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[ROM] ϟ Triple S v6.931 ϟ (Updated February 21st 2013) **Feel the Viper inside**

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Hello again!! I call this ROM 'Triple S'
....... Slim, Stable, and Sexy!

What does it feature?
-Gapps baked in
-Modded Beats audio libs for incredible sound quality
-Stock feeling
-A2SD baked in
-Based off the latest CM nightly
-Custom memory tweaks
-OTA update app
-Sony Bravia
-ICS font/animations
-Themed systemUI and framework-res
-4+ launcher choices
-Much more!

Why flash this?
It is a reliable ROM for those who want a close to stock feeling.

Based off of a CyanogenMod ROM, it features AROMA, init.d/build.prop tweaks, lots of apps and apps choices, 4+ launchers, speed, great battery life, and much more!

-SystemUI/framework theming is inconsistent.. that will be fixed in the final version of Triple S.


-Inital release.

-Added Loopy smoothness tweak
-Added Ultimate RAM script
-Added Vipermod

-Deleted a TON of apps
-Updated betterbatterystats

-Updated OTA updater app to latest version
-Added 3 new launchers
-Added inverted DropBox app
-Added Dev-Host app (Thanks X_N_)
-Added ICS style file explorer
-Added data sped tweak (Thanks fiddy619)
-Added ICS styled Search widget

-Removed a launcher
-Removed Dropbox
-Added 360 launcher
-Increased overall ROM performance and speed

-Updated the OTA Updater app
-Added in a Sense 4 launcher
-Memory tweaks

-Added in 2 new speed scripts (Thanks Forever King/any devs involved)
-Added in a Sense-styled square clock widget

v6.2: (Deleted from Dev-Host)
-Added modded Beats audio libs (featuring SRS audio mods) (Thanks n!k)
-Updated OTA updater app

-Deleted Launcher+

-Added a black Netflix app
-Added a inverted Dropbox app
-Added an ICS-styled Twitter app
-Build.prop edit... might've fixed the OTA updater not being installed in recovery problem
-Added an HD Youtube app
-Added a black calculator app
-Added a transparent app
-Removed 2 apps

-Added AROMA installer (HUGE thanks to Robobob1221

Cyanogen Mods' stock kernel (
atyoung's Mason Kernel v0.1.5 w\SBC
atyoung's Mason Kernel v0.1.5 w\SBC+FSO
atyoung's Mason Kernel v0.1.4 w\SBC+FSO

360 Launcher
ADW Launcher
Nemus Launcher
GO Launcher
SS Launcher

CM apps:
CM Calculator

CM Camera
MIUI Camera

Fancy Widget Sense Clock
MIUI Digital Clock

ES File Manager
MIUI Explorer
Solid Explorer
Xplore Manager

YouTube HD
YouTube non-HD

Inverted Facebook (1)
Inverted Facebook (2)
Fast Facebook

Twitter ICS
Twitter Purple

CM Wallpapers
Magic Wallpaper
Visulization Wallpaper
Wallpaper Chooser

Better battery stats
Dropbox inverted
Goo manager
Holo locker + notifier
System (genie, spareparts, pacman)
Sprints vtt
Weather channel
GO widgets
-Updated some apps
-Performance optimizations

-Added newest Beats audio libs (Thanks N!K)
-Updated HD Youtube app
-Updated FancySense clock

v6.5: Pre-Release:
How nice am I?
-Removed some apps and added in cooler, better apps
-Added a ViperMod script (thanks viperboy)
-Updated the OTA Updater app
-Removed some stuff in system/app and data/app (Removed YouTube.apk in system/app so now the HD or non HD (depending on which you choose) app will work.
-Updated Beats audio libs
-Added in Dolphin Browser, hulu, and many other apps
-Added in a Skype.apk with video calls enabled and working
-Changed wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=15 to: wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=150 (Better battery life when WiFi is on)
-Changed Dalvik VM heap size to 64m
-Increased photo quality
-Increased the fluidity of swiping up and down
-Added in a TON of init.d tweaks, this will run smoother than any ROM you have EVER used.
init.d tweaks:
-Render GPU
-Optimize SQlite binaries on boot
-Zipalign on boot
-Fix permissions on boot
-TCP buffer speeds
-Faster 3G connection
-Faster web browser page loading
-Increase Wifi speeds
-Increase picture/video quality
-Increase touchscreen responses
-Increase speed
-Better RAM usage
-Optimize EXT4 speed writes
Much more

-Removed a few apps
-Added in a few apps
-Zipaligned all apps in data/app/ and system/app/
-Fixed the Setup Wizard force close bug

-Changed windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec from 150 to 180
-Updated HD Youtube
-Updated Play Store
-Fixed spelling error in AROMA config
-Changed wifi.supplicant_scan_interval from 150 to 300
-Added AC!D Audio 5.0
-Updated AROMA ROM version

-Bug fixes
-Changed some build.prop stuff
-Changed where the OTA Updater downloads (hopefully)
-Added a few apps
-Removed a few apps, no more update notification and no more CM stats!
-Trimmed the size of the ROM
-Deleted redundant/unnecessary init.d tweaks
-Edited the AROMA config
-Easter eggs!

-Removed all init.d tweaks (Make room for new tweaks)
-Added MPEngine (Max speed) (Thanks LENAROX)
-Added CrossBreeder (Seeder replacement+data speed increase)
-Re-added xLoud (Better)
-Re-added Bravia (Better)
-Removed Seeder (Would conflict with crossbreeder)
-Removed some apps (To reduce the ROMs size)
-Re-added the CM Email app (Per user request)
-Build.prop edits
^^ changed the build display ID, build version, build incremental, and build fingerprint
-Updated AROMAs info for the ROM

-Removed a few apps
-Added 3 new launchers and a new music player
-Updated Crossbreeder and MPEngine (Now RPEngine)
-Updated AROMA ROM info
-Changed build id in build.prop
-Attempted to fix the OTA Updater problem

-Updated CrossBreeder
-Revert MPEngine
-Added RPEngine2
-Added Megabass
-Deleted a few apps
-Build.prop tweaks

-Customized CMparts.apk
-Updated Crossbreeder
-Updated RPEngine2
-Minor build.prop tweaks^^ Older changelogs

-Added ViperMOD
-build.prop tweaks
-Update build version (Accidentally left at triple s 6.92
-Updated the build display
-Removed some apps
-Removed a launcher

Download link:
MD5 sum: c25d1cf00059330c97620fef8de23789
ROM size: 188.42MB

How to flash this:
1. Wipe everything except your SDcard 3x
2. Partition your SD card to 1024, 0 swap
3. Upgrade ext2 to ext3
4. Upgrade ext3 to ext4
5. Flash the ROM
6. Wipe cache and dalvik-cache
7. Reboot
8. Dont touch your phone for at least 15 minutes

Please know when you partition your SD card, you will lose EVERYTHING!! So back up your content on your PC/Mac/whatever you use!!

Thanks to:
Mazda (For his help)
The CM team (For their hard work, kernel, and ROMs)
TommyTomatoe (For his Android Utility)
Dsixda (For his kitchen
UOT (For their kitchen)
Viperboy (For his Vipermod script
Savoca (For his help, and being a friend)
Scottypeterson (For his UltimateRAM script/tweak)
Ipy (For his Loopy Smoothness Tweak
Smelkus (For such a great recovery)
T10NAZ (For taking screenshots)
Rockodev/n!k (For their beats audio libs)
XxPachaxX/Sony (For xLoud/Sony Bravia)
LENAROX for his MPEngine
If I missed anyone, please let me know!!!

Things to remember:
-Please dont cuss, or use asterisks if you do
-Be respectful to members, devs, and mods alike
-Help others out and dont flame anyone, we were all noobs once
Last edited by MBQ_; 21st February 2013 at 09:14 PM.
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1st September 2012, 11:47 PM |#2  
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Screenshots (As of version 3)

Last edited by MBQ_; 20th November 2012 at 06:08 PM.
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1st September 2012, 11:48 PM |#3  
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One more just in case!!
1st September 2012, 11:48 PM |#4  
Mazda's Avatar
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Reserved for future use!
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1st September 2012, 11:49 PM |#5  
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Would love to try it!

Evo 4g: Cm7 or Jellybean
Evo Shift: cm7 or jellybean
Optimus S: AOSP (ICS)
Questions? I'd love to help!
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1st September 2012, 11:56 PM |#6  
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Beebopaloo baby what I say! Hey MBQ, how's it hangin?
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1st September 2012, 11:56 PM |#7  
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Links are up. Updates will usually be pushed through the OTA updater. Enjoy!
1st September 2012, 11:57 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Ferenczy68

Beebopaloo baby what I say! Hey MBQ, how's it hangin?

Pretty good man! Enjoy the ROM.
1st September 2012, 11:59 PM |#9  
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Another Rom!!!???

Great I look foward to it!

Also does this have the məˈnajərē of tweaks you used in your Sensu Rom?
Last edited by PlatinumPenguin; 2nd September 2012 at 12:04 AM.
2nd September 2012, 12:05 AM |#10  
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I havent baked in a kernel yet. So the kernel is still stock!! And yes, I am well aware of how much the stock CM kernel SUCKS
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cool rom, just download it, mbqsniper is cool, swag
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