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The OUYA console... is it doomed? Inquiring minds want to know...

8th February 2013, 07:45 PM |#41  
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Very usefull.
8th February 2013, 08:10 PM |#42  
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Yes, it is doomed!

It's a wash after Nvidia said it was making portable consoles. The only thing left is for this to be a media player and I rather buy a media player for that.
9th February 2013, 05:39 AM |#43  
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Originally Posted by Lastb0isct

Playing all previous gen games on your 50in screen doesn't excite you? Playing every NES, GENESIS, SNES, GAMEBOY, GBA, PSX, PSP, ATARI, etc game... Being able to natively use XBMC doesn't excite you? The possibilities are endless!

I have a Home Theatre PC for that. Better video and audio decoders that I myself can configure, a larger range of free currently supported emulators, hardware compatibility, and the ability to play PC games.
9th February 2013, 09:10 AM |#44  
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I supported Ouya during their kickstarter campaign and I can't wait for it to arrive next month

Indie gaming may be niche, but giving developers a cheap platform to work on can't be bad, who knows, the next Minecraft (for example, don't like it that much myself) could be developed for Ouya

And even if gaming doesn't takeoff on it, it will be much better than my current android stick and will make a perfect platform to run XBMC
9th February 2013, 01:04 PM |#45  
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Re: The OUYA console... is it doomed? Inquiring minds want to know...
We get it, dude. You don't want one. However, not all people have your hardware or mindset

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9th February 2013, 02:13 PM |#46  
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Every successful console survived because of the game titles for it.Remember Nintendo 64 ?Terrible hardware,painful programming,expensive console and diskettes,technically it couldn't even rival the Play Station.But...Mario,Zelda,Resident Evil 2...and Nintendo supported developers,because otherwise it's dead.The titles were not so many,but were iconic.Every game copy sold means a console owned,check statistics yourself...
Now does anyone remember the SEGA Dreamcast ?
It was released two years before XBOX and PS2 and was if not more capable,then surely in the same league in terms of hardware.Optical drive,powerful graphics,flexible programming...Surely it had Sonic,but that wasn't enough,and it's story ended two years later.Pity...
Why was XBOX a success?Because Halo,Elder Scrolls,KOTOR...and the PS2?Just mention Grand Theft Auto...

So what I'm saying about consoles is,that hardware does not sell...nobody cares wtf chip you have there or if it's "hackable" or something...but titles do...Give them GTA V and Halo 4 and expect 30 mil sales in the first months...and you can sell it for 399$....
Current Android game titles are just useless garbage.Like,really useless,that's why there's no game consoles.You can focus on the content,not the package,but there's a LEGO block on the carpet - called Open Source - nobody needs the console actually.So it's doomed.
So Open Source both gives birth and kills - with more things,but less content.Wonder which direction will Android go.
9th February 2013, 07:56 PM |#47  
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I've been saying since the first day it was on kickstarter that OUYA wouldn't take off.

1) It's essentially a non-portable Android tablet/phone
It's not exactly hard to hook a phone or a tablet to a BT controller and to a TV, I think you guys are underestimating average folks when you say it's hard.

2) They're not going to have any worthwhile games
The biggest game that said they -might- port over to OUYA was Minecraft, and that's not exactly a console seller when it's available on a bunch of other platforms.

3) It's not the only media player
Every major console can get on Netflix, the PS3 and Xbox 360 support UPnP streaming, the 360 has Media Center (which will beat anything OUYA can come up with, even XBMC)

4) Price point
$99 is too high to compete with things like the Xbox 360 (which can be found for $~120 if you look) and the Wii (which can be found for ~$50 if you look)

Basically the OUYA is facing overwhelming competition from pre-established giants. It doesn't bring anything new or advanced to the market. Specs-wise it's pathetic against existing consoles, it has no new titles, it's pretty much in the same price point as a (used) 360, and far more expensive than a used Wii, with none of the library. Not to mention that most everyone who will be interested in OUYA will have a device fully capable of being an OUYA, their phones/tablets.

So, yea, I don't think OUYA has a chance.
Last edited by netham45; 9th February 2013 at 07:58 PM.
9th February 2013, 09:16 PM |#48  
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I backed the quick starter as when it was started it sounded bad ass. Now that it has been set to release in March and April with non pre ordered units hitting in June I wonder how it will do. New processors are already out and being fitted in new phones and tablets right now. It makes me feel like I bought last years cool toy a year late. I cant cancel my preorder so I will take the ouya and hopefully there will be an overclocked kernel especially how the processor has a heatsync and fan attached to it. I will use mine solely for emulation and as a media center with XBMC in my bedroom.
11th February 2013, 03:05 AM |#49  
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no doubt it'll be doomed on gaming world huh, playing an Android games in HD TV maybe
11th February 2013, 06:30 AM |#50  
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I will wait for a while. OUYA is a good product but Nvidia Tegra 3 is getting older day by day
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