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[mod][mt6573] Data2sd on stock rom

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By yuweng, Senior Member on 6th July 2012, 09:46 AM
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All MT6573 android phones are plagued by low internal memory issue.

This mod works on all MT6573 Stock ROM with Stock Recovery.

Credits (In Aphabetical Order): banjo0917, casacristo, puppet13th, tazzz811, ungaze & others DEV.

Without them sharing their mods/ tools, this KANG would not be here...

BIG Kudos to them...

Click image for larger version

Name:	before.png
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Name:	after.png
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ID:	1180245
Added on July 07, 2012 - Version 2
Added V2 that take advantage of another unused script on Stock ROM, If your MT6573 phone already have a copy of at etc folder, you can use this V2... i think with V2, you can simply install it to all MT6573 android phone without having worrying if there is a copy of at /system/etc

Having said that, it is always safe to check with any Root Explorer & make sure you don't have an existing copy of at /system/etc. If there is, then save a copy to your /sdcard/scriptz folder before using V2...
Confirmed MT6573 Android Phone that works with Data2SD mod
CSL Switch Dual II Mi357
Fly IQ260 Blackbird
Spice Mi-350n
Nexian Cosmo Journey A895
Wellcom A90+

Lenovo A60
Spice Mi-350

Alcatel BLAZE DUO OT-918N

i-mobile i695

Nexian Xtreme A899

B63M i can't find the original manufacturer & it seems like this phone is really clone of the clone... real shanzhai model...

Tenq S820

Detail explanation on what this mod do
It uses (V2) to start up tweaks/ scripts at your /sdcard/scriptz folder. Inside scriptz folder, there are a few tweaks/ scripts that improve your android phone performance. The beauty of this mod is that it works like init.d but it reside on your SdCard instead of /system/etc/init.d

With normal init.d mod, any wrong tweaks, your phone will not boot or goes into bootloop ! With this SdCard Tweakz, anything wrong, just remove your SdCard & your phone will reboot normally. Then you can use any card reader to remove the scripts that causes the error.

To try any other tweaks, open any init.d tweaks with Notepad ++ or equivalent & save it as XX***.sh -> XX digit, *** -> text. For detail explanation on what you can do with SD Tweakz, you can refer to the original post here...

Again, here are the original developers/ modders in alphabetical order...
banjo0917 - Ported his custom ROM to my Mi357, this has leads me to discover that can be use on all MT6573 & ungaze SD Tweakz/ Data2SD
bgcngm - his unpack/ repack script leads me to discover unused script at boot.img
casacristo - First to compile ext2.ko so everyone can use ext2 partition on MT6573 with kernel
DooMLoRD - Use/ modded his Easy Rooting Toolkit [v4.0](zergRush Exploit) for this mod
tazzz811 - First to discover ungaze's Data2SD can be use on MT6573
puppet13th - Use/ modded his tool for this mod earlier
ungaze - Data2SD & SD Tweakz mod
xboxexpert - Use part of his interactive script
others DEV - various scripts at scriptz folder mostly ported from banjo's ROM
Added on July 11, 2012 - Final Version via ADB
- AIO which includes rooting, auto-install busybox, su, Superuser.apk & ungaze's Data2SD & SD Tweakz

- Install only ungaze's Data2SD & SD Tweakz for already rooted mt6573 Android phone. Make sure you have busybox prior to install this or else it will not work...
Added on July 21, 2012 - ext4 Test Version
As mention, because of work commitment, i cannot find time to fully test & release this ext4 version...Credits to Banjo0917 for compiling it...

So i'm hoping someone would take over, test it & release the stable version so that all mt6573 users can benefit from it... It is actually a fully working version which can also be install over previous ext2 version. Problem is that it works o.k for awhile then the constant FCs...

Files are extracted from Banjo's earlier patch file, he is most active at his Pinoy forum but not here...

You can download his rom here for reference...

You can find his latest rom here...

Any taker...
Added on August 26, 2012 - Cronmod INT2EXT
Just got an update from [SCRIPTS]CronMod-A2SD/D2EXT/INT2EXT (updated 08/24)
thanks to croniccorey & mastermind1024, now you have a few more scripts that you can play with, on ur stock ROM...

INT2EXT Features
- Mounts /sd-ext to /data

- Mounts /sd-ext to /data & leaves /data/data on internal for speed

-Mounts /sd-ext to /data & works with EXT 4 filesystem

-Mounts /sd-ext to /data & leaves /data/data on internal for speed mod by mastermind1024 for deodex ROM & people facing slow system after using INT2EXT+ script. It moves /dalvik-cache back to internal so that your system response better...

Steps for Installation
1) Download AIO-mt6573-Data2sd-ext4-For Testing.7z, extract it to your desktop; scriptz_cronmod.7z , extract it to /sdcard
2) If you have already use previous mods then it is advisable to format ext2 partition first before installation. Double-click start.bat & when it is about to finish & ask Press any key to reboot . . ., just close it
3) Remove from /sdcard/scriptz folder
4) Copy only one of the script from /sdcard/scriptz_cronmod to /sdcard/scriptz & reboot

Enjoy & don't forget to thank the original DEV...
Added on August 30, 2012 - Amarullz Ad2sdx
i've been trying to get this mod to work on stock ROM for the longest time & now it does !

Special thanks to mastermind1024, i couldn't figure out why it doesn't work at the first place, it always shows invalid IMEI for both SIM...

You can follow Amarullz original post here

Same as Cronmod INT2EXT, only one script should be copied to /sdcard/scriptz folder...

A little explanation about the different scripts
1) Ad2sdx mod by Alex-V - moves everything to sd-ext. According to Alex, if the internal data is full with dalvik cache & you still have plenty of free memory left on sd-ext, you can't install anymore apps...With this mod, you can !
2) Ad2sdx mod by casacristo - modded to mount ext2 instead of ext4 originally. This is the original untouched mod that places the dalvik-cache and system application data to internal memory to maintain performance.
3) Ad2sdx mod by haiduongbk - reverse mount sd-ext & data

Added on Sept 24, 2012 - Dark Tremor Apps2sd Version: Beta 04
This is the last version from Dark Tremor AKA Robert Travis Kirton since Jan 2011....

i've been looking forward to his Darktremor 2.8 but sadly it never got release...

After installation, use A2SDGUI to move dalvik-cache to SD-EXT. Also included is FreeSpace to check Ext partition...

For maximum space saving, at ADB shell use command su then a2sd datasd but i must warn you it might FC later on... He did mention he was never a fan of moving the entire /data/data directory to the SD card...

Darktremor Apps2sd
Oleg Krikun FreeSpace

Added on Oct 18, 2012 Updated DT_a2sd V2 & cwmr flashable zip
With close to 300 downloads & nobody report back it doesn't work out of the box...

Attached below is V2 that should work without the need to flash first...

For those who already got cwmr then you can download DT_a2sd cwmr flashable zip here...

i've seen far too many times that fellow xda member make this same mistake over & over again, including myself...

So pls pls people, don't use SP Flash Tool & download ROM not meant for your phone, it will brick it & there is no way to revive it back ! After you have download wrong PRELOADER, your phone will be completely dead, cannot power on, no charging, no recovery, no USB vcom detection & you can say
to it...

Here is the WARNING again :

Last edited by yuweng; 6th March 2013 at 02:09 PM. Reason: Warning : The danger of misuse of SPFT...
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7th July 2012, 07:19 AM |#2  
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If I would have seen this post before my phone wouldn't have been bricked

Anyway kudos to poster & developers
7th July 2012, 09:37 AM |#3  
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there are a lot of beginners would like to know how to install this into their MT6573 phone...


---------- Post added at 04:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:17 PM ----------

eventhough there is a How to Install in the MTZ file..


---------- Post added at 04:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:18 PM ----------

Auto Installation using ADB

1. Download & install usb driver from the above link if your phone doesn't comes with it.
2. Copy the extracted ADB folder to c:\ drive.
3. Double click Start.bat & all files will be installed.
4. Follow on-screen for instructions.
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7th July 2012, 01:11 PM |#4  
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First, on your android phone, enable usb debugging... Setting -> Applications -> Development -> put a check mark on "USB debugging"

Typically, when you plug-in your android phone, windows will detect it & will prompt you to install the driver...if it doesn't then follow the steps below...

Go to Device Manager -> double click on the MT65xx Android Phone -> Update Driver -> Browse my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer -> Next -> Have Disk -> Browse -> to wherever you have extracted the downloaded google usb driver -> android_winusb.inf -> OK -> Next -> Install -> Close -> Close

Whew, i actually replicate the actual step, by step... There is also another auto-installer, Pdanet, you can check it out...

Then double-click SuperOneClick & it will do its job... Answer yes when ask whether to install busybox

Actually, rooting & installing google sdk usb driver is scattered everywhere on the web & also here at xda...SuperOneClick

Thanks, breaky9973...It would be great if you could post the model of your MT6573 then others users will benefit from it too...
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Mt65xx Android Phone.png
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ID:	1182643   Click image for larger version

Name:	ADB.png
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Size:	49.5 KB
ID:	1182644  
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10th July 2012, 02:40 AM |#5  
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I have an i-mobile i695 and I got it succesfully restored (with one minor issue).
Your script works for me but it took me a couple of restarts to be fully initialized on my phone.
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11th July 2012, 12:58 PM |#6  
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guys, thank you so much for your feedback...

actually, it works right after reboot, the problem is mediatek's mt6573 is kinda of slow while booting up & yes, what you said is correct, it actually needs around 1 to 2 minutes to fully initialized...

when i got my android phone, 1st week got it rooted, 2nd week brick it, 3rd week found russian forum to restore it back... i presume most users will root their phone once they got their hands on it... Point taken, i have included DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit with it now...

As mention before, would appreciate if you guys that has this mod working on your phone to reply with the model of your mt6573 so that other users would benefit from it too...

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20th July 2012, 06:16 AM |#7  
Junior Member
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Hello yuweng,

Just want to confirm this mod works on Nexian A899 based on MT6573 stockrom. because of I used Link2SD before, seem like get problem to increased the internal storage and after factory reset, it works! get it free of 1.3 GB

btw, the start.bat not works under Win7..only works under WinXP.

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20th July 2012, 04:03 PM |#8  
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Thank you so much for your feedback, para_dox77...

Actually, best size for sd-ext is 1GB. i've install 200 over games to test & found out that after 1.2 GB of data fill up, after reboot, the launcher screen is not responding, all apps are missing & i have to wait around 3 to 4 minutes then everything show up ! After that, everything is quite responsive. So i guess thats the max. Same as our PC... On top of that, you'll save 500MB of space if you format your sd-ext 1GB instead of 1.5GB...

Both ported scripts are develop & tested on Win7 OS, so my best guest is that you didn't turn off the user account control'll block whatsoever bat/ exe/ setup file that is trying to run...

Another lesson learn, so guys please delete whatsoever link2sd, a2sd, d2sd & etc that you have or else this mod will not work...

By the way, this mod should be call data2sd or d2sd...You can refer to this post by croniccorey. You can also try his scripts & see if it works on our mt6573...been super busy with work lately so no time for modding...
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31st July 2012, 09:12 PM |#9  
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Hey, this is great! but I am having a little issue. I have a "NEOBOX NEO" phone, and since I was stuck with the stock recovery I could add init.d support but no ext2 support so I was using link2sd with a fat32 partition, but I still had problems with storage. I uninstalled links2sd and formatted the partition to ext2, ran the .bat and it worked, now I have plenty of space and no more annoying low space messages. The thing is, whenever my phone sleeps, when I turn the screen on, it hangs for a while, and then it prompts like 3 to 5 times like it has a new sim card. My guess is that it moved the sim app to the sd and when it sleeps it is not actually reading from the card hence the problem. I haven't done any further testing but I am guessing this would also cause trouble with other apps that need to be running in the background like messaging and whatsapp and basically anything that syncs. And if I am right and that is the problem, then the solution would involve having the phone not to sleep and thus drain the battery very fast. Correct me if I am wrong (and I certainly hope I am because otherwise this seems great and the solution to my problem)

EDIT: it does the "sim thing" not only when sleeping but anytime. specially anoying when listening to music. Anyone with the same/similar issue? the card is a 16gb verbatim HC card class 10. never had a problem with it b4.
Last edited by jinxie; 31st July 2012 at 11:31 PM.
1st August 2012, 12:08 PM |#10  
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Hi jinxie,

I've read alot on generic a2sd mod, data2sd & etc; many users has been reporting problem with class 10...

My suggestion to you is that you remove all scripts except & monitor from there onward...

This is the best part of ungaze's SD Tweakz, just add or remove any old/ new tweak scripts from your SdCard scriptz folder & you phone will be back to normal or even better/ faster with the correct modded scripts...

The other thing is that i change the read_ahead_kb from the original; from 1024 to 8192... You can refer to here for more info... May be it is too high for class 10... Use Notepad ++ & change it to a lower value...
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