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[Port][Pro][WIP][ROM][4.2.2][P+Aokp+Cm]P.A.C All in 1 ROM 22.x.x & PAC LOVINS BULD 9

OP mang.agoest

7th October 2012, 08:09 AM   |  #1  
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PACman All in 1 ROM !!!

Jellybean 4.2.2 P?*+Aokp+Cm = PACman

================================================== ===
If you want to know about this rom, please go to thread
in here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1803076
================================================== ===
================================================== ===
another build PAC Lovins by Rizal Lovin
If you want to know about this rom, please go to thread
in here : http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2237705
================================================== ===

From Szl.Kiev

ROMs were compiled from source, still based on AOSP+CM source codes
They are considered as a BASE ROM, there won't be much theming & features inside them yet.
You may use & modify these ROM to create your advanced ROM freely.

- Always make a cwm backup
- Always wipe data when switching ROM, unless you came from previous version of the same ROM
- TB seems work fine with JB
- If you encounter any bugs after updating ROM without wipe data process, back up your installed apps & user data using TB, go to CWM & wipe data, reboot & restore from TB
- Some things might not working & not implemented yet (as title said WIP)

* HW Acceleration
* Sound
* Sensors
* Auto Brightness
* Display
* Touch
* Project Butter
* Tablet/Hybrid UI
* Bluetooth (4.1.2 v19.9.3)
* WiFi
* FM (4.1.2 v19.9.3)
* Themes (for AOKP, CM)
* AOKP Settings
* Ril (Call, SMS, Microphone)
* Data
* Native USB OTG
* Youtube LQ/HQ
* Legacy Camera
* ParanoidSettings
* In-Browser-Video Player
* PIE Control and its Settings
* PA 3.00 Color Control and Layout Changer

- Bluetooth (4.2.2)
- FM (4.2.2)
- JB Camera (4.2.2)
- Camera Panorama Mode

Kernel [PAC JB 4.1.2]:
- Built with Linaro
- OC up to 1.6 GHz (use on your own risk!!!)
- Standard CPU govs : performance, powersave, userspace, ondemand, conservative, interactive
- Extra CPU govs : badass, brazilianwax, darkside, intellidemand, intelidemand2, interactiveX, lagfree, Lionheart, lulzactive, minmax, ondemandx, savagedzen, scary, smartass, smartassV2, smoothass, superbad, virtuous (use on your own risk!!!)
- IO Scheduler : noop, anticipatory, deadline, cfq, sio, bfq, vr
- UMS (Ext4 - NTFS)
- USB OTG support

Kernel (PAC JB 4.2.2)
- Lupus JBV10 by wedgess
- Fusion v5.4 by mechmetal

note: WiFi modules is kernel specific, if you want to use the provided kernel in other ROM, you need to copy /system/lib/modules to the other ROM in order to make WiFi run

1. Unlocked bootloader
2. Supplied files (JB kernel/boot.img is a must)
3. Baseband version 72 / 77

[How to:]
- Download ROM
- Download Kernel
- Download Gapps
- Flash Provide Kernel
- Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache, Format System (in mount & storrage)
- Flash ROM
- Reboot System

[ROM link:]

PAC Lovin v22.1.0 build 8: download (GAPPS and SONY Media Apps Included)
new Update OTA Build-9 LOVINS P.A.C : download

PAC JB Iyokan 4.2.2 - v21.0.1 : download

P?+Aokp+Cm = PACman
ROM + kernel (inside zip)
[ROM] PAC_jb_iyokan-alpha_19.3zip

Don't forget to flash gapps (Google Now to be specific) to get Nav ring

Alternate boot animation
by MegaWath
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=2024 (thanks to MegaWath)
by Bloodflame
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=857 (thanks to Bloodflame)
by goodnightPal
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1968236 (thanks to goodnightPal)
by IloveXDA512 (SGS2 forum)
http://www.mediafire.com/?29zzdrclznd4ox2 (thanks to IloveXDA512)
by Wechy77
http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=2056 (thanks to Wechy77)

[Special thanks to:]
- szl.kiev for thread PACman
- Complete PAC Team
- CyanogenMod Team
- ParanoidAndroid Team (molesarecoming, D4rKn3sSyS)
- AOKP team (Donation link in ROM Control)
- Rizal Lovins for LOVINS P.A.C
- bulook00 for kernel
- kamarush
- sirkay
- jimtonic01
- justmpm
- jesco
- MrTapa
- Wechy77
- Wedgess
- Scritch007‎ (CWM dancing)
- championswimmer
- shufuking
- kormatoes
- thunder888
- Great peoples in http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1790185
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7th October 2012, 08:13 AM   |  #2  
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[Q] I have low free RAM
[A] If you read it from AOKP recent RAM bar, it counts everything include used caches (cached background process & cached recent apps),
but in Settings>Apps>Running, it exclude caches and consider caches as a free RAM. Free RAM counting method in Settings>Apps>Running is the one that mostly used.

[Q] Can't see media in gallery or apollo
[A] Make sure you don't have corrupted files in SDcard, best way to check is to copy all your SDcard data to PC.

[Q] Phone soft reboot while playing video
[A] Disable HW overlay in Settings>>Developer Options. It's a known issue

[Q] I want only 1 row of toggles/power widget, not both, how to disable one of them?
[A] To disable cm's power widget, you know how. To disable AOKP toggles, ROM Control>Toggles>Enabled toggles>de-select everything

[Q] How to turn on Nav Ring feature in AOKP ROM Control?
[A] You need to install gapps, Google Now to be specific, because it's a default Nav Ring
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7th October 2012, 08:15 AM   |  #3  
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[Add On] & [Screenshot]

You can get almost PAC's ADDONs, MODs, TWEAKs in this thread (BatterySaver, StockUI, XperiaKeyboard, InvertedGAPPS, etc lots more coming) - Maintained by Wechy77

Last edited by mang.agoest; 22nd April 2013 at 01:00 AM.
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7th October 2012, 08:15 AM   |  #4  
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from szl.Kiev

PAC v19.3.0 15/1/2013
- Fixed some permission
- Add an "Automatically Connect" option for WiFi networks
- Extend PreferenceActivity for title text on a single pane mode
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
. Fixed WiFi connectivity (need further test)

PAC v19.2.0 12/1/2013
- Remove duplicated features: CM volume panel style & CM kill app longpress back, use ROM Control instead
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
- Built in PAC TWRP theme (thanks to Wechy77 for theming)
- Fix TWRP backup & restore
- Bring back TI1271

PAC v19.1.0 2/1/2013
- Remove buggy AOKP torch toggle
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
- TWRP (thanks to championswimmer for device config)
- Fix default CPU clock
- Bring back recovery vibration

PAC v19.0.0 28/12/2012
- PAC default wallpaper
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
. New two-stage boot method
. Fix some lagging
. Fix dancing CWM (thank to Scritch007)

PAC v18.0.0 alpha 18/11/2012
- Another Fix for volume & music track using volume rocker button when display off (15 steps)
- MMS CM10 base - AOKP style
- AOKP nightly
. SystemUI: Fix/Update Cog Circle battery mod
. Add alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings
- CM10 Nightly
- PA 2.55 (framework part)
- Kernel:
. Fix battery drain issue

PAC v17.0.0 alpha 13/11/2012
- Fix volume & music track using volume rocker button when display off.
- Reduce lag when after installed gapps and some apps under system partition.
- AOKP: Circle unlock, New Circle Mod Battery, etc
- CM10 nightly
- PA 2.54 (framework part)
- kernel: (all kernel changes Thanks to Wedgess)
. Added scheduller : BFQ & VR IO, make it total 7 scheds
. Added governors : badass, darkside, intelidemand2, Lionheart, lulzactive, ondemandx, superbad, make it total 25 govs
. Increase VM max readahead
. Added Cleancache
. Added SLQB Memory Allocator
. Added 0% baterry fix
. Updated and Changed CPU Freq table

PAC v16.1.0 alpha 8/11/2012
- Change Xperia S keyboard to Xperia SX keyboard
- Remove ParanoidPreferences.apk
- Settings: Remove PA version, PA Logo activity, PA Circus
- Settings: Add PAC version, PAC Logo Activity, PAC Circus
- kernel : small update

PAC v16.0.1 alpha 6/11/2012
- Merged newer AOKP codes, fix SIM PIN issue

PAC v16 alpha 5/11/2012
- Add Xperia S keyboard (Thanks to Langes for provided the link & idea)
- Some build.prop tweaks (Thanks to Wechy77 & ExPeacer)
- Better front camera fix (Thanks to Wedgess)
- AOKP Milestone 1
. Disable Vibrate on lockscreen
. Toggles can be hidden(AOKP toggles only)
. Clickable (short & long configurable) Clock and Calendar in the Notification Slider
. etc
- PA 2.53
. Color Engine from PA
. Per app color, latest PA invention, Let's you define navbar color, navbar glow color, navbar buttons color, and statusbar color on per app basis
. Statusbar and navbar color (Independently from per app color, define default colors)
. Statusbar transparency and navbar transparency are finally back (Navbar transparency is only enabled on launcher)
. A lot of fixes to ParanoidPreferences
. etc
- CM10 Nightlies
. Home Button to unlock
. CM File Explorer Added
. etc
- kernel (thanks to bulook00)

PAC v15 alpha 25/10/2012
- Fix Phablet statusbar gap
- Fix Tab UI systembar height
- Use Gallery Camera
- Remove CM10 Weather
- CM10 nightlies
- AOKP JB build 5
- PA 2.2.3

PAC v14 alpha 15/10/2012
Jellybean 4.1.2
- CM10 nightlies
- Latest ROM Control
- PA 2.2.1
- ramdisk : 3 blinking LED colors for recovery notification

PAC v13 alpha 10/10/2012
- Native USB OTG, just plug & play, before you remove USB Storage unmount it under Setting>>Storage
- Fix contact custom ringtones
- Fix Power menu reboot recovery (credit to Bulook00)
- Latest CM10 fixes
- Latest ROM Control (New feature under General UI)
- PA 2.18

PAC v12 alpha 1/10/2012
- No more overlapping nav bar & notification icon in Tablet UI system bar. My solution this far is by making a scrollable system bar, haven't seen any better option.
- Fix double clock in Tablet UI system bar after reboot if we set to center clock before
- Fix right clock layout in Tablet UI system bar
- Fix clock in Tablet UI expanded notification panel
- Fix FC in CM security settings after we enable pattern / pin / password
- Enabling Torch toggle in ROM Control
- Transparent status bar (by PA Team)
- Latest CM10 fixes
- PA 2.1.6
- AOKP JB build 4
- kernel : add SIO IO Scheduler (combined with SmartAssV2 the phone is so snappy)
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7th October 2012, 02:10 PM   |  #5  
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Awesome. Was waiting for this Rom. Please keep updating. Thank you!!

Sent from my MK16i using xda app-developers app
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8th October 2012, 01:02 AM   |  #6  
Good job porting a new ROM to the pro users might give it a shoot and test but right now I'm happy with my current ROM but keep up the good work

Sent from my Xperia Pro (MK16i)
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8th October 2012, 09:19 PM   |  #7  
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zip file is corrupted.. need new download zip OP
8th October 2012, 10:10 PM   |  #8  
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Please make it for Arc too!
8th October 2012, 10:42 PM   |  #9  
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8th October 2012, 11:54 PM   |  #10  
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Simply brilliant

Enviado desde mi Xperia Pro usando Tapatalk 2

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