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[Rom]Sky-JellyBean-4.1.2) Update 11.4 ((Base T11-(11/10/12)) GS3-Touchwiz--Vs--CM 10

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By seanzscreams, Retired Recognized Developer on 24th September 2012, 07:25 AM
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Sky-Jelly Bean

took cm10
gutted it
flash installed by default
4.1.2 base
with 4.2 gapps to include
4.2 gapps
street view
Nexus 4 walpapers
and a few others
super SU
Bravia engine
Crypted's agps
Samsung smart View
Better photos
working 1080p shooting
and playback
working hardware lights
Htk'd launcher
samsung news
accuweather gs3 jb widget (may be broken after T11)
Low memory killer script
More efficient media decoding
Finger cranked!!!!
added touchwiz back to it
added some overall touchwiz elements (ongoing wip)
added a few init scripts
and some build.prop tweaks
added instigator x latest beta 1 kernel by default
(w correct modules)
added nexus 7 bootanimation
added touchwiz sgs3 jelly bean launcher
added jellyscream v6 patches
and core.jar
as well
and a jelly bean wallpaper gallery
added accuweather widget


roger(bluetooth fix) sk8ter (Cm10 compiling and sourcing and building his repo) rpr69 (flashy gapps) hasun (flashy gapps) LPMATT (maxlayer suggest) Dsixda (kitchen is so cool when your lazy) InstigatorX (kernels are amazing) samcripp (all his wonderful toys and tools( topprospect (cm10) Crypted (gps) Wanam (Tweaks and smali and apk manager and like everything easy about romming ) kenneth(bad ass dev and mod) mindmajick (always helping where its needed) DG (inspirations and his code is beautiful) vincom (for the loverly bloat addons) gmillz (cm10 and all his cool mods he helped with in the past) mohan(amazing dev gave me loads of kernel help and jellybean help and also allowed me to use some of his mods before (none now just crediting him for the inspiration) mod1441 (help) Appdroid (help) zepellinrox (scripts) allaboutnandroids (videos and help tools and review vids of my roms ) teamchopsticks (cm10) armeveterangunner (cool dude ) R4ins (aokp and Cm10 and his help for getting this cm10 thing started as well) Cyanogen (duh) Me and all the peeps that helped bring jb to the SR
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24th September 2012, 07:25 AM |#2  
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Sky Jelly Bean T-11










no issues at this time 
except for screen on delay
which can be solved by going to 
and turning on lockscreen delay
set amount time to none...

google camera 4.2 update breaks the ability to shoot video
but adds photosphere and an amazing ui

Aosp 4.1 camera  works perfect

i suggest 
flashing one camera one day

then flash one the next   i play with both 
depending if i feel like videoing that day



(recommended for T11 base only)

Update T11.4 -------- 4.1 Camera

Update T11.4 ------------ 4.2 Camera

merged latest kernel 
and libs
fixed google now on all search buttons
that it should be

finally found the best Jellybean base in town
been rocking and experimenting for a while 
and this was the best combo of everything

if your on t11 nothing changed im just making it Release Candidate

T11 includes
4.2 gapps included a huge list i was leaving out
street view
Nexus 4 walpapers
and a few others

and usual samsung touchwiz additions

fixed weird panorama edits that would occasionally break it
google now added back
removed some more bs to tighten up the build

all attempts at picasa sync have failed
basically you need to flash the latest gapps
and use another camera   . not the built in one 

fixed two lines i forgot to remove
for faster damn youtube videos
and streaming ..
added  gmail2
and chimaira moved to data

i may not jump on the note till dec
bc my upgrade apprently is then (i thought oct)
and 299.99  im going to need it



merged the latest code from 10-25/26
i cherry picked from changes so its a greatest hits
of the latest cm10 greatness

also combined all the latest changes ive made as well
removing many things through trial and error 

really boosting performance on this bad boy
i found what works and what didnt work
so this is the compilation of all of that over the last month

i also included a few cool things  here and there

-removed  bamf  msg  fix  bc messaging can be customized to do the same 
just in mms settings

and included the gtalk over 4g 3g lte app
and Chimaira official app
thanks chance


the latest 4.1.2 merge from
cm plus a few pain in the ass tweaks as usual
services jar 
prepatched w oom grouping
and supercharged by default
and low mins set at Super low
framework-res transparent menus included for new base
and sec launcher animations sped up 
lots of problems solved   thanks to team chopsticks as usual i used his kernel
instead of the one i compiled just incase he added any extra goodies in the nightly train
super super super smooth the damn smootheset rom ive ever used on a phone period

most issues are solved 
i will attend to any issues that arise and ones within reason
im sorry i cant tailor this to each and everyones specific needs 
im trying though  guys
thanks and enjoy

i leave samsung bloat in bc i use it and i enjoy seeing it in my rom
.. it gives it more of a samsung feel and detracts from the fact that its an aosp rom :)

you have to clean caches  do it 5X   
just bc i said so and after boot
let screen timeout before unlocking (YOU "HAVE BEEN WARNED)
(if it reboots or blows up or shuts off and never comes back you should have waited :)) not really but you know

merged latest nightly 10/06 code 
and apps i felt that needed enhacements

new egl libs
and enc and dec libs
Fb Gpumode changed to 1
added back qualcomm statusbar lines

brought back data monitor 

brought back team bamf messaging max app

may soft boot once
after first boot before unlock
this is normal if your IMPATIENT ;p

Fixed hardware lights issue
fixed 1080p camera playback
and recording Finally

(for my own sake)
fixed bluetooth final
Fixed unmerged wifi
fixed audio and harware vibrate from mixing modules
fixed lcd issue

included latest nightly kernel
no more oc for right now as i test stability in latest nightly
and so much more
replaced camera
with latest cm source apks

fixed mmc_test module and broken sysUI
which would wrongly report a blank sd card 
in startup tests
also fixed errant maxlayer number back to 0
replaced lcd module for the newer one was giving
weird black screen issues when testing with other layer 
and composition options
Finally moving to Stable Releases
need to fix a few small quirks now and itll be flawless
and yes battery mods are coming


Since it will get to be too much and too confusing 
if your on the rom and dont want to start over
go to my goo or ninja  and flash 4.6  wiping caches
from any base,or   any update prior to Base T5
this will fix bluetooth and add the latest gapps

but if your going to start over .. may as well make it easy

T5 & 5.0
merged the latest bluetooth from cm10
and paranoid to be accurate..
fixing bluetooth calling and routing
 thank you roger for discovering the fix
added the latest gapps
removed faulty routing lines to be accurate
updated omx and stagefright
phone and contacts
also replaced media provider and downloader
for good measure
added a a bunch of good sounds ringtones and notifications
removed a few bloat apps that everyone removes anyways
also fixed status bar cache 
and dirty dalvik build up
so now there should never be an issue with 
buttons not sticking

if they still arent
re wipe your phone 5X each
and then fix permissions after you install the rom
and after the update as well
wiping caches every time.. if your having problems that is

So in efforts to fix one thing another breaks
go figure

Please remember ... i dont force you to flash this rom or anyupdates
especially ones not on this page   :)  
i leave them all open and up
so you can find the perfect combination for you....
staying latest and greatest has its perks but also its downs

sorry for the necessary reflash within  an hour is what im getting at
just couldnt solve this damn sticky buttons issue

so if you flashed early this morning  and are having sticky buttons issues
just start over  going to this update  instead of the last 2 (4.0 and 4.1)

 i explained before
but the settings and sysui do not like to be reflashed  no matter what you
do which results in the dirty flash ..
so therefore its breaking settings and system ui
even with fresh copies  they dont like to be copied over eachother
so that for now is removed   .. only a few minor tweaks you can live without
just start again
and this time the update wont kill sticky settings.. im done for the night anyways..


fixed all system ui not sticking issues 
and settings not staying 
removed journalism
umts dirty vold 
and cut down all the Vm sysctl.conf tweaks

please  clear caches   after this one

i know you just did  but this will ensure nothing is left behind
and update it beautifully

T4 &4.0

all new code from CM has been merged in the latest

finally fixed in call volume but completely rid this rom
of beats
you want it .. flash it on your own.. sorry
fixed wifi not working for some 
permanent in call volume adjustment (LOUD AS F***)
-cleaned up the base removing everything broken
or breaking this rom so now its finally clean
of all the bs (samsung apps are still there they are necessary for TW)
but i mean broken wallpapers
broken included apps
broken init.scripts
just removed the first time through

fixed dalvik and Vm and Removed Cron
so no more remnants of buttons that wont stick

4.0- included a tweaked 
faster animations
newly tweaked Tw launcher
and settings.apks


clear caches with this one
and let phone sit for 30 seconds after boot before unlocking it
added a2dp output Dannyb513 mentioned
fixed buttons not sticking and settings and widgets
added 50 steps to call volume
added volume+ app to boost speaker output ..super careful
you have to open the app and choose increase speaker volume your self
i set mine at the level 10  max for most phones
removed the bamf app   and set mms to allow 500 segment size
the same hack that app was doing 
pasted from the newest build  9/26's bt audio files in as well just to have the current

3.4 fixed in call volume steps
make sure to use dsp manager to boost in call
volume as well
removed a media line causing conflict
and brought in the old school etc bluetooth 
edits that had it working great for some 

T3.2 Update
Fixed wrong blutooth sound file
changed Bt timeout
made it discoverable by all
fixed video recording
used paranoid audio.conf from 9/13 (last known working BT)
also  fixed a wrong sysctl  bool
and other crap

3.1T  Update
For now its my modded and sped up animations 
and transparent windows  
from my framework-
and settings
and changed a few build prop lines to include
supercharged audio

cant be flashed with the base creates problems 
so boot to android as usual after flashing the base
and the flash the update

not only did i merge everything since the updates began
i removed assert prop line  so tmob and att can flash the same rom

made some serious attempts at BT

included rezound beats
thanks to
and Zeroinfinity

Other things changed
cleaned and organized build.prop to remove
all the damn duplicate lines it was impossible to read before

removed bmp cache clearing (purging of assets)
was making phone too laggy when clearing 
also completely shifted from dyn to gpu compositioning
dithering is definitely off by default now
blue tooth edits
app   etc and lib files replaced with said working versions
changed a few dalvik entries 
and switched dexopt flags
for faster opening of apps
framework animations cant get any lower :)
also launcher decompiled and recompiled with the correct settings
faster animations drop shadows
and transistions   .. 
large heap and configured as large screen so widgets meant for gs3
now scale

Added Teambamfs Sms too large apk removal tool
(easy to do ....not easy to flash  
its in settings.db  and the value is currently 100 this changes it to 500)
Added Team Battery bar (the white line in your status bar)
Added File explorer
video player
theme manager as wel to finalize the function
of theme chooser :)
added 3 new uninstallable samsung apps
updated Accuweather

Decompiled Framework-res
made all windows transparent (ill make a revert but man its sooo much cooler now)
Sped up all animations to a ridiculous level
 (lowered minimum and maximum- overall animation times in integers.xml)..
so now normal speed is fast   
and fast animations is suuuper fast
set actualy bool to 180 for wifiscan timeout

decompiled tw launcher 
also sped up animations
removed annoying text form blank windows
and configured for large heap

changed dalvik handling and vm start and max cache size

removed flicker by disabling dithering (make sure its off )
and setting maxlayer to 0

also fixed 3g issues
and wifi dns problems with downloading from browsers

samsung calculator
fixed a module preventing back lights

took a stab at bluetooth

and so much more  im just forgetting 


okay wow that was a productive day of feedback
-was able to from the looks of it
completely remove flickering
with three peoples suggestions
and some removal of the cpu
to handle graphics and gpu substitutions that i made 
seems solved
s suggest
Dsp manager is back
added flipboard
added samsung smartview
-fixed some build.prop issues that were causing boot lag
-changed sleep mode to 2 
-faster status bar rendering now (removed wait lag)
-some qualcomm specific speed edits
to also fix flickering and smooth out the overall experience of the rom
-added theme fix  (thanks to vincom and forrest89sei )
dropped mdmlayer to 1
made some google dns changes
set in call volume steps more accurate (15)
forced hw3d
prevented the launcher from being killed in tandem with
zeppelin rox  HTK'd launcher
set composition as c2d
blanked out some slow loading scripts on boot
changed out two gapps files  for newer ones
included vvm (thanks mindmajick)
and about 20 more things ive just been
messing with all day

-added hdmi fix
-added non screen flicker gapps 
(way better may still do it some but  meh youll live)
disable Hw overlays still
-removed fps limitations
-nexus bootanimation now
-fixed three incorrect scripts
-added new build.prop egl tweaks
and hw overlays on top of the new gapps 
in attempt at smoothing out the graphics layer
still trying to get this damn pdroid
to patch   (W.I.P) i keep reading i need
to use 1.31  not 2.11
fugu tweaks (system server patch)
and updated fugu sqlite 3
and other crap
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24th September 2012, 07:30 AM |#3  
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Awesome I Can't Wait!! I'm Nandroid and Ready to go
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24th September 2012, 07:32 AM |#4  
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20 mins
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24th September 2012, 07:42 AM |#5  
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damn, i abandoned the dev forum for a while after you left. loved sky ics too much.

stoked on this, glad to see you back. are you headed to the note 2 next month for sure? i'd love to be able to follow you into phablet land.

---------- Post added at 02:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:39 AM ----------

also--i noticed you updated sky ics.. i was just about to go ahead and clean wipe/flash 3.0, but then i noticed this. will this be notably better than sky ics?

haven't paid much attention to the CM10/JB trend, there were enough bugs floating around that made me happy enough with the sky ics build i was running. if it's worth the switch as far as battery and functionality, i'm in
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24th September 2012, 07:44 AM |#6  
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Phone is ready to go

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I727 using xda premium
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24th September 2012, 07:49 AM |#7  
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well as far as bugs i can really work too much magic

the standard bugs are there
i just tried bringing it down a bit so it could
have less issues

seems to be working good
ive been off and on with jellybean

if anything it just adds another rom perspective to the whole cm thing

kinda feels touchwizzy

but i chose instgator kernel to avoid the standard kernel compile issues
so i just built his boot then included it
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24th September 2012, 07:51 AM |#8  
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as far as note 2 if its quad core in the U.S im in
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24th September 2012, 08:03 AM |#9  
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dont forget to remove the - from the zip name

atleast my version of twrp hates it
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24th September 2012, 08:03 AM |#10  
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Waited for jelly bean other than cm10 and finally...Will try tonight...
What are the icons like??The Gs3 ones or the stock skyrocket one's?
Last edited by Blazekrypt; 24th September 2012 at 08:07 AM.
24th September 2012, 08:31 AM |#11  
Originally Posted by seanzscreams

as far as note 2 if its quad core in the U.S im in

That's what I'm hoping myself that we get the quad core!
Going to download this now and see how she goes! Thanx Sean

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