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[HOW TO] make a substantial THREAD, POST, QUESTION and POLL

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Default [HOW TO] make a substantial THREAD, POST, QUESTION and POLL

So mf2112 just gave me the idea of making this thread. Thanks man!
I based this thread here and i just edited some of the lines to make it more XDA-related I HOPE THIS'LL HELP A LOT AND MAKE XDA MORE ORGANIZED

Also, if you are a NEW USER, you can just HIT THANKS instead of posting in this thread, other users might go suspicious and report you
First of all, the FORUM RULES should be FOLLOWED

What's inside:


The best web forum threads are the ones that resonate with forum members. Shoot for something that hasn't been said before.
This will draw their attention, and bring them into your forum thread. The search function is your friend, to double check that your
idea, question, opinion, etc has not already been posted recently.

If you have a unique thread with unique content, you will get a much better response. Also remember that an illiterate thread,
such as "C4n u guyz halp mmeh, i got br!cKd.", will simply scare people off, or cause them to flame.

Your forum thread's title is your one shot at getting forum members interested in your topic. Being able to create an
interesting title is a basic marketing strategy. Titles that work well are often humorous, extremely clever, or just flat out blunt.
Titles should also explain the content of the thread. Creating titles such as "Problem!" or "Sigh..."
do not let members know what the problem is, or what you are sighing about. Make sure your post explains it.
also, you can check Better Titles and Thread Tags! for further details :P

INCORPORATE A POLL (if necessary)
Everyone has an opinion, and everyone also loves letting their voice be heard. By adding a poll to a thread,
you will encourage people to express their opinion. This often leads to debate, which is always good for the lifespan
of a forum thread, as long as it stays friendly.

Make sure your poll consists of plenty of options. Sometimes a Yes and No aren't enough.
Adding an "Unsure/Undecided" option will help keep a poll 'clean', as it gives members a third choice.
Often when unsure, they will simply pick one, but when given the option of "Unsure",
they will be able to chose what they really feel.

People often create threads and forget about them. If you are active within your forum thread,
that will help keep it on the first page. This might inspire people to contribute to the thread if
they see the creator still involved with it. This does not in any way mean you should bump or
spam your thread, as that will simply scare or annoy some people away. Make sure your posts
further the constructive discussion, so as to continue on topic.

Everyone loves pictures. If the cake is a lie, then this fact is the opposite of cake. Are you posting
a support thread, regarding a bug? Post a picture/codes showing the bug! Add a picture that would
simplify/help us understand
your problem or thread. Pictures attract people, as long as it keeps on topic.

One way to make readers want to continue reading your post is humor. Humor can go a long way, as long
as it makes sense and stays on topic. Pictures also keep interest, as well as a well-organized unique thread.

An organized thread is a good thread. Using quotations, lists, and many paragraphs can make a large
wall of text seem much less intimidating. No one, I'm sure you will agree, wants to read a giant wall of text
with only two paragraphs and three periods. Commas, periods, lists, quotes, paragraphs,
and using clear English will make any thread a winner.

Does this thread need to be created? Does it have a point? Have I mentioned everything I need to?
Has a similar thread already been created recently?

At the end of a thread, you can see "EDIT TAGS". Add tags to make your thread searchable!
also, you can check Better Titles and Thread Tags! for further details :P

...Last Step
So, now you're ready to hit that button at the bottom, and post your magnificent beauty, correct? Wrong.
Hit that preview button next to it! Do you have everything mentioned that you wanted to mention?
Is their anything else to add, or unneeded sentences to remove? Is there any typos to be fixed?
Is the thread readable, with paragraphs, periods, commas, and so on? Does the thread look good,
clean and organized? Would >you< want to read this thread, if you were in the shoes of another member?

Now, once you have done all that, it is time to post that wonderful thread of yours for others to see.
Congratulations, you just made a good thread!

When making a thread, and posting in it, DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING:
-Bump it with pointless posts, such as
"post people post!"
, etc.
-Start a fight, simply because you do not agree with an opinion.
Ignore it completely, as this will simply let it die and goes to off topic.

**Now, remember, when making a thread, you do not need to use all of the above suggestions at once.
Too many pictures, jokes, and a poll in one can be overwhelming. You don't want to scare anyone away.
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When posting in any thread, ask yourself the following:

Does this need to be posted? I often ask myself this question, and more often then not,
realize that the post I was making truly was not needed.

Will this post take the thread off topic, or help continue the constructiveness of the thread?

Will this post be beneficial to the thread?

Have I made my post illegible? Are there any typos? Is this simply a wall of unintelligible text?

Are there any similar posts posted before me? [Thanks ErnuB]

NEVER quote a very long post :| unless you think it is necessary to do so.. [Thanks roofrider]

If you're confident you have covered all of the above, then you sir or madam, are ready to post :P
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Now, sometimes you simply want to ask a question. There are many things to do BEFORE asking a question.

here are the following:
Try to find an answer by searching the forums, as many popular questions have already been answered.
Try to find an answer by searching the web for fansites and wikis with information that may help you..
Try to find an answer by reading the FAQ.
Try to find an answer by inspection or experimentation.
Try to find an answer by asking a skilled friend!

When all else fails, begin your question writing. Make sure to point out that you've done all of the above,
so you don't look like a lazy old minotaur! Also, always remember, GOOGLE and the SEARCH BAR ( found at the upper most right) are your BESTFRIENDS

Don't Panic!
Now, it's important not to panic, even if your question seems very important. A panicked question is a bad question.

Prepare Your Question
Think it through. Hasty-sounding questions get hasty answers, or none at all. The more you do to demonstrate
that having put thought and effort into solving your problem before seeking help, the more likely you are to actually get help.

Why isn't anyone helping?
Never assume you are entitled to an answer. You will earn an answer, if you earn it, by asking a
substantial, interesting, and thought-provoking question — one that implicitly contributes to the experience
of the community rather than merely passively demanding knowledge from others. Asking a bad question
will get you a bad answer, or none at all.

Wrong Question, |\|00|3! :|
Beware of asking the wrong question. If you ask one that is based on faulty assumptions, RandomGuy123
is quite likely to reply with a uselessly literal answer while thinking “Stupid question...”, and hoping the experience
of getting what you asked for rather than what you needed will teach you a lesson.
Or they will troll, flame, or insult you, which will get no one no where.

Speak English, not Engrish!
Another mistake is asking a question that is unreadable, written in l33t speak, or missing paragraphs,
commas, periods, and so on. Make sure the question is written clearly, and re-read it again. If no one can
understand the question, no one can answer it.

Should I post in an existing topic?
Make sure to remember, sometimes questions should be in posts, and sometimes in threads. It depends
on if a similar topic is active, and whether the question has been answered before. But remember,
do not hijack a small thread based on a question to begin with. Use your best judgment.

...Last Step
The last thing, is to post it in the correct section. If you have a question, then post it in the Q&A Section!

When asking a question, DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING:

Post an unreadable or confusing question.
Panic when posting a question, writing it badly and hasty.
Bump your thread, asking "why hasn't anyone helped amahgod!".
Message or email random members begging for help.
Spam your question in multiple threads.
Spam the thread in multiple sections.

Now, go post that awesome question and get an awesome answer!

Here's another good guide:
[Guide/Info] What you need to include to get help

Additional Info: (thanks to It_ler)

If neither the question nor the answer can be found, then you have to find the proper place for posting your question.
Is there a forum for your device, then go to that forum.
Is there a dedicated Question & Answer (Q&A) sub forum, then go there.
Is there a thread for asking / even for new users, with many posts and the last post is from today, then go there and post your question there.
Or is your question/issue related to a special app, the post into the apps thread, is it related to a kernel, find the kernel (discussion) thread, or is it ROM related, then use the ROM thread.
This step is very important, as you have to find a place where your post will be seen by some experienced users which know the answer.

Then check the contents of your post itself.

Please think about the xda rules (no offence, no personal attack, English, etc.).

Describe as much as possible, what might be useful for others to think about the possible cause of your issue and a good solution to fix it or to give your the right answer.

What device/model, what app(s), what firmware version (ROM, kernel, modem, etc.), what was before, what is now, what have you done, what has happened in between, etc.

Maybe not all those information is really needed to solve the issue or give your the answer, but are you sure that it is not relevant?
If you are not sure, then provide this info.

Be polite, stay as "objective" as possible ... most of the time, emotions are not needed to solve the issue
Maybe you say something like "I would appreciate any kind of suggestion, even if it does not help to solve the issue for me.", or "Thanks in advance.".

It's a kind of motivation for other users to be confident to answer your post, even if they are not absolutely sure that it really can solve your issue.
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Ask Yourself
Before creating a poll for your thread, ask yourself "Can my question easily be voted on with small answers, or should I simply
allow people to post their opinions without a poll?". Remember, not all threads and questions deserve polls.
Some need to be answered in long posts, or answers that could vary greatly and need more then 20 options.

Create a Poll That Fits
Your poll should fit your topic. Having a topic about if bullhorses are fast enough, and then asking in your poll
"Do Steppe Horses need nerfed?", is not a good first step to getting good, accurate results.

Options Matter

You should always have plenty of answer options. "Yes" and "No" are good to begin with, but you need
to have more then that for accurate results. Someone who is not sure or has a different answer might chose
yes or no, when they would rather chose different.

For "Are bullhorses fast enough?" You could have "Yes", "No", "Undecided/Unsure".
For "Do you think this idea will help?" you could have "Yes", "No", "Undecided/Unsure", "I have a different idea and will post it below."

Do Not Post a Joke Option
Having a joke option, such as "Goat" or "Bewbz" can be funny, but will severely damage the accuracy of the poll results.
Restrain yourself from posting a joke option if you want real results.

Have Good, Easy to Understand Options
Have options that people can chose easily and understand. Using "yes" and "no" rather then "i guess, lol, whateverhahahaha"
and "whatever" will get you more voters and better results by far.
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thank you,
a very well detailed guide indeed,
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you are amazing. .thank you!
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thank you.
it's useful for me.
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Originally Posted by rainbow9 View Post
thank you.
it's useful for me.
no problem glad to know it helps
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Good initiative, will be added to the [Newbies][Recognized Contributors] New members friendly Q&A thread... will be really helpful for the newbies.

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Any Doubt, please don't hessitate to ask.
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If i've helped you in any way,
hit the thanks button.

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