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[ROM] AOKP Nexus 10 Task650 4.2.2 (4.23.13)

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By task650, Recognized Developer on 25th November 2012, 07:19 PM
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I wanted to bring you guys some AOKP releases with other mods and code changes to the Nexus 10.

A Big Thanks Goes to the AOKP Team & CyanogenMod Team. Without their source this wouldn't be possible. Go thank them, tweet them, and donate to them. Also a HUGE thanks to mrgoat for the hosting!!!

If you have any problems after flashing this ROM read the line below...
Preemptive Task650 answer - "Full wipe and reflash, now F*ck off" *jthatch12*

1.) You must read the FAQ & Installation Instructions before installing this ROM or posting in this thread. It has so much useful information that I can guarantee if you actually read though it, you won't have many unrelated questions to post in this thread.

2.) If you don't like how I run this thread. Leave. You do not have to be here and you are not forced to read it. You are doing so on your own free will.

3.) If you don't like something that someone has to say. DO NOT RESPOND!!! It's that simple. Your personal opinions DO NOT BELONG HERE! Please leave them out of this thread. I will do the responding and so will the Moderators.

4.)This is not a "captain save a hoe" thread. It's not your job to stand up or fight for what you believe in here. This is a development thread! Leave it at that!

5.) Search before posting here. You are most likely not the only one to have the question/issue.

6.) Have fun in this thread. I don't mind if we have some fun, joke around, or whatever. As long as it's fun.

7.) If you're going to post here, keep it to this ROM and this ROM only (unless its fun as mentioned above). It is useless to compare to Stock ROMs, CM10 ROMS, ect...

AOKP Jellybean 4.23.2013
Updated Kernel
Updated to latest Nova Launcher
Gapps package updated to latest everything (Make sure to download it!)
RAM Bar View optimizations
Added AOKP Ribbons (ROM Control/Ribbons)
Lockscreen Targets Speed Optimizations
cLock Updates
Added Block Private Numbers To Blacklist Options
Toggles are in alphabetical order now
Fixed recents minimization animation 
Fixed Potential FC on Hiding NavBar
Animate Transparency changes. (Instead of the white block in the status bar when switching between apps, it now look like a fade transition.)
SystemUI: fix memory leaks
Fixed Signal toggle layout
Made the HSPA+ drawables more consistent with the HSPA drawables
Fixed Screen Sizing for TabUI when HiddenNav Enabled
Added Transparency for TabletUI
Added Blacklist Options (Phone/Settings)
Brought Swagger toggle back
Added LongClick to FastCharge Toggle 
Added Trickster Mod to Settings (This replaces Performance Control)
Fixed cursor leak in Email
Don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI disconnects
Fixed apps from crashing 
Fixed cLock
Allow enabling WebSockets from Labs Preferences in Broswer (HTML5)
Lockscreen: adjust layout of GlowPad
Fixed NavRing Icon size
Fixed potential deadlock between LockScreen and WindowManagerService
Updated Vibration Patterns
Fixed a cursor leak
Fixed a race condition in backlight adjustment
I'm sure there's more I'm missing....

AOKP Jellybean 4.4.2013
Updated Kernel
Added Quick Pin Unlock (Settings/Security)
cLock Updates
Lockscreen Target Overhaul
NavRing Overhaul
Added CMs Calculator (More functionality)
Added flip and shake to snooze option to Deskclock 
Added Increasing Volume option for Deskclock
Enable support for WebGL in Browser
Added Sleep Toggle
Added ability to allow Lockscreens to be themed when using themes
Added Allow 270 degree rotation (ROM Control/General UI)
Added Scrollable Toggles
Added Traditional Toggles
Added Backlight Curve Adjustment Settings
Updated Performance Control
Updated a ton of strings in ROM Control (Menus are a little less likely to be misunderstood.)
Added Reboot Toggle
Disable fast toggle if traditional/scrollable style is active
Added Screenshot Toggle
Added Screenshot Delay option
Fix opacity of LastApp Icon
Prevent Kill Task from killing SystemUI
Fix memory leak when creating SkBitmapProcShader
Added option to disable camera sounds
Added Cell Broadcasts
Fix NavRing icon size
I know there's more. Way too tired for this ChangeLog.

AOKP Jellybean 3.3.2013
I really don't want to make the gigantic changelog that this could be. I really don't have the time right now for it. Sorry. So Here's how I'll do it...
Updated to Android 4.2.2
Updated Kernel to Linux 3.4.35 (Merged all things Google and compiled with the latest Linaro.)
Fixed All things. :D

AOKP Jellybean 1.31.2013
Boot animation picker enhancements
Colorable clock views/widgets
Option to hide initial page hints
Start lockscreen with minimized challenge
Longpress on minimized challenge to unlock
Lockscreen Carousel animation
Added Lockscreen Targets (You need to be in Portrait for now to be able to set them ;) )
Added Chronus to Settings
Added Performance Settings to Settings
NavBar in Portrait is fixed
Colorable NavBar background
Alternative signal layout (GB-style)
New toggle: Sound state (ring/vib/silent)
Mobile technology indicator reflects internet connection status
More Camera options
Updated Kernel (Linux 3.4.28 and a ton of other patches.)
Added LastApp Toggle (For use with NavBAr and NavRings)
Respect global vibrate settings in the statusbar 
Added timeout and instant lock option to slide lock  
Added UI Mode (Phone, Tablet, & Phablet selectable modes. It's not perfect but works for now. ;) )
There's a ton more. No time to write is all up. Check AOKP GERRIT HERE if you'd like to know more. :D

AOKP Jellybean 1.4.2013
Updated Kernel
Added Statusbar/Navbar transparency 
Added option to hide AlarmClock Icon in StatusBar
Added option to allow users to disable safe headset volume warning
Added option to hide Adb notification icon 
Added optimized browser interface for tablets 
Added option to hide Adb Notification icon 
Fixed IME overlapping fields while typing in certain situations 
Fixed JPEG file indexing 
Added code to fix possible memory leaks by ensuring stream closures 
Probably more that I've missed. Just check out AOKP Gerrit if you want to know more.

AOKP Jellybean 12.14.2012
Updated Kernel (Linux 3.4.23 and other updates)
Youtube App works now (Thanks to the update ;) )
Allow transfer all files via Bluetooth (The craiggomez for pointing me in the direction)
Favorite Contact added to Quicksettings
VeNum optimizations to libpng to improve PNG decode time
Fixed App & Widget Pickers.
Added IME Toggler
Updated AOKP Clock Widget
Probably more. No time right now. ;)

AOKP Jellybean 12.4.2012
Updated binaries & other proprietaries
Updated Kernel to 3.4.21 along with other updates
More Rom Control Option (Nav Bar Toggle, Nav Bar Widgets, ect... Just llok around a little. ;) )
WiFi Icon now Shows in the Quick Settings
NFC Toggle Fixed (No more Force Close)
LED Options are back
Allows for Overclocking now (Unnecessary now but oh well. ;) )
Nav Bar Updates
Link Volume States Added
NFC Polling Options Added
Probably more
YouTube app is still not working (Working on it now. It'll be fixed in the next release. :D )

AOKP Jellybean 11.27.2012
Added Selectable tiles (Look in ROM Control/Statusbar Toggles. Enable/Disable tiles, Toggle Order, and Toggles per row options.)
OTG Support
Added Notification sound-to-vibration conversion toggle (Look in Settings/Sound for the toggle)
More Lockscreen Options (Lockscreen Text Color, Battery Percentage, ect...
Update kernel to Linux 3.4.11 
Nav Bar button Actions/Longpress Actions work correctly. (Still working on the portrait quirks and Ring Targets.)
Implemented out OTA System now. (You have to update to this release first. Then you will be able to use it.)
There's probably more. But I'm tired and going to sleep for the night and don't care. ;)

AOKP Jellybean 11.25.2012
Initial Release

Make sure you have CWM or TWRP
Boot into recovery
Wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache, and wipe dalvik cache, then go into mounts & storage and format system!!!(If already on AOKP JB/CM10 you should be able to just wipe cache & dalvik. If you have ANY ISSUES, FULLY WIPE BEFORE POSTING IN THIS THREAD!!!)
Flash ROM
Flash Gapps

You have to flash Gapps every time you flash an update!

Task650 AOKP 4.2.2 Jellybean
AOKP Jellybean Build 4.23.2013
Download HERE

Download HERE

Download HERE



Old Releases
AOKP Jellybean Build 4.4.2013
Download HERE

AOKP Jellybean Build 3.3.2013
Download HERE



Underwear Kernel 4.23.2013 (Comes Packaged in this ROM)
Download HERE (Kernel Source)



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Reserved for pics of task picking his nose
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25th November 2012, 07:39 PM |#5  
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Nice to see you working on this tablet Task!

Up and running with zero issues so far...

Oh and btw: 1st
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Links are all down. Im fixing them now.
25th November 2012, 07:52 PM |#7  
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jesus that was fast. will give this a try later. thanks for your work
25th November 2012, 07:54 PM |#8  
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have my babies
25th November 2012, 07:54 PM |#9  
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All links are back up and ready for business.
25th November 2012, 07:59 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by renna1992

jesus that was fast. will give this a try later. thanks for your work

Thats how i roll.

Originally Posted by 404 ERROR

have my babies

I have one kid. I don't need another.
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