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[ROM] - [5/20/2012] - MikVirgin v1.0 - [Sense 3.6|4.0.3|Tweaks|Odex|Sprintified]

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Ok guys... i was able to mess around with all the VM leak apks and rebuild all of them... that means this rom got the usual treatment... i didnt clean out languages yet cuz i think i will be making a GSM version of this rom also... so until i do that im leaving it multilang.

This ROM is based on the Shooter VM leak that came to us 1st from mdeejay over at rootzwiki and later as an RUU from football. (i used the RUU in this though)
This rom is also semi based on the Sensation ICS sense 3.6 rom with added apps from that rom.

MikVirgin is the name... cuz its really too funny to pass on. Especially since a lot of guys got stuck with the tag "virgin" in their phone after flashing the leaked firmware.

I wanna give a quick thanks to Chubbzlou and Dropzeroc that got me going on this ICS... it was fun working with u guys... and im sure we not close to done yet.
Thanks to Newt for his help with anything ICS related that he needed to show me or help me with.
And another quick thanks to all of the Mikfamily thats running around themikmik these days (devs, themers, modders and users).
One last thanks to all that were involved in making LeeDroid tweaks (sensation version).

Full changelog/features/etc. are on my site... u will see it when u hit the "Downloads" at the bottom of the thread.

  • 100% Sprint (as if it was the Sprint ROM)
  • Odex
  • Stock look (cuz we like to make themes also)
  • LeeDroid Tweaks (thanks m0narx, j4n87) (will add more into it much like MikTweaks is)
  • HTC Sense 4 KB style (thanks jerrytan93)
  • Extended browser, with windows button and other improvements (thanks leedroid dudes)
  • HTC Notes
  • EReader
  • HTC Twitter
  • Sony Bravia
  • Sony XLoud
  • RAM tweaks
  • SQL tweaks
  • build.prop tweaks
  • Fast charge enabled
  • Better EGL driver for better FPS
  • TV out
  • HDR, Panorama and Scenes added to Camera
  • Beats on by default (w/ or w/o headset/BT connected, included beats notify)
  • DSP manager
  • Unlocked Hidden Fontsize settings and 3D Homescreen in Display settings
  • Disabled Mms compression (max 5MB default set to 2MB)
  • Editable Mms ports/servers/etc.
  • BusyBox 1.19.4
  • Extra MikApps Tab
  • Mcluvn original InfiniteICS Skin

In Tweaks Currently:
  • Hide and reorder quicksetting
  • Hide specific notifications icons: alarm/gps/bluetooth/wifi/data/headset/volume
  • Hide wifi config
  • CM statusbar brighntess
  • Center/hide clock
  • Hide AM/PM from clock
  • Choose clock color
  • Battery Tweaks with MIUI Battery bar
  • Custom statusbar caption
  • Line below carrier name to show: battery %, free mem, free space on sd, wifi state or cpu info(current freq, profile or usage
  • Recent apps button with longpress action
  • Quick quicksettings toggle: if not notification to clear, show immediatly quicksettings
  • Notification Pulldown background color or image
  • Statusbar transparencies
  • Replace H icon with 4G/4G LTE/LTE/3G/3G+/H+
  • Windows Phone 7 styled recent apps dialog
  • HTC Sense 4 styled recent apps dialog
  • Hide app icons from recent apps dialog
  • Recent apps dialog background color or image
  • Recent apps toggle button in notification pulldown - (long press to open recent apps dialog)
  • ICS AOSP Lockscreen
  • Custom carrier lockscreen text
  • Toggle to use menu key to unlock
  • Volume wake toggle
  • Hide date/time/opname
  • Hide AM/PM from clock
  • Hide shortcut labels/bubles
  • Hide lockring navbar
  • Contol music by pressing volume keys
Rosie Launcher:
  • Toggle between normal/supersmooth and ultra smooth rosie
  • Unlock animation toggle(annoying carousell animation, each time you unlock)
  • From 1 to 5 columns app drawer toggle
  • Paginated app drawer toggle
  • App drawer background color or image
  • Hide navbar lables
  • Transparency toggle for navbar
  • Hide any app icons from app drawer
  • Search and google play buttons in appdrawer(like in Sense 4.0)
  • Phone Info: menu when you type *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer
  • Dim the backlight of capacitive buttons (not working yet)
  • 10 different overscroll colors!
  • Mms screen on
  • Mms Secure Box
  • Mms Block List
  • Sms Backup
  • Earthquake Alert
  • Toggle APM Items
  • Different Autobrighntess levels
  • Define different volume steps
  • Toggle arrows on keyboard

RC2: [5/14/2012]
  • Re-build apks again to fine-tune anim speeds (so yes... full wipe, and should probably rework themes into the new version)
  • Switched to SuperSU (hopefully u guys like that better, and hopefully it will work better
  • Rewrote update script a lil diff
  • Tweaked build.prop a lil more
  • Disabled scroll cache (should scroll in apps even faster now)
  • Deleted thermald and mpdecision and adjust andreoconfig
  • Changed wimaxmtd to sprint instead of virginmobile
  • Added USB tether and BT tether (native HTC tethering, not extra apps) - BT should work, the rest im working on.
  • Added long press for quick settings:
    • 4G - 4G settings
    • Power Saver - extended power saver settings
    • Flashlight - Flashlight app
    • All Settings - Tweaks app
  • Added force roam mode to phone settings
  • Added more anim speeds to developer menu (i always like to mess with that stuff more myself... so u guys should also)
  • Added more font sizes option to display settings
  • Added HtcNotes and widget
  • Added HtcTwitter and widget
  • Added EReader and widget
  • Added Flashlight
  • Removed HtcRadio (didnt work right... sorry)
  • Updated all Market apps and Market to latest versions
RC1: [5/10/2012]
  • Ported/RePorted over LeeDroid Tweaks (m0narx HTC Sensation version)
  • Added WiMAX (4G) toggle to quicksettings
  • Rebuilt all apks/framework after running a lil cleanup/optimization inside
  • Optimized Images (smush it) and PNG (optipng -o7 -zm1-9)
  • Adjusted compression ratios in apks
  • Zipaligned using Zipalign from latest Android-SDK
  • Updated all Market apps and Market to latest versions

Known Bugs:
  • Native Sprint Hotspot/USB tether cuts off 3G when turned on (use wifi tether app from market or google page)
  • Make sure u open SuperSU app before using any app that needs root, it will ask u to install... hit OK.

I'm pretty sure i left a few things out... but this rom as far as speed, functionality and overall option is pretty much way above RC level... but i'm not done with it yet... so i want it to be RC for now.

If you found bugs, i would prefer if you post them over HERE (since its easier for me to keep track of and some are already reported)

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14th May 2012, 09:44 PM |#2  
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Nice!!!! Will try this out ASAP. I hope to see you developing for the EVO LTE. Right on man. Love your work. Im a big fan
14th May 2012, 09:47 PM |#3  
evofreak80's Avatar
Senior Member
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Good to see you mik!! Might have to come back to mik land since I don't have my evo 4g anymore been waiting for ya to jump on this!!

Sent from my PG86100 using xda premium
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14th May 2012, 09:50 PM |#4  
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Nice,right on time
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14th May 2012, 09:52 PM |#5  
aamikam's Avatar
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u guys do know this rom has been on my site for a while now...
i decided to post it here also... cuz i know not all u guys come over to the site often... so its worth letting u guys know it exists and in the works.
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14th May 2012, 09:52 PM |#6  
coal686's Avatar
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Been using RC1 of this ROM the past couple of days and I have to say it is very polished. Then I saw the name of dev and realized this is the guy who has been helping the other devs get stuff working in their ROMs. So, you should have no doubts about trying this.
14th May 2012, 09:53 PM |#7  
LfnsR's Avatar
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right on. will have to check this one out!!
14th May 2012, 09:56 PM |#8  
aamikam's Avatar
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Originally Posted by coal686

Been using RC1 of this ROM the past couple of days and I have to say it is very polished. Then I saw the name of dev and realized this is the guy who has been helping the other devs get stuff working in their ROMs. So, you should have no doubts about trying this.

thanks man... but its all a team effort.... no one dev knows it all... and if we all share the works... it can move forward faster.
so yes... i did help some devs... but they helped me in the same way.... so its all a joint effort.
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14th May 2012, 10:22 PM |#9  
troyboytn's Avatar
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Been running for a few days now. Even though Drops ZR rom is great, this is my pick of the litter! Thanks Mik for bringing new features and great performance/stability and leaving the theming to the user/themers.
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14th May 2012, 10:43 PM |#10  
Will32's Avatar
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Already downloaded, I love Mik roms! Thanks!
Last edited by Will32; 11th July 2012 at 04:59 AM.
14th May 2012, 10:55 PM |#11  
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Will this be converted to GSM

Using KingCobra3D-ICS 1.1 at the moment, but love Mik's work.

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