweaked/compressed where possible, and the Nemus launcher replaces the default "Rosie" launcher.

LITE takes it a step further by removing even more rarely-used APK's as well as most of the Google backup/synchronization services. Please don't install WC-Lite and then ask me why you can't synch your accounts or I will drive down to your house and spank you in front of your parents.

To make your choice even harder, both flavours come in an ODEX and DE-ODEX version. Major difference? ODEX buys you more internal (high-speed) storage... good for hosting your widgets and other "critical" processes.

Check the screenshot below (19-WC-Compare.jpg) to see exactly what the space savings are between all the ROMs.

WildChild comes with the following applications already built-in:
  • aCalendar
  • AdFree
  • AnEq Equalizer (with custom WildChild preset built-in)
  • Barcode/QR Scanner
  • CalendarSnooze
  • FileExpert
  • Flashlight
  • GPSStatus
  • Link2SD
  • Nemus Launcher
  • NoFrills CPU
  • Notepad
  • PartitionsInfo Lite
  • QuickPic Gallery
  • ScreenFilter
  • Startup Auditor
  • SuperUser
  • Terminal
  • The Weather Network (not on the Lite version)
  • WiFi Manager
  • WiFi Tracker

(You really should know these steps by now, but for tradition's sake...)
  • Prepare and partition your SDCard. (Folks seem to enjoy a FAT32 primary, a 1 GB ext4 (I use ext2), and a 512MB Linux Swap... in that order.)
  • Copy the WildChild ROM .zip file to your SDCard. Cool.
  • Reboot into Recovery mode.
  • Wipe data/factory reset. (Do it twice, especially if on CWM)
  • Wipe Dalvik cache. (twice, as above)
  • Choose "Install zip from SDCard".
  • (You might have to toggle Signature Verification until it is Disabled)
  • "Choose zip from SDCard" and select your WildChild ROM .zip file.
  • (read the splash screen and wait about 2 mins.)
  • Reboot phone; wait another 2-3 mins.
  • N.B. Starting with WildChild v1.5, two reboots is now normal and expected during the setup.
  • When lockscreen appears with your local carrier time, you may unlock phone and start using.
  • Enjoy! (...and throw a "Thanks" my way! )

For those on previous versions of WildChild, I will soon release an "upgrade pack" that will take you straight to v2.0. For those without the patience (hey, I don't blame you!), then go ahead and flash the full v2.0. The latter is probably the more stable option, anyway. As usual, ensure you backup your data first!

Might I make the following suggestions? Why, thank you:
  • OS Settings: disable vibration on type, set your date/time, disable fast boot and power saver, disable "ask me about USB connection", disable all window animations, set 2 minute screen timeout (anything less is annoying), disable vibration feedback for UI.
    WC v1.5 UPDATE: All of this is now done for you, thanks to my apk-level customization. You're welcome!!
  • CPU: Max = 768Mhz, Min = 122Mhz. Gov = Scary. This will give you excellent balance between performance and battery life.
    WC v1.5 UPDATE: This is also done for you! I now set the min. CPU at 600Mhz. However, I still leave the choice of scheduler up to you. I like sio and noop... but that's just me, what do I know?
  • Link2SD: I use ext2 (for various reasons... performance, mostly), but if your fs is ext4, that's cool too. Set the default location to External. I do *NOT* recommend enabling the auto-link feature, as this will consume a good 9MB of RAM.
  • Launcher Settings: (Tweak these as you see fit. Most changes here are cosmetic, but some are performance-related. Take the time go go through each setting; you'll get more out of your phone.)
  • OS Settings (Reprise): WildChild sets non-Market app installation and Mock Locations to enabled by default. Fast Boot is set to disabled. Hugely convenient. - WC FULL De-Odex - WC FULL Odex - WC LITE De-Odex - WC LITE Odex

(Again, see the screenshot below, (19-WC-Compare.jpg), to see the differences between the ROM versions.)

MD5 hashes: - 470ad88512b5ce6255554844ae2c0d43 - d53ac41fdea1d8aab62c5a61831b0d9b - bfe21dc46a73b46eac22c33093f6d948 - 99f0d619dea4b432b217711f207b1656

These are all flashable .zip files.
Usage: Copy 'em to your SD Card. Reboot into your recovery manager. Install the .zip (no need to wipe first). - Original HTC Sense (Rosie) Launcher pack - remove the Rosie pack (above) and return to Nemus. - Google GMail App - by popular demand, it's the WildChild Lockscreen!! - stock Sense 2.1 keyboard - Change colour of your boot animation! (See preview pics at - Screenshot service (Use Power+Home to activate) - Screenshot service removal - Newer "bubble-style" SMS text messaging app. with WildChild theme. - Flashable BeRo (TINY file manager) app. Throw this baby on your SD card. If you ever install a ROM that has no file manager, this saves you from having to connect to network & Market just to view your files. - Google Talk (GTalk) - Arabic language support - TEST - Arabic language support v2 - Stock Sense lockscreen ring. For those folks who just can't handle the fire. :P - "Disciple-X1" (E. Frat, etc.) kernel (Dated June 16th, 2012) - Blue themed phone dialer (for odex ROMs only). The de-odex ROMs already come with this built-in. - Adreno Libs by Qualcomm. Inteded mainly to speed up 3D graphics rendering, but I notice a measurable (Antutu) improvement in SD Card Reads and a slight improvement to CPU floating point operations. If you're not already running with this, you should! - HTC Settings Provider Install this only if you find certain settings don't "stick" after you change them. (e.g. LED Notification Flash)

< Check back often. More to come. . . >

Oh yeah; almost forgot...
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Name:	10-MarketBlues.png
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Name:	11-Notifications.png
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Name:	12-QuickSettings.png
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Name:	13-OC-gov.png
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Name:	14-Dialer.png
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Name:	15-Settings.png
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Name:	17-SMSnotices.png
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Name:	18-taskman.png
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Name:	19-WC-Compare.jpg
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Name:	20-Booya.png
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14th May 2012, 06:42 AM |#2  
SanderTheNinja's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag lelystad, NL
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Nice work. The theme is cool, but the lockscreen is AWESOME. You should make a widgetlocker theme of that.

Sent from my HTC Wildfire S A510e using xda premium
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14th May 2012, 07:06 AM |#3  
davidang's Avatar
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if u were to port touchwiz to our phone i would appreciate yr work more but this rom is cool will download and try
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14th May 2012, 09:28 AM |#4  
Alaadragonfire's Avatar
Senior Member
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Sounds a great rom will download and try one question what about the battery life ?

Sent from my HTC Wildfire S A510e using xda premium
14th May 2012, 10:59 AM |#5  
*se-nsei.'s Avatar
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Flag London
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lovin' that lockscreen.
14th May 2012, 01:21 PM |#6  
sandsrules's Avatar
London, UK
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This looks amazing.

You might just be my favourite developer. Ever. Ill install it and get back to you. Thanks anyways

Going for FULL ODEX
14th May 2012, 01:32 PM |#7  
Nightshadow931's Avatar
Senior Member
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Actually, it looks great.
How did you make lockscreen look like that ?
It's awesome.
14th May 2012, 01:32 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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14th May 2012, 02:15 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by SanderTheNinja

Nice work. The theme is cool, but the lockscreen is AWESOME. You should make a widgetlocker theme of that.

Sent from my HTC Wildfire S A510e using xda premium

Thanks Sander.

I should say, it's not just a "theme" but a lot of the APKs themselves were modified, so the end result is a more consistent look. (e.g. the phone is blue, the camera is blue, contacts, Market, etc.)

I'll look into WidgetLocker and keep you posted. Stay tuned!

- Anthony
14th May 2012, 02:24 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Alaadragonfire

Sounds a great rom will download and try one question what about the battery life ?

Sent from my HTC Wildfire S A510e using xda premium

Good question.

If you see my "First Boot" section, I recommend setting the CPU to 122-768Mhz, Governor = Scary, and Scheduler = sio.
This combo gives, objectively, the best results for me (and it should be for you, too, since we're using the same hardware). I stuck with Smartass+noop for the longest time, but was unhappy with battery life. This new combo is definitely better, but I won't give values because it all depends on your usage.

A rough guideline is that it runs (for me) about a day and a half of normal usage (talk, text, surfing, streaming vids, etc.) Your mileage may vary.

At a little over 100 MB, though, I suggest grabbing WildChild LITE and giving it a try. Report your findings back here.

p.s. Here's a great reference as to the workings of CPU govs/scheds. You'll see that the Scary gov was designed with battery life from the ground-up.

- Anthony
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