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Official MEGA CM9 Theme Chooser Collection [466 THEMES] (UPDATED 11/6/2012)

OP krazie1

25th May 2012, 11:02 PM   |  #1  
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UPDATE: All the themes in the PAID Section can be found in the Google Playstore

These are all the Themes that are currently available for the CM9 Ice Cream Sandwhich Theme Chooser. The ICS Theme Chooser is now in: CM9, AOKP, Gummy, Liquidsmooth, Eclipse, XenonHD, SlimICS, ParanoidAndroid, BlackIce, Axiom, Hybryd, ICSourcery, RemICS, Provison, F4k's Mod, Hydrogen, Omega, Asylum, & Bacon . ENJOY.

This Is a "20 Top Themes of the Month (6/14/2012) by Daxmax" that I'd highly recommend to check out.

If you find the Collection to be Useful, please hit the "Thanks" Button to show your Appreciation. Thank You.

All Paid Themes on the Minus Site can be Found/Purchased in the PlayStore

Banner by @vicino

200 Free Themes & 266 Paid Themes



[X/H/*/*] Red Sensation [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Blue Light [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Mega Blue [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Mint Green [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Green Light [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Hot Purple [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Hot White [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Grey Light [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Cyan Bright [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Yellow Neon [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Hot Pink [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6
[X/H/*/*] Holo Tangerine Dark [Qasim Zia] http://tinyurl.com/94w9ef6

[X/H/*/*] Mixer [MrDSL] http://tinyurl.com/774tq7u
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Orange [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/7n4p5ex
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Gold [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/7loba7u
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Purple [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/7xy4wmc
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Red [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/6na6abc
[X/H/*/*] Mixer LimeGreen [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/7l27s85
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Turquoise [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/6o7jaby
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Pink [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/73c4xrp
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Silver [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/6vmreaw
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Yellow [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/7dajnlh
[X/H/*/*] Mixer Green [MrDSL & ebs512] http://tinyurl.com/bqwge7n

[X/H/*/*] Galaxy Cream Sandwich (GCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/7dm8yj8
[X/H/*/*] Sprinkled Cream Sandwich (SCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/84s3n57
[X/H/*/*] Hot Cream Sandwich (HCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/6rp8gn5
[X/H/*/*] Royal Cream Sandwich (RCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/6u5uexp
[X/H/*/*] Watermelon Cream Sandwich (WCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/8bdfprm
[X/H/*/*] Vegetarian Cream Sandwich (VCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/9d9dlae
[X/H/*/*] Tangerine Cream Sandwich (TCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/9t26jf9
[X/H/*/*] Chocolate Cream Sandwich (CCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/9odzt3p
[X/H/*/*] Plum Cream Sandwich (PCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/94ouyg5
[X/H/*/*] Banana Cream Sandwich (BCS) [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/8kf5hl3
[X/H/*/*] Gingerbread [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/96ecw6a
[X/H/*/*] Goog Le Bean [the1dynasty] http://tinyurl.com/cdbtysr

[X/H/*/*] Label Orange [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/7ctur5x
[X/H/*/*] Label Cyan [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/7ctur5x
[X/H/*/*] Label Lime [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/7ctur5x
[X/H/*/*] Label Dark [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/7ctur5x
[X/H/*/*] MIUIv4 Dark [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/8r9kuwr
[X/H/*/*] Spectre (Mass Effect Theme) [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/9za6wk6 NEW
[X/H/*/*] Label Lite [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/9nou8mh NEWER
[X/H/*/*] Angl [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/9odu2ad NEWER
[X/H/*/*] Black Shadow [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/8judpsq NEWER
[X/H/*/*] Blue Revolution [nitinvaid] http://tinyurl.com/8e6pxkc NEWER

[X/H/*/*] Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/74qktj5
[X/H/*/*] Crimson Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/7r8s7u3
[X/H/*/*] Purple Kush [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/7tsgvla
[X/H/*/*] Cotton Candy Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/6qdskop
[X/H/*/*] Gunmetal Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/7fgcuyt
[X/H/*/*] Kiwi Cobalt [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/85482wj
[X/H/*/*] Cobalt Inferno [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/9jeaye6
[X/H/*/*] Canary Inferno [dustinb] http://tinyurl.com/93sc7r3

[X/H/*/*] SSD Red & Blue & White [zathus] http://tinyurl.com/7xw3mgu
[X/H/*/*] SSD DarkBlue & Orange [zathus] http://tinyurl.com/7xw3mgu
[X/H/*/*] SSD Red Inverted & White Inverted [zathus] http://tinyurl.com/7xw3mgu
[X/H/*/*] SSD Orange Inverted & Darkblue Inverted [zathus] http://tinyurl.com/7xw3mgu
[X/H/*/*] SSD SuperCombo [zathus] http://tinyurl.com/7xw3mgu
[X/H/*/*] SSD Red Special Edition [zathus] http://tinyurl.com/7xw3mgu
[X/H/*/*] SSD Purple Special Edition [zathus] http://tinyurl.com/7xw3mgu

[X/H/*/*] Murder [B-boy] http://tinyurl.com/6qhrflu
[X/H/*/*] Smurf't Out [B-boy] http://tinyurl.com/6lt9o8d
[X/H/*/*] Venom [B-boy] http://tinyurl.com/87899lg
[X/H/*/*] Berry Blast [B-boy] http://tinyurl.com/6u4dafw
[X/H/*/*] Blizzard [B-boy] http://tinyurl.com/8xxatdz
[X/H/*/*] Neutralyzed [B-boy] http://tinyurl.com/9d5a9sr

[X/H/*/*] Zeon Hulk Green [Team Zeon] http://tinyurl.com/8dn7rwb
[X/H/*/*] Zeon RustyOrange [Team Zeon] http://tinyurl.com/8joh8wp
[X/H/*/*] Zeon Pink Pimp [Team Zeon] http://tinyurl.com/8joh8wp
[X/H/*/*] Zeon Cyanogen [Team Zeon] http://tinyurl.com/9mdapcu
[X/H/*/*] Zeon Gold [Team Zeon] http://tinyurl.com/8v2ktfg
[X/H/*/*] Zeon Wine [Team Zeon] http://tinyurl.com/93q83jy

[*/*/M/*] Bizzaro [benslgdroid] http://tinyurl.com/79upd76
[*/*/M/*] H2G2 [benslgdroid] http://tinyurl.com/6rxzzm6
[*/*/M/*] Halo [benslgdroid] http://tinyurl.com/86ktdc9
[*/*/M/*] Rebel Alliance [benslgdroid] http://tinyurl.com/7skg5qr
[*/*/M/*] Imperial Star Wars [benslgdroid] http://tinyurl.com/6szwnmw
[*/*/M/*] Dark Knight [benslgdroid] http://tinyurl.com/cstuymb

[X/H/M/*] Afterburner [anthonycr] http://tinyurl.com/84rqgo5
[*/H/M/*] Slate [anthonycr] http://tinyurl.com/6t2bo8u
[*/H/M/*] Zombie [anthonycr] http://tinyurl.com/7fljc5z
[*/H/M/*] Aurora [anthonycr] http://tinyurl.com/8uswexl
[*/H/M/*] Volcano & Slow Motion [anthonycr] http://tinyurl.com/6p66hnr'
[*/H/M/*] Yellow Bird & Barbie Pink [anthonycr] http://tinyurl.com/6p66hnr

[X/H/*/*] Holo Purple [Ricardo Cerqueira] http://tinyurl.com/6ql6w3g
[X/H/*/*] Holo Green [Ricardo Cerqueira] http://tinyurl.com/c5slh8b
[X/H/*/*] Holo Red [Ricardo Cerqueira] http://tinyurl.com/87fwa5p
[X/H/*/*] Holo Orange [Ricardo Cerqueira] http://tinyurl.com/6tbetab
[X/H/*/*] Outline [Ricardo Cerqueira] http://tinyurl.com/76gpae8

[*/H/*/*] Ice9 HDPI [jasonevil] http://tinyurl.com/74kqgjz
[*/*/M/*] Ice9 MDPI [jasonevil] http://tinyurl.com/9ar25jh
[*/H/*/*] GingerIce9 HDPI [jasonevil] http://tinyurl.com/8b5tscs
[*/*/M/*] GingerIce9 MDPI [jasonevil] http://tinyurl.com/8wy827v
[*/H/M/*] Xperia S [jasonevil] http://tinyurl.com/82cglc7

[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Red [NatemZ] http://tinyurl.com/7e58tpm
[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Blue [NatemZ] http://tinyurl.com/7e58tpm
[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Green [NatemZ] http://tinyurl.com/7e58tpm
[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Yellow [NatemZ] http://tinyurl.com/7e58tpm
[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Red NO Gloss [NatemZ] http://tinyurl.com/6o2akzu

[X/H/*/*] Ghost (AOKP for Now) [nmiltner] http://tinyurl.com/6obtzca
[X/H/*/*] Amaize'nBlue [nmiltner] http://tinyurl.com/6tonlga
[X/H/*/*] Sangre [nmiltner] http://tinyurl.com/6qv7na7
[X/H/*/*] Dreamsicle [nmiltner] http://tinyurl.com/97y6rym
[X/H/*/*] Starburst [nmiltner] http://tinyurl.com/8ad3nqz

[X/H/*/*] Red Elegance [artvandelay440] http://tinyurl.com/7dyjx8u
[X/H/*/*] Emerald Elegance [artvandelay440] http://tinyurl.com/7dyjx8u
[X/H/*/*] Dark Elegance [artvandelay440] http://tinyurl.com/88lo5yu
[X/H/*/*] Royal Elegance [artvandelay440] http://tinyurl.com/9cfu27a
[X/H/*/*] Blue Elegance [artvandelay440] http://tinyurl.com/8awh5jq

[X/H/*/*] Blue Infinitum [Razer(x)] http://tinyurl.com/9f3o6sw
[X/H/*/*] Black Infinitum [Razer(x)] http://tinyurl.com/9b6l6ez
[X/H/*/*] Green Infinitum [Razer(x)] http://tinyurl.com/brg7nbz
[X/H/*/*] Orange Infinitum [Razer(x)] http://tinyurl.com/7kbt524

[X/H/*/*] CherryGum Lite [pauljohnson75] http://tinyurl.com/6pkpsqc
[X/H/*/*] GrapeGum Lite [pauljohnson75] http://tinyurl.com/79opnuo
[X/H/*/*] SpearmintGum Lite [pauljohnson75] http://tinyurl.com/7uqopcz
[X/H/*/*] BubbleGum Lite [pauljohnson75] http://tinyurl.com/6v5c5f4

[X/H/*/*] DarkICE [djdarkknight96] http://tinyurl.com/7zp7qvs
[X/H/*/*] DarkICE Lite [djdarkknight96] http://tinyurl.com/6lsajec
[X/H/*/*] DarkJelly Lite [djdarkknight96] http://tinyurl.com/8ljxyuq
[X/H/*/*] CherryJelly Lite [DJDarkknight] http://tinyurl.com/94mvavq

[X/H/*/*] ColorKiller [DesignsByX] http://tinyurl.com/9gslvhf
[X/H/*/*] GreenX [DesignsByX] http://tinyurl.com/8q6ukon
[X/H/*/*] SimpleXPink [DesignsByX] http://tinyurl.com/9kb5het

[X/H/*/*] Touchwiz 4.5 [thomassafca] http://tinyurl.com/92wtl48
[X/H/*/*] MotoBlur [thomassafca] http://tinyurl.com/9epaw78
[X/H/*/*] LG Optimus [thomassafca] http://tinyurl.com/8no7zts

[*/H/M/*] CuttleFish [SpadaBoss] http://tinyurl.com/bjgws5u NEWER
[*/H/M/*] ColorStorm [SpadaBoss] http://tinyurl.com/bjgws5u NEWER
[*/H/M/*] NeonBlue [SpadaBoss] http://tinyurl.com/bjgws5u NEWER

[X/H/*/*] greenICS [Bazar617] http://tinyurl.com/7f6l6nw
[X/H/*/*] redICS [Bazar617] http://tinyurl.com/6t5sn4f

[X/H/*/*] X-Blue [X-planet Design] http://tinyurl.com/7qa3l92
[X/H/*/*] X-Freedom [X-planet Design] http://tinyurl.com/7twzwss

[X/H/M/*] HTC.EleganceX [elelinux] http://tinyurl.com/celbnqb
[X/H/M/*] Aluminum [elelinux] http://tinyurl.com/celbnqb

[X/H/*/*] Red Blast [shaiknbaik] http://tinyurl.com/83ovfm7
[X/H/*/*] Green Blast [shaiknbaik] http://tinyurl.com/7dzy7oo

[*H/M/*] Ice Cream Sandwhich Holo Fixer [AChep] http://tinyurl.com/7uvxhyb
[*H/M/*] Jelly Beans [AChep] http://tinyurl.com/7aek725

[X/H/*/*] Red Rush [Jdcmusicman] http://tinyurl.com/7kh7ovn
[X/H/*/*] Purple Rush [Jdcmusicman] http://tinyurl.com/8xs3tk9

[*/H/*/*] Pxl [pier10] http://tinyurl.com/6uwqyjf
[*/H/*/*] ProjectRETRO [pier10] http://tinyurl.com/6uwqyjf

[X/H/*/*] Nebula [Kevin3328] http://tinyurl.com/ctn45nh
[X/H/*/*] Patriots [Kevin3228] http://tinyurl.com/8mz46zt

[X/H/*/*] Grunged Metal [jairomeo] http://tinyurl.com/9getnuw
[X/H/*/*] CarbonGlass [jairomeo] http://tinyurl.com/8svz84o

[X/H/M/*] Windows Phone 7 [Jonas H] http://tinyurl.com/6pd6fxt
[X/H/M/*] Windows Phone 7 Red [Jonas H] http://tinyurl.com/cvv8gvg

[X/*/*/*] DarkSphere [Joshua Hale] http://tinyurl.com/8l66ggs
[X/H/*/*] Ws83-P [Joshua Hale] http://tinyurl.com/9l3jbpd

[X/H/*/*] Androidian [Fyb3roptik] http://tinyurl.com/7zladva

[X/H/*/*] Fixer [Sonny Sekhon] http://tinyurl.com/7vwyegh

[X/H/*/*] Black Exodus [Nitroz] http://tinyurl.com/744jmoh

[X/H/*/*] Ice Cream Infusion [shane6374] http://tinyurl.com/7qdew5d

[X/H/*/*] Simplized [mihovil13] http://tinyurl.com/85bu2sq

[X/H/*/*] Sense 4 Final (OLD) [Jorgefc82] http://tinyurl.com/6q7btzd

[X/H/*/*] Sense 4 [BlackDub370] http://tinyurl.com/6ntf7bj

[X/H/*/*] Green ICS [Scott Holt] http://tinyurl.com/78kwl3j

[X/H/*/*] Xperia ICX [egyptshun] http://tinyurl.com/797pght

[X/H/*/*] MotoBlur [soudy1994] http://tinyurl.com/6mebreg

[X/H/*/*] Planet Android Blue [shane6374] http://tinyurl.com/c7xj4gb

[X/H/*/*] The Pyrple Rabbyt [rabbitfoot] http://tinyurl.com/7opfoc3

[X/H/*/*] Vegas Gold [hedwig34] http://tinyurl.com/8s3g9yk

[*/H/*/*] MotoInspired [NITRO_100] http://tinyurl.com/829h5lg

[X/H/*/*] Boss [ejatds] http://tinyurl.com/9s8pynr

[X/H/*/*] Touch0Color [dillym34] http://tinyurl.com/7932aql

[X/H/*/*] MasterUIv4 [mastershefis] http://tinyurl.com/829bgs4

[X/H/*/*] Dream Blue (MIUIv4) [giannisgx89] http://tinyurl.com/88p99jw

[X/H/*/*] Slacker [epicnoob66] http://tinyurl.com/7mom865

[*/H/M/*] Blumagic [Smokem_I] http://tinyurl.com/bvqa7yq

[*/H/M/*] Achromatic [kwes1020] http://tinyurl.com/74dtds3

[*/H/M/*] Stock 4.1 Jelly Bean [Team Syndicate] http://tinyurl.com/72fpd3x

[X/H/*/*] Intense [jbnitro] http://tinyurl.com/74mbogd

[X/H/*/*] Black Android (CM9 for Now) [menomenic] http://tinyurl.com/d9968nt

[X/H/*/*] Modified Mixer (Bottom of Page) [ktoonsez] http://tinyurl.com/cwrlkrm

[X/H/*/*] m4570mod [m4570d0n] http://tinyurl.com/cv4mqe4

[*/H/*/*] GreenGlow [XperienceD] http://tinyurl.com/8o64cfc

[*/*/M/*] Hola [mutia] http://tinyurl.com/8fjmlz2

[X/H/*/*] Enkyo [Annex1] http://tinyurl.com/8b6ph42

[*/H/*/*] JellyBlueX [mmapcpro] http://tinyurl.com/8umqr8g

[*/H/*/*] iOS5 [crizalid8] http://tinyurl.com/8droomj

[X/H/*/*] NA Theme [raika20] http://tinyurl.com/8na5bxw

[X/H/*/*] IceGreen ResMods [XperienceD] http://tinyurl.com/9snazan

[*/H/*/*] Peria [m1l4droid] http://tinyurl.com/8ah46j9

[X/H/*/T] alphaBlue [ock] http://tinyurl.com/9coqt6f

[X/H/*/*] Honeymoon [Quinten30] http://tinyurl.com/9y8je4e

[*/H/*/*] X Vision CyanogenMod [SiMBol10] http://tinyurl.com/9gtxud4

[X/H/*/*] Deus Ex [Ramazor] http://tinyurl.com/9co8rj2

[X/H/*/*] Paranoid Darkness [cakebomb] http://tinyurl.com/9e6ykkj

[X/H/*/*] Krush [Stryker Originals] http://tinyurl.com/c3o756c

[X/H/*/*] Dark Lime [Haka] http://tinyurl.com/9knx7xq NEWER
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[X/H/*/*] Vivid [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lnwyJuPsVHkpg
[X/H/*/*] Vivid ICS Blue [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lZyWq15QKJevA
[X/H/*/*] Lucid [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lblkg57fj2d2tX
[X/H/*/*] Onyx [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lPQaFL459Qo2l
[X/H/*/*] Frost [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lJiqK7roAoQmC
[X/H/*/*] Tangerine [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lzybStqhDdUZc
[X/H/*/*] Gingerbread [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lrLXtHoFyNwcs
[X/H/*/*] Minimal ICS [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbpKw84N1BUH5i
[X/H/*/*] Faded Blue [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/ljL3p1m9F7xx7
[X/H/*/*] Faded Green [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbhuF2kbj9PD3P
[X/H/*/*] Crimson [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lhRD5NVMVuiUM
[X/H/*/*] Violet [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbaCenLIyqTs59
[X/H/*/*] Cyan [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lKFyzHADYmjkC
[X/H/*/*] Chrome [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lZlPnxcgSVbMJ
[X/H/*/*] Ember [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbqKKi392R0QT6
[X/H/*/*] ICS Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lQC3PiPy2uPVQ
[X/H/*/*] Red Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/ly4waSiRzNzl1
[X/H/*/*] Green Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lvDdUDQ2DJSEB
[X/H/*/*] Cyan Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbs8TTAMkbCMPd
[X/H/*/*] Pink Glow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbikdx50ILq0GH
[X/H/*/*] Artic Blue [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbh7welLZvoxMi
[X/H/*/*] Artic Yellow [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/l3nTDZ31DXKyK
[X/H/*/*] Artic Pink [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lwX9qzE92grYq
[X/H/*/*] Artic Green [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/llwzvOo7rKsn0
[X/H/*/*] Artic Orange [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/lbmsgjxhjsKbxC
[X/H/*/*] Artic Purple [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/l4TIJlJ9prllm
[X/H/*/*] Artic Grey [Sonny Sekhon] http://minus.com/ltMjsciFFK6WF

[X/H/*/*] Cool Green [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lDfDAYGT8QQE2
[X/H/*/*] Cool Pink [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lN00IZIW3tXSE
[X/H/*/*] Cool Red [JS Kester] http://minus.com/l7oq6QxiAOg30
[X/H/*/*] Cool Yellow [JS Kester] http://minus.com/l2vu1XlEbGj5l
[X/H/*/*] Cool Blue [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lbyKguccjW1j9
[X/H/*/*] Cool Purple [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lROZxBYAT2BHH
[X/H/*/*] Cool Brown [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lbs6ePOe7szZco
[X/H/*/*] Cool Grey [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lb2F0yfSHigDFq
[X/H/*/*] Cool Orange [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lbyASVrOnnI4nA
[X/H/*/*] Cool Magenta [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lbgw1T0pxIzCqP
[X/H/*/*] Cool Lime [JS Kester] http://minus.com/l9VGMt98NWjOK
[X/H/*/*] Cool Crimson [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lXaGyOP4gD3i7
[X/H/*/*] Cool Navy [JS Kester] http://minus.com/l2NOKU487ueZE
[X/H/*/*] Cool Moss [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lUxZGlIwDX1hM
[X/H/*/*] Cool Tangerine [JS Kester] http://minus.com/ljU6UAdXk2mCW
[X/H/*/*] Cool Royal [JS Kester] http://minus.com/l7McQ4ksFlF8U
[X/H/*/*] Cool Gold [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lbzKtmPrVlBZgF
[X/H/*/*] Cool Turquoise [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lLHYjZiXBOrDh
[X/H/*/*] Cool Olive [JS Kester] http://minus.com/lrtpzTcwa9Duj
[X/H/*/*] Cool Forest [JS Kester] http://minus.com/l97ob8hKGM9A5

[X/H/*/*] X-Blue [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lbcEXRE4dXLuyE
[X/H/*/*] X-Blue Carbon [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/l6BRbeMysR1MP
[X/H/*/*] X-Blue Titanium [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lkG62cuhyk3V5
[X/H/*/*] X-Honey [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lbhWXaj61tvp6i
[X/H/*/*] X-Tsunami Blue v2 [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lbzzfsdvZBJf9f
[X/H/*/*] X-Tsunami Blue v1 [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/l8HUtMDDoYnw7
[X/H/*/*] X-Tsunami v2 [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/l1Q5xeh0KGgDv
[X/H/*/*] X-Tsunami v1 [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/ld2nb0XPaE1J2
[X/H/*/*] X-Tsunami Titanium v2 [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lbu3jHYml5aA9p
[X/H/*/*] X-Tsunami Titanium v1 [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/ldeg4kTHg09Kx
[X/H/*/*] X-Mush [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lbzYtLyKCTM0bI
[X/H/*/*] X-Hornet [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lDunc4P3ZlxHC
[X/H/*/*] X-Sabry [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lMAPOvDazWvnU
[X/H/*/*] X-Jelly Bean [X-planet Design] http://minus.com/lbimfMF3Hqz6GY

[X/H/*/*] Holo Mega Blue [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lbgtch3itcriEy
[X/H/*/*] Holo Grey Light [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lb1ZlYk1QD2YBd
[X/H/*/*] Holo Blue Light [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lOqs6lOWSxKGZ
[X/H/*/*] Holo Tangerine Dark [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/l9uaZY7zAFVkN
[X/H/*/*] Holo Mint Green [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lbxfj2pfYabiXc
[X/H/*/*] Holo Hot Pink [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/liDNVbv81xiSk
[X/H/*/*] Holo Green Light [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/l93Evpuhep7xG
[X/H/*/*] Holo Cyan Bright [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lbpkIFT9XKJAln
[X/H/*/*] Holo Yellow Neon [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lbcUljr4YWx1QY
[X/H/*/*] Holo Hot White [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lm5cF3pzjKFA2
[X/H/*/*] Holo Hot Purple [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lZW5rU3DsN8RX
[X/H/*/*] Red Sensation [Qasim Zia] http://minus.com/lbkXXeeXIXLtdc

[X/H/*/*] Galaxy Cream Sancwich (GCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lnvuAVEuCSLvg
[X/H/*/*] Sprinkled Cream Sandwich (SCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lmowpxapXK2Tt
[X/H/*/*] Hot Cream Sandwich (HCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lbazDpCkWDOkwu
[X/H/*/*] Royal Cream Sandwich (RCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lcU7ZZX5P5DKM
[X/H/*/*] Watermelon Cream Sandwich (WCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lbxDoI4JiNZs2F
[X/H/*/*] Vegetarian Cream Sandwich (VCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lYmIhCf1dMciK
[X/H/*/*] Tangerine Cream Sandwich (TCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lbpas5rf1JpXm1
[X/H/*/*] Chocolate Cream Sandwich (CCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lbxP7IVvOL3tpZ
[X/H/*/*] Plum Cream Sandwich (PCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/ltcc6eEVgzW4y
[X/H/*/*] Banana Cream Sandwich (BCS) (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/l9Zee0j92HVH8
[X/H/*/*] Gingerbread (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lDTkzBd0ZCzDH
[X/H/*/*] Goog Le Bean (DONATE) [the1dynasty] http://minus.com/lVnQdhmkb2xqg

[X/H/*/*] CherryGum [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lJYSYyJ5mZWc8
[X/H/*/*] GrapeGum [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lC0VWXO1uoI5z
[X/H/*/*] SpearmintGum [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/l1rTECcdS6OjH
[X/H/*/*] BubbleGum [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lxPGSz8BzyNAb
[X/H/*/*] Sapphire [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lPDD0GWHxMLlz
[X/H/*/*] TruBlu [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lxWi9NeSytxD8
[X/H/*/*] SilverScreen [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lc9kKKJTe6mdD
[X/H/*/*] GoldenHarvest [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lirMnt8EQsihy
[X/H/*/*] BasicTheme [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lbciwnq9j7LGyi
[X/H/*/*] OrangeGum [pauljohnson75] http://minus.com/lkgoWinDFJ2gT

[X/H/*/*] SSD Red (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lRCCQd3o4v3ei
[X/H/*/*] SSD Blue (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lw2zpvNbAT4at
[X/H/*/*] SSD White (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lfZCmLO4zFjes
[X/H/*/*] SSD Darkblue (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lbjbaAImrXjuBo
[X/H/*/*] SSD Orange (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/l94gjFyswKkrW
[X/H/*/*] SSD Red Inverted (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lThozGbUHpF0E
[X/H/*/*] SSD White Inverted (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/l39hgdrCsPthv
[X/H/*/*] SSD Orange Inverted (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lbfGAW7w7HsyJZ
[X/H/*/*] SSD Darkblue Inverted (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lbbD9XAiDtwhRt
[X/H/*/*] SSD Supercombo (DONATE) [zathus] http://minus.com/lbgAVGlTpjCRee

[X/H/*/*] CirclesMod [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lBKlSc7faXIOm
[X/H/*/*] CirlcesMod White [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lbc9Cqc68YTmc8
[X/H/*/*] CirclesMod Green [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lFNT7cZcSHYtG
[X/H/*/*] CirclesMod Gold [Hooolm] http://minus.com/ln5THkd40JXsl
[X/H/*/*] CirclesMod Pink [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lbtff4fJaPwT9D
[X/H/*/*] Freehand CirclesMod [Hooolm] http://minus.com/l7JqCqhrEECew
[X/H/*/*] Freehand CirclesMod White [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lGSPlk2I1IjZd
[X/H/*/*] Freehand [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lbtgMG3ZFggESO
[X/H/*/*] Freehand White [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lbf4x1IJiohqs5
[X/H/*/*] LEDed [Hooolm] http://minus.com/lC7F5l5Om3VVz

[X/H/*/*] PCB Blue [Scar45] http://minus.com/lwiiNvPgi5Cu4
[X/H/*/*] PCB Black [Scar45] http://minus.com/locCm2O7t9nhH
[X/H/*/*] PCB Orange [Scar45] http://minus.com/lW8i00RwVXorb
[X/H/*/*] PCB Red [Scar45] http://minus.com/lC5zn8mm67SOX
[X/H/*/*] PCB Purple [Scar45] http://minus.com/lba4HVrCrBubaF
[X/H/*/*] PCB Green [Scar45] http://minus.com/ltrcjwdVf4yXr
[X/H/*/*] PCB Cyan [Scar45] http://minus.com/l6ebljQrsI03o
[X/H/*/*] PCB Pink [Scar45] http://minus.com/lb1vpzfDxXaVYR
[X/H/*/*] PCB Yellow [Scar45] http://minus.com/lcAIkEAhEgw20

[X/H/*/*] SteelBlue NG [TeamCarbon] http://minus.com/lFEhR0ySHtLPG
[X/H/*/*] BloodRed NG [TeamCarbon] http://minus.com/lQlAtWVY8HCfW
[X/H/*/*] AdeaPink NG [TeamCarbon] http://minus.com/lXBBrR0dyx35X
[X/H/*/*] DeepPurple NG [TeamCarbon] http://minus.com/lSdfDDbtDlFc0
[X/H/*/*] ElectricCyan NG [TeamCarbon] http://minus.com/lKEj58kuEDNxh
[X/H/*/*] PoisonGreen NG [TeamCarbon] http://minus.com/lHPJway19Pozi
[X/H/*/*] SunsetOrange NG [TeamCarbon] http://minus.com/lMUiksrj0ay5b

[X/H/*/*] illume [kwes1020] http://minus.com/lb1sDRSjlI6zIt
[X/H/*/*] illume Pink [kwes1020] http://minus.com/lStQT972UeklT
[X/H/*/*] illume Yellow [kwes1020] http://minus.com/ljLgZszLukuZM
[X/H/*/*] illume Red [kwes1020] http://minus.com/lZ2wbR9e5D9xp
[X/H/*/*] illume Green [kwes1020] http://minus.com/lY7Xf0wfzkxWB
[X/H/*/*] Trigger [kwes1020] http://minus.com/lbmvUSTHwKk83o
[X/H/*/*] Graydient [kwes1020] http://minus.com/lbc3IZ7bdO0JzT

[X/H/*/*] Carbon Blue Ice [St3rdroids] http://minus.com/li6hssSZ47gtH
[X/H/*/*] Carbon Blue ++ [St3rdroids] http://minus.com/lbbriNdRFld57i
[X/H/*/*] Carbon Grey [St3rdroids] http://minus.com/lLRnJA47yykbn
[X/H/*/*] Carbon Red [St3rdroids] http://minus.com/lK5RlQUQGgLAA
[X/H/*/*] RainBRO..Rainbow [St3rdroids] http://minus.com/lD2rqEul4XIaY
[X/H/*/*] HEAVY [St3rdroids] http://minus.com/lbn99HQLSciMZ5 NEW
[X/H/*/*] Black HEAVY [St3rdroids] http://minus.com/lb1YvVS4kK30Wa NEW

[X/H/*/*] Murder (DONATE) [B-boy] http://minus.com/lbg62P21N4aoMQ
[X/H/*/*] Smurf't Out (DONATE) [B-boy] http://minus.com/lvxITms4q4mMd
[X/H/*/*] Venom (DONATE) [B-boy] http://minus.com/lbyoUMVB1fDGg1
[X/H/*/*] Berry Blast (DONATE) [B-boy] http://minus.com/lUL50JuFRXc5O
[X/H/*/*] Blizzard (DONATE) [B-boy] http://minus.com/lbeYRfbEksSGwh
[X/H/*/*] Neutralyzed (DONATE) [B-boy] http://minus.com/l9t5Cja5BUjOU

[X/H/*/*] Nebula (DONATE) [Kevin3328] http://minus.com/lvwZkXufnPknO
[X/H/*/*] SuperNova [Kevin3328] http://minus.com/lNyiRIltcPr1i
[X/H/*/*] Red Chrome [Kevin3328] http://minus.com/lpbASZfuNXhZD
[X/H/*/*] Solar Flare [Kevin3328] http://minus.com/lbrNF0uC98DWAf
[X/H/*/*] Ice Chrome Sandwhich [Kevin3328] http://minus.com/lvTH00U07BxHx
[X/H/*/*] Patriots (DONATE) [Kevin3228] http://minus.com/lbm1kvAaGRopcL

[X/H/*/*] Amaize'nBlue (DONATE) [nmiltner] http://minus.com/lLYqAva92W4uT
[X/H/*/*] Sangre (DONATE) [nmiltner] http://minus.com/lbse1SZW6pHBov
[X/H/*/*] Freeze [nmiltner] http://minus.com/lqwzT8ByrgjfF
[X/H/*/*] Dreamsicle (DONATE) [nmiltner] http://minus.com/lJ6RVi9hDatWb
[X/H/*/*] Starburst (DONATE) [nmiltner] http://minus.com/lRdWLxG71LaTw
[X/H/*/*] White ICE [nmiltner] http://minus.com/lu3hjQk7KoHBy

[X/H/M/*] Afterburner (DONATE) [anthonycr] http://minus.com/lMe3p8pkcQaHB NEW
[*/H/M/*] Aurora (DONATE) [anthonycr] http://minus.com/lRf5hUDGxHux2
[*/H/M/*] Barbie Pink (DONATE) [anthonycr] http://minus.com/lXA14Ow03ckwi
[*/H/M/*] Volcano (DONATE) [anthonycr] http://minus.com/lbizVBiMgNclST
[*/H/M/*] Slow Motion (DONATE) [anthonycr] http://minus.com/l4Y3v4PgYyWxN
[*/H/M/*] Yellow Bird (DONATE) [anthonycr] http://minus.com/lGwrajvCAcyFO

[X/H/*/*] Red Blast (DONATE) [shaiknbaik] http://minus.com/lACacLBp6OK5F
[X/H/*/*] Purp Blast [shaiknbaik] http://minus.com/lbzVSdF9m5tKUI
[X/H/*/*] Orange Blast [shaiknbaik] http://minus.com/lb1bxG7QhocG5j
[X/H/*/*] Jelly Bean [shaiknbaik] http://minus.com/loReiQbsaY2NE
[X/H/*/*] Blue Berry [shaiknbaik] http://minus.com/lxGsfkJWdrGvL

[X/H/*/*] Red Elegance (DONATE) [artvandelay440] http://minus.com/l5rq3ZAqtBfa2
[X/H/*/*] Emerald Elegance (DONATE) [artvandelay440] http://minus.com/lZ4rINP0hbhzA
[X/H/*/*] Dark Elegance (DONATE) [artvandelay440] http://minus.com/l7AXyPF2n1RQk
[X/H/*/*] Royal Elegance (DONATE) [artvandelay440] http://minus.com/l3iVFobQToeyp
[X/H/*/*] Blue Elegance (DONATE) [artvandelay440] http://minus.com/lVOdGGfkYW7FH

[X/H/*/*] Zeon Hulk Green (DONATE) [Team Zeon] http://minus.com/lnpDiYkZyx9oy
[X/H/*/*] Zeon RustyOrange (DONATE) [Team Zeon] http://minus.com/lRnygiWBT0RzT
[X/H/*/*] Zeon Cyanogen (DONATE) [Team Zeon] http://minus.com/lHaKgdyuxvrYz
[X/H/*/*] Zeon Gold (DONATE) [Team Zeon] http://minus.com/lbeQeuKQTROxbg
[X/H/*/*] Zeon Wine (DONATE) [Team Zeon] http://minus.com/l885W0PU4atp5

[X/H/*/*] JellyBean Extreme [Yash Doctor] http://minus.com/lbmXGCi6cyGDFM
[X/H/*/*] JellyBean Extreme Red [Yash Doctor] http://minus.com/l4fNtiubZCrMA
[X/H/*/*] JellyBean Extreme Pink [Yash Doctor] http://minus.com/lKol8jORBhuQ6
[X/H/*/*] JellyBean Extreme Green [Yash Doctor] http://minus.com/lbozfcDFcgioMM
[X/H/*/*] JellyBean Extreme Blue [Yash Doctor] http://minus.com/lboEL5GMZG4g0P

[X/H/*/*] Galaxy S4 TW [thomassafca] http://minus.com/i/hnP7uBPeGxTy
[X/H/*/*] Touchwiz 5.0 [thomassafca] http://minus.com/lbiKJAx46MP8dg
[X/H/*/*] Motoblur (DONATE) [thomassafca] http://minus.com/lHZzovwCWVYH0
[X/H/*/*] LG Optimus (DONATE) [thomassafca] http://minus.com/lWLN4ffEcoP4E
[X/H/*/*] Sony UXP [thomassafca] http://minus.com/lSSU2fehIHC2E

[X/H/*/*] Blue Infinitum (DONATE) [Razer(x)] http://minus.com/lbddBpGVwlwwIb
[X/H/*/*] Black Infinitum (DONATE) [Razer(x)] http://minus.com/ljDcLXTB6PYQA
[X/H/*/*] Green Infinitum (DONATE) [Razer(x)] http://minus.com/lkTqbVgYqh6qd
[X/H/*/*] Orange Infinitum (DONATE) [Razer(x)] http://minus.com/lblEM4OgcySpKP

[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Red (DONATE) [NatemZ] http://minus.com/lrnkXezMUb2fQ
[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Blue (DONATE) [NatemZ] http://minus.com/lbmcvdFB0UH7wQ
[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Green (DONATE) [NatemZ] http://minus.com/lbaMrfCwrufRCL
[X/H/*/*] Natemodz Yellow (DONATE) [NatemZ] http://minus.com/lbpeVIk6e8KxeO

[X/H/*/*] LibertyGold [kejar31] http://minus.com/lb2nkXOf3qI669
[X/H/*/*] Punk Rock Pink [kejar31] http://minus.com/lPkGcoRLCdgFe
[X/H/*/*] Vampire Red [kejar31] http://minus.com/lO9DfZmbFqEcK
[X/H/*/*] RefreshingMint [kejar31] http://minus.com/lbqoBtWWdNPWRX

[X/H/*/*] Simple Swagger [jatx2wne] http://minus.com/lgmBp9ZBZVfrY
[X/H/*/*] Blink [jatx2wne] http://minus.com/lxiqO0ZcNE3jt
[X/H/*/*] Arancio [jatx2wne] http://minus.com/lVyylcm7BtdRY
[X/H/*/*] Optics [jatx2wne] http://minus.com/lVjMXZhEiEwyq

[X/H/*/*] DarkICE (DONATE) [DJDarkknight] http://minus.com/lG5WHF3mOlENx
[X/H/*/*] RedICE [DJDarkknight] http://minus.com/l5ClhrhoQcrLP
[X/H/*/*] DarkJelly (DONATE) [DJDarkknight] http://minus.com/lG5WHF3mOlENx
[X/H/*/*] CherryJelly (DONATE) [DJDarkknight] http://minus.com/lEMtztNRTUGvG

[X/H/*/*] Dream (MIUIv4) [giannisgx89] http://minus.com/lGPojp6CoBdWg
[X/H/*/*] Dream Blue (MIUIv4) (DONATE) [giannisgx89] http://minus.com/lbtDM5sCZPGoh
[X/H/*/*] Flow [giannisgx89] http://minus.com/lECaQyTMdyZHf
[X/H/*/*] Elemente [giannisgx89] http://minus.com/lKC0Rjhahjhes

[X/H/*/*] Spectre (Mass Effect Theme) (DONATE) [nitinvaid] http://minus.com/lmCCcyHTLzx4
[X/H/*/*] Label (DONATE) [nitinvaid] http://minus.com/llZXwByTfCWN8 NEW
[X/H/*/*] Label Orange (DONATE) [nitinvaid] http://minus.com/lQquX6PgyDZXh NEW
[X/H/*/*] Label Lime (DONATE) [nitinvaid] http://minus.com/lJfmrX3R1eYJv NEW

[X/H/*/*] Black Exodus (DONATE) [Nitroz] http://minus.com/lguThPi1gLzWI
[X/H/*/*] Skycore [Nitroz] http://minus.com/l280cPPwQoga8
[X/H/*/*] Onyx Exodus [Nitroz] http://minus.com/lbxOus6oanWYnr

[X/H/*/*] HoneymoonGreen [Quinten30] http://minus.com/lbbJUKZT6OHEyE
[X/H/*/*] Lian Red [Quinten30] http://minus.com/lbjgpjndOiUOvy
[X/H/*/*] Lian Blue [Quinten30] http://minus.com/lHNubRMrWTB1G

[*/H/M/*] CuttleFish (DONATE) [SpadaBoss] http://minus.com/lbq9NLPn2fm0V1 NEWER
[*/H/M/*] ColorStorm (DONATE) [SpadaBoss] http://minus.com/lMlmCp3qV9za9 NEWER
[*/H/M/*] NeonBlue (DONATE) [SpadaBoss] http://minus.com/lb3VRr20hrUcD NEWER

[X/H/*/*] greenICS (DONATE) [Bazar617] http://minus.com/lbeAbbKGk3v952
[X/H/*/*] redICS (DONATE) [Bazar617] http://minus.com/luuzJGD8bCK5u

[X/H/*/*] Sense Holo [BlackDino] http://minus.com/lrPppfYo7rqep
[X/H/*/*] Sense Holo Chrome [BlackDino] http://minus.com/lbiXDeoFSen1YV

[X/H/*/*] Super Amoled [BlackDub370] http://minus.com/lMv7lwKrerJho
[X/H/*/*] Sense 4 (DONATE) [BlackDub370] http://minus.com/lEa0SI2xTv9So

[X/H/*/*] MattedBlues [mackgk1] http://minus.com/lY3tO07q2Mpqf
[X/H/*/*] MattedBlues Light [mackgk1] http://minus.com/lb0qukNOn17BuM

[*/*/M/*] Touchwiz 5.0 Theme [DriffeX] http://minus.com/lyPU2nnlrHYt1
[*/*/M/*] Touchwiz 3.0 Theme [DriffeX] http://minus.com/lbe9RAbROHKUBD

[X/H/M/*] Chocloate [joshuas_79] http://minus.com/lbc466mOtl7lc2
[X/H/*/*] Popstyle [joshuas_79] http://minus.com/lbceqI9VMwzgaV

[X/H/*/*] Gold Edge [c_hale22] http://minus.com/lbhVFCjfFDAWpI
[X/H/*/*] Red Edge [c_hale22] http://minus.com/lbhC6OFL1wEAmV

[X/H/*/*] Grunged Metal (DONATE) [jairomeo] http://minus.com/lxEE7ytQiVxOK
[X/H/*/*] CarbonGlass (DONATE) [jairomeo] http://minus.com/lKI0mACYg8G5Q

[X/*/*/*] DarkSphere (DONATE) [Joshua Hale] http://minus.com/lbvJilU3LH2U5k
[X/H/*/*] Ws83-P (DONATE) [Joshua Hale] http://minus.com/lfAFUaR4QXIiq

[X/H/*/*] Bulls [Patrick Villars] http://minus.com/lbyIhJvpcQ9O1S

[X/H/*/*] Cobalt (DONATE) [dustinb] http://minus.com/l03TnNCuF8qSJ

[X/H/*/*] Mixer (DONATE) [MrDSL] http://minus.com/l0qRumgMip1Yp

[X/H/M/*] EpicBlue [Stetsonaw] http://minus.com/lwqEoLXYfmA4Q

[X/H/*/*] Green ICS (DONATE) [Scott Holt] http://minus.com/ldUqATWKoQCkQ

[X/H/*/*] Minimalistic [Nitroglycerine33] http://minus.com/lU6PNvZJecvFu

[X/H/*/*] XperiaICE [Jorgefc82] http://minus.com/lblCmsJlRqL427

[X/H/*/*] FreshNClean [kgill7] http://minus.com/luF85Z965WTkr

[X/H/*/*] Serenity [Sevenfoldserenity] http://minus.com/lRPYEotRfrPNy

[X/H/*/*] Intense (DONATE) [jbnitro] http://minus.com/lbflTZl6zRj5Mb

[X/H/*/*] Ice Cream Jelly [Kyle Ladd] http://minus.com/ltx0H7D3YNsxk

[*/H/*/*] Cyantidote [Damajj] http://minus.com/ldrsWGAny6MBk

[*/*/M/*] Ice9 Plus [jasonevil] http://minus.com/lbkIzhHulgVYma

[*/H/*/*] WP7 Revolution [Alexis Diaz] http://minus.com/ldp7jqvZ2eleS

[X/H/*/*] IceGreen ResMods (DONATE) [XperienceD] http://minus.com/lMhXw7pjXTUhv

[X/H/*/T] alphaBlue (DONATE) [ock] http://minus.com/l8iXjRX7l4Nqz

[X/H/*/*] Holo Red [Haka] http://minus.com/llcaWOAdgiO7D NEWER
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OP UPDATED with 4 New PAID Themes.

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OP Updated with 3 New Themes


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OP Updated with 6 New Themes

Orange Infinitum

Orange Infinitum (DONATE)
Green ICS
Mixer (DONATE)
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OP Update with 2 New Themes

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Why so many paid themes ?

Why cant they be free


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Originally Posted by CoolCatGetHome

Why so many paid themes ?

Why cant they be free


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LOL, some themes take a lot of time so themers decide to charge $1-$2 which is pretty reasonable. Anything over $2 is going overboard IMO. Do you plan to make a APK Theme?
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You are missing DeepPurpleNG

Best regards from TeamCarbon, and thank you fer mentioning our themes

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