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[RECOVERY][CWM] ClockworkMod v6.0.2.7 Touch v14.4.6 | exFAT support (01/11/13)

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IRC on freenode: #sk8erwitskil

NEW: I have created a script to easily update to the latest version of my recovery.

- Download this file ----> (updated to fix typo)
- Put it on your sdcard
- open adb and type:

sh /mnt/sdcard/ skyrocket
- it will reboot you into recovery
- starting in v14.2.1 it will automatically start installing and reboot when its done

Note: If your sdcard is not mounted on /mnt/sdcard then open the script and change the line that says path=/mnt/sdcard/sk8sUpdater to match your mount point. i.e. ICS users may have to change it to say path=/mnt/emmc/sk8sUpdater

I have ported touch recovery to Clockworkmod 6. I will be making updates to this just like my other touch recovery. I have added a few menu items and tweaks to make it like my CWM5 recovery.

Looking through the cwm code more in depth i have noticed MANY flaws with the code for new(er) phones that use /emmc instead of /sdcard as the main storage. i have now fixed those flaws in v9+.

Here is a video of how it works: --------> YOUTUBE LINK

Flashable zip:
Quote: ---------> DOWNLOAD

Thanks to :
gweedo767 (for creating the original touch recovery)
koush (for creating CWM)
PhilZ (for his amazing improvements and help with applying universal touch code) BIG THANKS!

initial release
- updated to latest version of clockworkmod
- add reboot download option
- add reboot recovery option
- add power off option
- change font size
- add various internal/external sdcard options from cwm touch recovery
- change order of internal/external sdcard so internal comes first on backup/restore/install
- add support for phones that sdcard mounts as external_sd
- fix the line below the menu to actually be below the menu
- clean up the "andy the android" picture. (if you make a backup you will see that the picture in the background has been poorly edited. there are bits of black spots around him)
- JellyBean Background
- fixed missing slash that was not allowing installs from external sdcard
- update to latest version of CWM
- updated to latest version of CWM
- added ability to delete nandroids from recovery (in backup and restore menu)
- changed order of internal/external so external comes first
- fix timestamp creation on backups
- updated to latest version of CWM
- fixed bug that would not allow backup of /system
- update to latest version of CWM
- allow customization of backup format (dedupe/tar)
- use minizip tool instead of e2fsck, etc.
- more....
- update to latest version CWM
- fixed bug where backing up to external wouldnt backup /emmc/.android_secure
- ADDED DUAL LUNFILE SUPPORT! (thanks to topprospect for this!)
   -- what this does is when you mount USB storage you 
       will see both of your sdcards mount at the same time
- various /emmc fixes (recovery now looks for all clockworkmod "." files in /emmc instead of /sdcard)
   - this is useful for people who dont use an external sdcard at all
- grabbed latest commits to official CWM 6
- added new extras menu (look in 2nd post for info)
- some other stuff i dont remember
- fixed hide nandroid progress bug (it now works)
- added sk8's fix permissions option (logging is disabled so it runs faster and it also clears stale data directories)
- fixed bug where normal fix permissions wouldnt create a log to correct location
- cleaned up some syntax
- added darkside wipe/super wipe built in
- added aroma file manager built in
- added ability to backup/restore the /efs partition
- cleaned up oneconfirm/hidenandroidprogess features to be one menu item
- more......
- fixed bug where darkside cache scripts wouldnt work
- added option to create a custom zip (read 2nd post)
- report log gets copied to /emmc instead of /sdcard
- add support for roms without busybox (stock roms) to create a custom rom zip
- add support for openrecoveryscript (read THIS)
- add support to choose a custom created openrecoveryscript
- use goo-manager to flash roms and create openrecoveryscripts
- now detects where android_secure is automatically
- fix to work even if 'sdcard' is in the path
- misc code cleanups.....
- bug fixes
- android_secure fixes
- that pesky android_secure - bugfixes for restoring android_secure
- updated to latest
- some bugfixes
- added option to select where android_secure lives (hopefully this is the last time. i promise)
- updated aroma file manager to latest version
- add initial support for whole-device encryption (thanks topprospect)
- updated to latest CWM
- fixed some mtdutils issues
- added a bootanimation changer
- not released
- added bootanimation change selection from external sdcard
- added newest aroma filemanager w/ console support (you can use terminal in recovery)
- updated to latest changes of official CWM
- added support for Android 4.2
- zip file now installs to your internal sdcard
- updated to fix typo
- openrecoveryscript automatically runs if script is found in /cache/recovery/
    - this is good for using my or goomanager
- skipping this number to keep in line with my other devices
- lots and lots of under the hood improvements
- re-wrote OpenRecoveryScript and efs backup/restore code
   - these work alot better now (thanks so much to PhilZ for his amazing help)
- add option to backup/restore boot.img from sdcard
- now using latest stable kernel
- completely re-wrote the touch code for some improvements
   - now to select you tap anywhere on the screen
- fixed some typos
- made my source code universally compatible with all phones using ICS or greater
- compiling in jellybean base recovery code now
- fixed soft keys (virtual keys on bottom) (credit to PhilZ for this)
- reverted back to swipe to select
- tweaked some features in the extras menu
- messed up on the mount points so i fixed them now
- added some buffer to fix ability to accidentally select wrong item
- skipped some versions because they were made for other phones
- re-wrote the create custom backup feature to be universal now with all phones/roms (thanks to PhilZ for the help)
- added new settings menu
    - add ability to change timezone
    - added /preload support (must go and enable it in misc nandroid settings)
- add rom name to nandroid names
- more i just cant remember now....

Current Version:
- added exFAT support
- some under the hood optimizations

Major update to how touch works now:
UP - swipe finger up on screen
DOWN - swipe finger down on screen
SELECT - swipe finger from left to right
BACK - swipe from right to left


This is what the new dedupe format does. This is a direct quote from the original creator of clockworkmod:
ClockworkMod Recovery now deduplicates files between builds. This results in way smaller backups.
Don't delete /sdcard(or emmc)/clockworkmod/blobs

I've gotten a few questions about how this works, so I figured I'd make a post on it.

Basically, here's what happens:

The files being backed up are hashed (sha256, not that it matters). Then it checks for a file with the name of the hash in

So, if the hash of the file was c5273884b90d490134e7737b29a65405cea0f7bb786ca82c6337ceb24de6f5ed, it looks for /sdcard/clockworkmod/blobs/c5273884b90d490134e7737b29a65405cea0f7bb786ca82c6337ceb24de6f5ed

If the hash file is found, it continues on to the next file. Otherwise, it copies the file to the blobs directory with the file name being the hash.

ROMs and user data, for the most part, do not change too much between builds and backups. So, your APKs, system files, etc, are generally only stored once. This saves a ton of space. Especially between incremental backups.

Some of you may be thinking "well, how do I delete a backup?".
First, never delete the blobs directory. This would actually delete all your backups by rendering them unusable.
Simply delete the usual backup directory, and the next time you run a backup, all the unused hash files will be automatically delete (a process known as garbage collection). The recovery will show "Freeing space..." while this is happening.
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21st August 2012, 02:55 AM |#2  
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Whats in the extras menu?

- change bootanimation (this lets you select a bootanimation form your internal sdcard. it backs up your current bootanimation to /{internal sdcard}/clockworkmod/ba_backup/. it only backs up the original bootanimation so if you keep changing your bootanimation you will still only have your original one in ba_backup.)

- enable/disable one confirm (this makes it so you only have to scroll through one confirm selection when installing something instead of having to go through 10 of them to click yes)

- hide/show backup & restore progress (this makes it so the progress bar when you backup/restore doesnt show up and makes backups/restores a bit faster since it doesnt have to show you the progress and files its backing up)

- select android_secure on internal/external (use this to select where you have .android_secure. default is internal, so if you have it on external make sure to choose this once to set it up)

- aroma file manager (file explorer)

- create custom zip (this will create a custom rom from the currently installed files you have on your phone. it takes your /system partition and /boot partition and makes them into a zip file ready to be flashed. the end product will be in clockworkmod/custom_rom/. this has recently been fixed to work on all phones/roms

- choose custom openrecoveryscript (read THIS)

- recovery info (shows the version of recovery and the build date)

- Special Backup & Restore (backup and restore your kernel/boot and /misc partitions)

- Misc Nandroid Settings (change time zone, turn preload support on/off (default is off), enable md5 checking)
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21st August 2012, 03:06 AM |#3  
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hellz yes!!!

Sent from my SGH-T989 using xda premium
21st August 2012, 04:52 AM |#5  
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Thanks buddy! will report if I come across any bugs
21st August 2012, 05:17 AM |#6  
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Working great and looks beautiful do u recommend to do the hide the progress option or to not?
21st August 2012, 05:51 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by casonswag

Working great and looks beautiful do u recommend to do the hide the progress option or to not?

its up to you. if you want to know how far along the progress is then show it. but itll take a little bit longer to backup. or if you dont care about how far along you are and just want it to be done in the fastest time possible then hide it.
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21st August 2012, 12:23 PM |#8  
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when i go into cwm it says read only file system...? do i fix that...cause my system is monted and my sd card is mounted...pleasse help...thanks in advance...
21st August 2012, 02:02 PM |#9  
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ooo this is sweet , thanx, now i can delet the other thread and leave
only the non-touch version!

21st August 2012, 06:57 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by if your .android_secure folder lives on your external sdcard then download this file -----------> [url[/url]

I do see that folder in my external, micro sd right?? So, i just need this file only?? Its the recorvery itself..??

Sent from my SGH-T989
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