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[ROM][PRIMOC:CDMA][4.3.1] PACman 4.3.Build-1 | PA-3.99-RC2 | AOKP: jb-mr2 | CM: 10.2

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By inyourface09, Senior Member on 21st October 2012, 01:05 PM
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This ROM is a combination of all Super ROMs Available
Paranoid + Aokp + Cyanogen = PACman

Why Choose One ROM , When You Can Have All Of Them!!!



I am not responsible for any damage that may come to your phone by using this rom and or kernel. You have been warned.



Download ROM: Download Alpha1 version

  1. Download ROM
  2. Extract boot.img
  3. Reboot into recovery, WIPE EVERYTHING
  4. Install, reboot into bootloader
  5. Flash in fastboot (fastboot flash boot <boot.img> )
  6. Press like
Install 4.3 Gapps: Download



  • Graphics Glitches, freezing, slugish rendering, etc.
  • Some settings "may" force close, I have not tested everything!
  • Video camera won't record
  • 3D games
  • Data (have not tested)
  • Possible UI crashes
  • Let me know



  • bradthomas127
  • rohan32
  • rukin5197
  • beyond
  • Maxwen
  • Jmz
  • Lloir
  • Sellers86
  • simonsimons34
  • CM, AOKP and PA Team Members
  • szl.kiev for creating this amazing rom

If your liked this build PRESS THANKS
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21st October 2012, 01:07 PM |#2  
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23>4.3 [Current]
- Dropped Number Changelog System [bluefa1con & Papa Smurf151]
- Upgraded to Android 4.3 [Bkjolly & bluefa1con & Goldflame09 & g2user & Mithun46 & Owain94 & slz.kiev & Sniper & wedgess & zyonee]
- Update all CM, PA & AOKP commits [Goldflame09 & slz.kiev & wedgess & zyonee]
- Added Halo colors [C457 & Owain94]
- Removed Goo Manager [Goldflame09 & Singh_dd93]
- Added PAC Console app [pvyParts]
- Added PacPapers [Papa Smurf151 & pvyParts]
- Mass Reorganization off all settings and removal of separate Rom control [Owain94]
- Added status bar weather from AOKP [Owain94]
- Merged PAC in Black [Singh_dd93]
- Added new boot animation [One2thTexan]
- Changed to new default wallpaper [One2thTexan]
- Swapped AOKP performance control for CM [Owain94]
- Animate Developer Partition icon [pvyParts]
- Added Partition information settings [Owain94]
- Added Halo 2.0 [Owain94 & C457 & zyonee]

- Add ROM-Share [mithun46]
- Update all CM Commits [mithun46 & zyonee]
- Added HALO [Sniper & gs2usr]
- Updated PA to 3.6
- Removed MDPI/HDPI PA Preferences Hack
- Updated to CM-10.1-RC5
- TRDS 2.0

- Add ROMStats to PAC-Man ROM [BLOWNCO & Mithun46 & PapaSmurf151]
- Updated all CM commits to RC4[szl.kiev]
- Updated PA commits[singhdd93]
- Fix Pie & Tablet Date View[singhdd93]
- Update AOKP Ribbons[xLaMbChOpSx]
- Fix 3-dot Menu Button[xLaMbChOpSx]

- Updated all CM commits[singhdd93]
- Setting layout redone, New header for PAC In Black[blindndumb]
- Dark Calculator[TRDS/kufikugel]
- Statusbar auto collapse is back[gs2usr]
- Calendar now work on 960p[PA/beerbong]
- Phone layouts for Tablet/Phablet UI[PA/beerbong]
- Email FC Fixed[Sniper-]
- Lockscreen shortcuts for now[Langes72]
- CM's lockscreen slider shortcut is back[gs2usr]
- View PAC-man contributors in Settings > About phone[Sniper]

- Pac-In-Black Toggle
- Initial LDPI Support
- updated AOKP Sources to Milestone1
- Fixed: navbar rings 90 rotate in landscape
- Lockscreen Theming support
- New Battery Styles
- AOKP Ribbon
- Added missing MDPI battery icons
- Lockscreen SOD Fixed
- Settings layout redone
- Minimal bootanimation
- Updated/Added Translations
- Moar minor updates

22.1: [4/12/13]

  • Changelog Feature [gs2usr]
  • Fixed Quick Pulldown (Instant Tiles Pulldown) [gs2usr]
  • Fixed back button will collapse statusbar [gs2usr]
  • Toggle to disable Fullscrean Keyboard [OldDroid]
  • Pie and Volume Toggle [OldDroid]
  • Network Tile Updates [Nick0703]
  • Latest PA and some CM Updates [OldDroid]
  • Fixed FC's related to changing Navbar targets [xLaMbChOpSx]
  • Added Option for Quicktile row Settings [gs2usr]
  • Added QuietHours QuickSettings Tile [Nick0703]
  • Added Hybrid QuickSettingsTile [OldDroid]
  • Fixes on Settings & CleanUp [IvanBrazza & gs2usr]
  • Added QuickSettingsModeTile [Nick0703]
  • Updated PA sources to 3.15
  • Choice to enable/disable CRT animation & at which orientation [kufikugel]
  • Fixed PhabletUI NavBar in landscape [gs2usr]

22.0: [SKIPPED]
  • Brought Tiles inline with cm ones [Nick0703]
  • Updated PIE Controls [blindndumb]
  • Fix System UI crash when changing recent app key [bluefa1con]
  • Notification Shortcuts & WiFi display (SlimRoms) [xLaMbChOpSx]
  • Brought some things inline with cm source [bluefa1con]
  • New BootAnimation (for most devices updated) [bluefa1con]
  • Removed Tiny Gapps
  • Various Device Updates

20.1: [03/03/13]
  • PA 3.1
  • New PA SU app
  • Merge of some AOKP lockscreen features (Quick pin unlock, batt percentages, etc)
  • Minor PIE updates

20.0: [02/20/13]
  • PA 3.00
  • Pie updates
  • AOKP features added
  • Now building with SuperSick Kernel
  • MANY, many other changes that Im too lazy to list

19.9: [02/13/13]
  • UPDATE TO 4.2.1
  • PA 2.99
    • Pie toolbar
    • New PA menu interface (No longer have to reboot)
  • AOKP (Yet to be implemented into source)
  • New boot text
  • Others im sure im missing

v19.3: [01/17/13]
  • Refixed Camcorder with Evervolv
  • Remove duplicated features: CM volume panel style & CM kill app longpress back, use ROM Control instead
  • Built in PAC TWRP theme
  • Fixed some permission
  • Add an "Automatically Connect" option for WiFi networks

v19a: [01/09/13]
  • Fixed Backlit keys
  • Fixed Settings> Storage FC
  • Removed buggy AOKP torch toggle

v18a: [01/08/13]
  • Updated to current
  • Fixed tablet lockscreen scaling
  • Other small things

v15.3: [11/05/12]
  • Fixed Video Recording
  • Replace Camera/Gallery with 4.2

v15: [10/27/12]
  • Fix Phablet statusbar gap
  • Fix Tab UI systembar height
  • Remove CM10 Weather
  • AOKP JB build 5
  • PA 2.2.3
  • Build Prop changes (hibernate, hw debug, etc)
  • removed Video Editor
  • Removed Rom manager
  • Removed Es FileManager
  • Added CM FileManager
  • Update PA scaling


Q: What's so awesome about this ROM?

A: Its an Xtra-hybrid ROM. Read First Post .

Q: Is a full wipe needed?

A: YES , If its first time you are flashing the ROM
NO, it is not required, but it is strongly recommended. If you choose to do a "dirty" flash, please do NOT post bug reports or issues you are having, as something from an earlier release might be causing the issue.

Q: I Can't see media in gallery or apollo. What To Do ?

A: Make sure you don't have corrupted files in SDcard, best way to check is to copy all your SDcard data to PC.

Q: Why Phone soft reboot's while playing video?

A: Disable HW overlay in Settings>>Developer Options. It's a known issue

Q: I want only 1 row of toggles/power widget, not both, how to disable one of them?

A: To disable CM's power widget, you know how. To disable AOKP toggles, ROM Control>Toggles>Enabled toggles>De-Select everything

Q: How to turn on Nav Ring feature in AOKP ROM Control?

A: You need to install gapps, Google Now to be specific, because it's a default Nav Ring

Q: I flashed this awesome ROM but I don't have Google Apps. why?

A: You simply have to download the gapps from download page and flash via recovery.

Q: Is Project Butter working on this ROM?

A: Yes, Project Butter in included.

Q: I'm having an issue and want to report it but I don't know how.

First, check if someone else has reported the same issue. If no one has reported the issue then make a post describing your issue. Don't forget to attach your logcat.

Q: I keep reading about this "logcat" what is it and how do I make on?

A: "The Android logging system provides a mechanism for collecting and viewing system debug output. Logs from various applications and portions of the system are collected in a series of circular buffers, which then can be viewed and filtered." To learn more about logcats and how to create them please refer first post

Q: Google play doesn't download anything , What To Do ?

A: Open Terminal Emulator Application and write following :
su , then press enter and give allow root access, then write
killall drmserver
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21st October 2012, 01:09 PM |#3  
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21st October 2012, 01:16 PM |#4  
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ohhh man cant wait eyes glued to ur post...... phone pluged and ready my friends.......
21st October 2012, 01:22 PM |#5  
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lollll blakeee..

Sent from my One V
21st October 2012, 01:56 PM |#6  
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Nice ROM! any luck for GSM?
21st October 2012, 02:00 PM |#7  
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WOW you're making me feel the need to go from miui. That's hard to do thanks so much for keeping CDMA fresh!! Might buy a PC just to install this!

21st October 2012, 02:06 PM |#8  
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Thumbs up Sounds Gerat!!!!
Wow an hybrid rom.. sounds great... waiting for GSM version..
In OP you have mentioned that xperia ray is msm 7x30 device but it is not correct... Xperia ray has the same chipset as in One V which is MSM8255 snapdragon... verified at gsmarena.. Just saying folks its not big issue though..
21st October 2012, 02:24 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by miklos08

Nice ROM! any luck for GSM?

Im going to port to GSM as soon as I get some sleep, ive been up for 26hrs now working on this. Be sure to hit thanks
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21st October 2012, 02:32 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by inyourface09

Im going to port to GSM as soon as I get some sleep, ive been up for 26hrs now working on this. Be sure to hit thanks

Yea sleep well while us forum junkies test out your epic build! I'd never even heard of this Rom until this post.

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