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The OUYA console... is it doomed? Inquiring minds want to know...

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By paleh0rse, Senior Member on 27th July 2012, 07:27 PM
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6th February 2013, 12:39 PM |#21  
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Originally Posted by OniV2

Well, if you're honestly going to bring up 'games aren't about the graphics' when we're talking about a home console (throwing in a comment about text-based games) meant to compete with the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U, then yes - you're going to met with snide comments. The GPU's capabilities translate more to being actually able to play the games, and that has little to do with the visual representation.

The Ouya won't be a worthwhile investment at its price. Honestly, it won't. The above two options, especially the latter Wii U gamepad rip off, seem to be a much better choice.

Valve's 'Steam Box' and other equivalents will likely catch the audience the Ouya is trying to get.

Honestly, I'm rather amused that anybody's TRYING to compare the Tegra 3 to the CPU/GPU in a 360, PS3, or Wii U. From what I understood, the point was more to play Android games without paying $200+ for a console, as well as an open development platform, media streaming, etc.
6th February 2013, 03:27 PM |#22  
I already bought one and I was happy to do so. The hardware you are getting for the price you are getting is a good deal imo. The fact that we can root/open it with a screw driver and still have a warranty are also a major bonus.

Yes it's not an xbox or ps3, but it isn't meant to be. I think it's going to do well. Go look at the kickstarter page if you have forgotten.
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6th February 2013, 04:42 PM |#23  
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The way i see Ouya has been designed, it should be enough modular to be hacked.
So i HOPE there will me room to improve and especially install a tegra 4 .

I dont think OUYA is dead ...Otherwise i dont think it would have reached (and over-reached) the KickStarter goal !

Ouya's initiative is excellent (that's why i purchased one) but its future... with Shield + Android Game center... don't know...
They will be the first ones and should be reactive enough to embed the Game center ^^
6th February 2013, 04:59 PM |#24  
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Its not dead but I wish they would upgrade it to the tegra 4 on release. A non battery powered device is the ultimate use for a quad core a15. (I had a nexus 10 and damn that thing screamed with just the dual) They could let those things stay out of low power mode more often and the gpu in the 4 is literally 10 times faster. The a15 was designed more for this purpose than for phones. Its a scaling up of arm to higher power envelope so that they can branch out into servers and gaming consoles.
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6th February 2013, 07:04 PM |#25  
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Seems like everyone is missing one key thing here. Ouya is up-gradable so as the smartphone industry pushes forward and better hardware is created you will be able to put a new board in your Ouya. No console has that at all and most of the current ones are on their last dance as they are replaced. Also with the quality of some games on Android thus far I don't see how this wont work. The one thing I see being the big plus is you can do what ever you want with it. The others don't want you doing that.
6th February 2013, 07:19 PM |#26  
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Though I am a big Android fan I have no need for this. I own a PS3. Why would I game on a sub standard console? Just because it's hackable and Android? Not good enough. The games aren't good enough to warrant me playing them on a 50 inch LCD.
6th February 2013, 08:08 PM |#27  
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anyone who purchased one already and people who buy them now and shortly after release, should realize we're buying on potential. It's another platform. I've played some fun games on my phone. Seeing what developers can do for games they think people will only play for five or ten minutes at times could lead to some fun titles designed for significantly longer play times.

Being hung up on the hardware such as which Tegra or how many GPU cores it has kind of misses the point. Not to say they don't have relevance. My understanding of Ouya was to create cheaper entry point for both the consumer and game developers. Considering this forum, most of use know how to get a controller connected to an Android device and get the image onto the TV. But I would say more people do not. Plus, developers aren't designing their games for TV sized displays or to have gamepad inputs.

At this point in time, I think Ouya will not be doomed, especially if you can play games from the Google Play such as GTA or have some sort of touch input for something like Dead Space. It's not going to have numbers like the Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo. It can definitely have a few million users. And given deal to see at retailers, probably see an install base of a few million

Here is some thoughts from Micheal Patcher from Web Bush on Ouya. He's an investment analysis for gaming. The Ouya discussion starts at 6:18
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6th February 2013, 11:04 PM |#28's Avatar
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Re: The OUYA console... is it doomed? Inquiring minds want to know...
If I may put my opinion in here.

I will buy one yea.. it's not the best tech but android is open & this platform is just as open which is fantastic.

I bought a 99 dollar andoid chineese tv box because I couldnt wait for ouya anymore, dual core rk3066 with a quad core mali-400. It plays all my emulators n64oid sega plus plays unreal engine 3 with little to no lag 36.7 fps [URL][/]
The minix neo x5 android box actually blows me away with everything it can do. I can only imagine a andoid box that can do what I already own.. Plus have a slew of dedicated games which is the only real down fall of my neo x5 I cant play 5star title's like nova 3 or moddern combat zero hour with out spending hours of configuration for six axis(ps3 controller app) It plays all games compatible with blue tooth controllers just fine like dead trigger and cordy.

So gaming does have potential on mobile hardware and its just taking that extra step into a world with a lot of new things to be done.

Cant wait to get my hands dirty with ouya I hope gameloft and ea games will support it.

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6th February 2013, 11:31 PM |#29  
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no it's not
The hardware is on par or even slightly better than what you can get in a top of the line smart phone. The Android OS is going to be modified to essentially limit the multi-tasking requirements and expand the reach that each application will have to access the hardware.

Development of the games will be simple and the ability to use Unity Engine for the designing makes the console really the best option for any indie dev.

I'm not worried about GameStick, in fact I think the two will end up working well with each other. With a few dev mods the games will be portable between different Android devices.

The device will not only be upgraded over time by the manufacturers, but indie dev's and hackers themselves will find ways to upgrade the device. Since Ouya will be open to these mods it's likely they will seek later integration of these improvements on the device, then release them in future upgrades.

Also, looking at the device I can imagine interchangable boards are a near certainty. Upgrades will not come as complete packages that must continually be re-purchased, but you may get a new mainboard that simply fits right back into the "rubik's cube". Then as new hardware upgrades become available, games can futher be developed to make use of the upgraded hardware. Dev's can build a game with lower LOD for the older version of Ouya, and release different patches of the game with different LOD's based on your hardware's specs. That's just theoretical of course, but possible.

That's all because it will be Open Source rather than the suppressive Sony/MS/Nintendo hoops that developers need to jump through.

Lastly, the LOD may not be what PS3 or XBOX 360 games support right now, but they CAN be better than your average game for your phone/tablet. A good illustration of that can be seen in this youtube video:

7th February 2013, 12:20 AM |#30  
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Originally Posted by dibblebill

Honestly, I'm rather amused that anybody's TRYING to compare the Tegra 3 to the CPU/GPU in a 360, PS3, or Wii U. From what I understood, the point was more to play Android games without paying $200+ for a console, as well as an open development platform, media streaming, etc.

Well, it is a home console. Just because it's an extremely underpowered US$99 machine doesn't mean it's not pretty much in direct competition with the heavy hitters on the market. Hell, it's going to have to face the:

- Playstation 3
- Playstation 4
- Xbox 360
- Wii (which is now cheaper than the Ouya, and with a larger game library)
- Wii U
- Valve 'Steam Box' and equivalents from other manufacturers (like the 'Piston')
- Nvidia Project Shield and other new Android gaming devices

Just for the sake of argument, one can even push the damn Raspberry Pi as competition. It's cheaper than the Ouya and it can have Android installed.

I think it's honestly stupid to deny the competition the Ouya has just because it has a relatively low price point. Least we know that if it bombs, we'll all be there to see Ouya supporters accepting that the Ouya was only to blame. Right?
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