Default aLogcat/CatLog/Lumberjack not working? Do this ...

I noticed my favorite logcat app wasn't working on my N7 so I went on a search and found a fix/workaround (details later):
pm grant <pkg> android.permission.READ_LOGS
So, to give the donate version of aLogcat (, you'd do this
pm grant org.jtb.alogcat.donate android.permission.READ_LOGS
This seems to persist across reboot. Not sure about app update/uninstall/reinstall but it works for me.

Note that "pm" is a standard part of Android (I'm rooted but running stock JB on my N7) so you can just run it from the shell (adb shell) or from the command line via your favorite terminal emulator app like Android Terminal Emulator (

If you're interested in the details, there's a long discussion over in the Android Developers Google Group --

Note: I'm rooted so it may require root to work.

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