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[ROM][JB][4.1.2] CypherROM - Unofficial AOKP Build 5 [102512]

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CypherROM, the Unofficial AOKP JellyBean Build 5 for Samsung Infuse

All credit for the AOKP base goes to Team Kang. They have done all of the legwork and have been so kind as to let me continue to bring it to the Infuse family. We will be working hard to make CypherROM an even more unique experience by adding additional apps, theming and enhancements. Thanks for flashing!

I am not responsible if you brick your phone. READ THIS POST CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. If you do not read this, and cannot follow directions, please do not expect us to give you our time, if you can't give us yours. If you have an issue, please take the time to do a logcat and help us, help you. Thanks for flashing!

How to Install - Coming from ICS Rom
  • Download CypherRom and Cypher Google Apps
  • Power down your phone, pull your external sdcard and reboot to recovery.
  • Go to mounts and storage and format system
  • Wipe/Factory Reset
  • Wipe Cache
  • Wipe Davlik Cache
  • Flash CypherROM zip file
  • The install will reboot itself twice and return to recovery.
  • Flash Cypher Gapps
  • Reboot
How to Install - Coming from another Jelly Bean Rom or previous version of Cypher
  • Download CypherRom/Build 5 and Cypher Google Apps
  • Power down your phone, pull your external sdcard and reboot to recovery.
  • Wipe/Factory Reset (this not necessary if coming from previous Cypher build, but is recommended)
  • Wipe cache, Wipe Davlik Cache
  • Flash CypherRom zip file
  • Flash Cypher Gapps
  • Reboot
Known issues
  • All the same issues as ICS and the other JB Roms
  • Video recording choppy at 720res in high light...use 480
  • Torch not working. There is an app in the Play Store called MaxFlash that works well. I'm still working on this.
  • Nandroid Backup broken. Download This Fix and flash from recovery.
  • I highly recommend Nova Launcher. It's by far the fastest and smoothest with JB.
Download CypherROM Build 5

Download Unofficial AOKP Build 5 (unthemed)

Download 4.1.2 CypherROM Gapps
Download 4.1.2 Stock Gapps
  • Team Kang Thanks for letting us port your unicorny goodness to the Infuse. They truly have created a masterpiece for us to enjoy.
    Scott, jt1134, Entropy, TeamHacksung, and everyone else who has worked on the kernel...thanks for your pioneering work, making JB a reality on our device.
    KERNEL SOURCE Forked from Scotthart. Thanks Scott!!
    Experiment. Your artistic touches….words cannot do them justice. Thanks for sharing your masterpieces with all of the Android community.
    Nun. I always appreciate your support and opinion. You got me started, and I can never thank you enough for all you’ve taught me.
    Ppal. Welcome back my friend. GREAT to have you back around.
    Scott. You took the reigns and dove in head first into Jelly Bean.
    My testers. You know who you are. I appreciate you subjecting yourself to my craziness.
    The dev community here on XDA...on the shoulders of giants
    Anyone else I have forgotten...let me know if I have missed you.
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29th August 2012, 06:50 AM |#2  
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The Cypher: "We should encode the message for security reasons"

+++ + +( Make sure you flash the included gapps!!! They are custom for this ROM. )+ + +++

I decided to clean up my post so I could make a spot for updates to be posted.

Cypher Swype


These updates are meant to expand the originally themed Rom.
They are not full themes. The main theming is located inside the Rom.


Update 4 : DOWNLOAD


Update 3 : DOWNLOAD


Update 2 : DOWNLOAD


Update 1 : DOWNLOAD


From me to you:
This Rom will feature themed elements by me straight out of the box, plus an evolving theme implemented by the theme chooser. What does that mean? Well my goal is that over time I will put out updates to the included theme chooser theme that will expand to cover more and more things. You can drop me requests anytime and I will add them to an open list of app icons to theme.
Eventually covering as many icons as possible, making the overall look and feel of your device a brand new experience different from the ICS/Jellybean look we have already had ever since we were still on Gingerbread dreaming of ICS.

Noun; cypher - a message written in a secret code

Verb; cypher - convert ordinary language into code

Urban; cypher - Anything cyclical. If your freestyling, you rap in a cypher (one after the other).

I say now it’s our turn in the Cypher.
Hope you enjoy our countless hours of hard work.


Theme Instructions & Information

I themed the rom so that you would have a unique experience from the very start, but there are elements that are better left to the theme chooser.


1) Once you’ve booted up, sign into Google and restore all of your apps.

2) After you’ve got everything setup, go into the theme chooser in “settings”

3) The Cypher theme should already be installed, choose apply theme.

Of course you will get the “missing assets” theme error.

Thank you XDA for giving me such a fun way to express my art!

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Changelog - 102512
Full changelog can be found Build 5
Build 4 changes Here
Other Items/Highlights:
Move to Scott's Kernel Source (Thank you Scott!!)
Expand System space
Data Toggles Back
Force dual panel view on any device
Flip or shake your device to snooze/dismiss the alarm (check alarm settings)
Take screenshot from NavBar
Enabled USB mass storage emulation for certain devices (i9*)
Highly customizable Lockscreen Ring targets, with a shiny new editor in ROMControl! (also thanks to CM for the base of the framework part)
Alternate default app picker (like in GB)
Menu UI Overflow Toggle
Option to disable vibration for Notification expansion
Timeout and instant lock options for Slide lock

Changelog - 092812
Full changelog can be found Here
SMS Quick Reply
Clock additions
Calculator additions
Data Usage tracking is back (thanks Scott)
OC/UV sliders issue fixed
Video recording issue fixed (Thanks Scott and Prometh) It's still choppy at 720p but is working again.

Changelog - 091712
Full changelog can be found Here
Highlights include:
Tablet mode
Customizable Vibrations for phone,text,etc.
Hold back to kill
Camera zoom using volume in landscape mode
Timer snapshot
Many, many more from AOKP upstream.

Changelog - 082912B (11:30AM)
Fixed Issue with Calendar.apk

Changelog - 082912
Direct from AOKP:
Features you will see (but not limited to) in this build:
Notification Toggles
Lockscreen tweaks (no custom targets yet)
Navigation bar modifications
Custom kernel performance options
LED colors
Notification wallpapers
Phone ringer modifications (Flip call to silent, silent/vibrate when headphones are in)
Light Theming from Experiment
Plus more!
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29th August 2012, 06:51 AM |#4  
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Future additions/enhancements:

- Additional Battery options
- New lockscreens
- Extended Power Menu Options
- And anything else we can find that makes the experience more enjoyable.....


Download HERE

Fruit Loops Mod:
This is an alternate Fruit Loops Theme that has the Chicago Bears Mod for the Battery (as requested by users). This DL is a standalone theme so that you can switch back to the regular Fruit Loops theme if you do not want the mod.
Get the mod download HERE


Here are the ICONS made for it -----> ICONS
Here is a Wallpaper app made just for Blorange ----> WALLPAPERS


Get the Yellow goodness RIGHT HERE

Get a zip of the icons I made for this which has extras in it HERE

And from our Good friend Bubba..




New WallPaper Apk for Cypher by The Family CLICK HERE

Here is WeatherBug a bit modified for Blorange. I made this upon a request and now sharing with any one who wants some orange in their life.


Here are three alternate MMS.apks that have the quick reply, the last one was made by DarkKnight Unthemed MMS Cypher Themed MMS and Inverted MMS

Battery Bar Mod
You can get the mod for the Stock Theme Here or Themed Cypher Here

FIXED: Calendar. apk error. Download the attached if you are having an error/missing it, delete the old one, set in sytem/app folder, set permissions and reboot.
Attached Files
File Type: apk calendar.apk - [Click for QR Code] (665.7 KB, 190 views)
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Grats gents! Looks great!
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29th August 2012, 06:54 AM |#6  
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Ahh the wait is over! Wait now i gotta wait to download. Ugh! Haha

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I997 using xda premium
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29th August 2012, 07:00 AM |#7  
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Oh my my my can't wait to do this up tomorrow sooo glad I waited for your version. You guys rock

Sent from my SGH-I997 using xda premium
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29th August 2012, 07:20 AM |#8  
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Yea. Bubba gets this section. Thank you so much for the hard work Yuma. Cypher is up and running perfectly. Nicely done.

X, you have out done an outstanding job theming this. I literally see your work everywhere l look. You guys make a great product.

Keep it up. I am sure this page will be busy and the users all excited when they wake.

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29th August 2012, 07:21 AM |#9  
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Yes yes yes yes yes downloading now!!!!!! U guys rock!

sent from Jelly Beaned Infuse all decked out with Green X
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Just a thought for you X ... In your definitions of the write cypher ... You left out one:
Cypher .... What Jethro Bodine did when deciding how many times one gozinto something. Just something an old cuss like me would know.

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Thanks Bubba

---------- Post added at 12:09 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:03 AM ----------

Oh and just to clarify.
You need to get the Cypher gapps also. They are also themed. For the most complete experience.
Do a full wipe, flash both.
Apply the theme that will be preinstalled in the theme chooser twice, yes 2 times. The wallpaper will change to one with the logo, then reboot...if you switch the wallpaper and you ever want to get back to the original, just re-apply the theme twice
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