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[ROM][TW 4.3]I535 Mostly Stock - ML1 (05.11.14)

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This is a stock, rooted TW 4.3 rom based off of the recent ML1 update. It does not contain a bootloader or modem. KNOX has been NIXED too. ThePagel was able to grab the .tar which made this possible. Go throw a huge thanks his way.

First build was packaged in all of it's bloated glory. Just wanted everyone to see what all the update had to offer....minus the locked
Second build, I did some debloating to see how much we could trim this thing up and still meet everyone's needs. Good thing I posted a .zip of all of the apps I pulled out, huh. One man's bloat is another man's treasure.
This time, I'll leave it up to you. I rebuilt it with Aroma to allow everyone to choose what apps get installed.
Big thanks to Imoseyon and Ktoonsez for allowing me to include their kernels. Go throw your wallet at them for making this phone run awesomely again.....or at least throw them some thanks.
Newest build includes my stock kernel built from Samsung source.

Get the ML1 Modem here.

See Imoseyon's Lean Kernel thread here.

See Ktoonsez's KT747 Kernel thread here.

Samsung source


Aroma Installer (see Changelog in Post #2 for options)
init.d support (Lean Kernel and KT747 Kernel)
4-way Reboot Menu
Tether Mod

To Install:

Must be on MF1 or earlier bootloader
Place .zip on ext. sdcard
Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache (if you don't wipe, don't bring up any strange rom behavior or quirkiness here)
Install rom
Upon reboot, you will be asked if you want to "disable recovery flash", always answer "NO". Don't worry, this will not over-write your recovery, it is just part of the root process.
When booting for the first time, it may take up to 5 minutes. DON'T PANIC!


Mostly Stock ML1 based with Aroma installer:
md5: 2247f8e8746e9fd9e8c14dcd3347037e

Stock kernel built from source:
md5: 4c4c1d40d8ec7605fc468939193ea62d

Previous Builds:


Mostly Stock ML1 based with Aroma Installer:
md5: 612f447f00fad696a88bf16afd0878b7

Stock Root Deodex with Aroma: includes Bandit Expanded Toggle Mod
md5: e5187dfa42147a4b0159e3f355aee8a2

Stock Root Deodex with Aroma Installer:
md5: 9127e9feb5c07630edab25ca985c3379
Boot up once and the flash this for toggle:
cnexus's flashlight toggle add zip
md5: 015626a69cfcf6a3185cfc76068775d5
md5: 1dae53e6cdd6ba4a9d347822152e46f7

Major Debloat -
md5: aa56811fc0efaf6f6b9584a9df54080c

apks removed from this build - This is not a flashable zip. Unzip and copy whichever apks you want to /system/app/ and set permissions to match (rw-r--r--) then just reboot. Don't try to install, it's not necessary for system apps.

Original included dkp kernel - Remember, always wipe cache & dalvik cache when installing kernels.
md5: c1f62f09cc9172ded81b224f7fc16496

Mirrors: - thanks zachf714

VRUCML1_Stock_Root_Deodex_12_31_2013 - thanks jlyle
md5: c1f62f09cc9172ded81b224f7fc16496 - thanks cammykool[/SIZE]


Q: I took the update, can I install this?
A: Sorry, your bootloader is now locked and currently there is no method for installing custom roms.

Q: If I install this can I go back to any other rom?
A: Yes. This is just a custom rom like any other rom that you have flashed. It does not have the ability to lock your bootloader because none of that GARBAGE is included.

Q: Will this update me to the newest modem?
A: No, the modem is not included though it is highly recommended that you update to the ML1 modem (flash modem only, no other firmware).

Q: I know that I'm still on the MF1 bootloader but I flashed this and now I've got a big yellow triangle and it says something about unauthorized software. What happened?
A: You forgot to unlock your bootloader. Now you need to Odin back to MF1 and then unlock it with the Casual Tool.

Q: Will the Xposed framework mods work on this rom?
A: Several people have been using them with varying results. Load up a few and let us know how they work!

Q: Will google wallet work on this rom?
A: Yes. See here for instructions.

Q: Why does my flash go off when I receive a call?
A: It's a glitch in the update. See here.

Q: Why is my battery draining so fast?
A: Here's a couple of reasons that have been discovered here and here.

Q: Why am I showing to be connected to 4G and Wifi at the same time?
A: Either use TiBu and freeze "Caller Name ID 1.14.10" or your favorite root explorer and delete Canid.apk.


ThePagel - for the ML1.tar
amarullz - for Aroma Installer
Imoseyon - for the awesome Lean Kernel
Ktoonsez - for the awesome KT747 Kernel
decimalman - for letting me borrow his awesome kernel
Dsixda - for the kitchen (that makes it so much easier on us noobs)
scrosler - for his great tutorial on building a rom from a .tar
ChainFire - for SuperSU
Invisiblek - for his general awesomeness and helping us to not make our phones explode
jrkruse - for the root method
Surge1223 - for tether mod
jlyle and prdog1 - for trusting me and testing my work
Team Bandit - for the Expanded Toggle Mod (Prdog1, Jlyle and Dewitherell)
cnexus - for the extra toggles - Flashlight, Lockscreen on/off and Screen Timeout
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05.11.14 - Small fix
  • New toggles no longer require enable zip after first boot. After rom install, open Quickpanel editor and tap reset. New toggles will automatically populate. - Thanks to Prdog1 for the tip.
05.10.14 - Couple of additions
  • Implemented Textclock for Statusbar Clock - shows day of week
  • Added two more toggles - LockScreen on/off and Screen Timeout (must flash the enable zip after first boot) - huge THANKS to Cnexus for the Mod and the Tut.
04.03.14 - Minor changes
  • Added more white to white UI theme choice.
  • Added a couple of apps - Popup Browser, Chrome Browser and cLock Widget.
  • Updated Flashlight Toggle Mod to Cnexus' latest - no longer requires the problematic Torch app.
02.17.14 - Fixes
  • Cleaned up zip and fixed updater-script.
02.16.14 - Small changes
  • Finally got Team Bandit Expanded Toggle Mod built in. Big THANKS to Prdog1, Jlyle & Dewitherell! :D
  • Options for SystemUI theming include the toggles now.
  • Blue and White SystemUI still have Circle Battery with %.
  • If you want to use Team Bandit's theme, choose Stock SystemUI or you will lose battery icon. Follow the instructions in theme thread (flash theme and then flash Toggle Mod).
  • After installation, go to toggle editor and tap reset for all toggles to show up.
02.15.14 - Fixed issue with SystemUI f/c that some were having
  • Not installing Note2 keyboard was causing f/c - moved to system/app/.
02.10.14 - Fixed a couple of apps
  • Put Accuweather back where it was supposed to be.
  • Put right Moar Blue SystemUI back in.
02.08.14 - Small changes
  • With help from Prdog1 & Jlyle I got Aroma "purdied up a bit"
  • Thanks Jlyle for the splash screen!
  • Updated Ktoonsez Kernel to latest - 1/18.
  • Added Stock kernel built from Samsung Source.
  • Added Flashlight Capability but toggle still needs to be added after first boot. - Thanks cnexus! (use to add toggle after first boot.
01.14.14 - Just a few fixes
  • Removed Barebones Install option for now until I find which missing app makes phone f/c
  • Removed option to not install kernel because of mismatched modules keeping wifi from working
  • Fixed Samsung boot ani.
  • Removed Aosp Browser
  • Added Note2 Keyboard
01.12.14 - New Build with Aroma
  • Added Aroma installer
  • Choice of Barebones or Mildly De-bloated Install
  • Choice of Boot Animation: Google, Samsung or Verizon
  • Choice SystemUI Mods: Blue, White or Stock Statusbar Elements
  • Choice of Mms App: Aosp or Stock
  • Choice of Kernel: dkp by decimalman Lean Kernel by Imoseyon KT747 Kernel by Ktoonsez No Kernel - for the Safestrap peeps
  • Choice of Bloat...erm...I mean Installed Apps
  • 4-way Reboot Menu
  • Tether Mod (use at your own risk)
01.07.14 - New leaner, cleaner build
  • Lot of debloating
  • More white theming in statusbar
  • 4 way reboot menu built-in now
  • Tether mod included (use at your own risk)
  • I promise, no stray SDM.apk this time! :o
12.31.13 - New Build
  • Added back missing libs and fixed Wifi (Sorry!) :eek:
12.30.13 - Initial Build
  • (Oops, derped Wifi - it really was working) :crying:

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Here's some S5 Themed toggles @fhem made for the Extended Toggles Mod
S5 BLUE ICONS ONLY Bandit Stock Expanded Toggle
S5 WHITE ICONS ONLY Bandit Stock Expanded
S5 GREEN ICONS ONLY Bandit Stock Expanded Toggle

Here's the SystemUI Mods for 02.17.14 with Team Bandit's Extended Toggles Mod
Updated to no longer need Torch.apk (ok to flash on 04.03 build but not 5.11)
VR Spell - thanks Prdog1

These mods can be added to any build before 02.16.14
Moar_White_& with Cnexus's Flashlight Toggle Mod (must still use SQLite editor or similar method to add toggle after first boot)
Moar_Blue_& also with Cnexus's Flashlight Toggle Mod - Thanks Jlyle
Themed Toggles - Thanks jlyle

Universal Mods - Can be added to any build
S3 ML1 4.3 4x4 Launcher with Scroll Speed Hack - Thanks Prdog1
4x5 Launcher - Thanks Prdog1 & Jlyle
4x6 Launcher - Thanks Jlyle & Prdog1
Bandit Blue Trans ML1 Accuweather - Thanks Prdog1 (transparency fixed)
Bandit Stock White Trans ML1 Accuweather - Thanks Prdog1 (transparency fixed)
Themed Multi-Window - Thanks Jlyle
Note2 Keyboard TW 4.3 - Thanks Golfslicer for packaging (orig. files - enewman17)
To enable swipe you must turn on predictive text in the keyboard settings, turn off auto replacement then select continuous input under swipe.
Keyboard Fix will fix symbols - Thanks Golfslicer - by me (if you don't like my theming you can push your preferred AOSP Mms.apk to /system/app/
(be sure to back up your messages, this will wipe them)
(remember, back up your messages, this will wipe them)
MrBrady found some flashable boot animations. See this post.

These mods have been included since 01.07.14 build (Reboot / Hot Reboot / Download / Recovery) - me
Tether_Mod - Thanks prdog1 (carriers don't like this, use at YOUR own risk)

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Yyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You so much to everyone involved!
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Awesome. Thank you so much!

Will we be asked upon every reboot if we want to fix root or just upon the first reboot?

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thank you!! downloading the huge file and will flash right away hahha
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Bam! Just like that here it is, thanks so much!
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Awesome! Thank you.

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