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[07.01.2013] Touch (Home) Button Issue HTC One S (Helicoptering)

29th May 2012, 11:10 AM |#1  
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Massive thanks to PulpZilla for letting me have his OP. I will now be able to take care of the updates a lot easier. Mate, this was a nice move. And even though the "Thanks" at the bottom say they where for me, they are still counted to your name. I did not get them from you

This Thread serves as collection and information point for all Data regarding the HOME BUTTON / SCREEN ISSUE or as HTC sometimes likes to call it: HELICOPTERING GLITCH.
It also serves technical and factual discussion in order to maybe find ways to overcome or work around the issue.

For any and all discussion regarding civil, legal or other types of action against HTC we now have a new thread, named:

It is run by Gibarian. Please head over there for discussing actions and options. I would also like to encourage everyone to move discussions of "Buy or not to Buy" this phone over to that thread. So we can keep this clean for rather technical and news things. Apart from that, I would also like to express that i outspokenly support the campaigning as long as it stays civil and serves the sole purpose of raising public awareness and thus creates the necessary pressure on HTC. I would like you to support the current campaign there too to help our issue getting taken more serious. Up till now HTC has delivered nothing but empty promises.
Please refrain from stupid actions/posts/reviews.
Thank you.

-=Problem Description=-

Main Symptom:
The capacitive Home Touch Button sometimes likes to press itself. When in an app or the home screen without or with the finger near the home button it seems to get pressed a few quick times in succession without actually being touched.


Additionial symptoms:
- continuous/odd vibration
- multiple screenshots being saved to disk without the user interacting with the phone
- the virtual buttons appear locked/dead/without function [NOTICE] From Base 2.21 onwards, this can turn into the main symptom and the screen switching can disappear.
- long-press menues coming up randomly (On Stock JellyBean 3.16 this would be Google Now popping up all the time)


Occurrence and reproducibility:
Mainly related to GSM activity, rarely on WCDMA only setting. It seems to be related to low GSM signal (1 to 2 bars), switching between networks, calls coming in or building up, seldom wifi and 3g connections. The occurrence still seems rather random as it is hard to purposely reproduce the situation. The best chance to trigger the misbehaviour or malfunction is if signal coverage is low, 3G/HSDPA (or: WCDMA) is not available, try to build up a call or start a heavy data transmission on edge. A few people report the issue only after the first 2- 4 weeks of use.
Also noteworthy: it seems to hit phones in complete unaltered, stock state as well as heavy customized and unlocked phones.

-=Documentations and Discussions=-
Discussion on the Vodafone UK forums:
Discussion on the O2 Germany Forum:
Discussion on the SwissCom Forum: (NEW)
Discussion on the Forum:
Discussion on the Forum:
User contributed Video:
User Contributed Video:
User contributed Video:
Disassembly video, bottom Antenna, US Model:
Disassembly Video, complete EU Model:
LeeDroid mention of HTC's own theory:

Related: (similar issue on Galaxy Nexus) (Thanks to SageKing for pointing this out!) (Google Engineer talking about the Galaxy Nexus problem) Site to see which operator uses what frequency in which country - cross check against Affected users Spreadsheet!

-=News Articles=- (please send in other articles if you find any as we will pass them on to HTC at some point): --> Chip cites HTC here, yet no source is given.

-=Attempted fixes=-
- Disabling GSM/EDGE completely (no calls in rural areas, Issue not fixed)
- Setting Accessibility → Touch & Hold delay to medium (reported ineffective by some users starting HERE
- Factory Reset (multiple users had tried this, was recommended by different support agents, did not help at all)
- different Radio (there had been different radios involved, but not all radios seem to be affected. Still needing evidence)
- Exhchange SIM Card. (has been done by several users, did not help at all)
- Root device, Unroot device, flash Custom, flash stock, unlock Bootloader, relock bootloader. (did not help at all)
- Removing bottom cover (Mobile Radio Antenna), cleaning spring contacts, examining hight (make sure contact is made) - Not fixed
- Setting Display illumination to Auto Brightness (did not help at all)
- Run CM9/CM10/MIUI/JB Builds. Did not change anything.
- New Radio 1.06s.50.02.27_2_10.08.50.04L (19th of July 2012) Betters it for most users considerably,did not help all Users
- New Radio 1.06es.50.02.31_10.09a.50.04L (21st of August 2012) Worsens the effects clearly for most users, did help some very few. Upgrade NOT recommended!
- New Radio 1.08es.50.02.21_10.09c.50.04L (14th of September 2012) Some users report failure and behavior similar to the 1.06es radio.
- New Radio 1.08ts.50.02.16_10.08e.50.04L (ca. November 2012) Similar to the 1.08es radio
- New Radio 1.09ts.50.02.04_10.08g.50.04L (ca. November 2012 Only my Test-Results available, which where just as bad as 1.08 based Radios.
- New Radio (24th of December 2012) Worse than the 1.08 radios, but some users also reported a Fix

-=Working Fix(es)=-
none known
Update 4th July 2012: HTC begins to claim towards some users now, they were soon be rolling out a software fix. 4 weeks later, they still say the same.
Update 21st July 2012: HTC has not officially acknowledged the Issue, but allowed this Info from HTC Elevate moderator Jason Dunn to be shared: "A software based Fix is possible and being worked on. A release date is not available but it will come".
Update end of July 2012: HTC released a new RUU (RUU_Ville_U_ICS_40_S_HTC_Europe_2.21.401.10_Radio _1.06s.50.02.27_2_10.08.50.04L__release_271119_sig ned.exe) with new Radio. Betters it for most users considerably Semi-FIX. Not good for all.
Update 30th August2012: HTC Released a new RUU (RUU_Ville_U_ICS_40_S_HTC_Europe_2.31.401.5_Radio_ 1 .06es.50.02.31_10.09a.50.04L_release_275655_signed .exe) This Firmware does not help most users but rather worsens the effects again. Upgrade of Radio not recommended!
Update 14th September 2012: HTC released a new OTA to Vodafone Customers going by the Name of 2.38, containing a new Radio 1.08es, which does not solve anything. Like the previous 2.31 WWE release, it seems to make matters worse again.The other carriers succedingly released their updates with either the 1.06es or the 1.08es radio. Only T-Mobile released a 1.08ts variant. None fixed the Issue.
Update 24th December 2012: HTC finally released JellyBean Firmware 3.16 to their customers. It became obvvious only hours later that it did not fix anything. I myself have a worse HBI problem than on 2.31. Plus, reception and Data-Switching got worse too.

- Disable Home Button: User Beatnix has found out how to disable the Home button completely. It can then be replaced by the App "Button Savior"Obsolete
- Recommended: Custom ROM allowing button remaps. Viper ROM with Venom Tweaks has given me almost a hassle free Experience during the past month due to its ability to map functions to the buttons that either do nothing or do not disturb too much.
- Recommended: After countless tests with all sorts of Radio/Wifi-Partition/Base Version Combinations it is very obvious that the 1.06s Radio from Base 2.21 is by far the best, least bugged Radio.
Note: A "[URL=""]Brick Downgrade[/UL]" might be required, if you are already on or above Firmware Version 1.78, as Radios can only be flashed on lower hboot versions. Here is a Tutorial

-=What Now?=-
If you are feeling like getting active i would like to invite you to join Gibarians Operation Rolling Thunder which is designed to make our Issue heard. We feel that we have been quietly waiting for a fix long enough and that waiting any longer will just make HTC believe that they do not need to take any further action, so Gibarian has designed a campaign to make the Issue more public and make it obvious to HTC that there is need for urgent action.
At the time of writing, some People have been waiting 6 month for a fix and had not gotten a replacement, nor any other compensation. They have just been left out in the dark with a nearly unusable phone. So, feel free to make yourself heard! Also, if you just have a story to tell, feel free to add it at Gibarian's Thread "Operation Rolling Thunder". You are warmly invited to share your sufferings there and also discuss recommendations for other (potential) buyers.

-= IMPORTANT: Report your device here if affected =-

file a report with your vendor (most likely your carrier) and ask for repair/replacement
file a report with HTC. Ask for repair/replacement if your Vendor refuses.
This is very important, as this is the only means by which HTC can tell the severity of the issue!
Jason Dunn of HTC Elevate and Richard Willis of HTC Consumer Communications EMEA encourage everyone to report to HTC.

Please also report here: (For updating your Entry please contact Sneakyghost or Zoesdad70)


[UPDATE 11.10.2012]
Here is a new Report Sheet where everyone with a Serial xx26 and higher can report his FULL serial and Contact Details.

Personal Information: This Sheet can only be accessed by me (the Results page) and is only used to be forwarded to HTC. I kindly ask you to leave contact details for the sole purpose of possible further questions. Your data will remain with me and there will be no abuse.
Thank you.


What do we do that for? I am currently talking with another HTC Digital Consumer Communications Manager for the EMEA region and he is trying to find out about the new devices. If it is a lot of them, HTC wants to fix that in time. To be able to do so, they need to know as early as possible. So, your help is greatly appreciated and in the end, will help all. Thanks.

-=Statistical Data of affected users=-
Updated 7.01.2013

Total number of reports:

- Areas where this has been reported:
Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Swiss, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Malawi, Ethiopia, Niger, Iran, Malaysia, China, Vietnam.
Please pay attention to this! It is mainly northern Europe and Russia. Up till now four reports from the US.

- Serial - Numbers first digits that had been reported as affected:
FA28 (2x)
HT23 (183x)
HT24 (77x)
HT25 (18x)
HT26 (7x)
HT27 (3x)
MB22 (1x)
SH23 (149x)
SH24 (190x)
SH25 (27x)
SH26 (35x)
SH27 (1x)
SH28 (1x)

- Base Versions reported (Entries cleaned up, corrected Base Versions according to reported Radios. This assumes that all reporters used either RUU or OTA).
1.09 (2x)
1.11 (8x)
1.15 (1x) (odd Thailand version - never seen anywhere else)
1.47 (1x)
1.53 (16x)
1.70 (6x)
1.77 (40x)
1.78 (273x)
1.84 (5x)
2.15 (2x)
2.21 (10x)
2.31 (338x)
2.35 (3x)
2.38 (20x)

- Black device count:

- Grey device count:

- Baseband versions reported:

All the numbers peak at xx23 and xx24 serials. Base 1.78 and 2.31 are reported most often. My Guess: the March and April devices are worst combined with those two bases.

Source of these figures is the Google Spreadsheet, Anyone wanting to add can do so. Please feel welcome to put in your details via the Form linked in the top left Cell of that table, the top right cell of the table holds another spreadsheet-form for only the newer xx26 and up serials. It is designed so that it remains private because you can put in your contact details so that HTC can contact you. They are currently investigating the newer devices and might need your help.

If you came here to find information you were helped hopefully. Please help other people with the same issue by raising your voice and add a report. Please include your Country, your first part of the Serial (“SH23”), Carrier Base, Baseband, Phone color etc. Best is to update the Spreadsheet directly.
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29th May 2012, 11:21 AM |#2  
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Same problem here, although it hasn't happened in a while. I have the phone rooted but even before it was rooted it happened.
29th May 2012, 11:45 AM |#3  
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interesting. Since you've rooted and changed the ROM it hasn't happened?
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29th May 2012, 11:45 AM |#4  
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Same one here.

I think it has something to do with the gsm-mode. When i'm in an area without HSDPA(only G-Mode, sometimes also in Edge) or when i manually switch the mode to 'only GSM', the switching appeares.
The strange thing is that this is not always the case.

I don't know if this is a hardware error or has something to do with the recent update. I can't compare this because my phone came back from RMA the day the Update was released. On my 'old' phone (before RMA) i never had that problem, but that was before the update.

*edit*: Still on Stock Rom.


Last edited by opiswahn; 29th May 2012 at 11:56 AM.
29th May 2012, 06:09 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by opiswahn

Same one here.

I think it has something to do with the gsm-mode. When i'm in an area without HSDPA(only G-Mode, sometimes also in Edge) or when i manually switch the mode to 'only GSM', the switching appeares.
The strange thing is that this is not always the case.

I don't know if this is a hardware error or has something to do with the recent update. I can't compare this because my phone came back from RMA the day the Update was released. On my 'old' phone (before RMA) i never had that problem, but that was before the update.

*edit*: Still on Stock Rom.



funnily enough it seems to happen more when there's less light? also it still happened when i had WiFi on so i'm not exactly sure of the cause. Hopefully it is only a software glitch and something that can be fixed in custom ROMs!
30th May 2012, 12:21 PM |#6  
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Has someone fixed the problem with a custom rom? Or has that problem with a custom rom?
I'd like to know if i have to RMA ma phone again or if it's a simple software glitch...
30th May 2012, 02:42 PM |#7  
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after more testing it looks like you're right it seems to happen when the phone is searching for a GSM signal on edge?! really weird...must be others out there having the same issue?
30th May 2012, 03:03 PM |#8  
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Sure, that problem have more people. I have reported it to HTC this day. The problem is the Edge we think. It can be reproduced if you turn on Gsm.
I hope HTC make a update to solve the problem, but more people must report I think.
P. S. I'm on Trickdroid Rom, this happens on custom Rom to.

Gesendet von meinem HTC One S mit Tapatalk
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30th May 2012, 03:16 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by PulpzillA

after more testing it looks like you're right it seems to happen when the phone is searching for a GSM signal on edge?! really weird...must be others out there having the same issue?

A whole bunch of people have this problem over on the UK Vodafone HTC One S forum
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30th May 2012, 03:37 PM |#10  
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I have this problem whenever I try to press space, I end up hitting home. I noticed that if you slide your finger down from the screen onto the touch buttons, it registers as a button press. Whereas on my Desire S, if I was sliding my finger down (i.e. scrolling a list), even if I went past the screen and onto the touch buttons, it would still continue to scroll. Only if I let go of the screen and then touched the buttons again would it press. I'm pretty sure that's how it should be.
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