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Bluetooth Gamepad

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Originally Posted by GregFromUtah View Post
I just pre-ordered the Nyko Playpad Pro from Gamestop,

FYI: As per Nyko, Gamestop will be the exclusive distributor for the Playpad Pro until February 2013.

Amazon has preorders on the Playpad and Playpad Pro but the Pro is not available until February 2013 as stated by Nyko. Bummer, I would have preferred to order almost anywhere other than Gamestop since their return policy stinks compared to most others. But I did not want to wait until February either....

Anyone else going for the Playpad or Playpad Pro?
Is there any word on if this will need an interface app yet, or if it will work natively with Android OS... On the same note, Six Axis interface app requires root access for several of it's config features. While I appreciate the root community, I wanted my 700 to remain pure. If it does require an interface app, will this also require root?

If it doesn't need an app at all, I guarantee I'm getting it. If it does, I'll still probably with a 90 percent chance get it..
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Can't believe no one has listed a Wiimote, with a classic controller pro plugged in. I use that with Usb Joystick Center in the market. With this combo you get the same amount of buttons on the classic pro that you do on a xbox or a ps3 controller, plus all the keys on the wii mote can be mapped to other system controls(back, menu, home, etc...). USB joystick center also has a touch to joystick addon that lets you map button pushes to specific screen location touches. The wiimote and the usb joystick center combo has worked for me on a DX, D2, Droid Razr, and now my infinity. Really great software.

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Originally Posted by Finire View Post
Are we requiring root for the above processes to work with Sixaxis? I really don't want to root my Infinity, because I don't see the need to. But I also want a controller that will work well. I wonder when Ouya releases there system, if there controller will work universally across android devices.

I didn't want to get an Ouya system though, because of there refusal to leave the standard android market on it, and refusal to support existing games. All games have to be purchased through there own app market.
I think you just found a reason to root.

I tried out sixaxis last night and I must say it works great.
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The Nyko Playpad actually looks like it has my vote. I want to get my hands on each version to see if I want the pro version or not, but it does look like it requires a Nyko app, available for free, which does not require root access. I'm just hoping that once the app is installed, it doesn't have to be run each time before you run an app like sixaxis. At least, that's what I've been lead to believe.

If I'm wrong, please point it out and I'll gladly accept the correction. Lets remember we're all here to help each other, and point out spelling/grammar mistakes.
I'm sorry, I forgot that my intelligence is no match for your ignorance.
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My Nyko PlayPad Pro just arrived from It is charging right now so I can't try it out yet, but the build quality seems very good and it is pretty light weight. It has kind of a matt/rubberized texture feel to it. Overall, I think I'm really gonna like it as long as it works well. Unfortunately I'm going to be really busy and may not get much time until the weekend to really test it out, but I'll post again before then if I do.

A few things I noticed that you may like to know are that it is compatible with all android devices with bluetooth and Android 3.0 and up, but Android 4.0 and up (with HID pad support) are required for touch mapping. Also, the companion Nyko Playground App is not available for download from the Nyko site or Google Play store yet. Hopefully that will be there really soon.
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I have hthe playpad pro as well, its been over a month since its release and the playground app is virtually useless. It only allows keyboard mapping and remapping HID buttons. Futhermore, in HID mode, only 1 stick and the top two triggers along with the face buttons are recognized by most apps. To get all the buttons in emulators and games, you have to use the playground app. Pairing is a pain too, you can't use playground with a pre-paired controller, it must be removed and done from the playground app. Kind of a ****ty implementation, but hey, its beta still right? Im really hoping for an update, the controller form factor is mint, and the sticks are 360 style, making it an awesome gamepad for mobile. As of now, its kind of junk...
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I use the PS3 controller with the Sixaxis app. Works great.
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Originally Posted by beowolfschaefer View Post
I have been using the Onlive Universal Wireless Controller. It is a really sold piece of hardware and works with most bluetooth devices. For some tabs though it will be detected incorrectly and leave you spinning around uncontrollably in games by default. However I found this fix on an Onlive forum which has worked perfectly for me. You will need root access in order to perform the fix.

cd /system/usr/keylayout/
mount -o remount,rw /system
cp Vendor_045e_Product_028e.kl Vendor_2378_Product_100a.kl

I tried this. Does dead trigger work OK for you? I still spin in circles.

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I use one of my PS3 controllers and the Sixaxis app. Love it, super simple, and you can make your own custom controller button mappings for each app individually if you want!
Dead Trigger plays wonderfully with the PS3 controller, without even having to create a custom map for the game. Very awesome!! Sixaxis app just may be the best dollar I've ever spent! Lol
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Default moga android controller

I picked up the Moga Android Controller over the holidays. I haven't tried to use it on all my games yet, but with packman and sonic it has worked great.

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