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[HOWTO][4.2]Now there's an app for that. Enable Multiple Users in Android

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For Android 4.2 Try this:

Originally Posted by mildlydisturbed

FYI, since I stumbled across this looking for 4.2 and it came up because *not 4.2* is in the title, in case it's not here - 4.2 how to (possibly depending on build)

adb shell
pm get-max-users (should show 1)
setprop fw.max_users (some number above 2, I chose 7)
pm create-user someusername here

repeat the create-user as wanted.

That popped up a "Users" tab for me after creating 1 that allowed me to create more.

Your mileage may vary, and I did this on a different device so I may just be useless

Or this:
Originally Posted by SferaDev

For those who doesn't to worry to do it wrong I've coded a app of this procedure.


See you!

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Only bug I noticed was that in order to switch from any non primary user back to the primary(as far as using a visual UI), your lock screen *has* to be in landscape mode. Easy enough I guess so have at it!

Thanks to everyone keeping the info flooding in on this subject. Hopefully KLP will have this baked in for phones as well.

Original Method for 4.1 below:

Been featured on the below sites!

*Insert Disclaimer Here*
Also, I have navigation bar mod on my 7/30 build of CM10, so ignore those.
This should work on any Jellybean Android 4.1.x ROM built from AOSP, like CM10, AOKP, etc.
Please read this entire post before doing any of this!
This feature is now in AOSP fully as of Android 4.2!!

After reading about the recent discovery of multiple user code being in JB, I decided to mess with it.

Here's a video:

Manual method(fun, makes you feel like a hacker):
First, we need to enable this.
Go to Terminal Emulator and type these in:

pm create-user test
Hint: "test" being the name of the 2nd user. You can change that to a name, or whatever.

Now, we've created a 2nd User on your JB 4.1 device. Hold the Power/Lock button to bring up the power menu, and you should see this:

From here, you can switch to the 2nd user, which will have a fresh homescreen, and show you the tutorial. Settings are limited to this user, as seen here:

Originally Posted by mantian

In case someone hasnīt figured out how to rename/change any usename, it's pretty easy.

You only have to go to /data/system/users and edit the "userX.xml" file, where X is the user numer(0,1,2,...). The change the name between and to any other you like. For example, from guest to invitado. Save the file and reboot. It work well for me.

P.S: If you don't know which user number has the one you wanna change, check out the userlist.xml file, which has the same path above.

To remove this 2nd user from your phone, switch back to the primary user via the power menu, and go back to Terminal Emulator.

Type this in:
Hint: only if it isn't still running from before
pm remove-user 1
Hint: primary user in this case is 0, 2nd is 1, so on and so on.

Now you should only have one user, and your Power Menu should not have the ability to switch to a new user anymore.

To double check, go back to the Terminal Emulator and type this:
pm list-users
Should say:

Easy Method:

XDA member Raghav Sood has an app that does all of the above for you.

At the moment, this isn't extremely usable, ie texts from the primary user's still show in the 2nd test account. But, with the right launcher installed, and hiding the apps from the drawer on the 2nd account, this can still be usable in its current form.

My suggestions:
1.) Label the 2nd user Guest
2.) Use Nova or Apex as the launcher for the Guest user, and hide all of the apps you want(texts, social media, email, etc) from the app drawer.
3.) Setup a security lockscreen on the primary user to prevent Guests from gaining access(each user has different lockscreen settings)

You can read more about this here: and on their source link.

Originally Posted by cdesai

P.S. - This was done by modifying code in the Settings app, and i did submit the patch to CM Code-Review(, it ins't in yet as it's buggy.
We've tested it pretty extensively, and it's insanely broken.

I also submitted a patch to AOSP related to this(, and it got rejected, due to what i said.
The below line comes a developer at google, who's been working on this since more than a year:
"Multi-user feature is not ready for deployment. Bad things will happen if you use it in its current state!"

Originally Posted by Roodborstje

I have it working om my GSM GN.

I found that in the second account there are apps that I don't have in the primary account, for example: Google Wallet, Play Magazines, Play Books and Play Films. (I'm from Belgium)
Oh, they disappeared as soon as I signed in with my Google account.

If you are on the second user, most of the data from the primary user is hidden (you can not acces it).
For example:
- photo's
- unlocked levels in Angry Birds
- music
- contacts
- google account
- clipboard
- home screen

But there are a few exceptions:
- all the apps are there, as if they were just installed
- the recent apps menu
- the use-app-as-default-setting (I don't know the official name). For example: if you set Apex as default in the Guest account, it will also be default in the primary account.
- your messages (!)

Ps: this was my first post on xda
I hope you find it usefull.

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1st August 2012, 12:49 AM |#2  
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It. just. Looks. So .

Sexy :')

Great tut btw!!! I shall do this
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1st August 2012, 01:23 AM |#3  
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Dude, just awesome! This will come in very handy for my 2 year old! Thanks!
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1st August 2012, 04:03 AM |#4  
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Uploading a video now of it.

Edit: Video
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1st August 2012, 01:41 PM |#5  
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this would be epic if this could work.

you could probably make some serious change in the marketplace also lol
2nd August 2012, 02:08 PM |#6  
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Great! Also works in adb shell.
2nd August 2012, 02:27 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by cypressious

Great! Also works in adb shell.

i get 'stopped(sigsstop)' what wrong?
2nd August 2012, 02:47 PM |#8  
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great! will come in very handy since im always working with Ethiopian children and trust me they're pretty smart they always blackmail me saying they'l send my contacts dirty pictures and messages. now its all going to be stopped ! thanks bro
2nd August 2012, 02:56 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by NeoNikon

great! will come in very handy since im always working with Ethiopian children and trust me they're pretty smart they always blackmail me saying they'l send my contacts dirty pictures and messages. now its all going to be stopped ! thanks bro

Good luck with that.... 0.o
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2nd August 2012, 02:59 PM |#10  
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This is fantastic. I hope that there is more exploration of this. Would be perfect for tablets.
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