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[HOWTO] Easy Root Instructions (Sprint or T-Mobile) [Updated 24 June 2012]

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By cypher_zero, Member on 22nd June 2012, 05:57 PM
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First off, let me say that I did not develop this schtuff and all thanks should go to those that did. Special thanks to noobnl (his thread here), mskip and TeamEpic for all their work.

A note about these instructions:
They're long and may seem a little daunting to those that aren't experienced. Please don't let that deter you as they've been written to be as simple and easy to follow as is reasonably possible assuming you can work a Windows PC and extract a zip file.
==> If you encounter problems with these instructions, please check the FAQ in the post following this one. <==

For video instructions (courtesy of qbking77) scroll to the bottom of this post.


General Disclaimer:
Use these tools and this guide at your own risk. Doing these things wrong/improperly/etc. has the ability to completely ruin your device and YOU assume all risk and responsibility if that happens.

Also note that rooting WILL violate the manufacturers warranty on the device making it ineligible for warranty repair. If you have insurance on the device however, they MAY still replace it for the cost of your deductible.

Non-ADB Root instructions (Windows Only):
First, the non-dangerous, standard user stuff:
  1. Download and install the Samsung USB drivers from Samsung's website:
  2. Turn on Debugging on your Phone
    • Open Settings
    • Select "Developer options" in the System section
    • Check the box for "USB Debugging"
    • Press "OK" to confirm.
  3. Plug you phone up to your computer using the USB cable and allow the drivers to install.
  4. Download from the bottom of this post
    • I recommend making yourself a nice little GS3 folder in your downloads folder for all this stuff so it's easy to find
    • DO NOT UNZIP!!
  5. Copy on to the Root of your GS3s INTERNAL storage (if you put it into a folder, you may have a hard time finding it later, but that's on you).
    • DO NOT UNZIP!!
  6. Unplug your phone
  7. Power off your phone

Now, this is the part that can BRICK your phone so follow ALL instructions CAREFULLY!!
  1. Download Odin3-v3.04 from the bottom of this post
  2. Extract Odin3-v3.04 into it's own folder somewhere where you can easily find it.
  3. Download clockworkmod.tar from the bottom of this post to somewhere you can easily find it.
  4. Reboot your phone into download mode
    • Hold down Volume Down, Home and then the Power button until the Warning!! message is displayed
    • Press Volume Up to continue.
  5. Your phone should now be in download mode, displaying a green Android and say Downloading. If it is not, power off your phone by holding down the power button and then try to get into Download mode again. Do NOT progress until you have done so.
  6. Go into the folder you extracted Odin3 into and run Odin3 v3.04.exe (you may have to Right-Clik => Run as Administrator)
  7. Connect your phone to your computer via USB. Drivers may install again; if this happens, allow them to finish before progressing.
  8. In Odin, the COM box all the way to the left should turn blue and it should say Added!! in the Message area.
  9. Click on PDA and in the Open window that pops up navigate to and open the clockworkmod.TAR file you downloaded earlier
  10. Verify that Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are checked
  11. Click Start. Once the process is completed you device should automatically reboot and there will be a green PASS! box in the upper left of the window. You can then close Odin.
  12. Power off your device and boot into Recovery mode
    • To boot into Recovery mode: Hold down Volume Up, Home and then the Power button until the device begins to power on then release all 3.
    • You'll know you're in recover mode when it says "CWM-based Recovery" at the top of the screen
  13. Install that you copied onto your internal memory
    • Navigating ClockWorkMod Recovery: Use the Volume Up and Down rocker to change the highlighted option and the Home button to select an option. The Back softkey works, but will not be lit and will take you back one screen.
    Installing a zip:
    • Select "Install zip from sdcard" (Yes, I know it's on the internal storage.)
    • Select "Choose zip from sdcard"
    • Select the zip you want to install; in this case
    • Select "Yes" to begin installing
  14. Once the process has completed use the Back arrow to get back to the main recovery screen (Remember: it works, but it's not lit) and select "reboot system now." Once your device boots up you should now be 'Rooted,' but there's still a few more things to be done
  15. Install BusyBox. There are actually several ways to do this, but the BusyBox app in the Google Play Market is quick and easy.
    • Install BusyBox (this is a link to the online verison of the Google Play store. You can actually follow this link and install it from there and it will get pushed to your phone. Alternatively, just search for BusyBox in the Google Play store and it should be the first app in the search results from author Stephen (Stericson))
    • Open BusyBox Free from your App Drawer
    • Allow it Root access when it prompts you
    • Tap the red "X" to close the dialog window that pops up
    • Allow BusyBox to scan you phone
    • Tap "Install" to install BusyBox and make the necessary file changes.
  16. Update your Binaries.
    • Open the Superuser App from the App Drawer
    • Get into settings (the wrench icon in the upper right of the screen)
    • Select Su binary under the General section towards the bottom of the list
    • Select Update
  17. Your device is now rooted and all set.

How to video (YouTube):
Thanks again to qbking77 for the instructions video!

P.S. If you are a developer or I have used some of your material and/or you feel you should be credited, please let me know and I will update this post.
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22nd June 2012, 06:01 PM |#2  
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Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ is in the works as more questions roll in so I'll do my best to keep it updated.

Q: Odin failed! What do I do!?
A: Try plugging your USB cable into a different USB port on your computer and/or try a different USB cable (Odin's picky about the cable). The drivers may install again; if so, wait for them to finish. After that, verify that the device shows as Added in Odin again and click start again. If that still fails, try unchecking F. Reset Time box and removing any MicroSD card you have in the device, plug the device into (yet another) USB port and try again.

Q: Will these instructions work for other US (LTE) versions of the GS3?
A: I have not personally tested this method on any other versions of the GS3 but uoY_redruM and carrrnuttt (and others) have confirmed that this method works for the T-Mobile version as well. It should in theory also work for the AT&T and Verizon versions, though that's unconfirmed at this point.

Q: Ok, so I've got Root. What now?
A: That's entirely up to you. Root allows a near endless amount of customizatoin, but some of the most commonly sought after benefits of Root are these:
  • Root Only applications. These allow you to simply do more with your phone or tweak the way it functions. Some that I personally recommend are:
    • Titanium Backup and its Pro Key => For making backups of your apps, app data and system data and uninstalling or freezing Bloatware.
    • Quick Boot => For booting drectily to recovery or Download Mode (listed as Bootloader in the App)
  • Removing Bloatware => I recommend Titanium Backup for this
  • Loading custom ROMs. There aren't many floating around just yet, but I expect that'll change soon as the ball gets rolling.
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22nd June 2012, 06:24 PM |#3  
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Excellent write-up. Thanks. Now can we install custom roms from other forums or do we have to specifically wait for any to come up here.
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22nd June 2012, 06:28 PM |#4  
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Great write up! very easy and simple
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22nd June 2012, 06:30 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by daniel06gt

Excellent write-up. Thanks. Now can we install custom roms from other forums or do we have to specifically wait for any to come up here.

You should wait for any specific Sprint Galaxy S3 ROMs that get posted if you want to ROM your phone. I'm sure some will be popping up by the end of the weekend so I wouldn't expect that you'll have to wait too long
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Excellent write up, though I don't see the difference in methods; maybe because I speed read it but if you follow noobnl's method, you basically do the same thing, minus the adb to set the permissions, though if you install busybox, its the same goal. Again great because some people are afraid of adb.
22nd June 2012, 06:33 PM |#7  
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Very nice work... I'll get a how to video going very soon!
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22nd June 2012, 06:36 PM |#8  
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(repost, sorry)
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Great write-up! Thanks for taking the time to do this.
22nd June 2012, 06:39 PM |#10  
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Thanks for writing this up!
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