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[MORPHOLOGY] Official v1.5 // Have it Your Way! [02.05.13]

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Angry [MORPHOLOGY] Official v1.5 // Have it Your Way! [02.05.13]

// Welcome to Morphology //
// Designed for and tested on DEODEXED LJ7 JellyBean ROMs //
// This has been a collaborative effort with Naddict and EMSpilot / Be sure to THANK them //
// Take control of your phone, and truly "Theme it Your Way!" //





Morphology Theme Installers - The Next Generation of Theming
// Morphology v1.5 [Updated 02/04/13] : http://d-h.st/Yyd
Mirror :
The Aroma powered installer will walk you through step by step
  • All images and screenshots can be found =>HERE<= courtesy of MontyPyFly! Be sure to thank him!
  • Common available colors are white, Sammy green, yellow, red, ICS blue, stock grey, pink, orange, purple, dark blue, or neon green
- Pick your install type:
  • Create a custom theme
  • Install a WasabiWa83 OMG Theme (30 rebaked & optimized themes including Project Google!)
  • Restore a previously generated backup (Installer will prompt to create a backup during the process!)
  • Delete current backup files

- Select a statusbar style
  • 15 custom statusbars to choose from!

- Pick your statusbar clock style (center or stock locations) and color, or remove it all together

- Pick a SystemUI pulldown style
  • Choice of AOSP or Stock styles Changeable at any time through installer!
  • Choose your pulldown clock color. Notification presses and ERI Label will match in color
  • Choose to keep or remove the brightness slider!
  • Pick a pulldown background - 7 to choose from, including semi and full transparent!
  • Select your pulldown bottom bar color
  • Select your notification bar color Choose from black, stock, dark purple, or dark grey (Only if Stock Pulldown style in selected)

- Choose a battery icon style stock (11 colors), honeycomb (11 colors), custom *(9 options), or remove completely!

- Select WiFi & Signal icon style Gradient (8 colors), Stock (11 colors), or custom (12 options currently)

- Pick misc. icon colors - Bluetooth, Screenshot, Ringer, etc..

- Select 1x/3G/4G icon colors

- Choose activity arrow colors

- Theme your Framework
  • Select a predefined framework theme (17 color options)
  • Select customize to pick loading circles, sliders, and *framework backgrounds (25 to choose from!)
Examples of framework backgrounds can do:

- Customize your Toggles - Stock, glow, custom, OMG theme style, vertical glass style, *ocean design, or *metal disc design.
  • All options and colors.. *74 total to choose from!!
  • Decide to keep or remove toggle bars and toggle text labels!
  • Select a toggle background - 10 to choose from!!

- Choose a dialer background - 31 to choose from! All include matching 'incall' dialers!

- Pick your dialer digit colors - 13 colors to choose from!

- Decide whether or not to install a MMS predefined theme - 16 styles to choose from!

- Choose to install settings icons 18 icon styles including stock!
// Changelogs :
- 02/04/2013 - v1.5
  • 30 Wasabi themes included now!
  • Added more framework backgrounds - 26 total now
  • Added a few more custom batteries, additional toggles(74 sets now!), settings icons
  • Made the installer uglier, but removing the 'ini_set force colorspace' seems to have fixed the back button issue
  • Fixed the (#1) and (VM) dialer buttons for AT&T variants
  • Added transparent MMS background(BG #5 in MMS settings) so framework bg shows through in conversation
  • Change framework style now w/o selecting a whole framework theme
  • More that I can't remember...
- 01/05/2013 - v1.4
  • Added 'Nano' Style dialers
  • Rebased a TON of pngs for smoother graphics
  • Fixed the landscape dialers once and for all
  • Added and rebased all dialer numbers to include landscape
  • Added purple dialer digits
  • Added 'Metal Button' Style toggles
  • Added framework backgrounds
  • Fixed 'Custom' Orange so everything matches
  • Defaulted Phone top bar and incall bottom buttons to white for a cleaner look
  • Fixed neon green slider bug
  • Fixed ICS Blue settings icons
  • Added Anastasia glass Settings and Statusbar icons in multiple colors
  • Debloated some more pngs trying to keep the package size down
  • Streamlined the installer scripts a bit more for easier jumping around
- 12/26/2012 - v1.3.1
  • Fixed stock clock bug
- 12/25/2012 - v1.3
  • New look and feel to the OP
  • Official v1.3 release
// Older Versions :
// Morphology v1.4 [Updated 01/06/13] : http://d-h.st/IC0
// Morphology v1.3.1 [Updated 12/26/12] : http://d-h.st/lGQ
Mirror : AndroidFileHost
// JBeitel's Real Icons v1.0 : http://d-h.st/IW6
We are proud to bring you JBeitel's Real Icons, now Morphology powered!

Don't forget to hit thanks, and visit JBeitels site =>HERE<=

Requirements before you begin
// v3 AOSP Style (SILK) SystemUI [Updated 11.27.12]: http://d-h.st/8Qu
Naddict Mirror :http://tinyw.in/wkjN

// v3 Stock Style (SILK) SystemUI [Updated 11.27.12]: http://d-h.st/q0e
Naddict Mirror :http://tinyw.in/fu3D
// This Will Work On ALL LJ7 DEODEXED ROMs
  • Tweaks include working 1x/3g, full transparency support, "no notifications" removed
  • Remove AM/PM & Clock from settings with v3 Settings and/or ROM settings with same support
  • 11.26.12 // Added smali code to fix hide clock bug. Thanks again to Didact74!
  • 11.27.12 // UIs rebased to support uniform mods. Added support for themed statusbar . And now switch between Stock and AOSP through installer

// 15 Toggle Mod aka Lidroid http://d-h.st/1wi
  • Only flash this if coming from a ROM WITHOUT the "15 toggle mod"
  • REQUIRED for freezas LJ7 Rom, Blazer ROM, and freezas fre3 ROM
// Modded Settings

// With SuperSU in panel: http://d-h.st/DiE

// Without SuperSU in panel: http://d-h.st/io1
  • OPTIONAL if ROM supports AM/PM/HIDE CLOCK mods
  • AOSP Lockscreen mod w/toggle, support for am/pm/clock removal, and now volume rocker skip track mod!
  • Morphology Extras menu includes QuickPanel, Tether, and SuperSU (Also optional)
More Screenshots:

// Stock icons for above settings - Flash only after settings has been installed: http://d-h.st/cwR

Special THANKS to
  • Naddict // For his creativity, support, and drive!
  • EMSpilot // For dedication to getting the job done! Check out Purple & Green JellyBean =>HERE<=
  • Clark44 // For his dedication and work on FreeGS3 ROMs! Check it out =>HERE<=
  • bigtoysrock aka BTR // For the "Goodness" support! Grab the goods =>HERE<=
  • dazednconfused // For the "Wicked" support! Grab the latest =>HERE<=
  • joshbeach // For his support and toggle pngs! Check out JellyBomb =>HERE<=
  • kennyglass123 // For the "People's" native support in 3.06 on up! Look for it =>HERE<=
  • ksmullins88 & ecooce // For the native Frankenstein KilLJoy7 support! See it =>HERE<=
  • Mijjah74 // For the the base settings/icons!
  • fergie716 // For the rotating lockscreen guide, as well as other tips and tricks
  • raubkatze // For answering some of my noobish questions!
  • devabhishek // For some statusbar ideas and pngs!
  • overstew // For the added contributions and pngs!
  • imaconeheadXD // For the contributions to this thread!
  • jbeitel // For the use of his work! Check out his site =>HERE<=
  • amarullz // For the sick creation that is Aroma!
  • Stericson // For inventing the "MetaMorph" system
  • wanam // For lidroid as we know it!
  • Villain ROM Team // For the creation of the VRTheme System
  • Didact74 // For the awesome tutorials!! Be sure to THANK him =>HERE<=
  • WasabiWa83 // For his permission to use his killer OMG themes! Check them out =>HERE<=
  • MontyPyFly // For his killer reference guide to Morphology! =>HERE<=
  • evil1art // For testing and support on the T-Mobile side. Yes, we're international now!
  • AndroidGraphix // For the 'Nano' Style dialers. Check out the work =>HERE<=
  • Anyone that I may have missed!
  • Everyone that's contributed to this thread!!

Extras and Add-Ons
// Label (ERI) Mods
  • These will change the text on the lockscreen and pulldown as shown
// deadmau5 // http://d-h.st/wu2
// Sprint // http://d-h.st/aMp
// Baltimore Ravens // http://d-h.st/P2H
// The Misfits // http://d-h.st/k1j
// GALAXYS3 // http://d-h.st/kLS
// 'Blank' // http://d-h.st/z5C
// Custom available upon request!
// framework-resScreenshot:

// Apps

Retired Content

Thumbnails & Older Versions:
// Morphology v1.1 // Truly "Theme It Your Way" :http://d-h.st/iPf
** The Aroma installer will walk you through every step of the way! Even switch from AOSP Style to Stock Style on the fly!! **
** Colors include: Green, Grey, ICS Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow, and Purple **
** Almost everything from the OP is in the installer! More to come!! **
  "Statusbar Transparency"
  "Statusbar Clock Color and Position"
  "Pulldown Clock Color"
  "UI Style // AOSP of Stock"
  "Pulldown Background"
  "Pulldown Bar Color"
  "Brightness Slider"
  "Battery Color and Style (Or Remove!)"
  "Signal Bars"
  "Miscellaneous (Bluetooth, Screenshot, Ringer, Etc...)"
  "1x / 3G / 4G Icons"
  "Activity Arrows"
  "Wifi Icons"
  "Toggles.. FLABAM Glow Style Included!"
  "Toggle Bars Yes/No"
  "Toggles Text Style or No Text"
  "Toggles Background"
// SILK UI // No Clock Mod (Updated 11.20.12 // fix camera fc):http://d-h.st/Zzr

// Toggles // Remove text // all colors: http://d-h.st/jIm

//Toggles // Add text // w/ alignment fix // all colors: http://d-h.st/hju
// Before fix:

// After fix:

// StatusBars //

// 100% Transparent (Shown): UPDATING
// 50% Transparent: UPDATING
// Pure Black: UPDATING

// SystemUI // #ffffff // White Mods //

// Center Clock: http://d-h.st/HXk
// Stock Clock: http://d-h.st/YSr
// AOSP Style Pulldown Header: http://d-h.st/7FY

// STOCK Style Pulldown Header: UPDATING

// Toggles // no bars (Shown): http://d-h.st/29s
// Toggles // with bars: http://d-h.st/AKX

// Slider // White: http://d-h.st/VUg

// Icons // Statusbar stock style: http://d-h.st/Nnm

// Battery // Honeycomb: http://d-h.st/K7e

// SystemUI // #B2F900 // Sammy Green Mods //

// Center Clock: http://d-h.st/q1H
// Stock Clock: http://d-h.st/wOW

// AOSP Style Pulldown Header: http://d-h.st/ZHt

// STOCK Style Pulldown Header: UPDATING

// Toggles // no bars: http://d-h.st/KW6
// Toggles // with bars (Shown): http://d-h.st/FjO

**Also shown with text alignment fix**

// Slider // Sammy Green: http://d-h.st/fjP

// Icons // Statusbar stock style: http://d-h.st/IkY

// Battery // Honeycomb: http://d-h.st/CvU

// SystemUI // #FF0019 // Red Mods //

// Center Clock: http://d-h.st/3x6
// Stock Clock: http://d-h.st/72z
// AOSP Style Pulldown Header: http://d-h.st/AbN

// STOCK Style Pulldown Header: UPDATING

// Toggles // no bars: http://d-h.st/GCk
// Toggles // with bars (Shown): http://d-h.st/L4l

// Slider // Red: http://d-h.st/T4l

// Icons // Statusbar stock style: http://d-h.st/k9j

// Battery // Stock: http://d-h.st/M2j
// Battery // Honeycomb: http://d-h.st/azH

// SystemUI // #33B5E5 // ICS Blue Mods //

// Center Clock: http://d-h.st/yNw
// Stock Clock: http://d-h.st/hzB

// AOSP Style Pulldown Header: http://d-h.st/5it

// STOCK Style Pulldown Header: UPDATING

// Toggles // no bars (Shown): http://d-h.st/6Wh
// Toggles // with bars: http://d-h.st/fdr

// Slider // ICS Blue: http://d-h.st/ruw

// Icons // Statusbar stock style: http://d-h.st/bRV

// Battery // Stock: http://d-h.st/JDJ
// Battery // Honeycomb: http://d-h.st/djq

// SystemUI // #FFEC20 // Yellow Mods //

// Center Clock: http://d-h.st/gSR
// Stock Clock: http://d-h.st/DHJ

// AOSP Style Pulldown Header: http://d-h.st/88Z

// STOCK Style Pulldown Header: http://d-h.st/LnQ

// Toggles // no bars: http://d-h.st/1DU
// Toggles // with bars (Shown): http://d-h.st/DXk

// Icons // Statusbar stock style: http://d-h.st/dRT

// Battery // Honeycomb: http://d-h.st/fXH

// SystemUI // #A6A6A6 // Stock Gray Mods //

// Center Clock: http://d-h.st/CWn
// Stock Clock: http://d-h.st/t78

// Icons // Statusbar stock style: http://d-h.st/MtX

// Battery // HoneyComb: http://d-h.st/eRk

// SystemUI // Custom Statusbars & Toggles //
// Toggles // Nashdogg http://d-h.st/4Xf
Originally Posted by Naddict
A tip of the hat to my old friend Nashdogg and his remake of the Autism Awareness theme for the OG epic http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1724878 and credit to the original themers too!
Nashdogg said it best..."Please visit Rob's blog and it will help you see things differently, through his eyes, and be more aware of what autism really is. Rob's website www.lostandtired.com. If we can explain to just one more person what autism is and how it affects the lives of the families it touches, we will have helped out."
// Toggles // Syps54 http://d-h.st/XMV

// Toggles // Criskelo http://d-h.st/I19

// Toggles // JoshBeach Glowing // Colors by Humzaman

**FlaBam Yellow (Shown) http://d-h.st/2qU
**FlaBam Blue http://d-h.st/nCM
**FlaBam Green http://d-h.st/hid
**FlaBam Magenta http://d-h.st/UmA
**FlaBam Orange http://d-h.st/dWu
**FlaBam Red http://d-h.st/LIb
**FlaBam White // Thanks Max_Pain http://d-h.st/zDP
**FlaBam White & Blue Glow // Thanks Moguledyouth http://d-h.st/dqO

// Dialers // Your way //
**Choose a background and/or button color of your liking**

// Background // Black: http://d-h.st/Tpy
// Background // Solid White: http://d-h.st/nO9
// Background // White/Black trim: http://d-h.st/HVz
// Background // Stock: http://d-h.st/eOS

// Key Buttons // Sammy Green: http://d-h.st/y0k
// Key Buttons // Red: http://d-h.st/mJT
// Key Buttons // Yellow: http://d-h.st/xPH
// Key Buttons // Black: http://d-h.st/dIV
// Key Buttons // White: http://d-h.st/Agh
// Key Buttons // ICS Blue: http://d-h.st/iM1
// Key Buttons // Stock: http://d-h.st/mUV

// Pulldowns //

// Pulldown // As transparent as you can get: http://d-h.st/TIN

// Pulldown // Semi-transparent: http://d-h.st/4mH
More to come...
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UPDATED 11/7/12 - ALL below work with above system UI mods....enjoy!!
A quick light green wifi and signal bar morph confirmed working ...

Here is a simple wifi logo icon morph...that is all you get with this one...just the wifi logo..colors change for signal strength.


From MontyPyFly, thanks for getting in there and getting dirty !

DL ... http://associatedphoto.com/images/Color_Circle_WiFi.zip

Other Miscellaneous Wifi Icons

DL ... http://d-h.st/oRZ

DL ... http://d-h.st/S8n

DL .... http://d-h.st/AXx

DL ... http://db.tt/CXVeVb3O
Numbers Signal bar morph
DL ... http://db.tt/0oQYOnhb
Battery Bars and WiFi signal bar morph
Green Lines battery

DL ... http://d-h.st/f4I

Neon Bars Battery

DL ... http://d-h.st/yOt

Perforated Circle Colors

DL ... http://d-h.st/4us

Chrysis battery

DL ... http://d-h.st/T4K

Castaway Battery

DL Here.. http://d-h.st/1bR
Purple Green 15 Toggles morph, my favorite colors, EMSPilot made me do it...
DL here... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54142362/Nad...eenToggles.zip
Pulldown Morphs.
Here are three purple based ones...

DL http://d-h.st/d8W

DL http://d-h.st/XNT

DL http://d-h.st/9t2

Lockscreen Clocks ONLY..>These just change the number icons.
Lets start with pink!

DL ... http://d-h.st/tUl

Green and Red Clock Numbers, props to raubkatze

DL ... http://db.tt/HjIqAoc8

DL .... http://db.tt/hdN5ojnK
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// jbeitel modz //
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Default UPDATE -December 3rd - Battery (Wifi Signal) TOOL with New Update!

Heads up!!! NEW STUFF ..February 8, 2013...Updated Link to new tool.

Thanks to OlliG and his Battery Icon Creator found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1918500, you can now make all kinds of battery icon mods, toggles, and even some wifi and signal bars too!

Originally Posted by OlliG View Post
New Version out of
"The Rom Fumbler" aka "The Battery Icon Creator"

Feb-08-2013 : Release 19.0
  • NoBgrd Option for all Tacho and Castaway Batteries
  • New Rom-Presets for Rootbox (Galaxy Nexus)
  • New Rom-Presets for Rootbox (Galaxy S3)
  • New OlliG AOKP 4.2 Toggle-Icons/Tiles V2 & V3
  • New TachoBattery v2
  • New 3Quater Tacho Battery
  • Cleaning up Rom Presets
  • Correct RGB now for AOKP/CM blue

This tool is still compatible to AOKP Android 4.2.1, but toggles are absolutly different now...so dont use the old toggles for Android 4.2
There are 3 Toggle-sets for 4.2.x now from me, but I'm still looking for someone to provide custom toggle-icons for 4.2.

Happy modding & flashing

See below link for how to make your own boot splash!


Go crazy all, it is pretty straightforward... And as usual, always do a nandroid beforehand.

A sample...

Attached Files
File Type: zip template.zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.12 MB, 80 views)
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Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB White
Recovery: TWRP!
ROM: FreeGS4 v4.0.0
Modem: MDL

IRC Channel: #TeamSonic Freenode
FreeGS4 For Sprint By Team Sonic
FreeGS3 For Sprint By Team Sonic
Lean Stock SGS3 Sprint
Bekinged EVO 4G
Absurd Rom
How-To Root S-OFF Evo 3D
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Angry Morphology Text Colors by EMSpilot

{{ Welcome to Morphology Text Updated 1-17-2013 }}

{{ Designed for and tested on DEODEXED LJ7 JellyBean ROMs }}

{{ This has been a collaborative effort with Rompnit and Naddict / Be sure to THANK them }}

{{ Color the base TEXT on your phone your way!!! }}

All the MODS that exist in Morphology are already in my zip. "framework-res, UI and Settings!!

Start here first and pick your favorite TEXT color

BTW This will not wipe out any of your already themed png's. It will simply change the base text color and give you center clock.

Then head over to Morphology by Rompnit, Naddict & EMSpilot and pick your favorite Theme Colors

I do take request for text colors, just send me the color code!!!

Link to Morphology Click Here!!!

As always flash at your own risk. DO A NANDROID FIRST!!!

These links are for base text colors only!!!

Return to stock link!!! Click Here!!!

Here is the link to RED text (FF0019)!!! Click Here!!

These links color base text plus all text in Contacts, Phone, Mms and TWLauncher!!!!

Here is the link to Green text (BBFA00) with Stock Launcher, Contacts, Phone and Mms!!! Click Here!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Device: Verizon GS4 SCH-1545
Modem: I545VRUEMK2
Nova Launcher

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ASU Sun Devil Theme & Alum!!!
Purple Green Jelly Bean Theme
MOAR MA6 Text Colors
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I'm really static to see this. I haven't run FreeGSM since JB has came out but I am dying to go back and these mods will help do that. Nice work making a one stop topic for all mods. Good thinking.
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Originally Posted by EMSpilot View Post
Originally Posted by clark44 View Post
Now the party is starting!!!
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And here is sit, just a little Wall Flower watching the party from afar

_______ ___________
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Originally Posted by Naddict View Post
Finally, thanks to both Rompnit and EMSPilot , the 1% battery morph mystery is SOLVED and a Solution has been made...All I am doing is posting it, Rompnit made it and EMSPilot gave a handshake to the effort as he is in ninja training this week

Here is the castaway battery morph, 1% and all...

The percentages don't match so close...Click image for larger version

Name:	uploadfromtaptalk1351819883291.jpg
Views:	13036
Size:	48.7 KB
ID:	1449891

Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2

Feel free to PM me if you need some help! I'll do the best I can!
Help me get more storage and you get 20 gigs for life free! https://copy.com?r=cTvvSj

lj7, morphology, naddict, theme
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