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[CWM Recovery][Stock ROM/Radio] LG C800 (T-Mobile MyTouch Q, Bell/Virgin Eclypse)

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By chui101, Senior Member on 5th July 2012, 09:06 AM
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ClockworkMod Recovery (Unofficial)

Finally we have fully functioning CWM recovery for the LG C800, also known as the T-Mobile USA MyTouch Q, also known as the Bell/Virgin Canada Eclypse! After many said it couldn't be done... here we are!
How to Install
0. Prerequisites
You will need:
- ADB and fastboot (
- LG's ADB drivers, available here.

Optionally, you will need:
- Root. (Use SuperOneClick root) Note: Root is not required for flashing via fastboot, but may be required for recovering should anything go wrong!

1. Back up your old recovery! ROOT REQUIRED
Open up a shell on your device by using adb shell or running your terminal emulator.
If you see a $ prompt, type
to get root. Otherwise if you see a # prompt you are ready to proceed.
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 of=/sdcard/stock-recovery.img
to write the stock recovery to your sd card. This will take about 8 MB of space.

2. Prepare the phone for future awesomeness

First, we must get the device into fastboot mode. In order to do this you must be able to have ADB access to the device. ADB is accessible when you are on the charging screen and when the phone is fully booted. You can enable ADB (debugging) access in the Application settings to access the adb service while your phone is fully booted.

Get the phone to the charging screen or enable ADB in the OS. Now, plug in the phone and verify you have adb access from your computer:
adb devices
If your phone is not showing up, go into device manager and make sure the LG ADB drivers are properly installed.

Once you have ADB access, run this command on your computer:
adb reboot bootloader
This brings the device into fastboot mode. What does fastboot mode look like? Well, it looks like a whole lot of nothing, mainly. If your phone boots up at this point and hangs out at the LG logo for a while, you're in fastboot mode. To verify it's in fastboot mode, run
fastboot devices
it should show something like

C:\androidsdk\platform-tools\> fastboot devices
?               fastboot
If you see this, you are ready to flash!

3. Flash!

To flash, first run

fastboot erase recovery
This erases the recovery partition and ensures that everything is zeroed out so nothing gets in the way.

Now run
fastboot flash recovery C:\Path\to\downloaded\lgc800-recovery-cwm-chui101.img
protip: Tab autocompletes. It saves a lot of key strokes if you have a lot of long folder names like I do!

It should almost instantaneously transfer the recovery image, and pause just a few seconds more to write the CWM recovery image. When done, you can type
fastboot reboot
to reboot the phone back into the main OS.

4. Reboot into recovery!
To reboot into recovery:

- Issue an adb reboot recovery from your computer wherever you have ADB access (charging screen, stock recovery, or the main Android environment if you have it enabled there.)
- Or, from the phone's powered off state, hold down VOL DOWN, F, and A, and press the power button. Once the LG logo appears, you can release the power button. Once the LG logo disappears and reappears, release all the the buttons.

Welcome to CWM recovery! You can take a nandroid backup, mount USB storage, and flash zips from here! Hopefully this opens the door to CM9 and other custom ROMs on this device!
Buttons are:
MENU or VOL+ = up
HOME or VOL- = down
GENIUS or ENTER = select
BACK or DEL = back

Note: If anything goes wrong, you can return to stock recovery by using
dd if=/sdcard/stock-recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17
, or by using the CWM flashable zip available below. Note: Above command REQUIRES ROOT.

It is recommended that you check the MD5 sum of your downloads!

CWM Fastboot Image MD5: b8d15a0ee9486f0a9662dd5747c50c43
CWM CWM Flashable ZIP MD5: 44ec9d19d5814fcfac8397c7d9a77559
USB functionality has been fixed as of 25 August. If you downloaded before then, you might need to flash the update! If you are having any additional issues with this recovery please let me know!

Older versions:
CWM Fastboot Image MD5: 3f5661d6120eddfd7c436c439805a310

Stuff to Flash from CWM
CyanogenMod 9 (Unofficial) Thread

Stock 2.3.6 ROM (V10V) MD5: f71cac4b1b534d94bb29d5c21a4ed8a1
NOTE: You should perform a wipe/factory reset if you are coming from a ROM other than the stock 2.3.4 that shipped with the phone.

Stock 2.3.4 ROM (V10D, bloatware and CarrierIQ removed) MD5: b6d8c04fb19cd9847027930dfb9fa7e8
NOTE: This image contains issues due to CIQ removal such as unreliable MMS/SMS retrieval. This should be only used as a last resort.

Stock Baseband for T-MOBILE MyTouch Q ONLY MD5: 2c2dcaeb6d75b37ff0b41f311665814c

Stock Recovery (from LG V10V 2.3.6 ROM) MD5: c9f606bc9033264d967ae98516cc044b

Thanks to:
misterfamilyguy for getting the ball rolling
vtinoc for getting the ball rolling again
mudtub for helping build all those recovery images and deodexing
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5th July 2012, 06:20 PM |#2  
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This is amazing. Thanks!
5th July 2012, 06:44 PM |#3  
medicjunKie's Avatar
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This is good news for Q users.

Sent from my LG-E739 using Tapatalk 2
5th July 2012, 10:35 PM |#4  
chui101's Avatar
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Doing some digging in the kernel source, it seems like this device is related to the LG e510, which has CM7.2 currently. We may be able to flash the e510 builds. More to come...
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5th July 2012, 10:53 PM |#5  
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Thanks for your contribution .
5th July 2012, 11:10 PM |#6  
chui101's Avatar
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Nevermind, it's related in name only. The MyTouch Q has the code name "Univa Q" which is its only connection really to the e510 (Univa). That and its screen size. The system board seems to be more related to the e739.
6th July 2012, 12:45 AM |#7  
dammitman's Avatar
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Thanks chui101 for getting the ball rolling. Good work.

Is there a link to the kernel source for the LGE C800?

I would certainly be interested in compiling a kernel and CM7 or even CM9. I have all the proprietary files needed, just need to dig around in the source and I'll upload to my github repo.
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6th July 2012, 01:13 AM |#8  
chui101's Avatar
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Yeah they have a 2.6 series kernel for gingerbread posted:

search for LGC800, and it should be there.

I'm trying to get CM9 to build and I think I'm way over my head with the kernel config!
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6th July 2012, 01:20 AM |#9  
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Thanks for the link, I haven't seen the Open Source page for LGE before.

If you have time or a repo I would certainly like to help and get the proprietary and device libs setup for a build. Shouldn't be too much work for the initial compile.
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6th July 2012, 01:22 AM |#10  
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The C800 and the E739 are basically the same, except the C800 has a slide out keyboard.

Maybe you can flash the E739 builds of CM7/9.

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6th July 2012, 01:27 AM |#11  
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It's not quite that simple, C800 is mdpi while E739 is hdpi. Also, the partition sizes are different, and the e739 kernel doesn't have the hardware keyboard. I'm pretty sure that's enough to require a completely different build.

The kernel builds fine from LG's source code, but I'm not convinced it'll be compatible with cm9. Also, I can't get a kernel config to build CM9 for me. I'm trying to adapt the /arch/arm/configs/univaq_perf_revc_defconfig that's used in LG's kernel build for the CM9 kernel but am not having much luck... Any ideas?

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